Friday, July 31, 2009

Update on Previous Incident

Yesterday the head of the athletic department at the local high school called me and tried (unsuccessfully) to convince me it wasn't a high school coach or class involved in the trespassing incident that damaged our front lawn. After talking with him, I faxed the school district additional information proving I knew perfectly well who had victimized us and that we could identify them.
This morning I finally got a call from the coach admitting he was the one who did this to us. After admitting his guilt, he tried to convince me the students involved weren't wearing official high school attire; I told him I was aware of what student athletes are told to purchase and wear for official practices and that this was what the students involved were wearing. He then tried to tell me he didn't know what his students were doing as "his back was turned". I told him this simply wasn't true, as both my daughter and I could attest. (He also admitted that another person present that we'd thought was a student was actually another coach!) After I asked for an apology, he did reluctantly give me a simple "I'm sorry".
This coach also admitted to me what I already knew: his parents own property that adjoins mine to the north-northeast.
UPDATE: This same coach followed me while I walked my dog the next night, and he was waving, grinning, and laughing to make sure I noticed him.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost Daily

Because we're on a summer schedule around here right now, we slept in a little yesterday. When I stepped out of my front door at 8:20 AM to retrieve my newspaper, I noticed a man wearing a white ball cap standing on the side of the street near the eastern side of my property. As I walked up my driveway, the man took off his ball cap so I would be sure to recognize him and began walking slowly towards me. I had my dog (who's very protective) with me on a leash, and as soon as he saw the guy starting towards us, my dog began barking and pulling, at which point the man stopped and began laughing. He stood there while I struggled with the dog and retrieved the paper, and then he sauntered off. Of course I recognized him as he wanted me to; he's a lawyer who doesn't live in my neighborhood (he lives near the LBJ ranch in Stonewall).

This morning I got up at 5:30 to take my child to catch a bus for band camp. As we left, I noticed a light on inside the house directly above our driveway that is usually dark (except for the extremely bright lights coming from two lower-level windows 24/7 that were recently covered over with some sort of opaque black covering).

When I returned around 5:50 AM, I discovered two women in jogging shorts (who weren't jogging and looked like they'd just gotten out of bed) standing on the side of the street directly in front of my house. As I drove into my driveway, they walked off.

About 5 minutes later, I leashed my dog and went out front to get the newspaper. As soon as I stepped outside, I immediately noticed a very large dump truck that was parked just east of the eastern end of my property. As I started walking up my driveway to go to the paperbox at the street, this truck started up and began moving very slowly toward me in a jerky fashion that was the result of the druver (whom I couldn't see in the dark)repeatedly hitting his brakes to cause the maximum possible amount of noise. He did this the entire time I was outside, and as I went back into my house, I saw him drive off.

These are the descriptions of events from two mornings in a row. Now please multiply these by 10 years and you will get some idea of what has been and continues to be done to my children and me. It's not just in the morning, either (for ex., people run out of our house or driveway as we pull in at night, people harass us as we walk our dog in the evenings, etc.). It doesn't make any difference if we change our schedule, either; these people always know when we are coming or going, which they could ONLY do if we were under illegal surveillance inside our house. (Is that were some of the missing DHS equipment comes in?)

Later the same day (after I'd written the previous part of this blog): Around 4:15 PM, our dog began barking frantically. We looked outside and saw a male high school coach directing his class of student athletes to run repeatedly up and down the hill on our front lawn! (which is clearly a private yard). Worse, because of the current severe drought conditions here, much of the grass and ground cover on this hill (which we fight erosion problems on even in the best conditions) is dead, so the students were doing serious damage to the slope and what was left of its cover--and they all seemed to think this was funny. I was in the bathroom, but my adult daughter ran out, told them they were trespassing on private property and causing damage, and insisted that they leave immediately. Instead, the coach had the students sit down in our front yard for a few minutes, but by the time I got downstairs, they were all leaving. I immediately faxed the school to complain and also let them know there might be damages they would be responsible for, but I had to also wonder if harassment is now an official high school subject here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Shue Case

The death case of Col. Phillip Shue of nearby Boerne, TX is a classic example of the kinds of things that go on all the time around here, but because it has some particularly bizarre aspects, it has attracted the attention of CBS News and recently became the subject of an episode of their 48 Hours Mystery program. Because Shue's death has similarities to so many others here and involves the same D.A. and one judge as our case, I try to follow all of the progress with investigating it as often as I can. I hadn't done any checking on it in quite a while, but two nights ago I did a web search and found a website called "" that had a posting from someone claiming to have a great deal of new information on the case and claiming to be "hot on the trail of Shue's killer" (or something similar). I decided to email them asking for more information.

Last night I received a strange phone call from a man named John Porterfield who said he is writing a book about the Shue case that will "be coming out sometime this fall". Mr. Porterfield asked me if I had additional information on the case, and I told him no, only what I'd read in the papers. He then proceeded to ask me a lot of questions about Jason Davis, attorney for Shue's widow, Tracy. I told him I knew nothing about Davis other than that he'd been the law partner of a lawyer I once met with regarding possibly representing me and my children who tried to get me to give him the originals of some of my documents and, when I refused, told me 4 of his clients had been murdered and that I'd better be really careful driving home. Mr. Porterfield told me I had the wrong attorney named Davis, and I said that was interesting but that I couldn't help him.

Porterfield then started asking me about the harassment my kids and I have experienced from TX DPS officers, so I told him about 2 specific incidents. I also mentioned that around here you can't always believe people who claim to be eyewitnesses, and he said something about there being a third witness in the Shue case who was never interviewed by the police. Porterfield also made several statements to me that seemed to contridict things posted on the website and things I'd read in published accounts, which I found confusing. I told him it sounded to me as if he did not agree with anything the investigator hired by CBS News had concluded, and Porterfield called him "that idiot from New Jersey they sent down here" [sic.].

I started asking him about his book, and he told me his conclusions in it would come as a big surprise that I'd have to wait for. Porterfield then told me a little about himself. He mentioned that he was involved in the local music scene and that a well-known local musician [whose son was murdered at Colorado School of Mines] is his only acquaintance in my town, which I immediately suspected was not a truthful statement, since the musician he said he knows is extremely gregarious with LOTS of friends who all know each other very well. Porterfield also claimed not to know my ex- and his family, which didn't make sense to me if he lives in this area, because EVERYONE here knows them. At that point I became suspicious of him and ended our conversation by telling him I would be looking forward to seeing his book.
Later when I went online and checked my emails, I found one from the man Porterfield said had given him my contact info. from the website, Glenn MacDonald. MacDonald told me he'd given Porterfield [whom he identified as an attorney and crime writer, meaning he absolutely HAD to know my former father-in-law and brother-in-law as fellow attorneys!] my phone number and said he'd be calling me for information on attorney Jason Davis. Then MacDonald wrote that Tracy Shue had tried to have him [MacDonald] killed and that she would probably not like Porterfield's book when it comes out (which pretty much spoils the "surprise" for me)!

MacDonald ended his email by asking me what I thought happened to Col. Shue, so I told him about some of the similar "deaths on the side of the road" as I call them and explained that many of them had even been along the same stretch of highway. I told him that my personal opinion, for whatever he thought it was worth, was that Shue was already dead, the accident was staged, the witnesses had not been truthful, and DPS troopers had probably compromised the scene.

I did not tell either Porterfield or MacDonald that Porterfield had accidentally given me what I believe is a very important piece of information I hadn't known before: he said that the tree Col. Shue's car hit had a yellow ribbon tied around it. The whole evening gave me a lot to think about regarding the MilitaryCorruption website in general.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I'd like to send out a huge thank-you to Patricia S. Castillo and Michael J. McMains of the P.E.A.C.E. Initiative of San Antonio for their eloquent editorial published in the July 16, 2009 San Antonio Express-News. Their comments about the need for the leaders of our community to speak out against abuse and violence instead of remaining silent (which only allows it to flourish) are timely, very needed, and provide most welcome support to what I'm trying to do (end the cover-ups and get this stuff out in the open in order to stop it). I wish more people had their courage and convictions, and I admire them greatly for what they and their organization do.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moving Van Photos

These photos go with the previous post.

Moving Van

Someone parked a very large moving van in front of our house all morning. This van was blue and white and said "Delancy Street Movers" on the side. It had New Mexico license plates, front plate: rG3597 Apportioned; back plate: 7332FTC Freight Trailer. There's nothing else nearby us, so I can only assume this was harassment and/or a not-so-subtle hint?

This is not the first incident of this kind by any means; we have had all manner of strange vehicles left for varying periods of time in front of our house: vans, stock trailers, very old pickups (often in unusual colors like purple or orange), etc.

On the evening of 8/31/06, someone parked a large brown and tan Allegro Bay R.V. in the street directly across from the entrance to our driveway. This RV had stickers on its windshield reading "Department of Defense" and "Tyndall Air Force Base", and it had Florida license plate C95-7UU. We did not see who left it there (no one seemed to be inside) or who drove it off.

Later, on the morning of 10/12/06, we woke up to find this same vehicle again parked across from our driveway. Again we did not see anyone inside, but a bright orange dog leash was hanging from the side. This time, my daughter walked up and wrote down the number from the Dept. of Defense sticker on the front window: 528 V0V.

Because this vehicle was partially blocking our street just past a sharp curve and was clearly a traffic hazard, I called the city police around 11 AM when no one had moved it. The officer that responded claimed the R.V. was legally parked and said he couldn't do anything but that he'd "talk to the owners" (but we saw him drive off instead).

Later, my daughter saw a different city police officer sitting in a marked patrol car just around the corner from the R.V., so she went over to ask him about getting it moved before someone plowed into it. She said the officer drove over to the R.V. very slowly, make a show of looking at it, and then drove off. [She said the officer did not give his name, but he was heavy-set, balding, and had a very distinctive hooked nose that she could recognize again. Her impression was that he was watching the R.V. as some sort of look-out until she came up to him.]

Monday, July 6, 2009


Last night around 11 PM I faxed the following to my local property tax appraisal office:
"Protest on the 39% (= not quite 40%?) raises of my appraised land values is based on a federal complaint of criminal fraud and criminal conspiracy to illegally obtain land for development involving multiple illegal acts by public officials that has been submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice. This complaint may include multiple related capital murders (with no statute of limitations) that are also under federal investigation. Further support of this protest has been provided to the DOJ, along with the observation that the land immediately adjacent to the western boundary of my tracts is currently experiencing new construction located well away from any existing development, down in a deep gully, and almost directly underneath major power lines. The commercial building located immediately east of my property has been closed and abandoned and is in obvious disrepair at the present time." Along with this, I submitted a signed copy of the proper protest form and also a summary of the long-term tax history of my tracts (which contains proof of some of the illegal acts mentioned above; I have documentation for ALL of this).
No one who knows anything at all about what goes on around here will be surprised to learn that as soon as I stepped out of my front door to get my newspaper at 8:30 this morning, a large amount of (very noisy) heavy construction equipment was suddenly turned on just to the east of us (by the abandoned building).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Other Victims

There are MANY other victims of the rampant organized criminal activity here. One elderly man brave enough to write a letter published in one of the local newspapers told of his frightening experiences with a gang of cocaine traffickers who were operating out of his residential neighborhood. He said these guys were constantly harassing and threatening him, causing him to live in fear in his own house. After watching them steal his social security check out of his mail the moment it was delivered (they apparently knew when it came), the man went to the local police and filed a criminal complaint. Not only did the police not do anything, but the next time he left his house, he was waylaid by the gang and beaten so severely that he had to be hospitalized. When he finally returned home, the same people stole his check again, so he felt he had no choice but to pack up and move out of the area immediately. His letter was written with great sadness over his having been forced to leave and his concerns for what was happening here because of the lack of functioning law enforcement.
Another victim, this time a middle-aged woman, also had the courage to write to the paper about her plight. Her published letter described her life as the wife of a wealthy local professional and their house on a golf course. All that suddenly changed when several close friends called her to say they'd heard that her husband was contacting certain people locally to arrange for her murder because he had a girlfriend. She said she immediately fled her nice home with only the clothes on her back and was having to live out of her car in 100+ degree heat without daily medications she needed because there was nowhere safe for her to go--her husband (like mine) had high-level connections with local law enforcement and even did volunteer work at the local battered women's shelter!
Both of these letters were published several years ago, and I have often wondered what became of their writers. Because of so many other similar tales I've heard, I don't doubt either of their stories for a second.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Learn Something Every Day

My kids and I were channel-surfing the other night and came across a show about an Austin couple who'd been awarded $32 million in a toxic mold case a few years back. My kids reminded me that they'd received strange letters from their paternal grandfather (hand-written) around the same time that appeared to have been written solely to help justify a toxic mold claim their grandfather said he'd made with his insurance company that had resulted in his doing some extensive remodeling to his house he and his wife had actually been talking about wanting to do for years. My kids say they still have these letters, so we're going to find them and check the dates.
My children have quite a collection of these strange hand-written letters from their grandfather. When they turned 16, their grandfather gave them each a check for $5,000.00 and a weird letter telling them about how money was the most important thing in the world (which we thought strange coming from someone who'd taught a Sunday School class for years and never missed church on Sunday).
Between the strange wording of the letters my children were sent about the supreme importance of money in life and the size of the Austin couple's award in their court case, we wonder if insurance companies might also be victims of organized crime??