Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Announcement Especially For Teens

I received the following announcement from Abuse Freedom United today and am passing the information on. AFU is doing incredibly important work in trying to safeguard U.S. children and families under extremely difficult circumstances.

Please consider supporting both AFU and these brave young people in whatever ways you can. They deal with our corrupt courts, Child Protective Services, and legal system on a daily basis and against incredible odds.


August 3, 2011

A.F.U Ambassadors 4 Teens

-Sponsored by Abuse Freedom United

Hey everyone, my name is Pawan Walia and I am a teenager who wants to make a difference. I found myself in the middle of situations where I saw my friends, classmates, and strangers being terrorized by abuse, rape, and other malicious acts. When I finally had enough I became proactive and decided to protest against Weldon Mark Gilbert, for his belittling ways of raping poor children, then re-victimizing them by viewing his own "kiddie porn" in jail, by choosing to represent himself in court. I used my Facebook page to get a group of friends together to protest against this infront of the Pierce County Courthouse in Tacoma, Washington on July 18th, 2011. This rally was broadcasted on Komo 4 news, and is increasingly gaining attention. This peaceful protest was important because it showed these kids who have been victimized by rape that there are other kids out there who feel their pain and are willing to speak up for them. It also showed the nation that teens/kids do have a voice and an opinion, and they should be considered just as equally as an adults opinion. My main goal as a senior ambassador is to get a group of more teen ambassadors like myself around the country to hold rallies, and join me in the race to gain child rights. I'm setting up this radio show for teens, kids, and even adults who seek help, or need someone to talk to; someone that is of their age who knows what they are feeling. Myself, and my co-host Phylicia Hall are opening our arms up for you, or anyone else who seeks advice, and the best part about it is that you can call in, and you will be completely anonymous. So if you are in need of any help, and don't want to be identified, call in to the radio show A.F.U Ambassadors for Teens, and we will help you to the best of our ability for your issue, or problem. You could also call in to give advice, state your opinions, or even deliver your compliments. We would also appreciate your donations which will be used to start as well as increase this new section of Abuse Freedom United.

All Donations will be used to sponser The Teens with T-shirts and material they will need to go national, Please Help us to help other teens to get the news out by having Rallies and marches against what is happening to our children of Today.


A.F.U Ambassadors 4 Teens Nationally.


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