Friday, August 12, 2011

Death In Comfort

Note: This post benefited greatly from discussions I had with Medawar on the subject. He should be considered a co-author of the material that follows.

I've posted information on suspicious deaths in the area around Comfort, Texas before: see "I-10 At Comfort" (9/3/09) and "The Case Of The Dropped Driver's License" (9/11/10).

Now it's time for a different kind of discussion about deaths and Comfort, Texas. These articles, which were published recently in the San Antonio Express-News, describe an apparent "industry of death" being established near Comfort that is disturbing on several different levels.

At the very least, it sounds suspiciously like a scam designed to get people to sign over all their assets to trusts controlled by others. Maybe my viewpoint is colored more than a tad by my own victimization involving a fraudulent trust (for more on this, see the very beginning of this blog), but I can't see why it takes everything you have in the world to insure your after-life care, especially since you won't actually be around to oversee its distribution. I would certainly like to have more information on who would actually be controlling these trusts after their signers are safely installed within this facility!

Then there's the issue of the disposal of the remainder of the bodies when only the heads are retained. The fact that liquid nitrogen is already present in the facility in large amounts allows one to conjure up the image of the remainder of these bodies being flash-frozen until solid/brittle and then being dropped from a height onto a hard surface or being pounded by a machine into a million tiny pieces that could be sold as animal feed or fertilizer. Yes, I'm aware that Myth Busters supposedly busted the myth about bodies being disposed of in this way, but remember that this company has to be disposing of large numbers of bodies somehow.

Whatever is or is not actually going on at the facility, I find the idea of disposing of bodies on an industrial scale deeply disturbing and rife with the potential for serious misuse. Think how easy it would be for organized crime to dispose of sex trafficking victims, drug cartel informants, inconvenient spouses, and the like in a way that not only instantly obliterates the deceased, but also co- mingles their DNA so it can no longer be identified.

Then there's the even more disturbing possibility that people might still be alive when flash-frozen. If that were the case, what you would have here would be an industrial-scale death camp exponentially more efficient than those of the Nazis.

Hopefully, all my concerns about this facility are strictly hypothetical, but my confidence in this is not exactly boosted when I see published statements about how much time and effort was put into searching for the right location for this operation, since I'm well aware of the amount and extent of organized crime and high-level connections of various kinds already well-established in this area. Even more chilling [pun intended!] is the name of the owning company, Stasis, which happens to be the plural of Stasi; for more on the importance of this, please refer back to "Empire Builders", posted here on 10/30/10. And various people I correspond with tell me there are more of these facilities elsewhere in the U.S. (California, for example).

Update, 2/10/12:


Medawar said...

Firstly, see this gallery of pictures from the BBC taken at a similar facility.

Also, with all due respect to "Mythbusters" similar technology was being considered by Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council as a replacement for the municipal crematory.

(The page has links to the Promessa Foundtion, which promotes this concept.)

It isn't clear if this really has a lower carbon footprint than cremation, as it takes a fair amount of energy, somewhere, to produce liquid nitrogen. The environmental benefit is mainly to do with control of heavy metal pollution.

The real attraction of this technique for more sinister operators is that it's far less obvious to passers-by and local residents when, or on what scale, body disposal is taking place.

During the foot and mouth crisis, the UK's department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, tested a portable body incinerator at RAF Cardington.

It was painfully obvious when this contraption was being used to destroy cow carcases, and would be very detectible when used to destroy human corpses, even after the event, as dental amalgam would enter the environment in some quantity.

Cryogenic embirttlement and/or "promession" could be done intensively on a site, covertly, for years, without generating a similar and distinctive chemical signature in the surrounding area.
This was why Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council were attracted to the process, but there was extraordinary public resistance in the long run.

Anonymous said...

In St Pete (across the bridge from Tampa) the lunatics just got a facility (right INSIDE the funeral home, back door deliveries anyone?{}
The black owner of the long-time funeral home made all these noises about how it was perfectly OK to release people RIGHT OUT INTO THE DRAIN!!!!! Everyone who read the article was horrified. I'll go see iF I can get a link. You know they're running out of land. It was only a matter of time but yeah .. this is going too far. in Lakeland ALONE we have FIVE "regional cancer centers"... there's something up there. Truly.

Look how many ways they try to color it HERE:LL

Well, here's the article. They cleaned up both the article and the comments A LOT. Basically they went through the comments and took down the more honest and harsh comments and changed the story to alleviate those problems. And also made it a nice family there just taking care of us for years. this is moving closer to final solution ...

You go for a walk ... you never come home. Not a trace. Number of places to take you to. Nice.