Friday, August 12, 2011

Death In Comfort

Note: This post benefited greatly from discussions I had with Medawar on the subject. He should be considered a co-author of the material that follows.

I've posted information on suspicious deaths in the area around Comfort, Texas before: see "I-10 At Comfort" (9/3/09) and "The Case Of The Dropped Driver's License" (9/11/10).

Now it's time for a different kind of discussion about deaths and Comfort, Texas. These articles, which were published recently in the San Antonio Express-News, describe an apparent "industry of death" being established near Comfort that is disturbing on several different levels.

At the very least, it sounds suspiciously like a scam designed to get people to sign over all their assets to trusts controlled by others. Maybe my viewpoint is colored more than a tad by my own victimization involving a fraudulent trust (for more on this, see the very beginning of this blog), but I can't see why it takes everything you have in the world to insure your after-life care, especially since you won't actually be around to oversee its distribution. I would certainly like to have more information on who would actually be controlling these trusts after their signers are safely installed within this facility!

Then there's the issue of the disposal of the remainder of the bodies when only the heads are retained. The fact that liquid nitrogen is already present in the facility in large amounts allows one to conjure up the image of the remainder of these bodies being flash-frozen until solid/brittle and then being dropped from a height onto a hard surface or being pounded by a machine into a million tiny pieces that could be sold as animal feed or fertilizer. Yes, I'm aware that Myth Busters supposedly busted the myth about bodies being disposed of in this way, but remember that this company has to be disposing of large numbers of bodies somehow.

Whatever is or is not actually going on at the facility, I find the idea of disposing of bodies on an industrial scale deeply disturbing and rife with the potential for serious misuse. Think how easy it would be for organized crime to dispose of sex trafficking victims, drug cartel informants, inconvenient spouses, and the like in a way that not only instantly obliterates the deceased, but also co- mingles their DNA so it can no longer be identified.

Then there's the even more disturbing possibility that people might still be alive when flash-frozen. If that were the case, what you would have here would be an industrial-scale death camp exponentially more efficient than those of the Nazis.

Hopefully, all my concerns about this facility are strictly hypothetical, but my confidence in this is not exactly boosted when I see published statements about how much time and effort was put into searching for the right location for this operation, since I'm well aware of the amount and extent of organized crime and high-level connections of various kinds already well-established in this area. Even more chilling [pun intended!] is the name of the owning company, Stasis, which happens to be the plural of Stasi; for more on the importance of this, please refer back to "Empire Builders", posted here on 10/30/10. And various people I correspond with tell me there are more of these facilities elsewhere in the U.S. (California, for example).

Update, 2/10/12:

Sunday, August 7, 2011







USA=(I think you know this one)

PIIGSUSA is my friend Medawar's abbreviation for the group of countries currently mired in financial woes as a direct result of the rampant and unchecked corruption and organized crime within their borders. Both he and I believe these countries will not see any kind of meaningful financial recovery until the underlying issues are dealt with properly.

Medawar has an excellent and thought-provoking discussion directly related to this posted at . Although "Rotten Apples" was written in 2008, it's amazingly current.

And while we're on the subject of everything old suddenly being new again, I also suggest you take a look at . Then please see my earlier post here on the subject of JFK and my post titled "Comment On Comments". You should also know that my former mother-in-law has family ties to Louisiana and that the lawyer representing the local Boot Ranch property development, which has financial connections to Louisiana, used to partner with my former brother-in-law.

When it comes to organized crime, all roads lead to Central Texas, it seems. When it comes to terrorists, visions of good old boys in cowboy hats don't usually come to mind, but it sounds like that might be about to change.

To sum it all up, countries in serious financial trouble will remain that way until they do something about their organized crime and corruption problems. The most effective way to approach this is to vigorously prosecute organized stalking networks. And the quickest way to take these down is to go after the corrupt law enforcement officers they employ.

If you care about the future of your country at all, start shouting the above from the rooftops!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mapping Stalking Networks

A fellow victim of organized stalking from Canada with whom I keep in touch is doing some interesting and important work with regard to delineating and understanding major organized stalking networks. She collects names of and basic information about persons known to be actively participating in these illegal networks. She then inputs the data into a computer program and gets a printout called a Social Network Engineering Diagram (SNED) that maps out the relationships between the various individuals in visual form. You can see an example of this and read about what she’s doing by going to her recent blog post titled “Who’s Who In Organized Stalking in Canada” that can be found at

By comparing notes and sharing information with Dr. John Hall and numerous other victims of the Central Texas organized stalking ring that’s targeting us (some in other states), we are gradually amassing large amounts of data on this gang that we’d like to map out using my friend’s program. She has kindly offered to help us do this, so we are currently collecting information on persons known to be connected to this group for inclusion in our analysis.

As far as instructions to victims, I’ll just rephrase slightly what my friend has written on the subject. If you know who any of your stalkers are, even if it’s just partial names or pictures, please send me this information at kamaudocs at gmail dot com. You can also save us valuable time by Cc’ing your information to my friend at antiorganizedstalking at gmail dot com. Any additional information you can provide on your stalkers is also important, especially their locations, occupations, functions within the gang, and important connections to things like law enforcement, legal or medical professions, the equestrian world, celebrities, the media, government, the military, banking, pilots, a particular church or religion, or real estate.

At the same time that I’m asking for this information on known stalkers, I also want to assure you that anything you pass on to me will be kept confidential. We will not be publishing or posting your information as my friend did in the example on her blog.

The purposes of these SNEDs are to show the connections that exist between perpetrators and to collect evidence to explain and document these connections. Any evidence would of course be turned over to any investigation or public inquiry in a way that takes the safety of the victims who provided the information into account.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for victims of organized stalking to share their information. You may know a critical fact that links important organizations or people and not realize it! As my friend notes, any information is helpful, but we do understand that many of you simply don’t know your stalkers or know why you’re being targeted. To those of you in that situation, I ask you to consider contacting us anyway with whatever you do know. I can tell you for a fact that in every case I’ve had so far where a true victim of organized stalking contacted me about their plight, I’ve been able to tell them at least one thing about their situation that they hadn’t know about or realized before, and they’ve been able to provide me with information they didn’t realize they had!

I’ve been explaining to fellow victims for some time that we each have a piece of a very large puzzle and that instead of fitting neatly together, our pieces overlap. I believe SNEDs provide a way for us to be able to analyze and understand that overlap. The more victims who are willing to share their information, the more meaningful our analyses will be, and the quicker (hopefully) we will all be able to get relief when law enforcement is able to start identifying and prosecuting first the stalking gang ringleaders and then the participants.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Announcement Especially For Teens

I received the following announcement from Abuse Freedom United today and am passing the information on. AFU is doing incredibly important work in trying to safeguard U.S. children and families under extremely difficult circumstances.

Please consider supporting both AFU and these brave young people in whatever ways you can. They deal with our corrupt courts, Child Protective Services, and legal system on a daily basis and against incredible odds.


August 3, 2011

A.F.U Ambassadors 4 Teens

-Sponsored by Abuse Freedom United

Hey everyone, my name is Pawan Walia and I am a teenager who wants to make a difference. I found myself in the middle of situations where I saw my friends, classmates, and strangers being terrorized by abuse, rape, and other malicious acts. When I finally had enough I became proactive and decided to protest against Weldon Mark Gilbert, for his belittling ways of raping poor children, then re-victimizing them by viewing his own "kiddie porn" in jail, by choosing to represent himself in court. I used my Facebook page to get a group of friends together to protest against this infront of the Pierce County Courthouse in Tacoma, Washington on July 18th, 2011. This rally was broadcasted on Komo 4 news, and is increasingly gaining attention. This peaceful protest was important because it showed these kids who have been victimized by rape that there are other kids out there who feel their pain and are willing to speak up for them. It also showed the nation that teens/kids do have a voice and an opinion, and they should be considered just as equally as an adults opinion. My main goal as a senior ambassador is to get a group of more teen ambassadors like myself around the country to hold rallies, and join me in the race to gain child rights. I'm setting up this radio show for teens, kids, and even adults who seek help, or need someone to talk to; someone that is of their age who knows what they are feeling. Myself, and my co-host Phylicia Hall are opening our arms up for you, or anyone else who seeks advice, and the best part about it is that you can call in, and you will be completely anonymous. So if you are in need of any help, and don't want to be identified, call in to the radio show A.F.U Ambassadors for Teens, and we will help you to the best of our ability for your issue, or problem. You could also call in to give advice, state your opinions, or even deliver your compliments. We would also appreciate your donations which will be used to start as well as increase this new section of Abuse Freedom United.

All Donations will be used to sponser The Teens with T-shirts and material they will need to go national, Please Help us to help other teens to get the news out by having Rallies and marches against what is happening to our children of Today.


A.F.U Ambassadors 4 Teens Nationally.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Gangstalking Australia

You might wonder what a discussion of organized stalking in Australia has to do with Central Texas. The reality is that organized stalking, like the organized crime that utilizes it, is an interconnected, global problem.

Like me, the woman on the other side of the world who writes the Gangstalking Australia blog, which can be found at, was also targeted by property developers who were desperate to obtain her property. Her blog came to my attention through a discussion of her situation by my friend Medawar; see his Medawar's Cornflakes blog that's linked here under "Followers". Both of our cases are prime examples of Medawar's axiom that there's nothing property developers won't do in order to obtain land for development!

The author of Gangstalking Australia is a talented artist who lived with her dog in a house in Adelaide that property developers wanted very badly to replace with a modern housing development. As a result, she and her dog became the victims of very aggressive organized stalking and serious physical attacks designed to drive her out.

Eventually, the woman fled her house in an effort to find relief from the round-the-clock stalking, harassment, and attacks. And like so many other organized stalking victims I've been in touch with, once she gave her attackers what they wanted, she discovered to her horror that the stalking and attacks on her became worse, not better, and became much more physical. There's no need for me to describe what was done to her here, because you can go to her blog and read her harrowing descriptions for yourself. (Medawar also has an excellent summary and discussion of her case posted.) Suffice it to say, she was forced to drive from campground to campground like a nomad, while being constantly sprayed with toxic chemicals, attacked with a stolen military laser, and stalked and harassed continuously. Her last post to her blog has her lying in the doorway of her van, vomiting continuously on the ground, and too weak to move.

That was over a year ago; no one seems to have heard from her since. How she found the strength to write her last few posts, I'll never know. (You can clearly see the deterioration in her writing toward the end of the blog.) Her courage in sharing such detailed descriptions of what was being done to her leaves an important and lasting record that can be accessed by anyone. Although I never met her or corresponded with her, I pray for her often and hope to someday find out what's happened to her.

Victims of the same organized stalking gang that is targeting my children and me are telling me about similar things being done to them, although here there seems to be more emphasis on attacking stalking victims with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) instead of lasers. I know very little about DEWs myself and therefore must direct readers with questions about them to Dr. John Hall, a San Antonio physician and fellow victim of the same stalking gang, who has testified before Congress about these types of weapons. Dr. Hall's website at has more information about DEWs and an email address for contacting him about them.

Like the Australian victim, organized stalking victims like myself and others targeted by the San Antonio-based gang are also being poisoned by toxic chemicals in various ways. One of the most common methods for doing this is to spray the long-range and long-acting wasp and hornet killers that are readily available over the counter around the edges of victims' windows and doorways, particularly the ones opening into their bedrooms, or into the air ducts of their homes. More sophisticated toxic chemicals are sprayed or applied onto surfaces victims commonly touch. These include nerve toxins and substances that induce the sudden severe vomiting described in Gangstalking Australia. Many organized stalking victims (including Dr. Hall) describe toxins being added to food or drink during home break-ins while victims are out; plastic water bottles are especially used for this. Victims also describe being made ill by toxins put into their hair care products (shampoo and conditioner) and makeup.

It's important to note that although all the U.S. victims I'm discussing here are believed to be targeted by the San Antonio-based stalking gang, many of these victims live in states other than Texas. By sharing information on people, places, vehicle information, and more, we've been able to connect our cases in various ways. It's now clear that the group targeting us has a very long reach indeed!--which is why trying to flee from them doesn't work. We are now beginning to unravel many of the far-reaching connections this gang has. Victims of organized stalking must understand that their best chance of going after their stalkers and obtaining relief is to reach out to fellow victims and start sharing and comparing information. When you understand the importance of this, you will soon realize how much of organized stalking is deliberately designed to keep victims too isolated and too frightened to share what they know!

In the spirit of this kind of sharing of information, I must point out that there are some additional interesting coincidences between our situation here in Central Texas and that of the writer of Gangstalking Australia. A man who lives in our town, is an associate of my ex-husband's, and has been involved in numerous serious stalking incidents directed at my children and me over the years, happens to have the same last name as one of the close associates of Rupert Murdock going back to the 1960s in Adelaide, Australia, where they first began working together. The Texas man with the same last name has ties to a property development company with an office address that's the same as an old house with no sign out front (that may be abandoned?), located a few blocks from our house.

Please keep in mind that our home is 30 minutes or less from the LBJ Ranch, the Bush Museum of the Pacific War, and Karl Rove's house for voting purposes. Also remember that the man who heads the stalking gang targeting my children and me is (or is said to be) a former FBI agent with close ties to the San Antonio FBI office.