Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sheriff Mack Responds (Or Not?)

Since Sheriff Mack, the subject of Brian Chasnoff's column in my previous post, is currently a candidate for Congress, I decided to go to his campaign website and ask him what he would advocate doing about cases where local law enforcement and local offices of federal agencies are thoroughly corrupted, as ours appear to be. I did this through his official contact form, and I titled my request "Question On Issues".

Posted below is a copy of the reply I received. As you read it, keep in mind that Sheriff Mack, a former law enforcement officer, is heavily supported by persons living in my city and county, to the point where they provide him an official office here.

Notice that the reply is not actually from Sheriff Mack, although the writer states that his opinion and Sheriff Mack's are the same. I wonder if Candidate Mack is aware that others are answering policy questions from potential constituents for him?

What bothers me more, however, is the creepy historical reference that seems both unnecessary and more than a little bit bizarre. And notice, too, that the candidate's representative (and therefore, by inference, the candidate himself?) agrees there is a serious problem yet offers no concrete ideas for possible solutions.

Maybe I need to pose the same question to the other candidates in the race and compare all of the replies...

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