Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Organized Stalking Links

These links, provided by longtime organized stalking victim and well-known victims' advocate Eleanor White, contain some of the most important information currently available for victims of this serious crime and those others who are interested in learning more about it.  Just copy and paste the links into your browser.

In addition, here is an excellent short summary of organized stalking that was provided by Ms. White:

"Organized stalking is the harassment of a
selected target by a group of people who believe
the target deserves harassment. There are two
different types of harassment which make it
nearly impossible for the target to get help from
officials, or even friends and family:

"First, the stalkers operate from a large list of all
the 'nasty breaks' everyone experiences. Things
like being blocked in a parking place, noisy
neighbours, workplace harassment. Things that
happen only occasionally during the average
person's life.

"The stalkers re-create these 'nasty breaks,' at
least once a day, and often several times a day,
and at night as well, for the selected target.

"But because the activity is identical with life's
'nasty breaks,' outside observers will not grasp
that when these happen every day, it's deliberate
harassment. It's the perfect crime.

"Secondly, today's stalking groups possess and
use several simple, but not widely known, types
of through-wall electronic harassment. These
are not secret technologies, and they can be
had by anyone determined to disrupt someone's
life silently and deniably, through walls.

"Electronic sleep disruption is one example.
Viewing a target through walls is another."

I will post more links with important basic information here as I discover them.


Anonymous said...

I share the opinion of some .. (who knows how many, who cares?)

that Eleanor seems to always pop up right when some real breakthrough might occur to decry the idea and suddenly that person will disappear from the scene.

Seems like for all this time all she has managed to do is say: "this is what you should say" which, quite obviously, has had no effect whatsoever.

So, the point is: keep looking. She seems against any actual revelation of who the guilty parties ARE or actually stopping the crime.

She's right and she's wrong. She has no business decrying anyone else's attempts to set their own lives straight.

Like chipping away at the stone. You never know which strike will break it. And besides all of that she seems a bit obviously easily led with the "the authorities just won't" ... BULLSHIT.


They cover it up because they are in on it. I refuse to play coy with that as I have far too many indicators and far too much proof that they are in on it as thieves, murderers and raconteurs. Your blog says the exact same thing.
Eleanor has a few good points but she's sly. She tries to talk people out of anything that might be effective.
Maybe it's time for her to admit that fresh voices are rising. Pass on your wisdom and let them find their own, too.

I do not trust her because of her strident efforts to shut others down.

Anonymous said...

Watch .. see I never follow her links anymore at all because ok, point blank: I believe she is a skank.

Those members who have ability and interest in making presentations should start
contacting local crisis support organizations, looking for staff who already know what
organized stalking is. (Knowledge of electronic harassment isn't necessary.)
• It's also not a bad idea to shop around for a lawyer with mental health defence
experience, who accepts legal aid payments, and who is willing to defend group
members if the become snarled in the mental health system. Use the “free 30 minute
consult” for this. Prepare a one page fact sheet about your g

Her statements are always vague threats of how this will happen and you will be found crazy.

BLOG AUTHOR: Consider this scenario with me and I'll admit I did not read heavily into this thrown together latest bullshit booklet. BUT. You're in a group. You ... as an alleged "organized" "group" of people go together to a "crisis" center. Ok, first of all RIGHT THERE is highly suspicious. Anyone with half a celly in the range knows that crisis centers and rape centers are thinly disguised forearms and blood brothers of the dirtiest cops. Here in Tampa we're famous because our cops ARREST rape victims because they discover nine year old bad check warrants (23 dollars already paid GASPARILLA day google it this young girl here) ... while a FEMALE cop was driving her around looking for the rape suspect she also decided to arrest her and dumped her off into another cruiser where the guy left her sitting RAPED and unexamined for hours before he had another one to take to jail.) Why the fuck would anyone in their right minds approach these people with this? LOL.

OK. Second of all: ATTORNEYS. Is she on better dope that Romney? AND now she threatens that instead of just say ME being found crazy for speaking the truth, a WHOLE GROUP of folks might be. WHAT? We have group diagnoses of craziness now, Eleanor? WTF?

Okay. Man. I hate duplicity of any kind. She's smooth. She's just not that smooth and she's probably NOT a she.

BTW, most creative people and in fact many many people (MYSELF excluded in the interest of full disclosure) have gone or been taken to be evaluated. It's a ridiculous, PREPOSTEROUS suggestion to make that any type "checkup" such actually calls into question one's mental acuity or sense. It's like if you have a really bad head ache..... that doesn't mean it's a brain tumor. If there are fucking people following YOU, maybe that's JUST WHAT IT IS.
Or has this blogger fabricated all of her evidence, too?

Read Eleanor more carefully. I find it an attempt to intimidate the gentle soul.
Don't be intimidated, my good people. FIGHT ON. EXPOSE EXPOSE EXPOSE

Anonymous said...

For me the crazy part of all of this is that someone expects me to tip-toe around when a blatant crime is being committed. That is UN American.

It's like she's adding color to their game. "do this" "don't say that" .... there is NOTHING CRAZY about collecting auto tags and photos and video of people who harass and bother you.

THEN her main interest seems to be what one will do with all that evidence and then she starts beating up the idea. I read one instance where there was no idea presented yet and she was still ripping it apart.

She may be a major part of the reason that no traction has been gained. Read her very critically and look how many seeds of fear she tries to sow.

Anonymous said...

I'm not retracting my statements.. BUT. I see where Eleanor White has done other things on youtube and such. Worth commending. The other problems with her are still apparent.

These statements could be made as cautionary measures but instead they seem threatening. And the subtlety is there so maybe one has to be trained in the art of "inference"
I don't give a fuck if they call me crazy.

I don't see any of them with the nuts or smarts to get past my video camera. They ARE setting up situations where I can be "angry" but I just laugh. And throw paperwork their way. Bury them in it too. They didn't corner the market on dirty tricks. Dirty tricks are available to all of us.

This is your life, your children, your family and your survival. Kick ass and take names like it counts. Because it does.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your assessment of EW. Have been looking over her responses for awhile and she, continually, stops the sometimes creative train of thought to, once again, give her "Don't do....", reply.
Not only that, but she subtely suggests that the TIs out there are, in general, unable to fend for themselves, are not intelligent enough to think for themselves and are just too down trodden to think sanely.

Very curious, this EW.

Anonymous said...

Organized Stalking aka Gang Stalking in Chennai, India has going on in my life for the past 5 years. This is spreading all over the world now. It started for me with Hacking of Cell phones and computers, proceeded to all the typical Gang Stalking tactics and Electronic Harassment.
Spreading awareness about this among the general public(unaffected)is the way to bring an end to this evil.