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USA=(I think you know this one)

PIIGSUSA is my friend Medawar's abbreviation for the group of countries currently mired in financial woes as a direct result of the rampant and unchecked corruption and organized crime within their borders. Both he and I believe these countries will not see any kind of meaningful financial recovery until the underlying issues are dealt with properly.

Medawar has an excellent and thought-provoking discussion directly related to this posted at . Although "Rotten Apples" was written in 2008, it's amazingly current.

And while we're on the subject of everything old suddenly being new again, I also suggest you take a look at . Then please see my earlier post here on the subject of JFK and my post titled "Comment On Comments". You should also know that my former mother-in-law has family ties to Louisiana and that the lawyer representing the local Boot Ranch property development, which has financial connections to Louisiana, used to partner with my former brother-in-law.

When it comes to organized crime, all roads lead to Central Texas, it seems. When it comes to terrorists, visions of good old boys in cowboy hats don't usually come to mind, but it sounds like that might be about to change.

To sum it all up, countries in serious financial trouble will remain that way until they do something about their organized crime and corruption problems. The most effective way to approach this is to vigorously prosecute organized stalking networks. And the quickest way to take these down is to go after the corrupt law enforcement officers they employ.

If you care about the future of your country at all, start shouting the above from the rooftops!!

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Anonymous said...

This just about defies belief BUT, many many of these people, including the girl whose link to her linked in I posted who has all the major cellphone connections AND is married to a thug and etc... SHE has LA connections as do others who just drop it in here and there and also stickers on trucks. NOT ONLY THAT: There is a BOOT RANCH here !!! WTH?????
You should see if you can get someone to delve in to whether they are situated on some parallel or degree as there is some rumor about or fact (I don't know which) that masons and the illuminati like to operate on such.