Saturday, February 27, 2010

The City Also Said

...Things that weren't true. This is a copy of an email to me from the local city attorney that I found when I came back from a week-long trip. It was well-known around our small town that one of my children had been accepted to a prestigious summer program in another state and that I had gone there to get them checked in and settled and also have a short vacation with my other kids, a friend, and one of her children. The city attorney, a close associate of my ex-husband (who had our trip information) and his family, had to have known we were gone and for how long.

Also, the attorney's statement about the surveyor was not correct. The person mentioned is actually the long-time official County Surveyor (an elected position).

Important notes: This city attorney, who has also served for many years, specializes in real estate and has one of the two title companies in town. The other local title company is headed by the law partner of my ex-husband's divorce lawyer. (The father and brother of my ex-husband's divorce lawyer are major real estate brokers in town. Her husband is another law partner in their firm and is also one of our JP's.)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The City Said

...Nothing. I never received any further response from anyone with regard to this request.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lawyer 4

As stated previously, I've been advised that it's important for me to document my inability to find proper legal representation for myself and my children despite my many years of constantly searching, so periodically I'm posting examples of my dealings with various attorneys and organizations. Again, these are in no particular order; the numbers I'm assigning them are only for identification purposes within my blog.

I've discussed this particular lawyer before, but I feel the need to go into more detail about him because my dealings with him were so different from what I generally encounter. (Attorneys usually either refuse to even speak with me on the phone when they hear who I am, stall for several weeks in various ways and then refuse to speak with me, or try to con me by insisting I sign over a portion of my land to them before they'll represent us and then get very uncomfortable when they realize I know what's going on. Note: The lawyers in the latter group are usually the ones I've been referred to by the state bar association's referral service.)

I'd heard that a woman in our town had filed a major lawsuit against the local hospital and others over the wrongful death of her husband. This suit was suddenly dropped, and it was rumored that she had received a substantial settlement privately. It just so happened that I was a client of the business where she worked and knew her slightly, so one day I asked her about who had represented her. She replied that her lawyer had been a relative of hers from Boerne and that she would call me that evening with his name and contact information. She did call me later, and she gave me the contact information for a well-known Boerne attorney whom I knew to have represented some very high-profile clients.

I wrote to this attorney asking him to help us, and I sent him a summary of our case and sample documentation. To my pleasant surprise, his staff called and said he would meet with me, so I made an appointment. I was specifically instructed to bring the fraudulent trust document with me when I came, but instead of bringing the original document, I took a very high-quality color copy of the document. I also brought along a substantial amount of additional documentation (also all copies).

When I arrived for my appointment, I used the restroom in the hallway outside the law office and then went inside and checked in with the receptionist. I was asked to sit in the waiting area, where I waited for about 30 minutes. Finally, the lawyer came out, introduced himself to me, and then asked me to remain in the waiting area while he checked the restrooms. To my amazement, I watched him go out into the hallway and go into both the men's and women's restrooms briefly as if looking for someone. He then came back into the office, told me he was ready to see me, and escorted me back to his office.

Once I'd sat down in the lawyer's office and told him my story, he asked to see the fraudulent trust document, so I pulled out a folder containing the copy I'd brought and gave it to him. He glanced at it quickly and asked if he could hang onto it so he could study it further; I told him he could. He then began to ask me a lot of questions about where I'd filed complaints, and he wanted contact information for each person I'd talked to in law enforcement, which I gave him. I asked him about his fees and how much he would need as a retainer, but as soon as I'd asked him this, he said he couldn't accept a retainer from me and that he still wasn't sure he could represent us.

At that point, I started to become very uneasy about the whole situation with him. I asked him what the problem was, and he became evasive and said again that he just needed more time to study the fraudulent trust document. I asked him how long this would take because I was anxious for us to have some legal protection as soon as possible, and again he became evasive about whether he could represent my children and me or not and said he'd have to get back to me on it. Then as I was getting my things together to leave, he told me to be very careful driving home because he'd had four previous clients who'd been murdered. At that, I remember feeling the hair on the baON

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Latest Things

The latest trend in the harassment of us seems to be people running up to our front door, ringing the doorbell several times in rapid succession, and dashing off. We've had the occasional kid do this to us over the years, but these are most definitely adults doing it now, and with markedly increased frequency. Even more important is the fact that the people doing this always seem to magically appear only when we're unable to come to the door quickly: when we're getting dressed, bathing, sleeping, "indisposed" in the bathroom, etc.

Twice recently, one or more of us has actually been able to get a good look at the culprits. One was an anorexic-looking young woman (~20s) wearing high heels she seemed to be having trouble walking/running in and a silly-looking blond wig--she looked like an overgrown child playing dress-up. Another was a man of around 50 who yelled something ridiculous at me in a local German accent as he jumped into a large white SUV being driven by a similar-looking buddy who then sped off out of our driveway. (Both of these men were dressed like city workers.)

In another recent development, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) named a former Texas Ranger from Kerrville as the head of a new group that is supposed to be addressing the problem of police corruption in Texas. This former ranger most recently headed the probation department in the same district that has just seen its former judge and former D.A. indicted on charges of misusing seizure funds, which is not exactly cause for optimism.

Also, we have been told that my former father-in-law and brother-in-law are suddenly splitting up their longtime law practice and that one of the other partners has already moved out. Apparently there are problems with dividing up the partnership's assets as well.

The latest thing in Boerne seems to be missing people--two at last count.

Finally, the abandoned building next door to us has just opened as a new rehab. facility for the local hospital, which no doubt is related to the coaches with the hospital's Wellness Center instructing their students to trespass on and damage our front yard last summer as previously described in "Almost Daily" (7/29/09). Important questions that need answering are: 1) Who sold or is leasing this property to the hospital?; 2) How much is the hospital paying for it?; and 3) When did the sellers/owners purchase it? In the past, the owners of this property have been listed under a variety of names in the tax records, along with a Florida address as shown here, at the same time that an official map at the local tax appraisal office still showed my ex-husband's name on my property despite my divorce having been finalized more than 2 years earlier.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lawyer 3

Over the years, I'd also kept in touch with a friend of mine from my working days in Houston. This friend had a sibling who was an attorney with a large Houston firm, and I also contacted them to ask for referrals. The sibling sent me a list of lawyers they and their co-workers knew and could recommend that practiced in San Antonio, and I began contacting them.

All but one of these attorneys refused to talk to me at all and said through various employees of theirs that they couldn't help us. The lawyer I sent the letter to that's posted here did call me personally, however, when he received it. He asked me to go over to the local courthouse, ask them for a copy of everything on file in my divorce case, and mail the documents I received to him as soon as possible. I did as he requested, and I also included copies of various incriminating documents related to my dealings with the fraudulent trust and the various people that had defrauded me.

A few weeks later, I received the other letter posted here in reply from him. This letter came inside a package containing all of the documents I'd sent him. I immediately faxed his office a request for a referral to another attorney, but I never received any reply.

This lawyer's son, a well-known criminal defense attorney, is currently running for public office (D.A.). Another son of his was murdered. The lawyer himself is now a judge.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lawyer 2

As soon as I realized I'd also been seriously conned by the Boerne lawyer and investigators as well as Ed Hodges and his people, I began contacting prominent personal injury law firms in San Antonio asking for their help. Most of these either refused to talk to me or said they had conflicts of interest, but I did receive the referral shown here from one major firm. I was surprised by this referral because the lawyer they told me to call was quite young, was in a small practice (one partner), and was someone I knew nothing about.

Since I was desperate to find proper legal representation, I decided to talk to this lawyer and see what he said. I called and made an appointment, but as I was driving down to meet with him, one of the Boerne p.i.s I'd been having problems with (the former FBI agent) suddenly pulled up right next to me, made sure I'd seen him, and sped off at the next exit as documented in my log book and shown here.

When I arrived at the lawyer's San Antonio office and met with him, he seemed nervous and was hesitant about taking my case, especially when I started showing him how much documentation I had. As I was leaving, he introduced me to his partner in the hallway. The partner seemed more interested in helping me and gave me his business card. They both said they wanted to discuss our situation between themselves before they decided anything, and they said they'd call me later. I waited for their call, but when it didn't come, I called them back and was told they'd decided they couldn't help me.

Later, I learned that the son of my ex-husband's divorce lawyer (who is about the same age as the two I met with) is an attorney who offices in the same building as these two. Furthermore, it turns out these two are close friends of his.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lawyer 1

Recently a national advocate for victims of domestic violence told me it was important for me to document our inability to obtain proper legal representation. I have been searching for such representation extensively for many years, and I have well over a thousand pages of correspondence with numerous attorneys, legal firms, legal advocacy organizations, victims' rights and assistance organizations, etc. that document this search. To this end, periodically I will be posting copies of some of this documentation. I believe I will eventually be able to show conclusively that despite living in a supposedly free country, some people still have their most basic civil rights blatantly and repeatedly violated. (We are not the only people this has happened to here by any means, and I'm asking others to share their stories as well, either as comments or with me privately at

I will be posting these documents somewhat randomly, so the numbers on them will be for identification purposes only. Documents from lawyers or law firms will be labeled "Lawyer" plus an i.d. number, ones from organizations will be labeled "Organization" plus a number, etc.

Here you see an early example from my search. A little background is necessary. A few months after my husband left in 1999, I received a letter from a former roommate of mine I'd kept in touch with for many years expressing her sympathy for what had happened with my husband and reminding me that her sister was a lawyer who now had a practice in Austin. My friend said in this letter that she'd mentioned our situation to her sister and that her sister had told her if the children and I needed legal help, I should contact her.

I later learned my friend's sister was a very well-known attorney in Austin, and I finally did contact her in 2003 to ask her for help by sending her the email you see here. To my shock, she not only refused to help us, but she also apparently lied about how my ex-husband had somehow illegally obtained a copy of my email to her. Sadly, I never heard from my friend again, either.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Questions and Answers

Question: What do the following people all have in common?

A law school professor and expert on constitutional and military law and evidence who taught a course on efforts to control domestic criminal activity and international terrorism with Supreme Court Justice Alito overseas last summer

Two brigadier generals (different service branches)

The officer-in-charge of the CENTCOM Intelligence Support Center--New Orleans

A Secret Service agent who works at the White House

A State Department employee

A retired federal Air Force judge who now serves as a local J.P. and attends the same legal conferences in Hawaii that cost former Judge Karl Prohl his job recently

Numerous current students and graduates of the various U.S. military academies

Answer: They are all from local "insider" families in the same small county in Central Texas (see earlier post entitled "Outside, Looking Inside"), and they are just a few examples. [The CENTCOM officer happens to be related to p.i. Ed Hodges of our case, by the way.]

Question: Is this important?

Answer: You betcha'!