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Empire Builders: The Stasi's Influence on American Organized Crime and Politics

Today I have the honor of posting a very important piece written by Medawar at my request. It is my fervent hope readers will give it the close attention and consideration it deserves.

I'd also like to express my gratitude to Medawar both for taking the time and trouble to address this subject so thoroughly and thoughtfully and for saving me from having to do it. I suspect Medawar agreed to do this for me mainly out of fear of what I might post when I threatened to write it myself if Medawar wouldn't. My knowledge of the subject is woefully inferior, but there are things here that need to be said and, even more importantly, understood.

Finally, I'd like to thank Medawar for having the courage to speak out about this, which is no small thing in this world.


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Saturday, 30 October 2010
Empire Builders: The Stasi's Influence on American Organized Crime and Politics

Medawar has been kindly (and probably quite bravely) invited by ML to contribute an article on this subject.

The Stasi was the secret police and intelligence service, all rolled into one, of the East German Communist regime. Many officers and agents of its Nazi predecessors, the Abwehr, Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo, joined, and the secret police methodology was a refinement of inherited Gestapo techniques, with a few learned from the Russian NKVD and later, KGB, thrown in for good measure.

It is highly relevant to the story of the Stasi, that the Gestapo was originally created to reassure the German people that the various political armed militias, and every political party had its own during the twenties, would all be curbed. It only became an explicitly Nazi tool when it was infiltrated by the Sicherhetisdienst (SA), effectively the intelligence arm of a party-political militia. But there was a reason why German people at one stage would have regarded the Gestapo as a source of protection: they did get the militias off the streets in the early days of Nazi rule. Again, when the Stasi first started, there were many gangsters and black marketeers in both East and West Germany and many Germans desperately wanted something to exist that would make the criminals as frightened as they were. Since the Stasi would come to have half a million full and part time agents on its strength, or getting on for one in thirty of the East German population, a measure of public acceptance was needed and indeed existed, throughout what the outside world saw only as the vilest oppression.

To this day, therefore, there are hundreds of thousands who see the Stasi as a good thing, protecting society from deviants -and potential deviants. Those hundreds of thousands were heavily outnumbered by those who hated the political regime the Stasi supported, and in the aftermath of the Berlin Wall falling, they largely kept a low profile or emigrated from Germany altogether. Leading to a diaspora of the Stasi, throughout the world, but mainly in communities formed by earlier waves of German emigration, in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Namibia, South Africa and even Australia. There were even a handful, including the Stasi-sponsored and trained Baader-Meinhoff terrorist, Astrid Proll, who settled in London. Her brother, Thorwald, having been trained by the Stasi in financial crime, lives in Switzerland.

In recent years, there has been a steady return of the Stasi diaspora to Germany, with many of them using skills gained in other countries to gain influential posts in vital industries, particularly German railways, manufacturers of railway equipment (in Austria as well as Germany) and in German telecoms companies as well as Deutsche Post. This powerful community has been christened the Deutschland Clan by the journalist Jurgen Roth. One of its functions, seems to be to continue the persecution of those who were dissidents before the wall fell, and who had hoped that a united and democratic Germany would be a place of freedom and opportunity for them. It is a bitter thing indeed that it has not.
This link is to a blog with ample material on the continuity of Stasi activity from the communist regime to the criminal enterprise of the Deutschland Clan.

Alongside its secret police functions, though, the Stasi gathered foreign intelligence, and ran agents of influence in Western countries (and quite possibly other communist countries, too.) Again, the established ethnic German communities in the United States, Argentina and Brazil would have been natural starting points for Stasi agents infiltrating Western society, as they had been for agents of Nazi Germany, and Imperial Germany before that. The most open attempt to employ the German-American community against their American fellow citizens was in the first world war rather than the second, this largely stopped when President Wilson pointed out that there were enough lampposts in the United States to hang them all, if they insisted on making it necessary.

During the Second World War, the Abwehr's attempt to land sabotage agents, with the help of German-American gangsters on Long Island and in Florida, came pretty swiftly to naught. But there was a very successful spy ring at the start of the war (when America was still neutral) reporting shipping movements to German Naval Intelligence (separate from the Abwehr and somewhat better led.) This cost many lives, American as well as Canadian and British.

Most important of all, were the more political agents of influence (possibly run by the political SA rather than the military Abwehr or Naval Intelligence) , for whom Henry Ford and Joseph Kennedy were witting or unwitting mouthpieces, who kept America out of the war for as along as possible, and threw every possible obstacle in the path of American companies seeking to supply the British war effort in the meantime. The agents of influence were able to manipulate Congress to place various bizarre restrictions on exports to Britain, which led, for example, to aircraft being hauled from an American airfield near the Canadian border, to one on the Canadian side, by two cart horses, so they could be exported as "aircraft parts" rather than airworthy machines. All of the obstacles could be got around by this kind of dodge, but it all took time and effort, and every one of them was ultimately inimical to America's vital interests, not withstanding the fact that Congress willingly passed them all.

Even in the nineteen thirties, German manipulation of American politics was often being worked through organized crime, notably the very powerful German-American gangs on Long Island.

Between 1945 and 1947, American intelligence services ran something called Operation Paperclip, which sought to apprehend as many recently ex-Nazi scientists, economic and intelligence experts as possible and get them to work in the United States. The Russian NKVD had an identical programme, while Sweden and Switzerland managed to snaffle most of the Nazi's nuclear weapon designers between them. British Intelligence has been criticized for not really competing for Nazi experts, however, they had a different perception of the usefulness of these men, and particularly the risks of employing them in what would, inevitably, be key strategic areas. Perhaps we have Peter Wright and Airey Neave to thank for the UK's fortuitous indifference to this particular gift-horse!

The net effect of Operation Paperclip was to insert potential German agents into key jobs throughout American government and big business -and then endow many of them with bounteous and often secret budgets as a result of the cold war. A golden hello to the Stasi, which had a head start over other Communist intelligence services as far as America was concerned almost from the day it was founded. There were inherent opportunities here for German-American mafia groups as well, who suddenly discovered lost and lonely Germans in important jobs all over the country. They needed only to help them feel at home...

As well as using German-American criminals as ready-made agents in place to assist incoming penetration agents, the Stasi, like its predecessors, also cultivated criminals and terrorists in the West for their own sake. The purpose of this was destabilization, and it is a tactic which intelligence services only use in a country where they want the whole political system to change. Anytime that it appears that America's intelligence or law enforcement agencies are supporting a destabilization campaign on their own soil, it must be presumed that someone in a controlling position wants the system, and not just the party, of government to change.

As well as obvious points of interest for the Stasi, such as Los Alamos and NASA, Operation Paperclip's experts were in the universities and banks, formulating economic policies and, in time political ideologies. Nearly all of the thinkers behind the Neo-Conservative movement have ethnic German roots, although there are some Anglo-Saxon and Irish-American figureheads, some of whom are not noted for thinking particular deeply at all.

The twin trends, of the Deutschland Clan running Germany and the Neo Cons gaining control of American economic and especially foreign and defence policy, caused some French Intelligence officers and high ranking civil servants to coin the phrase "The Holy German-American Empire." However, President Francois Mitterand, who as a junior minister of the Vichy Government had obliged Reinhard Heydrich by signing an order to the French police to deport French Jews to the death camps, appears to have seen The Holy German-American Empire as something that it was his duty to appease and collaborate with, and French Intelligence wasn't allowed to interfere or even continue to monitor, what appeared to be en-train. As in 1942, Mitterand's order seems to have been obeyed, with heavy hearts, no doubt.

Despite the popular impression, that the Nazis were a complete aberration in the peace-loving history of Germany, there's more than just the continuity between the Nazi intelligence services and the Stasi to consider. When the Nazis came to power, many of the policies for which Hitler is credited/blamed, such as covert re-armament, war-planning, and "Lebensraum" had already been put in place by previous governments. "Lebensraum" having been in place since the foundation of "The North German Federation" as a Union of 25 previous independent states and principalities in 1871.

Two important asides:

1/ that foundation was an act of pure subterfuge: the Prussian leader, Bismark, had planted misleading intelligence material on the French, who undertook a pre-emptive war in 1870, which led both to the destruction of French military and economic power in what amounted to a huge ambush, and to all the smaller German states feeling very threatened by the modern world, and suddenly willing to shelter under Prussia's mighty wings.

2/ the very name heavily suggests that the whole of Modern Germany was just the Northern part of something bigger and mightier, which is supposed to include Switzerland and Slovenia, as well as Austria and large parts of the Czech Republic. Hitler and Albert Speer may have worked on this concept, but they didn't actually conceive it.

Lebensraum as a policy was inherent to the hasty formation of a German Empire in Africa from 1870 onwards: earlier ethnic German colonizations in the Americas had no such backing from then-independent German states, and many of them were effectively expulsions by governments, especially Bavaria, which feared the social engineering ideology of certain secret societies and political movements. Bismark's North German Federation was an expression of many of those, and the outcasts were outcasts no longer. However, they were not a party to the sort of thing that happened in the new German colonies, and many of their founders would have been appalled by the way in which their social engineering idealism had evolved in the space of just two generations. What happened, in Namibia, was Genocide. In camps, and by death march and expulsion into uninhabitable areas.

There is continuity, both between successive German intelligence services, as the political system has gone through several huge upheavals, and in the long-term strategic policy which has been followed.

Although German Intelligence, and German-American organized crime, have been present in America since the late 19th century, it has only been since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the resulting Stasi Diaspora, that stalking as flourished as a tool of organized crime and political change-seekers in the United States. Because not even the Gestapo or the SA had evolved and perfected the techniques, not deployed them on such a scale, using such a high proportion of the nation's resources, as the Stasi did. One in the thirty of the population was a full or part time Stasi agent.

This meant that anyone even suspected of being a dissident could be watched, pretty well round the clock, and systematically bullied and harassed, without the need for incarceration, or, indeed, the slightest evidence of any wrong-doing or evil intent. This represented a level of social control beyond anything which the Gestapo and NKVD had ever attempted, or ever thought necessary merely to keep the population as a whole obedient. It served a whole new level of social engineering, another evolution in the theory, which would take East Germany, and via the Deutschland Clan, the new re-Unified Germany, to a point where the mass reactions of the population at large were no longer an issue, and the behaviour of individuals could be effectively controlled.

Although many tyrannies and totalitarian regimes might appreciate and seek this level of control, others would see it as a waste of time and resort to cruder methods. (Ie: China in June 1989.) But the type of regime that needs this level of individual control, is not so much a tyranny, as a kleptocracy.

In a "government of thieves" nothing is so strictly prohibited as stealing, except by those at the top, who see themselves as owning everything and everyone, already anyway. A kleptocracy sees every last thing, and every last person, even officers of the regime itself, as property. It can be tremendously cruel and kill at will, and yet will attempt to control those an ordinary tyrant would be tempted to kill, simply because it sees them as property of the state rather than as enemies of the state. The ultimate despot is not a Communist, nor is he a Nazi. He is a gangster before whom all the judges and all the policemen have bowed. Only a Kleptocrat needs to make one in thirty of the population into secret agents.

In East Germany, every citizen was watched, and any who even appeared to diverge from the accepted norm (and accepting everything was the norm that was accepted!) was followed everywhere. He would be jostled in every queue in every shop, he would rarely be able to buy what he wanted, or earn his living doing his normal trade. People whom Lenin would have shot and buried in a night, would effectively be subjected to living torture for years on end, to make them conform. Some victims of the Stasi might have thought Lenin merciful.

In East Germany, this took enormous manpower, and it didn't happen from the beginning of the communist regime, both for this reason and because the techniques had not been developed. But the system did evolve, and with it great manpower and great expertise. Then the wall fell, and both manpower and expertise were exported, the world over, but especially to America and Canada. Where the temporarily exiled Stasi agents soon discovered that a combination of the drugs trade, some of it already in the hands of ethnic Germans, vigilantism and other forms of meddling do-goodism, could all be harnessed to make the services of the requisite one in thirty of the population available to their cause. Many of whom don't know that they are working with people on the "opposite" side of whatever the relevant social divide happens to be. And America has a lot of social divides. Tying all these threads together to make an unwitting Stasi machine in America and Canada would have taken tens of thousands of expert agents, but they had tens of thousands of expert agents who'd better stay out of Germany for a few years, so it simply wasn't a problem.

The Holy German-American Empire has America all but completely in its clutches and is looking for other victims. The Stasi, having outlived the political system it once served, is now above and beyond the control of any state. It has become the gangster to which all American and German Judges and Policemen will bow. And whilst it might spray the rhetoric of freedom around like machine-gun fire as it consolidates its hold on power, it is a kleptocracy and these cannot co-exist with any measure of personal freedom at all.

Unless America wakes up very smartly indeed, it will find that the Gestapo and the NKVD would have been easy-going compared to their new masters in the rest of the 21st century.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dumb City Or Dumb Officials?

This article came out in today's San Antonio paper. It's shocking but not at all surprising. However, it's not the City of San Antonio that's dumb; it's the officials that run it that are.

How can cities expect to turn out well-educated students when so little money is actually provided for this? School and college board members routinely take the precious tax dollars that are supposed to be used to educate our young people and find creative (and some not-so-creative, i.e. blatant) ways to funnel the funds to their friends instead. Texas Governor Rick Perry first used federal funds provided to Texas for education to instead pay down part of the state's debt. Then when the feds. demanded proof of this money's actually being used for education, Gov. Perry turned it down. Now Texas is facing a serious budget shortfall, which doesn't bode well for education here in the future.

The rampant organized crime in our area has many other adverse effects on the education of our young people. Bullying, gang stalking, and gang violence in our schools are so widespread and unchecked that students are afraid to come to school. Just yesterday, another article in the same newspaper told of rumors of impending violence related to Halloween so serious that scared parents are keeping their children home in droves, even in the Hill Country (Kerrville). Students are instructed to tell teachers, counselors, principals, or law enforcement when they are being subjected to these social ills, but when they do so, either nothing is done because officials fear being subjected to the same kinds of things, or the students discover that the people who are supposed to be helping them are actually active participants!

Teachers here face the same problems as students (if they are not participating, as many are) and fear becoming victims of the same kinds of acts students are being subjected to. How can we possibly expect them to teach properly under these conditions? And how can we expect to retain the best ones?--they quickly move on when they realize they have no support. Shockingly high percentages of the teachers that remain have criminal records and substance abuse problems, nothing is done about it (see my earlier post entitled "The Coach", for example), and our students suffer as a result.

In fact, one-third to one-half of our high school students drop out before graduating. Texas already has a shortage of trained workers. With the problem steadily getting worse, not better, it doesn't matter if we attract all the new jobs Gov. Perry is promising; we won't have the workers to fill them.

Our cities and communities here simply MUST start to realize the toll unchecked organized crime is taking on them and insist on its being prosecuted aggressively from the top down. If people don't start seeing the big picture and understanding how much this stuff is hurting them, our rapid downslide into "Third-Worldness" will continue. It's no accident that San Antonio and Las Vegas sit at the bottom of the education list--this can easily be predicted by their crime situations and statistics.

There's one more thing to consider here, and it may actually turn out to be the most important consideration of all: what if the government is deliberately trying to keep our young people as uneducated as possible in order to keep them from seeing, understanding, questioning, and protesting what their government is doing? If you think that sounds far-fetched, I suggest you carefully read the next post after this one, entitled "Empire Builders".

Update, 1/23/11:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Deaths and events related to them have a major tendency to occur in clusters in our area, as illustrated here. I'm not saying there's necessarily anything wrong in this particular case (I don't have enough information on it to be able to say either way); I'm just using it as a good example of the kinds of things that happen too often here and need to be investigated seriously by someone from the outside.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Case Of The Missing Passports

From the time we first got them, my ex-husband insisted on keeping my passport and our children's passports in a file at his office "so they wouldn't get lost". Each time we used them to go somewhere, he would immediately collect them and take them out of the house. Thinking back now in hindsight, I realize I was never given access to our passports on my own; my husband always brought them home himself when we needed them (which wasn't very often).

Then one day when we were planning for a trip (and I can't remember which one right now), I mentioned to my husband that he'd need to remember to bring home our passports so I could check the expiration dates on them and pack them.

A few hours later, my husband called and said he didn't have the passports. He claimed they weren't in the file at his office where he normally kept them and that I had kept them after our last trip and must have stashed them somewhere. I knew this wasn't true, and I reminded him about how he always insisted on taking them; he responded by accusing me of having misplaced them. I knew he was wrong, but I spent the rest of the day searching our house from top to bottom just to make sure. I also went over and looked in our safe deposit box. Of course the passports weren't in either place.

When my husband got home that night, I told him I was now positive the passports were not in our house or at the bank. I also told him I intended to go over to his office and look for them myself because I knew that's where they were.

At that point, my husband insisted on immediately going back over to his office to look again by himself. I can't remember exactly how long he was gone--maybe an hour or so. He came back and said he was absolutely positive all of our passports were not there. He said they must have been stolen out of the file drawer and that we would all have to apply for replacements. I told him I still wanted to go over and look for them myself, but he insisted he was sure they were gone.

The next day, I spoke with his office staff about the matter, and they too said the passports must have been stolen, but they would not let me go back to look for them "because they were busy". Reluctantly, I took the kids to pick up and fill out new applications and have new photographs taken. My husband also went separately and did the same--I saw his application and photo and mailing envelope all ready to be sent, although he said he mailed his application separately from his office.

We all received our new passports in time to take our trip, although my husband's must have been delivered separately to his office. I mentioned to my husband that I'd reported the kids' and my passports as missing or stolen when I applied for new ones for us. I told him I still believed the originals had been misplaced at his office, and I reminded him that if they should ever turn up, we were obligated by law to inform the government and surrender them immediately. He said he knew this.

A year or two later (again, I can't remember exactly when), my husband came home and told me out of the blue that our missing passports had turned up at his office after all. He said they'd been misfiled, and someone had noticed them and realized what they were. I told him we needed to go turn them in the next day. My husband said he'd already done this and the whole matter had been taken care of.

Many years later after he'd left and I'd begun to discover all the strange things that were going on around here, I realized I'd never actually known anything about the missing passports other than what my husband and his office staff had told me. I wrote to the FBI office in San Antonio and explained all this to them because I was afraid other people might have used our passports without our knowledge, but I never received any reply from them.

I will say that every time my children and I used our passports, I don't ever recall noticing any unusual stamps or markings for trips I didn't know about. However, I remain concerned about the fact that, in retrospect, my children and I did not have control of our own passports (meaning they might have been used without our knowledge) much of the time and that we only have my ex-husband's word that he really did return the lost ones when they turned up again. My own passport has now been expired for some time because I haven't used it or renewed it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

U.K. Connections

The situation my children and I find ourselves in has definite ties to the U.K. I know just enough now to realize they are strange to some extent but not enough to understand exactly what they mean (although I do have my suspicious about some of them), so I will simply set down a record of what I know and let wiser heads than mine prevail.

I was originally introduced to the man I later married by his roommates, who were classmates of mine. One of these roommates was from an East Coast military family with far-right political leanings. He was intelligent and hard-working, managing to complete a difficult double major by staying on for only one additional year at college.

This guy was also one of my future husband's closest friends. He and I were both invited to visit the Texas Hill Country home and ranch of my future husband's family often, and we all spent many happy hours here hiking, hunting, fishing, and exploring. The friend had a steady girlfriend who came with us when she could. After they graduated, the two of them got married, and my future husband and I helped with their wedding reception.

My husband's friend got a job with a major Houston company that had business interests around the globe. Almost immediately, his company began sending him to all sorts of exotic foreign locales: Africa, the Middle East, and Russia, to name a few. Often these trips were for extended periods of time and involved living under rather primitive conditions.

Eventually, this man tired of the demands of this job, quit, and went back to school to obtain a master's degree in a third field. Unfortunately, the long periods away from home had taken a toll on his marriage, and he and his wife divorced shortly after my husband and I married.

After graduate school, the friend accepted a job overseas with a major oil company. He was based in London and rented a small house there but continued to travel much of the time all over the world.

Because he and my husband were such good friends, they kept in close contact. The friend loved and missed Texas, so my husband and father-in-law helped him locate and purchase a ranch in South-Central Texas, both as an investment and also as a vacation spot. The friend seemed to be involved in other real estate deals with my father-in-law as well, because he'd often come into our town suddenly and briefly for some sort of meetings that I was told involved the signing of real estate documents.

During his frequent travels, the friend met a stewardess who worked the Dallas-London route for American Airlines. He fell hard for her, and they began a serious relationship that lasted several years. At one point, we all went on a short group vacation to Cozumel together, where I was able to get to know the girlfriend a little. Another time, my husband and I spent several very enjoyable days visiting the friend at his home in London. His girlfriend was working but managed to spend a little time with us. As she packed to leave, she mentioned to me that because she flew back and forth so frequently, she was well-known to all the customs and security agents. She said they always waved her on through without checking her or her bags, and she laughingly bragged that she could take anything she wanted in or out of either country without anyone knowing.

At some point, I found out the friend had begun investing in land in the Czech Republic. He apparently had been buying up large amounts of farmland and spending considerable time visiting there. When I tried to find out more about this, he would only say land was cheap there and he believed it was a good investment.

The friend was later transferred to Scotland, and his relationship with the stewardess ended. He met a Scottish lass whose father and brother were both sailors. Eventually, the two of them married, had children, and bought a house in the country outside Edinburgh. The friend continued to travel much of the time, spending extended periods in Siberia, China, and the Far East.

My husband and I enjoyed a couple of nice visits with the two of them before my husband suddenly left me in 1999. By the last of these visits, the friend said he'd left the big oil company and was now working as a consultant for them and others out of a Scottish office that was owned by a wealthy Houston businessman the friend would never name to me. He also first offered to show me around his office and then abruptly changed his mind for some reason.

One night during that last visit of mine, the friend got a phone call very late at night from two men he worked with who were coming over to talk to him about some sort of business that was never made clear to me. The weather that night was stormy, and the men arrived well after midnight and soaking wet. The three of them went into another room, had a brief meeting, and then they left without even being introduced to me. The whole thing seemed strange.

After we split up, my ex-husband remained in close touch with his friend and at one point took our children over to Scotland to visit him. My kids came back from this visit saying the friend and his wife had been fighting the whole time they were there. Sure enough, the two of them soon ended their marriage as well.

I've now lost track of this friend, but I hear he still shows up briefly and unexpectedly in our town from time to time to visit with my ex-husband and his father. I believe he continues to travel all over the world as well.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Translators Required

The area of Central Texas where I live was settled by German immigrants in the mid-1800s as discussed previously in such posts as "Ancient History" (7/11/10). As documented here, these settlers and their descendants have developed their own language that is a slang combination of German and English. This Texas German dialect is a German equivalent of what has been loosely termed "Border Spanish", the slang mixture of Spanish and English commonly spoken in the region along the U.S. border with Mexico.

As I've mentioned before, locals were forbidden to speak their German dialect during the World War eras, which of course only forced it underground and made its use a focal point of local pride and clannishness. During Prohibition in particular, the local language was used as an "insider code" with regard to the smuggling of alcohol from Mexico, which was rampant here and utilized older local ties to Mexico.

Smuggling ties between the German immigrants of Central Texas and Mexicans have only increased since Prohibition ended because of the rise of illegal drug smuggling. The Texas German dialect is now used extensively in this area over the radio waves, during phone calls, on the Internet, and even while gossiping at the grocery store, feed store, barber shop, etc. to both send "coded" messages and discuss things local "insiders" don't want others to know they're talking about. (It's a common practice to do this while standing very close by someone they're bad-mouthing, for example, even though this practice occasionally gets them in trouble. I'd love to know just what it was that the professor in this article overheard in the restaurant that caught his interest!)

The common use of this language here for important conversations, particularly over scanners, radios, walkie-talkies, and cell phones, makes it imperative that anyone considering mounting a serious investigation of organized crime and stalking here include the use of German translators, particularly ones who have at least some knowledge of the local dialect. Any investigation begun without these translators will completely miss out on what's going on and is doomed to failure. Spanish translators are probably necessary here as well.

As an added note, anyone planning on coming here to carry out any kind of serious investigation must also be aware that local "insiders" routinely act as lookouts or spotters EVERYWHERE. All unknown persons, vehicles, and license plates coming into our area are routinely and thoroughly checked out by local law enforcement using their access to sophisticated federal equipment and data bases. (Please go back to "The Layer Cake", posted 4/13/10, for more information on this.) Anyone planning on coming here who wants locals to open up to them needs to have an airtight cover story and vehicles and license plates that won't attract attention or suspicion. (Even better is if you can show a family relationship to someone here.) Without taking these kind of precautions, you will be run out of town (or worse) the minute you start asking questions, taking photos in the wrong places, etc., and any equipment you bring will be confiscated or stolen.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

My children who were at home and I watched most of the episodes of the first season of Jesse Ventura's new show called "Conspiracy Theory" on TRU-TV. We found it educational, informative, and thought-provoking, although there were times when we wondered about its accuracy.

Last week we watched the first episode of the show's new season on Plum Island and were surprised to discover we already knew a little about it without realizing it. As soon as Gov. Ventura mentioned the possible relocation of the Plum Island facility to a site in Kansas, we suddenly realized it was the same "federal biologic research laboratory" San Antonio had been aggressively competing with Kansas for as reported in the San Antonio Express-News. In fact, when the relocation of this lab was finally awarded to the Kansas site over San Antonio, the people behind San Antonio's failed bid filed a lawsuit alleging that the bidding process hadn't been conducted properly and that the Kansas site was inherently unsafe due to frequent tornadoes.

We never heard any mention on the show about the San Antonio connection or the lawsuit. We also noticed that there was no mention on the show about the fact that Central Texas has been the home of another federal biologic research facility for many years. This facility, which is located just outside of Kerrville near I-10, is an insect study laboratory. Coincidentally, a recent article in the Kerrville Daily Times discussed new plans for a major expansion of this lab that involves potentially moving it to a larger site in the Kerrville area.

Regarding the "Big Brother" episode, I can absolutely believe the FBI is involved in illegal surveillance and stalking. I've personally seen people I knew had FBI connections following me around at times. These are people with ties to active agents, by the way, not the retired ones who defrauded me and still stalk me periodically.

A final note to Gov. Ventura concerning the unusual-looking human body he and his associates said had washed ashore near Plum Island: it's hard to believe this was real (especially so close to Halloween!), but he might want to do some research on Marfan's Syndrome. If legitimate, the extremely long fingers said to be present on this body might possibly be an indication that someone was using genetics to selectively breed for high intelligence. (We are only talking theories here, right?)

Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing the rest of the series. Whether you believe all of it, parts of it, or none of it, it's certain to provoke discussion.

Here's an update on the biolab that just came out.

And this:

Update, 12/10: The sign along Hwy 16 at the entrance to the federal insect study lab mentioned above has now been removed. The site of this lab is just north of I-10, in the valley about half-way between the new 70-foot high skeletal iron cross and the large sculpture of a mechanical deer (a local symbol) crushing a car.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Shocking Statistic

Today the San Antonio Express-News reported a 36 percent increase in aggravated family violence cases in San Antonio since January. Yes, you read that correctly.

Am I shocked?--yes!, deeply shocked and saddened. Am I surprised?--no, not at all. Not when community leaders openly brag about committing acts of criminal abuse against their family members as they do in their comments on this blog. Not when they openly threaten others with acts of domestic abuse and violence as they do in their comments on this blog. Not when their followers openly do the same in their comments on this blog. And certainly not when they all openly hold parties to celebrate and brag about the committing of these acts.

Why does this happen, and why is it escalating so rapidly? Certainly flawed morals, ethics, and attitudes of the perpetrators and participants are involved. The "I don't want to get involved" attitudes of bystanders, whether out of laziness, ignorance, or fear, is another huge factor. So is rampant substance abuse.

However, I believe the biggest root cause of this increase is the rampant corruption that currently exists in local law enforcement at all levels. It's a well-known fact that most abusers don't stop until they start facing negative consequences from their actions; in fact, their abuse usually gets worse over time. When abusers know the right people around here, law enforcement can't or won't take action to stop them, and they brag about getting away with their abuse. This only empowers them and makes following them attractive to insecure others. (I hope you see the parallels to bullying and stalking here!) Rumor has it that a significant number of local law enforcement officers are in fact seriously abusive themselves.

Loved ones of victims and supporters of domestic violence prevention organizations are doing a good job of calling attention to the scope of the problem through vigils, press releases, publicity, and the like, but until the root causes of domestic abuse, domestic violence, bullying, and stalking (which are all related problems) are addressed, and victims receive actual help instead of being turned away or the "run-around", I predict the numbers of victims will continue to climb dramatically.

On a more positive note (I LOVE positive notes!), I'd like to thank the Hispanic gentleman who saw me struggling with heavy feed sacks at the store today, came over, and loaded them for me. His kindness was much-appreciated. (Boos and hisses go out to the other people who were sitting in nearby vehicles watching and laughing.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What You Can Do

For over 11 years now, I've been asking people and organizations for help. The responses I've received to these requests number in the thousands, and they are always the same: either they can't help, they won't help, they will help but only on their terms (which usually means victimizing us further), they dump me on someone else, they simply don't bother to respond at all, or they respond with even more harassment. In fact, I have actual examples of each of these types of responses to my requests for help already posted on this blog. (I'll let you find them. It won't take you long.)

Recently, however, I received a single response that was unique. It basically said, "I've been reading your blog. Your situation is frightening. The comments people are leaving are awful. What can I do to help you?" There were no conditions or gimmicks with this offer--it was simply one person caring enough about another to share some kind words of support and extend a hand. I was deeply moved.

Unfortunately, at the time I first saw this, I was also very tired and stressed-out from having to deal with several other situations that were not nearly as uplifting. I fired off a quick reply in which I thanked the person and offered up the first couple of suggestions that came to mind.

Later when things were quieter, however, I started to meditate on the frankly miraculous offer I'd received--how it was that one person out of literally thousands had had both enough empathy for us and enough courage (because, realistically, certain aspects of our situation are scary; see for example some of the threats against me in some of the comments elsewhere) to take action. I was and still am humbled and amazed and grateful.

At the same time, I realized I'd done a lousy job of responding to the offer. Because both our specific situation and what I've been learning about the situation in general have been escalating so seriously and so rapidly over the last few years, and also because no other meaningful offers of assistance have come in, I simply haven't taken much time to sit down and reflect about what specific kinds of assistance would be most effective. In fact, the last time I remember doing anything like this was the last time someone else cared enough to actually reach out to me, which was to urge me to start this blog about what was going on here because they believed exposing the truth would probably be the best way for us to get much-needed assistance. This is what eventually let to what you are now reading, although I confess it took me several months to work up enough courage to start it (and I am very much afraid the person who suggested it may have been retaliated against).

Of course I have some definite ideas about ways people can help both us and other victims. Right now, probably the most important and effective thing you can do is to simply tell as many people as possible what is going on here in Central Texas and elsewhere, because knowledge and truth are very powerful agents of change. Spread the word about this blog. Talk to people about the information and the documentation posted here, and make it clear to them as you do so that the criminal and immoral acts being perpetrated are not acceptable in any civilized society, much less in a country where individuals supposedly have basic civil and constitutional rights.

Once people have used this blog to educate themselves on the wrongs being committed, it's essential that they let their elected officials know in no uncertain terms that they 1) are aware of what's going on, and 2) insist it be stopped as quickly as possible. It only takes a few minutes to send an email or a brief letter to the White House, the Office of the Vice President, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA, for example. Specifically, tell them you're aware people's basic rights to privacy, proper legal representation, proper treatment by elected and public officials, protection by (and from!) law enforcement, protection from illegal incarceration and involuntary commitment, and more are being blatantly violated on a wholesale basis here. Make it clear to our governmental leaders that federal surveillance and other equipment MUST be fully accounted for at all times and that misuse of it will not be tolerated. Also make it clear that illegal targeting of individuals for gang/organized stalking, torture, and death is an abomination that cannot be tolerated in America (or anywhere else!). Be sure to let these officials know you are fully aware that right-wing political extremists and international multi-billion-dollar corporations and powerful families are behind this and that you are absolutely opposed to letting them run or influence the government of our country. Finally, let officials know you are aware of the extensive corruption that already exists within law enforcement, the legal/judicial system, and the military and that you also know the media is deliberately concealing the extent of this. NONE of this is acceptable in a supposedly free country, and it has ALREADY reached levels that border on third-world status in the U.S. Then start sending out the same kinds of emails and letters to every media contact and outlet you can think of.

The other critically important things you can do to help in general are to VOTE and VOTE RESPONSIBLY. This means not being lazy: too lazy to go to the polls, too lazy to properly research the candidates, or too lazy to insist on quality candidates. (The corollary to this is that quality candidates must step up and run for office so responsible voters have good choices.) To paraphrase T. R. Fehrenbach, people end up with the kind of government they deserve.

There are also smaller but important things you can do to help on a daily basis. Make truthfulness, morality, ethics, and respect for others high priorities in your life. Don't use, participate in, or tolerate hate speech, prejudice, bullying, harassment, or stalking. According to AC360, about one-third of people who witness these look the other way instead of doing anything to stop them (and I suspect this figure is too low), yet doing nothing has the same result as making a conscious decision to let them continue. Also be aware these are more ADULT problems than children's problems. (Guess where the children learn them??) Finally, do a reality check on your use or misuse of drugs, both illegal and prescription. I'm sure by now you understand that by buying these, you're supporting violence and corruption in Mexico and elsewhere, but please also be aware that you're supporting it in the U.S. as well.

As far as specifically helping my children and me, we STILL need proper legal help and representation. I've been constantly searching for this for eleven years now without success and have in fact been cheated and conned horribly by more attorneys than I can count. My ex-husband openly brags that he and his associates can either "get to" any attorney I try to hire or bankrupt me with excessive legal fees, since our adversaries have unlimited legal and financial resources, so I've been advised to seek pro bono help but have been unable to find this. The legal situation my children and I are currently facing is dire, and the way we are being denied proper representation is a blatant violation of our civil rights, but the DOJ has repeatedly refused to do anything. We also need relief from the gang stalking, illegal surveillance, and financial crimes committed against us on a daily basis.

As more issues emerge, I'll try to add them to this post, so you might want to check here periodically. For example, I could use some assistance from a legitimate investigator somewhere in trying to identify who was using an older blue sedan (a Ford, I think?) with Texas plates DXH-192 [note: plates around here do not always match the vehicle they're on] that was parked directly in front of the fire hydrant by our driveway when I came back from walking my dog last night. It was still there several hours later when trespassers from it were running repeatedly across our front yard yelling in the dark and a red car I've seen parked at my ex-husband's office many times drove down in our yard with its headlights off. These people all ran for their vehicles and sped off when my oldest child and I finally decided to go out and film them prior to calling the police, even though the police never do anything.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Summaries

The Ex-Wives Club

As I’ve stated repeatedly, there are MANY other domestic violence and abuse victims here besides my children and me, and NONE of us has been able to obtain even a small fraction of the help we need. I’ve already posted information on some of these before: “Willa” (10/26/09), for example, whose abusive husband actually volunteered at the local women’s shelter. Now I’d like to introduce you to the stories of a few selected others.

First and foremost is the story of my friend Joanie. In “Old Emails From A Friend” (9/17/10), I talked about a play group my children and I belonged to years ago when they were very young. We also belonged to a second, much larger, play group made up of moms and tots from prominent local families. This group consisted of the wives and children of doctors, architects, dentists, professional artists, bankers, and more. It was through this group that I met Joanie and got to know her.

Joanie was a stay-at-home mom with the same number of children as me. Her husband was a pilot who worked for a large real estate company in Houston, so he was gone a lot of the time for work reasons as my husband was. Joanie seemed rather reserved at first, but as I slowly got to know her, I discovered she was intelligent, creative, and sensitive. She was also very attractive—the kind of person who “lit up the room” wherever she went. She had lots of casual friends but few close ones; she always seemed very guarded.

Joanie and her husband were also clearly very wealthy. They owned and lived in what is arguably the most beautiful historic rock home in our area, located in an extremely desirable spot in the center of town. My husband claimed Joanie was from a wealthy family, but I never knew her maiden name or anything about her background. She and her children were always impeccably dressed, and when the rest of us brought taco salads and chicken casseroles to share for lunch, Joanie brought liver pate.

Frankly, Joanie would probably have become one of my best friends here if it hadn’t been for her husband—I couldn’t stand him. He was loud, rude, and coarse, the exact opposite of Joanie. In fact, he frankly gave me the creeps, particularly in light of persistent rumors around town that he was flying loads of drugs in from South America. I was at a total loss as to why someone like Joanie had married him or why she stayed married to him. I was even more confused about why my own husband was a friend of his. When I attempted any discussion with my husband about the frankly abusive way I’d seen Joanie’s husband treat her on several occasions and why he wanted a friend who behaved that way, my husband just laughed and said I needed to get to know him better. I told him I didn’t care to.

When our older children entered school, I lost touch with Joanie. Thinking back now, I realize she must not have been getting out much, because I don’t remember seeing her at the store or around town. At one point, her husband made a failed attempt at running for public office. I was not pleased when my husband campaigned for him, but we discussed this and ended up “agreeing to disagree” on the matter.

Then in the early 1990s, I became pregnant with my youngest child and was pleasantly surprised to hear that Joanie was also expecting another baby. I finally did run into her at the store, and we had fun commiserating about pregnancy and catching up on each others’ news. She seemed happy, healthy, and excited about the new baby, and her older children were doing extremely well in school. All seemed well.

The last time I went to Joanie’s house was when my youngest and I were invited to Joanie’s baby’s first birthday party. Joanie was absolutely radiant that day, holding all the little ones (and us grown-ups too!) in thrall with a puppet show she wrote and performed for the occasion. However, I was sad to note that her husband wasn’t there. Sure enough, when he suddenly came in at the end of the party, Joanie suddenly became tense and silent. It was clear from the way he belittled her that they had serious problems.

At some point after that, I remember my mother-in-law telling me the word going around town was that Joanie was having serious problems with post-partum depression. I told her that didn’t make sense to me because Joanie’s youngest child was older than that. My mother-in-law insisted Joanie had been suffering from this for a long time. Not long after this, I heard Joanie’s marriage had ended. Her husband moved to a ranch outside town, married a woman with ties to both South America and local real estate, and opened a chocolate importing business. Joanie kept the historic home in town she’d always loved so much.

The next news I had of Joanie was very strange and frightening. Her ex-husband had taken their two youngest children hiking on a fairly high rocky peak at a local park. Somehow the older of the two children took a terrible fall off the peak and sustained a very serious head injury. News reports said the father left the younger child, who was quite young at the time, alone at the summit while he went down to the injured child. The victim was rushed to a trauma center in San Antonio and barely survived. This child eventually made a full recovery, but they had no memory of what had happened.

I heard Joanie was furious with her ex- over the accident, which was what I would have expected from her, so I was surprised when my mother-in-law started telling me again how depressed Joanie was. Not long after this, I ran into Joanie briefly, and she seemed more frightened than depressed: eyes constantly darting back and forth, talking in a very guarded manner, and clearly nervous and jumpy. Joanie was definitely not herself, and I frankly didn’t know what to make of it.

The next thing I heard about Joanie was when I opened up the newspaper one morning and read about her death. I could barely contain my shock and horror as I read that her ex-husband and a female friend (the wife of a doctor) found her hanging from the hook that held the light fixture over her dining room table.

Joanie’s death was ruled a suicide. My husband and my old play group friends all told me her ex- was furious because she’d started seeing a new doctor in San Antonio who felt she was being over-medicated and took her off all her antidepressants. He blamed this doctor for causing her death and was threatening to sue him.

I was heartbroken over the death of my friend, but it wasn’t long after this that my own husband suddenly left and our lives were turned upside down as well. Later, I heard Joanie’s oldest child was accusing their father of murdering their mother, which I’d wondered about as well.

At some point, Joanie’s ex-husband must have regained ownership of the historic rock house, because he opened a restaurant in it. I also heard his second marriage ended in divorce. Both of our youngest children graduated from high school together, and I remembered her fondly that night.

I’ve never forgotten Joanie, and recently she’s been much on my mind again. In the last few months as I’ve learned more and more about gang stalking and begun realizing how much of it applies to our situation, I’ve also realized it makes a lot of sense as far as what I remember of Joanie’s. In fact, my former mother-in-law began saying exactly the same kind of stuff about me (or even worse!—see some of my ex-husband’s similar comments that are scattered throughout this blog) to anyone who would listen after my husband left. There’s a definite pattern here: target a victim for organized stalking while at the same time spreading false rumors all over town that the victim is crazy in order to attempt to explain some serious future crime against that person (like murder, driving them to suicide, involuntary commitment long enough to steal assets, etc.).

I’ve also begun seeing this same pattern in terrible things experienced by other acquaintances of mine. For example, the wife of a local doctor was repeatedly described to me by both her husband and mine (both good friends) as “crazy”, even though I never saw any evidence of this. Her husband left her to marry a co-worker around the same time my husband left. She moved to Boerne and eventually remarried, but recently she suddenly turned up dead and I haven’t been able to find out what happened to her.

Another acquaintance of mine has a similar story, but I believe hers has a happier ending. This woman, who is incredibly intelligent and talented, was the creative force behind a well-known local business that her husband and his family managed. I was very upset when my husband came home one night and said this woman had been brought into the local emergency room close to death that morning from a suicide attempt. This woman did survive, but she and her husband eventually divorced, she moved away, and recently I heard she had remarried. Her ex-husband is now extensively developing the property they once owned jointly. Even more significantly, this property is not far from mine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Celebrity Connections

It's been very difficult to get accurate information about this case, but a different article stated that at one point the Fredericksburg wife was found near death and barely survived.

I suspect Mrs. Burkett has probably been subjected to some of the same things I have (see my earlier post entitled "Personal Experiences With Gang Stalking". This is based on who her husband is and who here he knows.

As I've blogged about before, MANY celebrities live here and/or own property here, but they do it on the quiet. My former father-in-law has handled many of their real estate transactions.

Diop Kamau And Pre-Paid Legal Services

Another reason I hired Diop Kamau in 2006 and 2007 as explained in the previous post was because his website stated that his company, The Police Complaint Center (PCC), helped victims of police misconduct find attorneys that were experienced at handling these types of cases. As detailed in "My Story" at the very beginning of this blog, finding proper legal representation for myself and my children had been a constant and severe problem ever since my husband suddenly left in 1999. At the time I hired Kamau, I'd already been outrageously conned and misrepresented by every lawyer I'd hired up to that time, and the State Bar of Texas had flatly refused to do anything about this. Earlier in 2006, I'd hired a new lawyer recommended by a well-known San Antonio document examiner with FBI ties (see "She Said", posted earlier), but I'd already wondered about some of the things this new lawyer had done and hadn't done. As I explained to Kamau, not knowing much about legal matters, I wanted a second opinion from his attorneys on whether we were being properly represented this time (see Doc.1 below).

On 2/27/07, I received a large packet of legal information in the mail from a company I'd never heard of called "Pre-Paid Legal Services". This packet contained a spiral-bound booklet containing a fill-in-the-blanks-type document to be sent back in for the making of a will and information on a "legal membership" that had been purchased by someone in my name (Doc. 2).

I knew nothing about this membership or who had purchased it, and I was alarmed by the fact that it contained implements for making a will and also that the envelope it came in had been originally addressed to my ex-husband's office; someone had then crossed out his address with a black marker, written in my address instead, and forwarded it to me. I immediately faxed Kamau a copy of this envelope and asked him if he knew what it was (Doc. 3). When I didn't hear anything back from Kamau right away, I also emailed him about the matter (Doc. 4, bottom). He replied that he didn't know anything about it and considered it a "security breach" (Doc. 4, top). He also said it indicated our house was bugged, and he began insisting that I purchase more services from his company (Doc. 5). Eventually, he emailed me that it was his own computer that had been hacked somehow in order to purchase the legal membership in my name but without my knowledge (Doc. 6).

After I discovered Kamau had conned and defrauded me and fired him at the end of June 2007. I contacted Pre-Paid Legal Services to cancel this membership (Docs. 7, 8, and 9). I also called their customer service line and spoke with a representative named Pam. She told me the membership had been purchased by someone named Diop Kamau from Florida using my name and my social security number (which I'd never given him). The membership had been paid for by a Bank of America account I knew nothing about. (Pam did give me the number of this account.) The notes I took during this and several other calls I made trying to obtain information are shown as Doc. 10 below. I followed up with Pre-Paid Legal a couple weeks later when I still hadn't received forms they'd said they'd be sending me (Doc. 11) and received an emailed response only (Doc. 12).

Later, I discovered Kamau was actually a commissioned sales agent for Pre-Paid Legal (Doc. 13), a fact he'd never disclosed to me. More recently, I found information elsewhere on the Internet saying Pre-Paid Legal Services is the subject of a federal and also various state fraud investigations (Doc. 14).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gang Stalking And Diop Kamau

I need to start this post by providing some background information for the benefit of those who are not regular readers of this blog; I ask that the rest of you please bear with me.

Long before I knew what gang/organized stalking was, I was aware that my children and I were the victims of severe harassment involving local law enforcement officers, all of whom were close associates of my ex-husband’s. In particular, the local chief of police happened to be one of my ex-husband’s and his brother’s closest lifelong friends. Also, I’d heard various rumors for many years about the police chief’s possible involvement in the violent death of my ex-husband’s teenaged sister back in 1973 and/or a possible cover-up related to it.

During the summer of 2006, incidents of harassment directed at my children and me had been increasing in number and severity. There had also been increasing signs these incidents were being facilitated by the use of illegal surveillance involving local police. My complaints to the FBI and U.S. DOJ had been ignored, and I was desperate to find us some relief and protection, especially since a few of the stalking incidents had also involved the two former federal agents who had defrauded me.

One night at the end of August while I was doing some Internet research into resources for victims of corrupt law enforcement, I came across a link to the Police Complaint Center (PCC) at on a respected law enforcement website. I clicked on this link and was taken to the PCC’s website where I read about their Emmy award-winning investigations of police corruption from around the country. I also read about the founder of the PCC, Diop Kamau, a former L.A.-area police officer.

I was impressed by what I read on the PCC website and the fact that the PCC had been recommended by a law enforcement site I respected, so I immediately filled out the PCC’s webform and submitted a formal complaint against local law enforcement that explained our circumstances. I also mailed the PCC copies of sample written documentation of our case.

Diop Kamau called me to say he’d looked into our situation and felt his company could help us file and document complaints in ways that would get results, such as filming me as I went to the station to file them and getting police responses on videotape that could be provided to local media if necessary. However, he said we needed help beyond what his tax-free organization could provide and said I’d need to pay travel expenses for anyone he’d send to help us. He also felt it would be necessary to secure our house and property thoroughly before any complaints were filed because he believed I’d be retaliated against and wanted to be able to collect evidence of this for a possible court case. He faxed me a contract and invoice for what he believed we needed, and I decided to hire him.

This was followed by months of Kamau’s saying I needed to purchase all sorts of expensive goods and services “in his professional opinion”. He also repeatedly warned me that we were in a great deal of physical danger and that he could not be responsible for anything that happened to us if I did not take his advice and purchase what he advised, which was very frightening. I trusted Kamau and dutifully did all that he asked, but gradually I began to realize I hadn’t actually received anything I’d paid for. Worse, the harassment by law enforcement officers, city workers, and others seemed to be getting worse instead of better.

Eventually, I discovered I’d been conned by Kamau and various associates of his. I confronted Kamau and fired him, at which point he and a man who worked for him named Greg Slate began to seriously threaten, libel, and cyberharass me. I immediately too copies of all the documents from my case down to the FBI office in San Antonio, but the agent I met with flatly refused to do anything to help me and would not even look at the documentation I’d brought, even though my case against Kamau was clearly federal (crossed state lines, involved loss of large sums of money, involved corrupt law enforcement, involved wire and mail fraud, and more).

The FBI agent advised me to hire a lawyer and sue Kamau, but I was unable to find anyone willing to take the case. Even legal assistance organizations flatly refused to get involved. Gradually, it became clear that, as with the other aspects of our case, I would not be able to find proper legal representation for this matter, either.

I was angry and appalled and anxious to keep others from being defrauded by Kamau, so I began filing complaints with the FTC, iC3, the state of Florida (where Kamau held a private investigator’s license), the Washington, D.C. OAG, and even our local D.A.’s office. ALL of these completely ignored my complaint, despite my providing detailed documentation of what had been done to me.

As soon as I started filing these complaints, Greg Slate (who’d been to our house several times, supposedly to install security equipment) began openly stalking us. It was clear he had access to illegal surveillance of us when he did this, because he always knew when we were leaving, where we were going, etc. At the same time, Kamau began trying to extort more money from me and threatening an illegal invasion of our home by the local police—the same ones he’d been hired to protect us from. Another employee of Kamau’s named Rob Jones emailed me back a copy of my private fax to an attorney just to let me know he’d illegally obtained it—and then sent me a death threat when I complained to the Texas Rangers, FBI, and DOJ. To my shock and horror, NONE of these agencies took any action at all.

Frightened and frustrated, I began appealing to various private organizations and agencies for help. When all of these also refused to do anything, I began posting some of the more shocking aspects of our situation online. Doing this escalated the stalking, harassment, and cyber harassment of us by Kamau, his associates, local law enforcement, and others, but it also resulted in other people who’d been seriously victimized by Kamau and various people working with him contacting me from all over the U.S. Many of their stories and documentation were strikingly similar to mine.

I began to correspond with some of the other PCC victims, and we began sharing our information on filing complaints, trying to hire lawyers or find organizations to help us, etc. As these other victims and I compared notes and information, it gradually became painfully clear that, for whatever reason, NO ONE was willing to do anything whatsoever to either help any of us in any meaningful way or stop Kamau and company from victimizing others.

I simply could not understand this total lack of response. Desperate to warn people about Kamau and the PCC, try to attract a lawyer into taking my case and possibly filing a class action lawsuit against Kamau and others, and hopefully shaming law enforcement into investigating and prosecuting Kamau, I made the difficult decision to post all of the significant documentation of my case against Kamau online at You can go there today and read the entire case for yourself. (For maximum shock value, I recommend starting at the beginning of the blog and looking at the documents in chronologic order.)

When even posting my case did not result in any relief of any kind for myself or other victims, it became clear that Kamau and his associates were benefiting from the same kind of extremely high-level and powerful protection others who blatantly victimize us enjoy. Since learning about gang stalking in recent weeks, and especially who’s behind much of it, it’s become obvious Kamau and his associates have close ties to these people.

My fellow victims and I have been fairly successful in warning people about Kamau and the PCC online and trying to prevent them from becoming new fraud victims of the PCC, despite experiencing severe cyber harassment, identity theft, libel, and defamation committed against us by Kamau. Kamau finally lost his Florida p.i. license, and Greg Slate was charged (but never even arrested, much less convicted) of impersonating a licensed private investigator in Florida. More recently, Kamau has taken steps to make it appear he’s having financial problems, probably to try and prevent lawsuits against him. However, he is still operating his website and several others (although I believe is now gone).

With what I’ve been learning recently, I now believe Kamau has been working for gang/organized stalking groups for some time to “supplement his income” and currently is probably working for these groups more or less fulltime. It appears he was already well-known to the people gang-stalking us at the time I hired him, as one person who left a comment elsewhere on this blog even admitted. As explained here earlier in “Gang Stalking Summary”, these groups are known to make extensive use of illegal surveillance to facilitate their stalking. On one of his websites, Diop Kamau even discussed the fact that Greg Slate has access to and frequently usese very sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment. While Kamau has been going to great lengths on the Internet recently to try and distance himself from Slate, all indications are that they actually continue to work together closely.

Judging by other information on them that has turned up on the Internet (some of which is also posted at my kamaudocs site), Kamau, Slate, and other associates of theirs appear to in fact be career criminals. Kamau even supposedly changed his name from Don Jackson in an effort to try and escape criminal charges and a criminal record in the past. All of these people continue to blatantly victimize innocent people in various ways while enjoying complete protection from law enforcement and the legal system because of whom they know and who they work for (see “Political Aspects Of Gang Stalking”). This is simply not acceptable in a supposedly free society where citizens expect to have basic civil and constitutional rights to things like privacy, proper legal representation, protection by (and from!) law enforcement, and proper treatment by public and elected officials.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't Show Me The Money

This column appeared in today's paper. Ms. Russell gets it right--it's imperative that we start considering the big picture.

Show Me The Money

Shown here is a copy of an email I received and my reply. I never heard anything back (which didn't surprise me). I assume it was a scam.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Texas Rangers Foundation, Con't.

I guess it's official: the Texas Rangers Foundation is moving closer to the center of all the action, and they're throwing a big party tonight to celebrate. (I'm not going.)

For background on this post, please refer to my earlier one on the subject.

Update posted a day later: Last night while this function was going on, our house was buzzed repeatedly for hours by various aircraft.

Gang Stalking In The Last Few Days

You'd think the people doing this stuff to us would be concerned about getting caught, but they aren't, which is very telling. For example, at 4:34 AM on 10/2/10, we were awakened by a prank call from a law enforcement dispatcher. She tried to claim her call was about some loose livestock she said she thought might belong to us, but as the call went on, I could hear male law enforcement officers laughing in the background, and from her descriptions, the livestock she said were loose were definitely not ours. (Please understand that ours is a small town of farmers and ranchers where everybody knows everybody else's business, including who owns what livestock; I doubt very seriously that there really were any animals even loose. Also, in the past we've had trouble with local law enforcement officers cutting holes in our fences and then claiming we let our animals get out.)

The other day when I went to the supermarket, a close associate of my former mother-in-law's who lives on the hill above our house and harasses us frequently followed me around the store, pulled her cart suddenly in front of mine, muttered some ugly things to me quietly, etc. (The last time I visited this store, it was a married couple with close business ties to my ex-'s family doing this same kind of stuff to me. The time before that,... I think you get the picture. It's different people each time generally, although of course eventually they repeat. They always say things like, "How does it feel to lose your husband/be on your own/have everyone hate you/be so ugly"/etc.)

Then when I got to my vehicle, a petite woman in a grotesque Halloween costume was waiting nearby. She was positioned near the cart drop-off rack so that I had to walk right by her and would be certain to see her up close. She was slowly (VERY slowly!) loading groceries into the box behind the cab of a tan pickup truck and was dressed in baggy drawstring-waist pants and a too-large long-sleeved jacket to try and conceal her small size and sex. She had a silly-looking hat on her head, and her entire face was covered by a pale-skinned rubber mask with the most enormous red rubber lips on it I've ever seen. Either the mask or the hat had straight, thick, chin-length, white hair attached to it. The overall effect was meant to look like an elderly person, but she'd forgotten to conceal her hands, and as she raised them to load groceries, I could see them clearly. They were the hands of a younger female, and one of them sported an unusual bracelet made of a thin black material that went around the wrist, made a "V" across the back of her hand, and attached to a ring around her middle finger made of the same material.

Yesterday I needed to go to Walmart, where the following and harassing of me was done by, among others, a woman from Stonewall who once survived a tornado there only to tell a reporter in front of the t.v. cameras that she'd had only one child with her at the time, when in fact she'd had two. (A friend of mine once went to pick up one of her kids for a scouting event and found her passed out in the bedroom. Both children, who were young, were sitting in the cold and dark house with nothing to eat. My friend wrote the mother a note, loaded up both kids, took them straight to a local restaurant, and bought them cheeseburger meals with all the trimmings.)

For some reason, we've also had a sudden rash of strange vehicles of various kinds parked in front of our house and driveway at odd hours. One of these vehicles, a dark green pickup with tan markings of a custom paint job but no make or model or dealer logos visible, had a slightly different license plate on the back from the one on the front. (One "S" was definitely a "5" instead--I checked this twice to be sure. At least this vehicle did have a plate on both the front and back, because about a fourth of local vehicles don't, even though it's a clear violation of the law.) Later, a much older, much paler green truck was parked in front of our house with the same basic plates, but this time the front and back plates matched exactly.

Last night as I mowed the front lawn, numerous (~30-50) vehicles, some of them marked police cars, did drive-bys. Later as I walked my dog, a young blond woman waited just out-of-sight around the corner and suddenly stepped out in front of me with a small dog (because she knew it would startle and upset my dog). At around 5 AM this morning, someone started either making or broadcasting a "metal on metal" noise somewhere just to the east of our house. Around 7 AM and again around 8 AM, someone stood in front of our house for 10-15 minutes at a time in order to make our dog bark and wake us up. Life goes on.

Last night we watched the CNN special on bullying. It was informative and well-done, but we noticed that every time the topic of discussion got anywhere near adult participation in bullying, Anderson Cooper immediately jumped in and changed the subject.

Of more interest was an MSNBC report that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is suddenly trying hard to get a bill passed that would seriously limit lawsuits against the multi-national, multi-billion-dollar corporations that use promises of jobs and other incentives to play our government and others (especially China) off against each other. They also happen to be the people behind large-scale gang stalking with the use of sophisticated equipment.

If you care at all about who's really running our country and/or stopping the escalating horror that is organized stalking, I urge you to immediately contact your elected officials all the way up to President Obama and urge them 1) not to pass the U.S. Chamber of Commerce legislation limiting lawsuits; 2) aggressively prosecute gang stalkers, especially those who lead them; and 3) ask the government not to give in to demands by powerful multinational corporations. It's a matter of who's actually in charge of the U.S., our elected officials or organized crime, and it's just as serious as it gets.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Religious Aspects Of Gang Stalking

[Important Update: Since I wrote this, I've come to realize that the term "gang stalking" is a poor one (because people immediately tend to wonder which street gang is involved!). I now prefer the term "organized stalking", because it's a much more accurate description of what is being done to victims.]

Finally, as a practicing Christian (a REAL one), I can't leave the subject of gang stalking without discussing its religious aspects. Because I know only the absolute basics about other religions and don't feel comfortable going into their perspectives on the subject, my remarks will be confined to a solely Christian view of gang stalking. I must depend on people of other faiths to leave comments here explaining their unique views for your consideration.

From a Christian viewpoint, gang stalking is utterly evil. By definition, the deliberate and systematic torture of fellow human beings designed to utterly destroy them (see "Gang Stalking Summary") is the very essence of evil. In order to get a better understanding of the nature of evil and how to recognize it, I strongly recommend reading the late Scott Peck's classic study entitled "People Of The Lie". I particularly recommend the chapter in this book on what Peck calls "group evil", because gang stalking and those who practice it meet all of Peck's criteria.

In "Social Aspects Of Gang Stalking", I discussed the specific group evil characteristics of our situation without labeling them as such. Also, as I pointed out previously, the Austin example I posted separately is particularly chilling in its detailed description of torture (drugging, rape, and attempted mind control) deliberately designed to drive the targeted individual to commit suicide. The victim's further descriptions of active participation in the evil perpetrated against her by law enforcement and medical personnel who were supposed to be protecting and helping her should horrify true Christians everywhere.

Now take this a step further and consider our case, discussed in "Personal Experiences With Gang Stalking" and "Political Aspects of Gang Stalking", where there are strong indications of the use of sophisticated federal equipment by persons with known backgrounds in high-level federal law enforcement, security, the military, and government who are associated with a particular political group (right-wing extremist and hate views). Then add in the extensive information I've posted on numerous suspicious deaths here, realizing too that 1) these do not even include some of the most shocking cases I know of (yet), and 2) I'm positive there are many more cases I do not know about. Finally, consider responses to my many requests for help, like the examples posted here under "The DOJ Said", "A Senator Said", and even "A Reporter Said".

Many times in my life, I've heard people say the Holocaust could never happen again and certainly not in America because they would recognize it and not allow it. I say it's already happening here, has been going on for some time (we and many other victims have been targeted for over ten years!), and is in fact currently expanding rapidly, as evidenced by the sudden increase in desperate victims killing themselves and others in dramatic fashion. After all, what is a holocaust but the systematic and deliberate extermination of fellow human beings in order to exert control over a population through fear and advance a particular political agenda?

I believe gang stalking as it's currently being practiced is one of the "rumors of war" Jesus talks about in the Bible--but now that you know about it, it's not just a rumor anymore. Now that you've been provided with detailed, documented evidence and information about what's going on, each of you who professes to be a Christian must make a conscious personal decision to take a stand against the evil that is gang stalking and do everything you can to fight it, end it, and protect its victims. To make no such decision against such a known and serious evil is considered a sin of omission in God's eyes; knowingly allowing the evil to continue without doing anything to stop it is the same as actively deciding to participate in it. As professed Christians, each individual must ultimately choose whether to take up their cross and follow Christ or turn their back on him and live their life only for themselves. Let me repeat this for emphasis: Not making this decision is actually the same as making a conscious decision to allow and participate in evil. All Christians need to be aware of this and fully understand it, because the state of your soul for all eternity depends on what you do. (Forever is a long time to be separated from God if you get this wrong!--that's what it means to be "God-fearing".)

By the way, I'm told the specific subgroup that's stalking my kids and me is known as "the germans".

Shown below are some sample drawings by a known gang-stalker that I found in a pile of trash. The person who made these is not Catholic; they have a mainstream Protestant church background. See if you can spot the words "Ad Hoc" in the first drawing. This person also owns a paperback copy of "The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler" that is so well-thumbed that the covers have been laminated to keep the book from falling apart.

Also shown here is a copy of a poem submitted by one of my children as part of a high school English assignment on the book "1984", along with their teacher's comment. (The goat represents evil and the sheep represents good--see Matthew 25.) You should know that this particular high school's mascot is the goat, that their school colors are red and black, and that the entire school once burned a large wooden cross at a pep rally at which all of the school board members were in attendance.