Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Organized Stalking Links

These links, provided by longtime organized stalking victim and well-known victims' advocate Eleanor White, contain some of the most important information currently available for victims of this serious crime and those others who are interested in learning more about it.  Just copy and paste the links into your browser.

In addition, here is an excellent short summary of organized stalking that was provided by Ms. White:

"Organized stalking is the harassment of a
selected target by a group of people who believe
the target deserves harassment. There are two
different types of harassment which make it
nearly impossible for the target to get help from
officials, or even friends and family:

"First, the stalkers operate from a large list of all
the 'nasty breaks' everyone experiences. Things
like being blocked in a parking place, noisy
neighbours, workplace harassment. Things that
happen only occasionally during the average
person's life.

"The stalkers re-create these 'nasty breaks,' at
least once a day, and often several times a day,
and at night as well, for the selected target.

"But because the activity is identical with life's
'nasty breaks,' outside observers will not grasp
that when these happen every day, it's deliberate
harassment. It's the perfect crime.

"Secondly, today's stalking groups possess and
use several simple, but not widely known, types
of through-wall electronic harassment. These
are not secret technologies, and they can be
had by anyone determined to disrupt someone's
life silently and deniably, through walls.

"Electronic sleep disruption is one example.
Viewing a target through walls is another."

I will post more links with important basic information here as I discover them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Organized Stalking Videos

These two videos, the links for which were provided by a friend of mine living in the Houston area (another long-time victim of organized stalking), contain some of the best documentation of organized stalking (aka gang stalking) that's currently available. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Community Harassment

Several days ago, two of my adult children were subjected to a large group of local young people running back and forth repeatedly in front of our house for some time while I was at work.  These young people were accompanied by the adult female in the vehicle shown here, and she appeared to be in charge of the harassment.

My children said that some of the joggers came down and trespassed on our property, despite being repeatedly asked to leave.  One even came and rang our doorbell, and he refused to leave even when informed that my children intended to call the police.  After about five minutes, he did eventually leave, but my offspring who owns the Kia Rio shown parked in front of our house said they were afraid some of the joggers who were hanging around the vehicle would damage it, since this vehicle has been "keyed" before.

It upsets me that my kids were targeted and frightened like this while I was gone.  But it bothers me considerably more that adults in our community who are in positions of leadership with local young people would deliberately teach them to commit criminal acts like harassment, organized stalking, trespassing, and more (see my earlier post titled "Sabotage", for example).  Many of the youths seen jogging back and forth in front of our house (and note that they are going nowhere else but repeatedly back and forth in front of our house!) in my offspring's video below are clad in jogging attire that appear to represent organized sports teams at our local high school.  And a previous post here from quite a while ago details a very similar incident, confirming that the community harassment of us is both ongoing and of long duration.

Far more disturbing is the fact that my children and I have been the victims of these kinds of incidents and far worse for over 13 years now.  The questions of why and how an entire community's reasons and behaviors can become so warped and sick that their members consider these sorts of criminal behaviors both normal and pleasurable are addressed in an earlier post of mine titled "Why They Do It" and also in Medawar's post here titled "Empire Builders".

For more information on the subject of community harassment, please see: