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The following notice was published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post on 9/19/2012:

I have previously posted information on this case at:


Note that Linda was close to me in age and that her initials are the reverse of mine.  I believe these facts may be very important.

I also think it might be worth someone's while to check into what has happened to Ms. Meugge's property since her death.

Update:  I have significantly updated the post linked to above.

See also


especially the comments at the end.

Update, 5/15:

The more questions people ask about this murder, the better the chances are that it will be prosecuted!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bringing The Dirty Tricks Back Home

I am the subject of a brand new piece posted by my friend Medawar on his blog "Medawar's Cornflakes".  I'm posting a copy of the article here in its entirety as well, with his permission.

My now-adult children and I are deeply grateful to Medawar and others who are actively publicizing our situation and attempting to help us.


Medawar has written this article on behalf of the blog owner at "Victims of Organized Crime in Central Texas", who is currently being harassed very intensely, in part to stop her telling her story in public, but mainly to prevent her making effective preparations for what may be a crucial court hearing in the middle of October. The court hearing is part of a long-running attempt by a property developer and attorney in Fredericksburg, Texas, to deprive the blog owner of her home. Some of those assisting and advising on the harassment, are former Secret Service agents who live in houses provided for them, on very generous terms, by the same property developer. They are breaking not only State and Federal laws, but also their oaths, and they are doing so in order to deny an innocent and law-abiding citizen precisely the thing they have been rewarded with for their connivance: a home. Throughout their careers, they were paid a reasonable salary and they now enjoy pensions secured by the taxpayer (those who made their living in the private sector seldom have a completely secure pension fund...) A heavily subsidized house is a thick layer of icing on the cake for those who were already set for a much more comfortable retirement than most Americans can expect.

Some of the harassment which "VOCCT" suffers from will be familiar to almost anyone who's found themselves in the way of a crooked property developer: tailgating, "brighting" and other forms of aggressive driving directed at them every time they drive to work, try and run essential errands, or simply visit family and friends. Constant intrusion onto the property and daily vandalism, too, will be family to those whose property is coveted by a developer, or whose homes happen to overlook the preferred pitch of the local drugs pusher. It's that there's big money at stake for the developer (less so for VOCCT, who merely aspires to live a blameless life in her own home) and he has, over his whole adult life, accumulated contacts, henchmen and favours, which he and his sons are cashing in to make this everyday harassment as intense as it possibly could be. And then there is the extra special thing, the enhanced harassment only available to a crook who has ex Secret Servicemen, FBI Agents and even Texas Rangers, in his pocket.

When Medawar first made contact with VOCCT, she and her adult daughter were most worried by the fact that people they met in Fredericksburg, would pointedly refer to things they had done in conditions of strict privacy, such as the bathroom, or quiet, private conversations they had had in their kitchen. They believed that not only were the people harassing them extensively bugging the house, but that illegal video surveillance had been embedded in the structure of the house -and that choice images and footage from this was being made available to their neighbours and staff at businesses they frequented. Some of the individuals who appeared to have seen bathroom footage were clearly inclined towards sexual predation as well as voyeurism, and this added real fear of sexual violence to humiliation and embarrassment. (Anyone who has studied methods by which the KGB and Stasi used to harass dissidents, will recognize this trick. And they will recognize one or two more before this article is done.)

Medawar provided VOCCT with a straightforward RF detector (which cost about £89 at the time) intended mainly for locating bugs and hidden cameras. It is essentially a low gain receiver, and the gain can be turned even lower, so that it only normally responds when it is within a couple of feet of a radio frequency transmitter, such as a bug, wireless webcam, or a more professional video bug. By then turning the gain down, the source can be located to within inches. This device allowed VOCCT to provide Medawar with a set of architect's plans of her house, with little coloured dots to show RF sources all over the house. Not only were these very numerous, with several in each bath or shower room, but there was an absolute Babel of transmission modes, transmission bands and other characteristics, suggesting that several technological generations of illegal surveillance devices were present, and still active, all over the house and its outbuildings. There also turned out to be covertly-performed structural modifications in the loft and elsewhere, apparently intended to allow intruders access to the loft from the porch roof, and from the loft to other spaces between rooms and behind fixtures, all over the upper floor.

At the same time, it became apparent that a crawl space into the basement had been engineered to allow intruders free rein there, before the ground floor and its fixtures, blank spaces and piping runs, too. But the most pertinent point in this instance is this: in late 2010 and early 2011, it was possible to pick all of these point RF sources out from the background: they did not trigger the detector unless it was fairly close and the gain turned up.

In the past couple of months, VOCCT has complained of failing health as well as intensified harassment, at home and everywhere she goes to earn her living or run errands. She also discovered a discarded instruction leaflet for some high-power Radio-related equipment on her land.

Medawar advised her to see if she could use her detector to trace any new radio signal to a possible point of origin. At which point, VOCCT discovered that the radio frequency environment inside her house and indeed throughout the surrounding property, had changed from lots of discrete, locatable low to medium power point sources, to an all-pervasive, very high amplitude field of radio frequency signals, which didn't seem to decline in strength on any side of the house, or, indeed, on any side of the pasture associated with it. This is very unusual indeed.

There is a cellphone tower not far away, but this was already there and fully operational when VOCCT mapped out all of the point sources, now completely blanketed by the new signal field, and in any case, the signal strength from the tower would be strongest on the near side and much weaker immediately in the lee of what is a large stonebuilt house. (When it was possible to map individual signals, the cellphone tower signals were detectable mainly in the loft and roofspace.) Such an all-pervasive and strong RF field has been seen before, in the United States Embassy in Moscow, between 1965, when various American intelligence services and the Secret Service first discovered it, and 1976, when they finally allowed a fuss to be made about it, at which point it disappeared as mysteriously as it had started.

Because they had no idea what the signals in the Embassy were meant to accomplish, the CIA and the Secret Service (who had to be consulted about the Ambassador's safety) actually shared their findings with pretty well all US Intelligence agencies and several allied ones, because they wanted to know if the same thing was happening in other Embassies, and whether anyone knew what it was.

As far as Medawar knows, the Canadians, West Germans, French, Australian and British intelligence agencies were told about the basic problem. Medawar doesn't think that such strong signals were found at tbe British Embassy. At the time, this was housed in a rather majestic town house overlooking the Kremlin, so if the signals were caused by the Russians, as seemed probable, and were considered harmful, one would expect a building overlooking the Kremlin to be exempt. If, however, as the US Intelligence community told their own Embassy staff, the signals were merely there to activate physically harmless listening devices, there was no special reason for them to be absent from the British Embassy.

As well as Britain's overseas intelligence agency the SIS aka "MI6", the CIA's James Anderton consulted Peter Wright, an acknowledged radio expert working for the domestic security agency, MI5. This seems to have been a matter of expertise rather than jurisdiction. There appeared to be several radio beams, from shortwave to microwave, entering the US Embassy from a number of neighbouring properties in all directions, and all converging on a then-unie-in-Moscow IBM golfball typewriter in the Ambassador's outer office.

Supposedly, this allowed the Russians to read any document that was typed on the IBM machine, but Wright could have accomplished this without transmitting any signal at the typewriter. (Indeed, he had already read text typed at equivalent machines at the French Embassy in London during negotiations over Britain's entry to the Common Market). When operating, this typewriter had quite a distinctive electromagnetic signature of its own, and it was known to be in the US Ambassador's outer office. (The golfball spins and thumps: the ratio of spin to thump tells you the possible characters, and once you've got one word right, the whole message will fall into place.)

This made it an easy aiming point: KGB or GRU technicians setting up transmitters for the various shortwave and microwave beams in neighbouring buildings, could line their equipment up on the EM signature of the only Golfball typewriter in Moscow and know they were aimed at the Ambassador's office. And, indeed, the Ambassador's office, where all the beams converged, had by far the strongest field strength in the Embassy.

There were intelligence rumours that this was a sort of "mind control" project, and despite the obvious "tin foil hat" lunacy of this theory, it couldn't be discounted because there were several senior GRU and KGB officers known to sponsor research into tin foil hat projects. So much so, that any KGB scientist or technician wanting to do serious work, had to think of a supposed mind control application to get funds, and make his real project a spin-off from that. It didn't take many years for the CIA's own research-funding pattern to take the same form.

It was decided to tell the Embassy staff a cover story: that it was just attempted surveillance (which for all they knew in 1965, it might have been) and then observe everyone closely over a few years to see what happened, whilst the radio fields were constantly measured and monitored.

The Ambassador, Walter J. Stoessel Jr and his staff showed no signs of being mind-controlled, even after several years, but he and several of his secretarial staff and senior colleagues (the people who were in his office the most) became very ill: initially with blood disorders and then with lymphoma in the Ambassador's case and other cancers in the case of his senior members of staff.

Whether it was ever intended to "control minds" or not, the strong multi-frequency radio field in the Ambassador's office caused general malaise and nausea quite quickly, and more life-threatening conditions over time.

The radio frequency environment at VOCCT's house in Fredericksburg seems, at the time of writing, to closely resemble that in the US Ambassador's office in the Moscow Embassy between 1965 and 1976. There are radio beams converging on the house from adjacent properties on all sides (some of which are unoccupied) and this results in there being no part of the property which offers any refuge or even much alleviation from the very strong field that results where these beams all meet. However, the field seems to be strongest in VOCCT's bedroom and bathroom.

Without going into detail, (some of the information must wait for legal proceedings) the developer wants to obtain the house and its associated pasture, for development. He does not want to pay VOCCT any money for this, despite it being her lawful property from the settlement when the developer's son divorced her. The developer's contractors had a hand in building the house, in the eighties, which may explain why its structure is riddled with features helpful to intruders and voyeurs. The developer's son, a doctor, had advance knowledge of (and some influence over) the nearby hospital's long term expansion plans, and this may be why the house was built on a site which the hospital would eventually need. The divorce, and the inevitable award of the house to VOCCT as part of the settlement, must have thrown a spanner in the works of any long-term plan to profit from advance knowledge of the hospital's future.

The developer has gone to great lengths to cultivate, and indeed, house, mainly at his own expense, former Secret Servicemen, FBI Agents and Texas Rangers. The former are likely to have had secondhand knowledge of the radio beams in the Moscow Embassy just by being in the Secret Service at the time, and some of them may well even have been part of the investigation. Every agent concerned with the safety of serving and former presidents, would have been fully briefed on the radio beams and their dangers, even if the Embassy Staff weren't told.

The developer has provided subsidized housing to a group of people who would have known all the details of the radio beam harassment which Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel Jr. was subjected to, and, as if by magic, his ex daughter-in-law and grand-daughter, who have legal title to a property he'd like to develop, are being subjected to what looks like almost identical radio harassment.

As a parting thought: The breakdown of the relationship between the developer's son, and VOCCT, appears to date from the weekend of the 23rd to the 26th of April, 1999, when the developer's son appeared to travel a long way from home at very short notice and lied about where he'd been, and attempted to create a false record of precisely when he'd come back to Fredericksburg. That weekend will mean nothing to American law enforcement, but it should mean a great deal to Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell and other senior officers of the Metropolitan Police Service at Scotland Yard.

Update from ML, July 2017: I was diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this year and am currently undergoing treatment.

Paper found on property as mentioned above:

Update:  Notice how, in the first comment below, my ex-husband admits having gone to school with the children of some of LBJ's Secret Service agents.  For more information on LBJ and JFK's murder, please see Robert Caro's newest biographical volume on LBJ, in which Caro states that LBJ was about to be indicted by the feds. on major charges of insurance fraud and that a group of Texas businessmen were behind JFK's assassination.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blowin' In The Wind

In the years since my husband suddenly left, my children and I have found some rather interesting items on our property. I'd say these were blown here from elsewhere by the wind, except that most of them were either found by us on days when the air was still or else were items not likely to have been deposited by the wind for other reasons (too heavy, found in unnatural positions or locations, etc.).

These unusual items began turning up not long after my husband left and around the time I first asked the San Antonio office of the FBI for help. One Sunday morning, I stepped out of the front door of our house to walk up the driveway to retrieve our morning newspaper when I spied two wadded-up pieces of paper that had been tossed onto our front porch. There was no wind at all on that particular day, I was positive the wads of rather heavy paper hadn't been there the night before, and I seriously doubed that two similar paper wads could have coincidentally blown onto our porch at the same time, so I assumed someone had deliberately left them there. Imagine my shock when I flattened out the papers and discovered them to be official baptism certificates for two very young children. And these were the original certificates issued by St. Mary's Catholic Church in Fredericksburg, not copies.

I couldn't imagine why someone would throw away their children's baptism certificates at all, let alone wad them up and toss them onto someone's front porch on a Sunday morning. Because I had recently contacted the FBI and also because at the time I had fairly young children myself, I considered the incident threatening. I immediately mailed copies of the certificates to the FBI and asked them what I should do. I never received any kind of reply.

Following that initial incident were many years of finding large quantities of party trash (beer cans and bottles, hard liquor bottles, cigarette butts, etc.) and drug parapharnalia (used syringes, dirty spoons, steel wool pads, rubber tubing, small balloons, etc.) on our property. We also found golf balls placed under trees where they couldn't possibly have been hit or carefully laid out in trails throughout our pasture. Some of the things we found were seriously disturbing: two small dead goats that weren't ours, one with a garrotte still wound around its neck, for example. (It was my children who found these.)

Many of the items we've found on our property have been medical. We once found two bright orange surgical sponges that had been left under fairly heavy follage at the base of a cedar tree. Another time (on a windless day), we found what looks like someone's EKG record that had been left on the ground beside our driveway (see below). And in an incident reminiscent of the Tara Grinstead case in Georgia, we found a latex glove someone had dropped in our basement crawlspace that runs along one side of our house.

Recently, we found this piece of paper in our pasture:

By its condition with regard to the weather, it could not have been there long.

I'm told that it's the instructions for assembling a NATO-style screened DC power cable for high powered radio frequency equipment, with both conductors of the cable being separately sheathed and screened. I'm also told that this would be the right type of cable to power a strong directed radio frequency (RF) source or a very powerful communications system. These facts are especially interesting, given the large amounts of expensive communication and surveillance equipment bought with Department of Homeland Security money that have gone missing in Texas; see


I, as well as others, have been repeatedly asking government officials to investigate and try to track down these missing items. Disturbingly, it's straight answers from officials, not the found items, that are "blowin' in the wind".

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Psychological Violence

A friend and fellow victim of organized stalking from the Houston area has provided me with the link to a very important video:


This video gives excellent examples of what my friend Medawar calls "psychological violence", where people are forced or coerced in various ways (often by being told outright lies as illustrated here) to believe things they would not ordinarily believe.

Psychological violence is one of the basic tools organized stalkers and organized stalking groups use to get people to participate in acts of stalking and harassment being perpetrated against innocent victims. (Other commonly-used methods for getting people to commit acts of organized stalking include overt threats, financial pressure, and peer pressure.) The video linked above shows very nicely how easily psychological violence can be done, particularly when perpetrators flash official-looking badges and/or i.d.s. And all too often, these badges and i.d.s are the real thing, because lawn enforcement officers and other officials are commonly involved in organized stalking.

Another famous example of psychological violence is the well-known experiment in which test subjects were instructed by persons they believed were in positions of authority to administer what they believed were painful and potentially lethal electric shocks to others. Most of the subjects did this without much hesitation.

I realize that it's not possible to persuade true stalkers to change, because they are mentally ill and get thrills out of committing acts of psychological violence, but I hope others will take the time to check out the above video carefully and thoughtfully, so that if you are approached by someone you believe to be in a position of authority at some time in the future and that person tries to get you to do something you ordinarily would not, you will know to be aware that the person may be attempting to commit acts of psychological violence against you. It's critical that people make the effort to question things and situations that make them feel uncomfortable instead of blindly accepting them, thereby potentially allowing all sorts of evil to be committed.

When I have time, I'll look up the link to Medawar's piece on psychological violence and post the link here. I'll also try to find and post the link to the experiment I mentioned above.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Consider the following set of emails, each of which was received by me between 2007 and 2012. Please note: Some of these contain mild adult content. Information identifying my children, myself, and an email address used by us has been deleted for reasons of privacy.

Notice how most of these emails, at least upon first glance, appear to be quite different from one another. Yet, I believe all of these emails were written and sent to me by my ex-husband. They are, in fact, examples of some of the literally hundreds of harassing emails I've received over the past 13 years. And yes, I can say with a good deal of confidence that all of these are indeed from him and not someone else. They each contain various items that appear to have been deliberately inserted because my ex- knew I'd recognize them. I'm also told there are signs in the source information from these emails indicating they were sent by my ex-, although I don't feel qualified to discuss that aspect of them without assistance from computer experts.

After so many years of receiving so very many of these emails, I've come to believe that each of the different styles are examples of my ex-husband writing as a different persona. Notice how, in some of them, the writing style is very fragmented and chaotic, while in others, it's quite highly developed. Some of the personalities are somewhat pornographic; others quote the Bible. Some purport to give financial advice; others contain fictional story lines. Despite their often extreme differences, however, most contain some form of malice, either overtly expressed; loosely concealed within the text, names, or email addresses; or implied by symbolism (e.g., Willow). Further, there are many references to both my name and my ex-husband's, either directly or indirectly.

Next, I ask you to look carefully at the many comments posted on this blog. I believe the vast majority of these were also written by my ex-husband; again, I believe this because he almost always deliberately includes one or more items he knows I will recognize.

Most of these comments are more recent examples of my ex-'s writings. If you examine his comments carefully in chronological order, you will discover that the early ones are written under his own name and tend to be angry and full of lies. Later, he begins writing anonymously and becomes boastful at times, revealing his inside knowledge of critical information; for more on this, please see my post titled "Comments On Comments" on this blog.

Gradually, over time, some of my ex-'s personas become more well-developed and begin making separate comments at the end of my posts in their various styles. [It's important to note here that he often places new comments randomly at the end of any old post of mine he chooses, so you really do need to go to the "Comment" section of the blog and view them in chronological order.] One of his personas that seems to be obsessed with Tampa begins posting increasingly long and increasingly rambling diatribes and eventually spins off to create an entire new blog devoted to continuations of his comments made here. You can find this blog of his at


However, some of the most spectacular examples of my ex-husband's writings as various personas can be found on the Topix Gang Stalking Forum, at

http://www.topix.com/forum/blogs/T6SIJEJPAALKGVF67 First page

My ex-husband is the person who actually started this blog, under the persona of Hektor Seven, a permutation of his real name. As you read down the blog, keep in mind that Vocct [me], Medawar [a British victim of organized stalking], RunGSRun [a Houston-area victim], and Eleanor White-Ontario [a Canadian victim] are all known to be separate individuals writing as themselves, but ALL OR NEARLY ALL of the other writers on this forum are various personas of my ex-'s. Notice that most of these exhibit distinctive writing styles and personalities: Wloclawek Warrior is angry and violent; ptw is helpful; Garrett Ram is negative; fisheyes is pseudo-Christian; Xsiv is "blonde, busty, and brainy"; Sara Quell is pseudomedical; etc. Many of his more well-developed personas on this forum are female: CT lady and Mrs. Sainah Samurai, for example. Some are stereotypes: italia and Mrs. Susan Shabangu, for example. Others, like Dirty Duck and iDareU, are just plain silly. It's disturbingly fascinating to watch these various characters carry on entire conversational streams, discussion, and arguments with each other on this forum once you're aware that this is really a single person "talking to himself". And according to Eleanor White, my ex-'s personas post dialogs with one another on other forums as well, although I've never taken the time to check these out personally.

[Update:  After I posted all this, my ex- transferred much of his posting activity to


He posts there as Tampa, CT lady, and others.  His most recent posts there as Tampa are long and rambling and show signs of stress.]

[My discussion continues below, at the end of the email group.]

Now, here is a final, very recent example from a series of emails I've been receiving from one of my ex-'s many personas:

My good friend Kitty, who writes the Anti-Organized Stalking blog at


says she believes Galina is a real person because she knows someone who has met her, but the series of emails I've received under this name is definitely the work of my ex-, as evidenced by the many, many familiar names, terms, initials (many of which are his own!), and more that are included in the long lists of email addresses for me to recognize. (Dr. John Hall's email address, info@satweapons.com, is real. I suspect most of the rest are fake, but I've never checked to be sure.) The most important thing to notice here is how much more organized and well-developed my ex's personas have become and how much more time he appears to be spending in writing as them.

I have no training in psychiatry or psychology, but it takes nothing more than a small dose of good, old-fashioned common sense to see that spending approximately 1 to 3 hours a day (that being my current estimate, based on a combination of what I receive plus what I see posted) writing and sending or posting this stuff is NOT NORMAL. (The harassing emails to me are illegal as well.) My ex- and his best friend probably failed a basic psychological test they were required to take as part of a post-graduate class years ago, because they were asked to come in for additional testing on the following Saturday. (They explained this at the time by saying they'd volunteered to be research subjects.) My ex-husband's family was close to LBJ and knew most of his security staff very well, so so my ex- and his family could have easily obtained coaching in compartmentilizing personalities in order to pass the exam, by answering the questions as if they were a different person with a different personality and point-of-view. (Note that this technique can also be used to pass a polygraph test.) Unfortunately, I believe it can be quite dangerous when practiced by someone who is already mentally ill, because it can potentially cause dangerous splitting of the personality in someone with already impaired reality. It's important to point out that such a splitting is different from classic multiple personality disorder, though, because in this case, the splitting can be done deliberately and at will.

In closing, there is one additional fact I need to leave you with. Of ALL the posts in this entire blog, the one with the most views overall (by quite a large margin!) is "Note To The Texas Medical Board", posted on 3/20/11. That fact, plus the fact that I'm including it here, will puzzle outsiders considerably, but local insiders will not be surprised at all and will understand completely. Personally, I find this very symptomatic of the problems here.

Update:  Many of the comments below were written in a single barrage that all came from Ip 97.9.19.# Cellco Partnership, DBA Verizon Wireless.  He was on for hours.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Organized Stalking Links

These links, provided by longtime organized stalking victim and well-known victims' advocate Eleanor White, contain some of the most important information currently available for victims of this serious crime and those others who are interested in learning more about it.  Just copy and paste the links into your browser.



In addition, here is an excellent short summary of organized stalking that was provided by Ms. White:

"Organized stalking is the harassment of a
selected target by a group of people who believe
the target deserves harassment. There are two
different types of harassment which make it
nearly impossible for the target to get help from
officials, or even friends and family:

"First, the stalkers operate from a large list of all
the 'nasty breaks' everyone experiences. Things
like being blocked in a parking place, noisy
neighbours, workplace harassment. Things that
happen only occasionally during the average
person's life.

"The stalkers re-create these 'nasty breaks,' at
least once a day, and often several times a day,
and at night as well, for the selected target.

"But because the activity is identical with life's
'nasty breaks,' outside observers will not grasp
that when these happen every day, it's deliberate
harassment. It's the perfect crime.

"Secondly, today's stalking groups possess and
use several simple, but not widely known, types
of through-wall electronic harassment. These
are not secret technologies, and they can be
had by anyone determined to disrupt someone's
life silently and deniably, through walls.

"Electronic sleep disruption is one example.
Viewing a target through walls is another."

I will post more links with important basic information here as I discover them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Organized Stalking Videos

These two videos, the links for which were provided by a friend of mine living in the Houston area (another long-time victim of organized stalking), contain some of the best documentation of organized stalking (aka gang stalking) that's currently available. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Community Harassment

Several days ago, two of my adult children were subjected to a large group of local young people running back and forth repeatedly in front of our house for some time while I was at work.  These young people were accompanied by the adult female in the vehicle shown here, and she appeared to be in charge of the harassment.

My children said that some of the joggers came down and trespassed on our property, despite being repeatedly asked to leave.  One even came and rang our doorbell, and he refused to leave even when informed that my children intended to call the police.  After about five minutes, he did eventually leave, but my offspring who owns the Kia Rio shown parked in front of our house said they were afraid some of the joggers who were hanging around the vehicle would damage it, since this vehicle has been "keyed" before.

It upsets me that my kids were targeted and frightened like this while I was gone.  But it bothers me considerably more that adults in our community who are in positions of leadership with local young people would deliberately teach them to commit criminal acts like harassment, organized stalking, trespassing, and more (see my earlier post titled "Sabotage", for example).  Many of the youths seen jogging back and forth in front of our house (and note that they are going nowhere else but repeatedly back and forth in front of our house!) in my offspring's video below are clad in jogging attire that appear to represent organized sports teams at our local high school.  And a previous post here from quite a while ago details a very similar incident, confirming that the community harassment of us is both ongoing and of long duration.

Far more disturbing is the fact that my children and I have been the victims of these kinds of incidents and far worse for over 13 years now.  The questions of why and how an entire community's reasons and behaviors can become so warped and sick that their members consider these sorts of criminal behaviors both normal and pleasurable are addressed in an earlier post of mine titled "Why They Do It" and also in Medawar's post here titled "Empire Builders".

For more information on the subject of community harassment, please see:


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Critical Reading

Today I'm sharing an editorial published in the San Antonio Express-News and written by Kathleen Parker. I hope you will read Ms. Parker's comments on the lack of critical reading skills in modern day society with a critical eye, because she has some very important things to say here.

Update: I don't know why this article uploaded with the stripes. Will try it again when I have time.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Death Of A Doctor

As noted in the first article shown here (which is taken from www.mysanantonio.com), Lubbock pathologist Dr. Joseph Sonnier III was recently found shot to death in his home. Apparently, the death was a homicide and there are no suspects at this time.

The second article here, which is from www.kxan.com, tells about the shooting deaths of Becky and Fermin Gallegos and their dog. These deaths occured two years ago (almost to the day!) in Fredericksburg, Texas (which is located here in Central Texas). A copy of Mrs. Gallego's obituary from the Fredericksburg Standard is also included.

The important connection between these two fatal shooting incidents is that Becky Gallegos is the ex-wife of Dr. Sonnier.

I never believed the deaths of the Gallegos to be murder-suicide as ruled. I now believe all of the killings are in fact related homicides. I find it interesting that the Lubbock account makes no mention of the Fredericksburg deaths. I also find it interesting that a current Fredericksburg pathologist with close ties to my ex-husband also has strong ties to Lubbock.

Pathologists are one of the first lines of defense against potential cover-ups of suspicious deaths. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that a pathologist and his former wife might have knowledge of such cover-ups and might possibly be silenced as a result.

Update: An alleged hit man and the plastic surgeon alleged to have hired him have been arrested for the murder of the pathologist. This is the same case above where the first reports said there were no suspects.

These sudden arrests are very convenient as far as distracting attention away from the Fredericksburg connection and, as far as I know, do nothing to explain it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A common ploy of organized stalkers and their stalking groups is the deliberate and systematic sabotage of victims’ homes, businesses, appliances, and vehicles. There are several different reasons for these acts of sabotage: to annoy, anger and upset victims; to drain victims’ financial reserves; and sometimes to cause victims serious bodily harm. Most people can relate one or two such (probably coincidental) incidents during their lifetime. The difference here is that victims of organized stalking, called “Targeted Individuals” (TIs), can usually report dozens of such incidents over the space of just a few years.

In our case, my children and I have been the victims of well over a hundred incidents of sabotage during the last thirteen years. These cover the entire spectrum from minor annoyances to expensive ruining of necessary equipment to acts clearly intended to attempt to injure or kill us. Routinely, a particular item or appliance is tampered with over and over again in the same way, often at periodic intervals.

The first act of sabotage committed against my children and me actually took place much longer ago. I have mentioned this incident in previous posts but will repeat the basics here. A few months after my husband and I and our oldest child moved to my husband’s hometown in the Texas Hill Country in 1986, my firstborn, I, and the second child I was pregnant with narrowly escaped death by carbon monoxide poisoning in the house we were renting at the time. My husband, who had been away working the night we were taken ill, was not affected, but I was put on oxygen and hospitalized for 24 hours after a blood test in the ER confirmed I’d been poisoned. While I was recovering, a gas company technician discovered that someone had nailed a board over the vent for the gas heater in the attic of the house and that the door at the base of the heater was hanging open. I was later told that a previous tenant had mistakenly covered the vent opening because he thought it was a leak and that the heater door had not been closed properly by another technician who’d come out to ignite the pilot light. [Interestingly, the doctor who treated me at the hospital questioned me extensively about my experience shortly before discharging me. Also, although the local newspaper printed lists of who was in the hospital at the time, they never published my name for this stay.]

Now fast-forward to thirteen years ago this month, when my husband suddenly left to marry a co-worker he’d been having an affair with behind my back. A few months after he left, the power brakes on my minivan suddenly failed completely, and I was able to stop the vehicle only by standing with both feet on the brake pedal with all my weight. I took the van in and supposedly had the brakes repaired, but on the way home, they failed again. This time, the dealership said they needed to order a part that took several weeks to arrive, so I was without my vehicle for quite a while—a great hardship for a newly single mother! And when I finally got my van back, the brakes immediately failed again. This went on for some time, with the van remaining at the dealers’, since it wasn’t safe to drive. Eventually, the divorce lawyer I’d retained had me send a letter to the dealership (which happened to be owned by the town’s mayor at the time and his family). About a week after I sent this, the dealer called and said my husband had purchased a new van for the kids and me (that I’ve been driving ever since).

After my divorce was finalized, I began having constant problems with leaking coils on the heat pump that was installed in the house my husband and I had built (where the kids and I now lived). I eventually had to replace the unit, which was very expensive, but the new unit soon began to leak as well. Not being very mechanically inclined, I kept patiently having the company that had installed the unit out to repair it, but eventually I decided to have a different company take a look. They showed me how the unit had been installed incorrectly so that the coils and electrical connections were located down inside the drip pan. I have previously posted photographs of this at


Over the years, the kids and I have had numerous other heating and air conditioning problems. Many times, our heat pump would simply stop working for various periods of time, only to magically restart itself just as a repairman arrived. I later discovered what I’ve been told is a relay switch for turning the unit off and on remotely, laying on top of the unit.

Recently, our air conditioning stopped working suddenly again. The repairman who came out somehow knew exactly where to go to fix the problem. In fact, he could barely contain his laughter as he showed me how the clip that held the emergency cut-off switch under the unit had somehow managed to get knocked off and trip the switch—even though none of us had been anywhere near the unit. He charged me $90 to clip the switch back on, as shown on the receipt below.

Then there are the problems with our standing seam tin roof. I have records of countless supposed repairs of various leaks that I paid for over the years, few of which actually got fixed, and many of which ended up doing substantial damage to our house before they finally were taken care of properly. Once, a roofer charged me $500 to go up on our roof and apply a small amount of caulking around a vent fan over the children’s bathroom that was leaking. He knew I’d be forced to go along with this because: a) no one else would come out here to make the repair, since I’d already had all the other companies in town out to try, and b) the roof is too high for my ladder to reach and too steeply sloping for me to go up there and make the repair safely by myself.

However, all of our other sabotage problems pale in comparison to those relating to our water heater. After one was installed incorrectly, workmen managed to flood parts of our house while fixing it (again, amid much laughter and a general “party atmosphere” on the part of the plumbers involved, whom I also caught attempting to steal some of my children’s toys on their way out!). Next, unknown persons began breaking into our house repeatedly and changing the temperature setting on our water heater, resulting in some near scaldings and numerous cold showers for my kids and me and more expensive visits by various plumbers, until we figured out what was going on. Lately, someone has been tripping the reset button on our tank, which Dr. John Hall of San Antonio told me the Hays organized stalking ring we know is being paid to target us apparently can do remotely from a vehicle parked in front of our house. (They can also park by our transformer, push a button on some gadget they have, and shut off all of our electricity for a few minutes, which they do quite often as well. When this happens and we look outside, the stalkers wave at us or dance around briefly in the street in front of us and then speed off.)

Then there are the problems with our cable television. Besides our service failing completely quite often, someone is able to selectively take out particular channels, usually because there’s something we really want to watch. Of course, only that channel (and sometimes a few random others) go out right as the show is is coming on, and of course they usually come right back on when the show is over. However, certain channels are taken down quite a lot of the time on our set, most notably Investigation Discovery and CNN.

The sabotage and hacking of our computers, computer connections, and related equipment are so common and so severe as to be worthy of their own separate post or posts. (For a start, please see "Man In The Middle".) Suffice it to say that our printer magically turns off and on all by itself at odd moments, our fax machine sometimes broadcasts voices or strange sounds of various sorts, and whichever port our mouse is plugged into fails often and repeatedly, forcing us to have to constantly switch it to a different port as we work. [It’s doing this now as I’m typing this!] It took us months to get the video shown in "Proof Of Organized Stalking" uploaded, because the connection would mysteriously fail every time we tried.

Some of the sabotage directed at my children and me continues to be life-threatening. A little over a year ago, I noticed a loud hissing noise coming from under the heavy cement cover on top of our water well outside. I briefly considered having my kids help me lift the cover and take a look, but the water heater happened to go out that same day (one of the times the reset button was tripped, as it turned out), so I had the plumber check the well when he came. This turned out to be a very good thing, because when he got the cover off the well, we discovered a suspicious-looking hole in the PVC pipe that was causing water to spray into the top of the well where the pump was; the water had filled the hole to the point where all the electrical connections on the pump were submerged. As soon as he saw this, the plumber’s face turned visibly white, and he began shaking noticeably. He immediately had me go to the breaker box and turn off power to the pump. He then asked if we had metal doorknobs in the house and whether anyone had ever been shocked by them. I told him we did but hadn’t had any problems with them, and he said this was a miracle. Later, he said our well pump was rigged slightly differently than most, which had prevented anyone from being shocked in the house, but that if any of us had put our hands down in the water to try and repair the leak, we might well have been electrocuted.

Recently, one of my (now adult) children was out running errands when the throttle on their car suddenly became stuck in the open position, and the engine began racing. [Note: This vehicle is not one of the well-publicized ones known to have this problem.] Thankfully, my offspring was able to make it home safely, but when I went out to take a look, the vehicle was stuck in “Park” with the wheels and ignition switch locked as well. Eventually, by jiggling the key around, I was able to restart the still-racing engine. I then unstuck the open throttle by stomping on the accelerator twice, after which the wheels and gear shift lever unlocked, and I could drive the vehicle into the garage. Early the next morning, when I went out to leave for work in my van, I found a small bolt laying on the floor of our garage, directly behind my child’s vehicle, which was parked next to mine. I don’t recall ever having seen this item before, and I’m positive it hadn’t been there the day before.

These are just a small sampling of the many, many constant acts of sabotage we have been forced to deal with time and time again. I’m posting this now because I’m currently in the middle of having to deal with two different items of sabotaged equipment, one a continuation of something discussed above, and the other a separate repeated problem I haven’t even gone into here. At the moment, I’m unable to get either of these problems corrected because of repair persons refusing to return my phone calls or putting me off in various other ways (potentially forcing me to pay huge long-distance service charges to bring someone else in, since we live in a small town). There is simply no reasonable excuse for business owners to treat a customer in the ways I’m being treated.

In closing this discussion, I feel a need to sternly remind some of my readers that organized stalking, harassment, and deliberate sabotage are serious criminal acts; see "U.S. Anti-Stalking Laws". These offenses are potentially punishable by strict federal sentencing guidelines that don’t include parole. Furthermore, in our case, the persons behind our stalking and many of their connections are known to both us and to high-level law enforcement.

If you participate in organized stalking and harassment in any way, even if ordered to participate by someone else, OR if it can be shown that you had knowledge of acts of organized stalking but did nothing to report or prevent them, you can be charged and convicted of these crimes just like the persons behind them. You should also be aware that although the persons persuading you to commit these crimes in various ways (such as through lies, threats, or whatever else works) may pretend to be your friends, they actually consider you completely expendable.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Organized Crime, Corrupt Law Enforcement, And Organized Stalking


I believe I've referred my readers to this post of Medawar's in the past, but with everything that is starting to come out of the British phone hacking investigation right now, this post on the relationship between the entities listed in the title above has suddenly become extremely timely again.

Then for a discussion of possible connections between the British phone hacking investigation and organized stalking here in Central Texas, please see


Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Cluster Of Deaths

In numerous previous posts on this blog, I have discussed suspicious deaths occurring in our area that have been clustered around some particular person, family or entity (the latter often a real estate development of some sort) in ways too coincidental to be statistically random. (See, for example, “Boot Ranch”). In recent months, a new set of these kinds of deaths has become apparent.

This latest group of deceased persons clusters very tightly around my ex-husband, in that all of them were very close lifelong friends of my ex-‘s. Two of the deceased, Kathy and Michael Stein, were brother and sister. Another, Allen Land, was Kathy Stein’s ex-husband. The fourth, Leonard Strackbein, was a lifelong close friend of all the other victims, as well as being a close buddy of my ex’s.

The Stein siblings’ father, a lifelong close friend of my former father-in-law’s, happens to be the doctor who delivered my ex-husband and his late sister. Kathy Stein was particularly close to my ex-husband all her life—like a sister to him, in fact. Notice from her obituary that at the time of her death, Kathy was the girlfriend of Paul Oestreich, who happens to be the current Fredericksburg Police Chief; Paul is also a close, lifelong friend of my ex-‘s and like a brother to him.

The local police, my ex-husband, and my ex-‘s family have all quietly put out the word that Kathy’s death was a suicide. Remember how the policeman who came out to document the cutting of my fence as discussed in my recent “Ugliness” post mentioned a “suicide” that had just occurred? This was on December 4, 2011, so the officer was no doubt referring to Kathy, although he never mentioned her name, or the fact that she was the girlfriend of his boss. Furthermore, I never saw anything in any of the local newspapers or on any of the local news broadcasts about Kathy’s death. Normally, the suicide of a police chief’s girlfriend is considered newsworthy, so this omission itself is odd, to say the least, particularly when it comes so soon after the sudden deaths of both her brother and her ex-husband as well.

I’m also concerned that there may be additional sudden deaths related to these that I don’t even know about. Several of my recent local newspapers have been stolen before I could see them, and I’ve been prevented in various ways from replacing them, leading me to wonder if they contained other obituaries for other persons whose names I might have recognized as having been closely connected with my ex-husband.

There have been a great many suspicious deaths of persons close to my ex-husband over the years, beginning (at least as far as I know) with the violent death of his own sister at age 16, and including the deaths of his close friends Robert Carter and Jimmy Brown, whom I’ve blogged about here before. (See “Jimmy Browns” and “My Story” at the beginning of this blog.)

For the record, I myself have no inside or personal knowledge about any of these deaths; all I know about them is what information has been given out by the obituaries shown here, my ex-husband, his family and friends, and local law enforcement. (Note: All obituaries shown here are taken from the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post.) Frankly, given the number of people close to my ex- who’ve suddenly turned up dead over the years, I’m very glad not to have any additional information about them. I freely admit that some of them may be from natural causes. However, I do have enough of an understanding of basic statistics to know there are simply too many of these deaths for all of them to be considered random occurrences.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Important Updates

I have recently added important updates to a number of my previous posts here. A summary of these follows and includes the links to these posts. (Note: The links are not live, in order to prevent possible tampering. You will need to copy and paste them into your browser.)

First and foremost, there has been a death associated with the situation explained and illustrated in my post "Developer's Greed". I've updated the post by adding the brief newspaper account of this death plus the victim's obituary. I felt it was important to include the obit., both to put a face on the death, and also to document that the body was quickly cremated. The link to this post is:


One of the attorneys who defrauded and misrepresented me is now running for public office in Bexar County. I have added information on this to two of my posts about her, "She Said" and "More Trust Issues". Here are the links to these:




I've added the fact that there is now major development of or very near the property that was involved in "The Case Of The Dropped Driver's License":


Finally, I've added a few more examples to "License Plates"; see:


Sheriff Mack Responds (Or Not?)

Since Sheriff Mack, the subject of Brian Chasnoff's column in my previous post, is currently a candidate for Congress, I decided to go to his campaign website and ask him what he would advocate doing about cases where local law enforcement and local offices of federal agencies are thoroughly corrupted, as ours appear to be. I did this through his official contact form, and I titled my request "Question On Issues".

Posted below is a copy of the reply I received. As you read it, keep in mind that Sheriff Mack, a former law enforcement officer, is heavily supported by persons living in my city and county, to the point where they provide him an official office here.

Notice that the reply is not actually from Sheriff Mack, although the writer states that his opinion and Sheriff Mack's are the same. I wonder if Candidate Mack is aware that others are answering policy questions from potential constituents for him?

What bothers me more, however, is the creepy historical reference that seems both unnecessary and more than a little bit bizarre. And notice, too, that the candidate's representative (and therefore, by inference, the candidate himself?) agrees there is a serious problem yet offers no concrete ideas for possible solutions.

Maybe I need to pose the same question to the other candidates in the race and compare all of the replies...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"An Inscrutable Purpose"

Here I am presenting a recent column by Brian Chasnoff that was published in the San Antonio Express-News, for your consideration.

For an understanding of the possible reasons why the "Patriots of Gillespie County" might be supporting Sheriff Mack, I refer you to the following previous posts:

"Empire Builders" (10/30/10):


and "Death In Comfort" (8/12/11):


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Trespasser

This stalker, like the ones in a previous post here, was also observed to be blatantly trespassing on our property just as I was leaving the house. (She somehow knew I was coming and had walked down our driveway so she would be in position in front of our house as I came outside.) And as before, despite my first asking and then insisting that she leave immediately, she refused. It was not until I pulled out my cell phone to photograph her that she finally decided to leave.

Monday, March 26, 2012

License Plates

In previous posts, I've discussed the fact that at any given time, approximately one out of every four vehicles seen on our Central Texas roads and highways have license plate violations. (I'm not exaggerating. I've done the surveys and the math.) These violations include missing front plates, non-matching front and back plates, plates that belong on a different vehicle, improper or fake plates, fake or expired temporary tags, obscured plates (by plastic covers, dirt, frames, etc.), and even plates that can be flipped up or down or changed in other ways while the vehicles is in motion. The vast majority of these plate violations are so blatant and the number of violations is so great that they beg the question of why local law enforcement refuses to do anything about them.

To victims of organized stalking like myself, however, the most interesting type of illegal license plates has to be the ones that appear to be Texas custom plates containing messages clearly meant for us that are being illegally manufactured by someone and then paraded by us (sometimes repeatedly) by stalkers. For example, as I filled up my vehicle with gas before going to Boerne to meet with private investigators Ken Hays and Jack Short for the first time, someone drove an older model gold-colored sedan with a Texas plate that read "SET UP" by me repeatedly. Short and Hays then conned and defrauded me as detailed elsewhere in this blog, and Hays turned out to head the organized stalking ring that continues to victimize my children and me. Since my original encounter with this plate, I have observed it many additional times on numerous other vehicles, often just before I've been victimized in other ways. The older gold car I first saw the plate on has also had Texas plate R34-XBN on it, by the way.

While I have no doubts at all that some of the Texas custom license plates I've observed are genuine, I'm equally certain that many of them are bogus, either because of the message/s they contain that are clearly directed at me, or because they contain words or meanings that I'm sure the State of Texas would never allow on a legal plate.

Listed below are examples of Texas plates my kids and I have seen over the years:

I AM SS (on a silver SUV)
DBBNB (white pickup with a closed bed with silver handles on top of the cover)
BRAZOS (on a Kansas plate)
GLOCK U (on a large, unmarked pickup)
DROWN (seen just before a heavy rain)
BRIGHT (seen just before someone blinded me temporarily by shining an extremely bright and very white light into my vehicle from behind while I was driving at night)
CRK HED (on a silver Town and Country van)
72S-KM9 on the front plate and 725-KM9 on the back plate of a custom-painted dark green and brown/tan truck
APEX IV (tan sedan)
SUMR RN (pale blue VW)
CINCH (reported by one of my adult children)
DED (white letters on a black background, of course)
DOUTFUL (on a large white SUV)
STOKED (on Range Rover)
DROWN (black Arizona plate)
FINS UP (small dark pickup)
SAHM (black and gold Escalade pickup)
DREAM (on pink background)
4 AK
REDOOR (white letters on red background on pickup with illegal red front parking lights)
HEART (white letters on a black background)
STST (If you know me, you will understand this one!)
BURLAP (Wish LE from Long Island had seen this one!!)
ITS SLD  (probably refers to my property; see various other posts here)
AVENUE (black on white; has a strip above it that flips between Texas and Penn)
AMFM GUY (Florida plate)
LOST (white on black; seen on both the front and back of a pickup truck identical to one owned by my ex-husband)

I will be adding to this list as we spot more unusual plates, so you might want to check back here from time to time to see my further additions. Also, please feel free to add plates you observe in comments at the end of this post.

Finally, I'm including a copy of a recent comment of my ex-husband's that gives his explanation for the use of illegally manufactured custom license plates in organized stalking:

Anonymous said...
I have a way to sort my email into piles which I do not even open. Much like junk mail at home. I don't purposefully discard them either. I sometimes take paint pictures of the threats that roll in ... health, robbery, vandalism, heart, diabetes, lung, car wrecks, bad knees ... ANYTHING they can think of with my family including putting their names on car tags and short words of things we talked about (I.E: "SUZYCASA" when I discussed buying a house with my niece. (her name is NOT suzy they used her real name) my GOD it goes on and on and on. I consider it theater. Probably because I just do. I live my life very well and while I prefer it here of course; I am not afraid to die. I am actually a perfect target. I am also the perfect storm, too stupid to be scared.(that's a bad joke) I'll tell you what worries me the most with you is that catapault sounding thing. I've had them swerve their whole cars right at me. That pretty much ceased with the video camera. You are so brave and so full of heart's courage, just corral that email and CONTROL IT. Don't read it like they want you to. Delay reading it or filter it if you can to delay reading it. THAT way it loses its effectiveness A GREAT DEAL. I patiently went through and "spammed" the pieces until EVERY piece in my inbox was ABSOLUTE EMAIL and I give THAT address to NO ONE. NO ONE. THEN I go to the bulk folder every few days or once a week (and NOT at the same time) and I take "paint" or copy/paste to word I also copy the paints to word maybe I should call them screen shots .. of all the bulk that seems threatening. I VERY VERY RARELY read it.
For awhile they sent those ... "substance abuse" (going to addict my family to drugs) "find a home for OLD MOM" "auto glass" ... OH MY GOD IT GOES ON AND ON. I found the COLOMBIAN AUTO GLASS (who was a regular stalker) guy's picture on the sheriff's website and so there went all of that stuff amazing how they know I find out who they are and then don't show up anymore, huh? They're looking for a way to get a toe and claw hold. ANYTHING. ANYTHING.
February 11, 2012 9:23 AM


Friday, March 16, 2012

A Dark Cloud For Sunshine Week

This is appalling and absolutely unacceptable. The article comes from a recent edition of The San Antonio Express-News.