Monday, March 26, 2012

License Plates

In previous posts, I've discussed the fact that at any given time, approximately one out of every four vehicles seen on our Central Texas roads and highways have license plate violations. (I'm not exaggerating. I've done the surveys and the math.) These violations include missing front plates, non-matching front and back plates, plates that belong on a different vehicle, improper or fake plates, fake or expired temporary tags, obscured plates (by plastic covers, dirt, frames, etc.), and even plates that can be flipped up or down or changed in other ways while the vehicles is in motion. The vast majority of these plate violations are so blatant and the number of violations is so great that they beg the question of why local law enforcement refuses to do anything about them.

To victims of organized stalking like myself, however, the most interesting type of illegal license plates has to be the ones that appear to be Texas custom plates containing messages clearly meant for us that are being illegally manufactured by someone and then paraded by us (sometimes repeatedly) by stalkers. For example, as I filled up my vehicle with gas before going to Boerne to meet with private investigators Ken Hays and Jack Short for the first time, someone drove an older model gold-colored sedan with a Texas plate that read "SET UP" by me repeatedly. Short and Hays then conned and defrauded me as detailed elsewhere in this blog, and Hays turned out to head the organized stalking ring that continues to victimize my children and me. Since my original encounter with this plate, I have observed it many additional times on numerous other vehicles, often just before I've been victimized in other ways. The older gold car I first saw the plate on has also had Texas plate R34-XBN on it, by the way.

While I have no doubts at all that some of the Texas custom license plates I've observed are genuine, I'm equally certain that many of them are bogus, either because of the message/s they contain that are clearly directed at me, or because they contain words or meanings that I'm sure the State of Texas would never allow on a legal plate.

Listed below are examples of Texas plates my kids and I have seen over the years:

I AM SS (on a silver SUV)
DBBNB (white pickup with a closed bed with silver handles on top of the cover)
BRAZOS (on a Kansas plate)
GLOCK U (on a large, unmarked pickup)
DROWN (seen just before a heavy rain)
BRIGHT (seen just before someone blinded me temporarily by shining an extremely bright and very white light into my vehicle from behind while I was driving at night)
CRK HED (on a silver Town and Country van)
72S-KM9 on the front plate and 725-KM9 on the back plate of a custom-painted dark green and brown/tan truck
APEX IV (tan sedan)
SUMR RN (pale blue VW)
CINCH (reported by one of my adult children)
DED (white letters on a black background, of course)
DOUTFUL (on a large white SUV)
STOKED (on Range Rover)
DROWN (black Arizona plate)
FINS UP (small dark pickup)
SAHM (black and gold Escalade pickup)
DREAM (on pink background)
4 AK
REDOOR (white letters on red background on pickup with illegal red front parking lights)
HEART (white letters on a black background)
STST (If you know me, you will understand this one!)
BURLAP (Wish LE from Long Island had seen this one!!)
ITS SLD  (probably refers to my property; see various other posts here)
AVENUE (black on white; has a strip above it that flips between Texas and Penn)
AMFM GUY (Florida plate)
LOST (white on black; seen on both the front and back of a pickup truck identical to one owned by my ex-husband)

I will be adding to this list as we spot more unusual plates, so you might want to check back here from time to time to see my further additions. Also, please feel free to add plates you observe in comments at the end of this post.

Finally, I'm including a copy of a recent comment of my ex-husband's that gives his explanation for the use of illegally manufactured custom license plates in organized stalking:

Anonymous said...
I have a way to sort my email into piles which I do not even open. Much like junk mail at home. I don't purposefully discard them either. I sometimes take paint pictures of the threats that roll in ... health, robbery, vandalism, heart, diabetes, lung, car wrecks, bad knees ... ANYTHING they can think of with my family including putting their names on car tags and short words of things we talked about (I.E: "SUZYCASA" when I discussed buying a house with my niece. (her name is NOT suzy they used her real name) my GOD it goes on and on and on. I consider it theater. Probably because I just do. I live my life very well and while I prefer it here of course; I am not afraid to die. I am actually a perfect target. I am also the perfect storm, too stupid to be scared.(that's a bad joke) I'll tell you what worries me the most with you is that catapault sounding thing. I've had them swerve their whole cars right at me. That pretty much ceased with the video camera. You are so brave and so full of heart's courage, just corral that email and CONTROL IT. Don't read it like they want you to. Delay reading it or filter it if you can to delay reading it. THAT way it loses its effectiveness A GREAT DEAL. I patiently went through and "spammed" the pieces until EVERY piece in my inbox was ABSOLUTE EMAIL and I give THAT address to NO ONE. NO ONE. THEN I go to the bulk folder every few days or once a week (and NOT at the same time) and I take "paint" or copy/paste to word I also copy the paints to word maybe I should call them screen shots .. of all the bulk that seems threatening. I VERY VERY RARELY read it.
For awhile they sent those ... "substance abuse" (going to addict my family to drugs) "find a home for OLD MOM" "auto glass" ... OH MY GOD IT GOES ON AND ON. I found the COLOMBIAN AUTO GLASS (who was a regular stalker) guy's picture on the sheriff's website and so there went all of that stuff amazing how they know I find out who they are and then don't show up anymore, huh? They're looking for a way to get a toe and claw hold. ANYTHING. ANYTHING.
February 11, 2012 9:23 AM



Medawar said...

They probably use the feedback from complaints to police about highly unusual plates they have only used in one place, to work out who is complaining, but mainly it's a form of threat and gloating.

It's also rubbing the public's face in the way they have corrupted and cowed the police.

Medawar said...

"Brighting" is actually the term that stalkers use for the practice of driving close behind a target, with full beam headlights (and often foglights) on, to dazzle the target every time they attempt to use wing or rear view mirror to see what's coming up behind.

It is is very disorientating and quite frequently a cause of accidents. Has the benefit of leaving no forensic traces, though eyewitnesses may realize what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think that comment comes from your x husband?

About the plates?

It reflects your own experience which another person is also having. Just my opinion of course.

I don't see any comments here in the blog from your X except for maybe a few back in the early days of your blogging but I haven't read the whole blog. He seems like a rude jackass, frankly.

It's puzzling that you think someone who shares your experience is he. Mainly because he sounds like a jackal and the commenter does not.

As well, tags are generally made in prison or they are in some places. Or used to be. Or by "challenged folks" in some communities. These are places which are hotbeds of corruption due to dealing with helpless people where a dastardly pereon can ride roughshod and easily cover up for each other.

Anonymous said...

VIVA la MRXICO @@@@@@@@@@!!!! you are absolutely right !!
It's also rubbing the public's face in the way they have corrupted and cowed the police.

Here (Tampa) I watch them shooting gang signs out the windows of their marked and unmarked cop cars. They have trash bikers as sheriff's deputies and employees now. I am not kidding. Just plain trash biker sadiests.

Not long back one stood in the street in my neighborhood screaming, "This is OUR neighborhood and you are never going to get me arrested because I have no record and I am an employee at the Sheriff's office). I just walked the other way and they thought I was calling the police which was rather the impression I wanted to leave. And then as I walked back I realized they were RUNNING away. They came by me on the street in a a "mom van" and blew the horn very loud and I got the tag number. Then I went in to my home. They try to start trouble anywhere you go and in or out of your home. It's very psychological. BUT, that night they f'd up and didn't have a "nancy" on duty to be sure they wuoldn't get in trouble. The police who run THIS grid are reliably corrupt but not every last one of them. They murdered one not long back: Mike Roberts. Same biker gang. You realize I am an educated professional who woke up one day and suddenly realized what was going on. I merely pass on what I have observed and what I have been forced to live through and endure.
And a great strength I did not know I had. I pay taxes here. This is MY homestead. The day that is no longer true I won't be here. Meantime, there is NO ONE who will be chasing me out of my home or keeping me from enjoying my property and its surroundings to the best of my ability despite their bleating ignorance and trouble starting. I generally don't even look in their direction or acknowledge them in any way but I DO document the screaming and collect the tag numbers.
I consider it training. As an attorney I will deal with many lowlifes; before this happened I would have had NO CLUE how to handle myself with the riffraff of life. It's training grounds. I believe in making the best of every situation and if it weren't for the tozins applied to our property which badly affect one's health nothing would have changed. NOW they have to use cars and other methods to disperse them as I placed security cameras. Make their miserable lives difficult in ANY WAY YOU CAN.
As a result, they have imported a slew of out-of-staters this past few weeks. No doubt these are the experts they use to finally pry people from their homes.

My reaction: loud laughter.


Anonymous said...

Look, remember when you mentioned way back and I have placed other comments which for some reason hyou attributed to your X ... about the equestrian world?

I have tied Howard Jenkins who has firm roots in texas and directly with your stalkers to the stalking. And to other horrendous things. Not to mention what he is currently doing in my own family and the "suicide" of his "new clinic" doctor in atlanta I googled one of his odd and sinister employees,(left blank here) and the name RUSSO is very big in STALKING, In PA and FL and TEXAS AND in PUBLIX.

Also apparently, in the equestrian world.
Wrap Up For Winter Equestrian Festival Week 9, March 24-28 ...
Mar 29, 2004 ... The highlight of the Tampa Bay Classic was Sunday, March 28, ... “I had no
money and I told the other guys 'I'm going to be riding in this .... Ken Smith aboard
Westcliffe owned by Christy Russo and Elizabeth Russo was the Reserve. ...
Invitational Presented by Publix and The Tampa Tribune, visit www. - SimilarHouston-based Russo's pizzeria coming soon to South Florida ...
Jul 29, 2011 ... Anthony Russo, who opened his first New York-style pizzeria in ... San Francisco
· San Jose · Seattle · South Florida · St. Louis · Tampa Bay · Washington, D.C. ·
Wichita .... in $15M foreclosure · Veteran attorney Steinberg joins Bilzin Sumberg
... Jeffrey Allen commented on Publix ranks high, Wal-Mart low in ... - Cached - SimilarRusso - Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

(I have a longer post from the other day that I did not have time to leave here as I kept losing my internet connection)

Anonymous said...!/profile.php?id=1116183067&sk=friends&v=friends

These are the facebook friends of the FROM PENNSYLVANIA to TAMPA BIKER's ex wife and his nasty friends who scream yell and follow us around in a threatening manner. The divorce was contentious because she has taken him into court at least a dozen times in less than three years. He is remarried and actually MOVED a HOUSE CLOSER to harass me. Control is his game. What a PIG. He has many biker friends who drive similar bikes (BIG TNT is one of their car tags but it is a legit tag as far as I know) and was sure to have one at the location I picked my family up from. Anyway, even though facebook friends take a long time to load this is interesting as you see her friends are in all the worlds. Fire, teaching, EMT, CHURCHES, HEALTHCARE (when did biker wives get interested in CARING FOR ANYONE? NEVER) and also she ties into my own life with repeat names on their and with the connection to Roberto Batiste, TPD IAD who owns property with a BUNCH of other Tampa cops on little gasparilla Island. Robert has stalked me himself. If not, how would I know his personal car's license plate number written on the receipt from the now turned to a publix grocery store he stalked me into after I visited TPD IAD Tampa Police Dept. Internal Affairs Dept to complain. He all but BEGGED ME to go there ... please please please .. he wanted me to see the whole act. He sorts through his desk drawers, hides his business cards, makes a BIG SHOW of opening up his "notebok" to a blank page (it's just a wirebound book you yourself might use at college) and picking up a pen. Then he sets the pen on the page and never picks it up again. EVER.

His schtick: "You haven't told me a crime yet." I asked him for a brief writeup of my visit to his office, he refused even that.
Robert also created frame ups for decent cops, thereby cleaning the clock of the TPD of good cops. THEN a bunch of trashy new jersey cops showed up to work here in tampa (Robert is from new jersey) They're so ghetto you can seriously barely understand them, they must be working under false names because it's not possible the few of them I have talked to have no record and are so STREET. They are gang members.
But, Robert was not done with me yet. MOre on that another time. After the stalking he also took other actions so that I would be sure to see how POWERFUL he is. Big fat slob with a picture os his son naked on his desk WRAPPED IN OUR AMERICAN FLAG. What does THAT tell you?

He doesn't even do the tiny basics of his job with any type morals or decency or integrity. He only got it because another cop was murdered and now I wonder if they set that all up, too. I have NOT found any evidence of that other than Henry Duran being connected to the investigation and Henry's partners' sister living next to and dealing cocaine out of a unit rented by a friend of my family member. Again, because I was diligent in my research I discovered that Henry has been involved in some very shady land deals, taking advantage of older people and ill people LIKE THE PEOPLE AROUND HERE have done and ended up with what my neighborhood is now: dead, in prison or GONE. I am the only one left ... maybe one or two others but I just can't be sure.

Anonymous said...

BUT, in order that I not "see" Henry, other cops played roles that made them obvious participants in things such as covering for the "neighbors" when they shot at us and committed other crimes, their bought judge denying our protective order after the shots fire episode and then when Mike Roberts was murdered a few days later they actually held a shootout in the street driving by our house. They drove down the street next to the house of my deceased neighbor (bank of american lent him NINETY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ON HIS HOME, a veritable DUMP before he died....) and were likely shooting in the air as I did not hear anything being hit. I've been around guns a lot and have in the past hunted and shot a great deal (I don't kill things, I could NOT DO THAT but I do target practice and walk around with hunters to see the animals and they also do not shoot them in front of me, I just couldn't stand it, we have so many poor and now beloved animals here who were put out by their owners, I can't bear to hurt a living thing or see one hurt)Anyway, at first I ignored it because I had already been pulled over and harassed for calling the Mike Roberts murder a hit (it was).. and so I ignored them the first time.In fact I want outside and was walking down our fence the second time they came back. I KNEW they had to be careful because on the other side of that street is one of their MAIN PLAYERS who is "in the ranks" as a "his word is good" guy. So they need to keep him clean. By the time they get here I have 911 on the phone and she's asking ... "what's your emergency?" and SHE hears the shots fired. Because she's like.. are yoU SURE it's gunfire? M'aam, I know what a gun sounds like and I'm recording the conversation. I record almost 24/7 now. Outside I DO record 24/7 but in my home I'm selective due to space. And other things. No one comes in here who I do not invite or welcome in.Okay, so she starts yelling ... OKAY OKAY that is DEFINITELY GUNFIRE and they shoot anywhere from five or six to eleven more times (I did not count as I was recording anyway) and it stops just as they pass the intersection. I did NOT get to see the car as I was trying to let her hear the shots so I stayed still and also behind my fence and a large oak just to be safe .. and to avoid the ambient "wind"//

SHOTS FIRED. SECOND TIME. SHOTS FIRED and I say, I am going back inside I do not care if anyone is dead on the street because if they came back by a second time, the pesron is dead if they shot someone. I kinda had a feeling this shootout was about me. It was just one guy with a gun I'm pretty sure from the shots and probably it was another cop and maybe even paul mumford but that seems very dangerous for him to do..... but I refer to it as a shootout because it was and is ridiculous and dangerous and so highly illegal to do anything like this.

You'd think that EVERYONE would have rushed to the scene. I gave her the cross streets, the address, told her there was a fire-station right there to look in the street to help anyone they could and etc. No one. NOT A PERSON. NO ONE. I finally went outside again and sat down to wait for them, right??


Finally, around fifteen minutes later the "first on the scene" of the Mike Roberts hit shows up at the corner and comes from the direction I could see him best. JUST HIM. In unmarked sergeant car (Paul Mumford) 544 I believe. I see him come and wait for the others .. NO ONE ELSE. He never stops.

Anonymous said...

He rolls around the corner where I am sitting outside watching (the lady above, before her biker ex got there, another guy lived there who had always around 13 people have mattress will travel in his house and always reported when I went outside or where I was or when I was leaving or what I was doing). SO, one COP came to investigate a possible shooting where even the dispatcher was wound up. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER or more.

Anonymous said...

The same cop whose story changed like the wind when he discussed finding "his man" down. AND he never EVER testified in the trial. EVER. Seems very odd as other cops did but NOT the near eyewitness who actually saw the killer and let him get away. He hid. He hid behind a dumpster after already knowing his "man" was dead.

Anonymous said...

He had his daughter working with my family member at Publix. Another big player in the stalking game, Paul Mumford now promoted to detective at TPD. He sent his daughter there, she quickly befriended my family member, gaines fm's trust and then texted fm the morning of the shootout. Paul DOES LIKE to make his connections so you'll know how powerful and dangerous his incredibly lizard-eyed self is. It's OKAY PAUL, I have the hard copy of the texts from T-Mobile so all that drama with changing phone service was not worth it. And, as usual, the more stupid stuff you people DO, the more it helps me. Thank you. You know you set your daughter after my family member because you wanted to and had already planned to do all of this IF INDEED you are the planner. Because once Mike Roberts transferred to the hit and run squad there was a LOT to lose. Tampa's specialty at property theft and just plain getting rid of people who are too smart and won't help them cover up their criminal deeds is to run people over in the streets and "just not be able to figure it out." BUT they can figure out tax fraud???? Framed accidents??? (not all for sure just the ones who have not given TPD their cuts) and other things improbable. So Mike Roberts either already HAD or WOULD or was working on .. :THE WRONG THING. It wouldn't take me long to figure it out if I saw his files but there hardly seems to be a point. Other than knowing might uncover more scum criminals. His widow is happy that the killer who is a gang member and GET THIS: a former cop .. got the death sentence. And although I know she too is suspicious, let her live in peace while she can believing she helped bring a killer to justice. A tiny three year old is without a daddy now and because Paul Mumford didn't like that I quite rightly said that Paul's story was CHANGING CHANGING CHANGING (agreeing with another person by the way wasn't my first interest) .. Paul held a shootout outside my home.

Anonymous said...

AFTER he was already stalking a family member and defending and covering up for neighbors (pigs) who had shot in my direction as I walked our family dog. (this happened and I DO have the documentation from when I tried to get a judge to get me a protective order against the man who shot at me (ON VIDEO) and the man who owns this PUBLIX house where the biker lives now. The above lady's facebook's exhusband. He is NOT one of her facebook friends but I do see her kids at the house. They look just like her. they help with the stalking. I think she might even live close to here because a girl who looks like her also sometimes visits that house while her son is there. Can't know the arrangement and I'm not the nosey sort, but when a teenager helps out in stalking I think it's a significant clue they are being abused and DADDY is a very abusive personality.
My life growing up was so the opposite. It is small wonder I can't even get my head around a teenager being willing to help stalk someone. WHAT?? He's perfectly aware that he is stalking, as well. Which means there is a small set of lies he could be told OR he was raised to do this activity.

OH, by the way, the biker they have here now is tag number 546 WPA. This one sized me up and followed me before it ever moved here. So obviously felt it had something with which to terrorize and intimidate me and my family. THIS IS THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD. And Tampa Cop Paul Mumford, Steve Borden, Jerry Graham and othere hslped them and help them make it and keep it that way. Reprehensible PIGS.

This is why I don't understand why you attribute my comments to someone else. I put ERIFIABLE information. If you said, Dear Tampa, I am going to hop on the next plane and come there, show me this stuff. THEY COULD NOT DISAPPEAR IT. Even if they all moved or stayed somewhere else for your time here which, as you know, is part of how they hide stalking, they just have empty houses to hole up in from real estate theft and laundering money through real estate.. TONS OF EMPTY HOUSES.

Anyway, they couldn't hide it. I've NEVER EVER said a word online or anywhere that I cannot prove with photos, documentation and video. Again, I'm a degreed professional. My degree is coincidental with compiling legal input.

Anonymous said...

I need and want you to believe me because your insistence otherwise is causing me to wonder if YOU are genuine and I had believed you and the others I found through reading your blog were genuine. Some of these brave people give their real names and faces. Of course, this could also mean they are the highest form of skank. NO ONE wants to believe that. But having my own story picked apart by skanks I automatically do that and as well, it's part of my field to advocate my position and to "tear down" another. They seem genuine to me.

Please for God's sake read my comments with an eye towards the fact that I am genuine. You get them all in order in your email. Go through them in that order. You know I skipped around at your blog reading as I had time and as my internet connection went in and out with the (stalker) wind.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would give me that courtesy and if not it does make me wonder WHY. I tried re-reading the comments you found threatening and especially after I went into lengthy explanation which, IMO is a ploy to waste time but it's worth it if you are genuine and still don't see what could be threatening.

BUT I also know how that works. This is truly a mind game, Texas. Your own mind does part of the work. You must refuse to go there unless you have cause. I can now watch them trying to plant new "triggers" (new type cars, colors, whatever, etc) and I simply IGNORE THEM or purposefully overlook them. THIS is how they get us to appear as though we are saying, "everyone is stalking us" ... but in YOUR CASE and MY CASE unless one of us is a fraud and I AM NOT, there are VERY CLEAR CONNECTIONS. You do realize this would crack open the operation from BAJA to CA to SEATTLE and across America from CALIFORNIA to THE KEY WEST????????????????

If we shared our information as you said your friend does in a program and input it all, we'd have these people.

So, please ... PLEASE give that all due and worthy consideration. Ask Medawar. Medawar has to see what I am saying and I know he or she too must be evaluating who I am and what my purpose is and I believe Medawar feels I am genuine. I am. Medawar deconstructs a car accident (the battery one) with the expertise of a crime scene technician only blindingly prescient as to TRUTH. Please please Please be genuine and please please help me. And help me help US. All of us. Please.

Yes, I DO have a reluctance to email which brings in headers and all sorts of other info but I am not a huge secret. I am known all through Tampa ... I am just self-protective enough to stay neutral on the Internet so if someone wants to find me out they must have done so through means which are strictly ILLEGAL. Because everything I do is LEGAL. And I want to keep everything THEY DO, illegal and make them cover their tracks with the very people they employ in LEO who are going to be bringing them down. In Tampa it's MUCH MUCH easier to see the bought cops because i just go to public records, find out who they're married to and then I pretty much know the score through google. I've lived here ALL MY LIFE, I know how Tampa works.

It's astounding to me to believe someone would be stupid enough to choose someone such as ma as a "victim" but now I have uncovered: THE BIG LIE. And probably a few MORE BIG LIES ..... and I have information which hooks it all to your own agent provocateurs. If I knew your real name for instance I am sure I would find traces of your husband and his cronies as close as my own fence line. I get how these people work. I get that. They are doing the same exact things to me as to you. Only yours does appear more vicious but on the other hand, I think I avoid a lot by purposeful last-second changes and etc. which I tried to help you with. I came by some FBI training in my career which has been helpful in this and yes I also know that the FBI local HERE is involved in this. Right up to the top. Florida is screwed. I own a home in another state now. I have been here in Florida due to a nightmare put in place by Publix. Where things are most definitely NOT a pleasure. Okay, I'm posting this. Happy Easter to you if you celebrate. I do like egg trees so I decorate and in the past celebrated. Take care.

At any rate, give me that courtesy and that benefit of the doubt. Please.

Anonymous said...

I want to mention this last thing. Before Lindsay Beyerstein stopped writing majikthise and went to work at a different magazine (she is a BRILLIANT journalist and satirist and just all0around .. smart and good people) she related the look of some "authority figures" in texas or louisiana where she had gone to work on a story and she mentioned how they made her skin crawl.

She referred to it as "lizard-eyed". YES !

This is the look which Paul Mumford has. You can see it at the funeral of his fallen man, Mike Roberts. Improbably they used THAT PHOTO on the TPD WEBSITE where you click it in order to enter to see the "memorials" where I have never gone I was so repulsed that they would choose that photo of that lizard freak.

I think where Lindsay missed the mark there and I did too was this: That is not a sign of lizards but a sign of CULT. Their brains have been re-programmed. This would not be mysterious at all because Tampa and St Pete have long had a cult history (Straight, Scared Straight, Seed, Krishnas, etc.....)

An interesting connection which I know Lindsay will pick up on is her own father outed the cults in his reports on their practices and illegal activities.

I hope some day she will read this here. Sadly her father passed away young, I myself found it very suspicious but it was the wrong time to say so to her. A good man and a smart man. My father died when he was very young too...

But, the point is, we can't change these people because they are for the most part what appears to be a bright eyed machine cult. When one sees the scientologists in st pete they are strong enough "in the fold" to travel alone handing out their literature. But they stare straight ahead until they approach someone and then it's an odd smile to ingratiate.
If you pass their "offices" they have women and men out there to grasp your arm and try to get you to come inside.

It's ... worth a trip to see if you ever have the time and you can check out in person that I am a human being who is trying to relate to you.

TIinVA said...

Hello, I live in Virginia and have been a TI for over 22 years. They use fake plates to send me messages as well. Some examples are Stake It, Sur Shot, Buk Hunt, JST-BSN. This is obviously a very common tactic. There are some websites where you can actually find the owner of a license plate, but Virginia won't allow it. I wonder why??????!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,
I just came across your blog.
I hope u have had all this
mess sorted.
I found your blog while i was googleing a certain skank I know
melissa D.)The facebook link you provided.
Sorry what she and her kind
did to you.
I have my own issues with her
and trust me skank is a very
nice word to describe her.
I know her well, very well.
She found out the hard way i was the wrong person to
mess with.
I know her phone #, her address, her kids, her mother and i
know what a low down
worthless meth head and
bad mother she is.
I witnessed first hand
her abusing her daughter.
Thats when i brought her down.
If you want more info on her,
i'd be more than happy to provide it.
I still owe that nasty ho. She's just lucky i used the
proper channels as i so wanted to beat
her senseless.
I had to refrain my friends as i discovered they were stalking
and harassing her because of
what she did to me.
She was scared to even leave her house. You'd be happy to
know karma came after her
full force.

Good luck and God Bless,