Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mapping Stalking Networks

A fellow victim of organized stalking from Canada with whom I keep in touch is doing some interesting and important work with regard to delineating and understanding major organized stalking networks. She collects names of and basic information about persons known to be actively participating in these illegal networks. She then inputs the data into a computer program and gets a printout called a Social Network Engineering Diagram (SNED) that maps out the relationships between the various individuals in visual form. You can see an example of this and read about what she’s doing by going to her recent blog post titled “Who’s Who In Organized Stalking in Canada” that can be found at

By comparing notes and sharing information with Dr. John Hall and numerous other victims of the Central Texas organized stalking ring that’s targeting us (some in other states), we are gradually amassing large amounts of data on this gang that we’d like to map out using my friend’s program. She has kindly offered to help us do this, so we are currently collecting information on persons known to be connected to this group for inclusion in our analysis.

As far as instructions to victims, I’ll just rephrase slightly what my friend has written on the subject. If you know who any of your stalkers are, even if it’s just partial names or pictures, please send me this information at kamaudocs at gmail dot com. You can also save us valuable time by Cc’ing your information to my friend at antiorganizedstalking at gmail dot com. Any additional information you can provide on your stalkers is also important, especially their locations, occupations, functions within the gang, and important connections to things like law enforcement, legal or medical professions, the equestrian world, celebrities, the media, government, the military, banking, pilots, a particular church or religion, or real estate.

At the same time that I’m asking for this information on known stalkers, I also want to assure you that anything you pass on to me will be kept confidential. We will not be publishing or posting your information as my friend did in the example on her blog.

The purposes of these SNEDs are to show the connections that exist between perpetrators and to collect evidence to explain and document these connections. Any evidence would of course be turned over to any investigation or public inquiry in a way that takes the safety of the victims who provided the information into account.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for victims of organized stalking to share their information. You may know a critical fact that links important organizations or people and not realize it! As my friend notes, any information is helpful, but we do understand that many of you simply don’t know your stalkers or know why you’re being targeted. To those of you in that situation, I ask you to consider contacting us anyway with whatever you do know. I can tell you for a fact that in every case I’ve had so far where a true victim of organized stalking contacted me about their plight, I’ve been able to tell them at least one thing about their situation that they hadn’t know about or realized before, and they’ve been able to provide me with information they didn’t realize they had!

I’ve been explaining to fellow victims for some time that we each have a piece of a very large puzzle and that instead of fitting neatly together, our pieces overlap. I believe SNEDs provide a way for us to be able to analyze and understand that overlap. The more victims who are willing to share their information, the more meaningful our analyses will be, and the quicker (hopefully) we will all be able to get relief when law enforcement is able to start identifying and prosecuting first the stalking gang ringleaders and then the participants.


Anonymous said...

We won't be sued if we leave the names we KNOW of those who participated in gangstalking?

Anonymous said...

You cannot be sued for telling the truth. Truth is the defense.

Blogger: THIS is a superb idea. Is this the captcha lady in canada? Fairly innovative. I was going to read a few more posts before I told you that there are TONS of people from TEXAS stalking me in Fl and across the country. Firemen are big time in on it. What I have is TONS OF LICENSE plates and many many names. I realized last night looking through some photos from 2008 that one car in particular (and I KNOW there are many more but I would have match them up to prove it) has been following me since 2008 and earlier. For a couple of years I did not document well nor take video but I still have many written records. They do switch tags to different vehicles. There is also a sign somehow that they are NOT to be pulled over. Not by cops "in the know" and there are MANY of those. Some of these people are run of the mill criminals BUT their connection is a guy who gives them a get out of jail free card in Florida: Mark Ober. I have also been stalked by his assistant who is now the Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi. Also have the pics and video of Pam doing so. Yes. THAT and a congress critter. They have no fear because they are "the man,"
They have a whole different mindset you will never understand. Please have your friend add those to the database. There is also Earl Howard Harper who is a sheriff's CO for Hillsborough County. Mark McRae, Tampa fireman. Chris Stairs, Pasco Paramedic. A russian guy named Dmitri from St Pete College. Colin Breen who is with the IRA and his wife and daughter. I know lots and lots and lots of names. I wish so much I could have a copy of that program. As well, here there is a HUGE shift in demographics going on. All the firemen have done "whatever it takes" to live in the same hood. The same with ELECTRICIANS. And many others. I am very fortunate in one way that I have lived here all my life and so even though they sent in strangers to start this (I believe it is asset seizure) and scare me away from my home... I am a VERY objective person who instead just began to observe them as you have. And in no time at all I traced it right back to people I knew. I have no problem doing some side investigations of my own in order to determine names and then go through public records to get their associates and their family names and anything else I can find. Please add Mark Pizzurro. He was a walmart security guard who graduated from the Tampa Police Dept academy has grandparents Frank and Santina Tranchini of new york and tampa and his parents are divorced, Joan and Vincent Vito Pizzurro. He is now .. drum roll please : a paramedic with tampa fire rescue after doing some time as a jail guard out in pasco where I believe he was doing the walmart gig as a moonlight BUT ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME AND PURPOSE. I do believe that it was like a "jumping in" or "clicking in" what he did to my family and then stalked us and then got his reward of Hillsborough County or Tampa Fire Rescue. Hope this keeps your friend busy awhile. I will try to take some time and copy it to her/his email.

Means MEET METHOD. I knew my way was the right way. People were always saying : DO NOT take their pictures or video them THAT IS ILLEGAL. No, sorry it's NOT. Don't post their names. WHY? What else do I have? Don't do this don't do that. Screw that. They are the criminals NOT ME. It's very nice to run across you, Texas. I've only read seven or eight of your posts and have a major paper I am working on so if I'm not back it's du to that. Hang in there and stand there doing what you're doing. GOOD JOB.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I personally believe those cars were cars belonging to the victims of the homes they stole through a. bad paperwork b. doing the target from income c. poisoning the target and ruining their ability to care for home and self. THEN they were named "wards" of the estate, it would take me hours to say how I know this and it is also a very sinister story. BUT trust to say, they had all the pieces in place and also the media cooperation to cover it all up as a "bad economic time." Not in the least. THEY ARE DOING FINE. As are many. Not even the foreclosure situation. Although banks and credit unions DO participate along with other financial entities (which may just be one person with a fax machine) lurking for you to a. refinance from desperation b. anything they can create.

OH, ALSO ,,, that medical thing you keep talking about all around your home... One of my very best friends died suddenly while waiting for her home to be purchased by an expanding hospital ........ I mean it WAS SHOCKING. In the beginning I know she knew about all of this and I know she must have voiced some disparagement towards them but she was old guard and also much older than me and new guard (my age and older and younge) basically decided she was expendable. Maybe even her own daughter. Which really is terrible.

BTW are you sure they don't do anything to your newspaper? I still have the newspaper here where they had sprayed it or put some toxic powder all through it. Not just once. MANY TIMES. Every day until I finally stopped buying it.

Anonymous said...

well, this is interesting. She lied to me and told me she was not working AT ALL. Now she is working for a russian importer to do with "roaming" and "instant" roaming. No surprise there. St Pete FL named for and advertised as sister city to russian city of same name is LOADED with sinister people and russians and even employes a HUGE HUGE number of barely understandable people in all their county and city systems. JUST RECENTLY. One who stalked me regularly his mother is also a doctor. Vindictive diagnoses. Wow. I am not in the least surprised to find this. That almost completes a circle right there. I still have the cop that contained the poison. She's just not that clever. Just mean. And criminal. They kill peoples' children. Then those people become mean.

Not to be culturally insulting but much of this has always had the smell of "foreign" input. And mean female input. Okay, I have lots of work to do but when I saw these things I wanted to bring them here. She listens in on every word I say, I feel sure of that. Her name is all over everything in MY HOME. It's killing her that she wasn't able to terrorize me.