Friday, December 16, 2011

Perpetrators and Bystanders

This article was published recently in the San Antonio Express-News. Because it discusses bullying, it also has great relevance to discussions on organized stalking, which is a more serious and more criminal form of bullying. If reading it causes even one person to start thinking about whether they are a perpetrator or a bystander and what the long term effects of the decisions they make every day about this might be, then I will not have shared the article in vain.

Do not be a perpetrator or a bystander in organized stalking! You can go to prison for being a perpetrator. You can lose your soul and your humanity and your freedom by being a bystander.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ugliness, From Petty To Criminal

Acts of stalking and harassment committed against me seem to be escalating again, for some reason.

Last Saturday (12/3/11), I needed to work late and didn’t get home until after midnight. Before I pulled into my driveway, I stopped in front of my mailbox to get the mail. As soon as I’d stepped out of my vehicle to go around to open the mailbox, a man and a large dog on a harness and leash stepped out onto the street directly in front of me from a dark, brushy area of my property just west of the top of the drive. (From where they stepped out, the man and his dog had to have been trespassing on my property.) Of course this startled and frightened me, especially when I realized they were coming toward me. However, as soon as the man was sure I’d seen him, he and the dog quickly turned around and hurried off in the opposite direction. All I could see of him in the dim light was that he was youngish (20-40), had dark hair and a medium athletic build, and was probably Caucasian. He had clearly known I was coming, since he had lain in wait for me, but because it was cold out and he’d had on only a light jacket, I doubt he’d been waiting there long.

Overnight, it rained a bit off and on. The next morning (Sunday) when I went out to get the newspaper, I discovered someone had poked several holes in the plastic bag covering our paper in order to try to ruin it with water damage (see photos below). Fortunately, heavier rain held off until just after I’d retrieved the paper, so this attempt failed.

Then, around noon on the same day (12/4/11), we were startled by someone ringing our doorbell twenty or more times in rapid succession. I went to the front door and saw two local police officers, one male and one female. The female officer laughingly told me through the door that one of our cows had gotten loose and that I needed to get it back inside our fence; the male officer was also grinning from ear to ear. I told her that we’ve had a lot of trouble with people letting our livestock out in various ways over the years (picking, cutting or breaking the locks on our gates; cutting holes in our fences; etc.) and that I’d be right out to retrieve the cow. It was cold, wet, and muddy, and I needed to change clothes, which I did quickly. I also grabbed a bucket of feed from the garage.

I easily lured the cow along the outside of my fence and then down the street and into the gate to our pasture, despite the many additional police officers who’d suddenly showed up first blocking my path with one of their patrol cars and then repeatedly letting vehicles pass, despite their promise to temporarily close the street to traffic while the cow and I had to be in it for a short distance (which took us less than five minutes total).

After the officers left, I began walking the fence line along the western side of my property, since that side was where the escaped cow had been found. Sure enough, I soon found a place where my fence had been cut and then folded inward (NOT outward, as an escaping animal would have left it!). I photographed the damage with the camera on my cell phone and sent the photos to various places for safekeeping.

I then called the law enforcement dispatcher and asked them to send someone back to take a police report. During this call, I made it very clear to her that the responding officer/s needed to walk the short distance down my western fence line from the street and meet me at the location where the damage was, because I could not leave a hole in my fence of that size unattended for long. However, a few minutes later, I heard the loud approaching wail of a police siren as a patrol car sped up to the front of our house. The siren was then turned off, but a few minutes later, I could see a patrol car driving slowly up and down our street, so I called the dispatcher back and repeated my message that the officers would have to park and walk the short distance down the hill to where I was.

Five or ten minutes later, the same male and female officers who’d come to my door arrived to look at the damaged fence. The male officer tried to tell me that some of the broken ends of fencing had rust on them and that this indicated an old break the cow had simply escaped through; both officers also noted that there were no footprints in the mud other than the cow’s. I showed them many other places where the fence wires had been recently and cleanly cut, some of which even had shear and tool marks on them, and I then pointed out barbed wire strands over the top of the nine-foot high fence, which had also clearly been cut, and remarked that the cow would not have been able to reach that high. I did agree that the fencing at that spot looked like it had been tampered with repeatedly over a long period of time, and I reminded the officers about the serious trespassing problems we’ve had on our property for years: people leaving trash, partying, shooting rockets and guns, breaking into our barn, and more.

At that point, the officer did admit that someone had cut our fence. They agreed to file a police report, but I did not see them take any photographs.

After they left, I put some wood in the opening to lock it temporarily and went back to the house for supplies. I then took additional photos of the damage with my camera (see below) and then wired the hole closed with wire and wire cutters. While I was doing this, I noticed that someone had left a golf ball next to the hole in the fence (see photo) and another one nearby on my side of the fence (see photo). [For many years, we’ve had problems with trespassers leaving trails of golf balls on our property to let us know they’d been there. I’ve discussed this problem in previous posts on this blog.]

Later that day, I decided I’d better check our entire fence line for damage. I was almost back to the house when I discovered a second large hole that had been cut in our fence. This other hole was on the opposite (east) side of our property. It was smaller and lower than the hole on the other side—not big enough for a cow to escape through, but easily big enough to admit a dog of the size I’d seen with the man the night before, or even a person, if they stooped down. This second hole had to have been cut very recently: there were clear cutting marks on the strands, there was no rust on any of the cuts, the cuts were even and aligned with each other, and the cut portion of the fence had been folded inward, not outward. This second hole in the fence was located directly behind a very recently built medical office building (to hide it from view from the nearby street, which runs along my property on that side, but it’s also important to note that anyone coming to this office building, and particularly anyone using their parking lot, would have been able to easily see this cut-out hole in my fence).

Again, I photographed the damage with my cell phone camera and sent the pictures off for safekeeping. I then called law enforcement again and asked them to send someone out to make another report. I was told someone would be coming, but that it might take them twenty or thirty minutes to arrive because they were busy. I told the dispatcher I would wait for the police behind the office building, where the damage was, even though the sun was setting and it would be completely dark by the time the police got there. While I waited, I took photographs with my regular camera as shown below. The entire time I was waiting, it was cold, windy, and raining lightly, and there was a heavy and steady stream of vehicles driving by me repeatedly out on the street, which normally doesn’t have much traffic at that time of day.

Eventually, a lone male police officer arrived and apologized for having taken so long to get there (he said local law enforcement was very busy with a case where someone had committed suicide!). This time, the officer immediately admitted the damage to our fence was both very recent and definitely criminal. He took some flash photographs this time, and he also used my wire and cutters to help me wire the hole closed, while I held a flashlight so he could see. After the repair was completed, I asked his permission to cut through the office parking lot so I could walk the short distance home along the street and under the streetlights, instead of having to stumble through my pasture in the dark. He offered to give me a ride home, but I told him I wanted to walk some of the mud off my shoes and would be fine.

Last night, I had to work very late again. As I was driving home alone along Hwy 87 between Comfort and Fredericksburg well after midnight, a local ambulance suddenly appeared behind me with both its internal and external regular (white) lights on. It began to tailgate my vehicle very aggressively, and it kept this up for at least five miles (and probably more). At no time did this ambulance ever turn on its colored lights, horn, or siren, and its driver could have driven around me at any time (there were many legal passing places and no other vehicles on the highway) but did not do so. Having this large vehicle, so brightly lit from inside, driving so close to my rear bumper was very frightening to me. I slowed down and kept waiting for the ambulance to pass me at one of the marked passing zones, but it didn’t. I moved into the right-hand lane at the next place where the road widened into two lanes on my side. To my relief, the ambulance finally passed me, but as soon as it did so, someone switched off the interior lights before it went speeding off.

When I got home, I discovered that someone had stolen my local (weekly) newspaper from my front yard. And most of our favorite channels (including CNN and HLN) have suddenly and selectively disappeared from our cable television, and the company can’t seem to fix the problem after a week of trying. As I’ve been sitting here typing this, I’ve received a hang-up phone call, and someone has somehow been repeatedly disabling the port my computer mouse is using, forcing me to move it to various other ones. Unbelievable!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Lincoln Town Cars

As I was driving on I-10 recently in heavy traffic that was moving well, someone in a dark pickup pulled up next to me, to my left and slightly in front of me, and suddenly threw a square black metal object directly at my vehicle very hard. This object just missed hitting my vehicle, and I heard it hit the road and go flying off somewhere. I never saw who was in the truck the object came from, and I never saw anyone reach out to throw it; all I saw was a distinctive-looking black metal square come flying toward me. In describing this square to others later, I learned that it was probably a plate that goes on the bottom of a scaffolding pole or on top of a builder's screw jack.

Then, on the morning after Thanksgiving (11/25/11) at around 9:45 AM, I had just entered I-10 at the La Cantera entrance ramp heading west in heavy traffic that was again moving well, when a white Lincoln Town car came speeding up, pulled in behind me, and began tailgating me. About a minute later, this car abruptly pulled into the lane just to my left and came speeding past me, going very fast. As it passed by me, I tried to see who was inside, but the windows of this vehicle looked almost as white as the car, as if they were frosted, and it was impossible to see anything inside.

The white Lincoln then cut in front of me and began driving directly ahead of my vehicle in the same lane. It began swerving back and forth a bit, so I tried to make out the license plate, but I couldn't see it well and couldn't make any of it out; in retrospect, I believe it was either a temporary tag or was obscured by a plastic cover.

Then all of a sudden, a light tan piece of what looked like wood came flying directly at me and very hard from the passenger side of the Lincoln. By some miracle, the wood fell just short of the front of my vehicle, missing it by a foot or less. I both saw and heard the projectile hit the road very hard, and I saw it bounce off the pavement and go flying fairly high up into the air before coming back down and sliding off the righthand side of the road. Once again, I had not seen an arm reach out to throw the object; I'd only seen it hurtling straight at me.

This second object had a square shape, size, and thickness that were all very similar to the black metal one from the previous incident, but it was even stranger and more distinctive-looking to me than the first. Although it had looked like it was made of light-colored wood, each of its four corners had a small diagonal line running across them that looked, in the split-second glance I had at them, like each corner had a small, sharp cover over it. I'm pretty sure these covers were metal, because they were shiny gray in color, and I thought I could see small sparks as the corners hit the pavement and bounced off. I'm less certain that the body of the square projectile was actually made of wood as it appeared, since the tan square seemed a bit heavier than I'd have expected and had made a sort of brittle noise when it bounced.

Besides the surprise of having these items come suddenly flying at me, the other thing I remember most about both incidents is how hard they had to have been thrown at me. In thinking about what I saw (and didn't see), and in discussing the incidents with others, I've come to the conclusion that these objects were probably launched at me mechanically somehow, rather than having been thrown by a person. This could have been done by something like a clay pigeon throwing device used for shooting skeet, or by using some sort of combination of a rail and surgical tubing. But again, I never saw anything like this protruding from either of these vehicles, either, although to be honest, I wasn't exactly looking for them at the time.

As soon as the wooden? object bounced away, the Lincoln immediately sped off down the freeway, going very fast (well over the speed limit) and still weaving slightly. As you can imagine, I was fairly shaken up by both incidents, particularly the second one, since that projectile had come much closer to hitting me and had been aimed straight at my head when it first came flying at me.

The other thing that shook me up badly about the second incident was that both LBJ and my former mother-in-law used to be famous for driving around our small town in white Lincoln Town cars, although they of course were older models than the one I had the incident with. (This is the reason the title of this post is plural, not singular.) My former father-in-law and his father were close business associates of LBJ's, and my ex-'s mother never made any secret of the fact that she enjoyed driving a car just like Johnson's.

I believe both of these incidents, and particularly the second one, were attempts on my life. The first I thought might possibly have been an accident at the time, but the second was clearly a serious attempt to injure or kill me, either by hitting me in the head or making me swerve, causing me to hit someone or something. Worse, these attempts aimed at me might have also hurt or killed someone else who happened to be driving nearby me.

I have reported the second incident to the Texas Department of Public Safety by email but have not yet had a response and have not yet had time to talk to anyone there. I doubt there are many white Lincoln Town cars owned by people living in our area, so I'd appreciate any information on them that my readers might be able to email me through this blog (anonymously is fine) or post as a comment here.

Before I end this post, there's one more thing I need to add. I'm currently working for a national company whose name you would immediately recognize, and as part of my on-boarding paperwork when I signed on with them, they required me to sign off on a vaguely worded life insurance document that said it covered me while I travel to and from work with them. And sure enough, I was indeed either heading to or from my work with them when each of these projectile attacks against me took place.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Truck Wars

The stalking and harassment being directed at me while I'm driving to and from work continues unabated, despite my earlier post on the subject. Recently, however, I've noticed a serious increase in incidents involving large trucks and other heavy vehicles, like over sized pickups, trailers, RVs, large SUVs, and the like. This is very dangerous, both to me and to other vehicles, particularly on I-10, where the speeds involved are high.

Large trucks come barrelling down the entrance ramps at me, trying to force me into someone else next to me in the passing lane. They tailgate me (usually with their lights on, as described in a previous post here) in the right hand lane, ignoring clear opportunities to pass me. They zoom past me, then cut into my lane in front of me and slow to a crawl (at which point, at least 100 of their friends in smaller vehicles suddenly start passing me to my left in a line where they're so close together that I'm trapped behind the slow-moving vehicle; remember, I'm being stalked by very large numbers of people from this area). The big trucks and other large vehicles also drive for long stretches in my blind spots, hoping I won't see them and will hit them (in which case, of course, I'll come out second-best). They swerve repeatedly at my vehicle from neighboring lanes, trying to make me panic and lose control. They surround my vehicle very closely on three sides and then start swerving at me, which is especially disconcerting and dangerous when the three vehicles doing this are all semi rigs.

But wait, there's more! Two weeks ago, a passenger in a large pickup that had just passed me suddenly threw a square black piece of metal out of their window at my windshield. There was nothing I could do to avoid this, but luckily, it just missed hitting my vehicle and bounced onto the pavement next to me.

Then there's the constant variety of bizarre and dangerous objects and items left in the roadway for me to either attempt to avoid or hit: everything from everyday items to trash to scrap metal to dead animals I've previously seen off to the side of the road that are suddenly moved back onto it for my next trip (yes, they definitely were dead the first time around; they didn't move by themselves!). On one particularly memorable occasion several years ago, two guys riding (illegally, of course) in the open bed of a pickup suddenly pushed an antique sofa off the back of the truck directly in front of me and laughed as I swerved to miss hitting it (successfully, thank heavens!).

This week, I had problems several days in a row with a particular white over sized pickup with a HCTC logo on it. I also had problems near the Comfort entrance ramp with another large white pickup truck that was carrying a large concrete vault on the back that had "Biohazard" printed in black lettering on the back of it. This last was especially interesting, given that the location where I encountered it is very close to the property that is the subject of discussion in my earlier "Death In Comfort" post.

Although, as explained in previous posts, some of the vehicles involved in the stalking and harassment of us are marked law enforcement vehicles of various kinds, I will be submitting a copy of this post to the Texas Department of Public Safety, along with my latest request for their protection of both myself and other innocent drivers. My previous complaints to them have gone unanswered, but I will continue to file written complaints with them nonetheless, in order to leave a written record of what's being done.

Stalking As An Addiction

There's a good article on this posted at:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update On Organized Stalking

Recently there has been some good updated information on organized stalking (aka gang stalking) posted in various places on the Internet that I'd like to share. These are posted here in no particular order, along with a brief explanation of what they're about, for your consideration.

The first of these is at

and is titled "Types Of Organized Stalking". This article was written by a friend of mine and contains a brief mention of me. The information this post contains is excellent.

The second link I'm asking my readers to look at is

This post, by the same author as the one above, discusses problems with Canadian mail and package deliveries experienced by a target of organized stalking. Her experiences with illegal mail and package tampering are very similar to ones my children and I have been the victims of in the U.S. for over 12 years now. ALL of our private (i.e., non-junk) mail arrives having been clearly opened, tampered with, and either left hanging open or having been crudely taped shut again. Sometimes bizarre items are added to our mail, as discussed in previous posts here dealing with mail tampering. Other times, the contents of our mail are missing or vandalized. For us, it does not matter how our mail or packages are sent; ALL the major carriers (USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.) are involved. I have filed repeated, very well-documented complaints with each of these to no avail. I have provided the USPS alone with copies of a stack of receipts for missing/stolen packages and certified letters that is over an inch thick, the tracking numbers on which all come back as "No Record", and they STILL won't do anything about it.

[Update, 11/15/11: The author of the above has posted an update that contains considerable additional information at ].

The nest link I'm providing here is for a post at the Topix National Gang Stalking Forum that was written by well-known organized stalking victim and advocate Eleanor White. This time, I'm also providing a partial sample of Ms. White's writings at this site, along with my hope that you will take the time to go to the site and read the rest of what she's written there in other postings. Important Note: Hektor Seven, who started this forum, is a very serious perpetrator of organized stalking who is well-known to me. He seems to have started the forum as a vehicle to taunt and torment victims, rather than as a way to help victims share information and help. It's also very important for those who follow this particular forum to realize that many, if not most, of the posts on this forum are actually written by Hektor Seven under a multitude of different names. Once you understand this, you'll realize that H7, as he's known, actually uses the forum to "talk to himself" in many different personalities, which serves as a GREAT example of one of my basic axioms for stalking victims: It's the stalkers who are mentally ill, not their victims.

" [For below]

Eleanor White
Sault Sainte Marie, Canada Reply »
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Judge it!
Friday Nov 11

I don't follow this thread real closely, but if police records of complaints about organized stalking are being discussed, there is a HUGE number of those.

One problem is that police often try to avoid taking a written complaint that would go in their files. This makes it difficult for crime statistics to reflect the true level of organized stalking activity.

But in spite of that, recent statistics (post 2000) show that for the U.S., Canada and the U.K., complaints of group stalking represent about one complaint to police out of eight. That's a huge number.

More detail is available in pages 9-12 of my e-booklet titled "Organized Stalking" at this link:

Also relating to numbers of complaints about organized stalking are the calls received by the National Center for Victims of Crime. An attorney who is a member of our group has been trying for some time to get NCVC to reveal their full information relating to organized stalking. They have resisted.

However, our attorney member provided me a copy of an affidavit he swore, which is viewable on pages 49-51 of the above e-booklet.

Attorney Keith reports one call-taker at NCVC acknowledged 10 percent of the calls she receives on an average shift are about "gang" stalking, which is a poor term but does mean organized stalking by groups.

The NCVC call taker, reports Keith, acknowledged "thousands" of calls per month relating to "gang" stalking.

Keith could not get supervisors to put that in writing, unfortunately. Subsequent attempts by Keith to find out why the silence brought a hint that the official NCVC position is, and again, this was hinted at, not publicly declared, that organized stalking complaints are the result of mental illness.

Of course no mental health worker or other official has ever explained to our membership why they roll out the red carpet for targets of a single stalker, but deny that stalking by more than one stalker is even possible.

What psychological or sociological barrier absolutely prevents two or more people from getting together to "give someone the business?"

Organized stalking in the workplace has been recognized by researchers under the name "mobbing," and a book by mobbing researchers is available from under that title. The authors are Dr. Noa Davenport, Ruth Distler Schwartz and Gail Pursell Elliott. Copyright 1999. References there to other research.

So where do psychiatrists and officials get this idea that organized stalking happens in the workplace, but NEVER, no no no no no no NEVER, in the community?

We all pay officials and doctors HUGE cushy salaries, and we allow them to treat targets of group stalking like crap. Time for that to change.

Eleanor White"

My final shared link cam be found at Cause Stalking by David Lawson:

Lawson is a private investigator who managed to infiltrate an organized stalking gang and then wrote a book about his experiences. This link provides a great deal of additional information from Mr. Lawson's book.

I'm providing these various links to my readers because they contain a lot of accurate and basic information (some of it new) on organized stalking. I hope they will encourage you to explore the subject further. And then I hope they will help motivate you to take action to do something about it!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Culture Of Corruption

The accompanying editorial was published recently in the San Antonio Express-News.

It should also be noted that in recent weeks, the editor, an assistant editor, and two excellent columnists at this newspaper have all suddenly left.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Protest Organized Stalking

I'm asking my readers to also see

for an excellent new summary of the current state of affairs regarding organized stalking that includes a discussion of my situation here in Texas.

Kitty is a dear friend and an invaluable resource for stalking victims. Both she and I share the belief that victims must find the courage to speak out (loudly) about what's being done to them and must also reach out to others like the two of us, people who know a lot and really care about others.

Please remember the two most important facts about organized/gang stalking: it's the stalkers who are mentally ill, not their victims; and the thing stalkers fear the most is victims sharing information!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Warning Shot

First, see the explanation at

Then, see Medawar's latest post at

which discusses both the Canadian organized crime gang victimizing my friend and the Texan organized crime gang victimizing my children and me.

The Dick H. discussed in the above link is my former father-in-law.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We The People

I'm asking everyone who reads this blog to go to the following link and sign this petition to The White House asking them to put an end to organized stalking and related programs. Every signature is extremely important and will help save lives.

If you've always wanted to do something to help make the world a better place, now's your chance!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Trespassers Who Wouldn't Leave

Today, after running the usual gauntlet of road stalkers, I came home to find these two individuals openly trespassing in the middle of our front yard! And when I asked them to leave (repeatedly), they refused and got "mouthy". At that point, I threatened to both call the police and take legal action, at which point they finally left.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Worst Stalkers

I suppose I should have expected the severe road stalking I experienced today, no doubt as a reaction to my post of last night, since the organized stalking that's directed against my children and me is so pervasive in this area in general and law enforcement at all levels does so little (i.e., nothing) to help us. I always hope for the best in people, even as I continue to be an innocent victim of the worst in people.

So, out of the many people who actively participated in the organized stalking of me today, who do you think wins the prize for being the worst? Was it the man on the bicycle with a helmet on his head and a large backpack on his back who looked a great deal like my ex-husband and was waiting across the highway from my house to dart out in front of me as I left for work? Maybe it was the guy in the large red pickup bearing Texas plate AF9-2007, who very aggressively tailgated me with his headlights on and ignored numerous opportunities to go around me before eventually speeding off down the freeway (switching his lights off as he passed me) this morning.

Perhaps today's worst stalkers were some of the many other drivers who kept their lights on while driving behind me as I came home from work that also switched their lights off as soon as they moved in front of me. There were certainly a lot of these!, like persons in the white hatchback with Texas plate 4BJCH, the white car with Texas plate 311-RKW (which also tailgated me aggressively), the tan car with Texas plate 319-LYS, the white car with Texas plate BL3-Z512, the blue hatchback with Texas plate BV4-K475, the black SUV with Texas plate CKJ-250, the white car with Texas plate KSC-752, or the van with Texas handicapped plate 8CWFC.

Maybe today's worst stalkers were among the many drivers instead coming toward me with their lights on who immediately switched their lights off as they passed me on the other side of the highway--there were a lot of these as well! (And no, I'm not talking about all the drivers with their lights on during the daytime, only the ones who switched them on or off relative to their position with my vehicle.)

Or maybe today's worst stalker was the driver of the large truck with "Stevens Transport" printed on the side that drove so slowly and without lights while I was behind it but quickly switched its headlights on as I passed it and then sped away at the next exit.

But no; the award for the very worst organized stalkers of today goes to [drumroll, please!]: the people in the dark gray car bearing Texas plate 227-PVS that repeatedly drove up behind me with their headlights on, turned them off as they passed me and left them off while they were in front of me, slowed down in order to force me to pass them and switched their lights back on again as I did so, dropped back for awhile, and then repeated the process. The fact that these people (and there were a number of them in the car) could not seem to stop doing this over and over again is a classic example of psychopathic behavior, and possibly also an example of group evil as defined by author M. Scott Peck.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How To Spot Gangstalking: A Primer

Important Note: Although I used the term "gangstalking" in the title of this post, the crime is more accurately called "organized stalking".

Many people, upon hearing about organized stalking, struggle with the idea that something involving so many different people willing to victimize a single innocent individual can possibly exist. As a long-time victim of this evil, I can tell you with great authority that organized/gang stalking not only exists, but actually occurs openly and with shocking frequency. You too will be able to recognize it and spot it being done to people as you go about your everyday life, once you know a few of the basic things to watch for.

The quickest and most surefire way I know of to spot gang stalkers in action is to keep your eye on vehicles that drive with their lights on during the daytime (regular headlights, parking lights, or other--see below). I'm not saying all vehicles that do this are being used to stalk someone (although where I live, so many people participate in organized stalking that the percentages are far higher here than normal), only that the lights are a red-flag warning that they might be.

Once you spot a vehicle that's lit up at an inappropriate time, start watching it carefully. Is its driver following someone way too closely from behind and ignoring obvious opportunities to pass? Does the tailgating vehicle with its lights on eventually speed up, go around the car in front, and then turn its lights off immediately after the pass is completed? Ah, but I can hear skeptics in the crowd saying that drivers often tailgate and flash their headlights as a way of letting slow drivers know they want to be let by. In those cases, however, the vehicle in back can be expected to pass at the first safe opportunity, whereas stalkers won't pass no matter what (at least not for a while).

However, organized stalkers work in teams, so if you're witnessing road stalking, the vehicle behind will eventually pass the victim, turn its lights off, and speed away. Almost immediately, another vehicle will pull in behind the victim, turn their lights on, and take their turn, sometimes tailgating in order to insure that the victim notices them, and other times following at a safer distance so as to cause less alarm to non-involved drivers around them.

A common variant of the above can be identified when you spot one or more (it often involves several) vehicles pulling onto a highway or freeway entrance around the same time a victim's vehicle reaches the same spot. When you see the lights of all the vehicles that pull onto the same road behind the victim turn their lights on, while none of the vehicles in front of the victim's light up, you will know you are witnessing someone being stalked by a group. Then, as each vehicle behind passes the victim's in turn, you will see the stalkers turn their lights off. Only the stalkers behind the victim's vehicle will have their lights on.

Another commonly seen variation of this involves a stalker's vehicle being deliberately positioned out ahead of a victim's vehicle (keeping in mind that victims of organized stalking are usually under constant illegal surveillance). As the victim approaches, the stalker's vehicle begins driving extremely slowly and refuses to let the victim's vehicle pass. (Sometimes other stalkers' vehicles assist by blocking the passing lanes as well.) Eventually, the victim either finds a way to pass or is finally allowed to pass, but as soon as they do so, you will see the lights on the slow-moving vehicle turn on, and it will then often either turn away or speed off.

An additional technique you'll see used by stalkers is to park a vehicle along the side of the road ahead of where a victim will be passing. As the victim's vehicle approaches, you will see the lights on the parked vehicle turn on and remain on until the victim has driven completely past, at which time the parked vehicle's lights will suddenly be extinguished. This seems to be especially used by corrupt law enforcement officers, in which case the parked vehicles are often official patrol cars whose colored lights are also turned on and off as the victim's vehicle passes.

Stalkers in their vehicles also approach victims' vehicles from the opposite side of the road.  In this case, you will see the stalkers turn off their lights just as they pass the victim's vehicle, so if you see multiple vehicles coming toward you with their lights on and these are all switched off as they pass a certain vehicle going the opposite direction, you are witnessing organized stalking in action.

You should watch for vehicles bearing bizarre custom license plates as well, because the drivers of these vehicles are usually actively stalking someone. Some Texas examples of these plates that I've seen in the past are: SET UP. STRYKE, and GLOCK U.

There are of course many ways to spot organized stalking in action that do not involve vehicles, but I wanted to discuss the signs of gang stalking involving vehicles first and foremost, because I believe these are the easiest and most obviously abnormal things for uninvolved people to watch for. However, there are obvious and important non-vehicular signs of organized stalking to look for as well. For example, if you see numerous people hanging around a particular residence at odd hours, especially if they have dogs and are standing in front of the residence or walking back and forth in front of it repeatedly, you can bet the people inside are stalking victims.

Other signs of organized stalking are people in neighboring houses or businesses who come out and make loud noises strictly for the sake of making noise (walking out of the house and banging two metal pipes together, for example, or turning off and on a mower, chain saw, blower, heavy equipment, backup beeping warning noises, or even first responder sirens or fake bird noises!) repeatedly for short periods of time, particularly when victims step outside.

A particularly important sign of organized stalking is seeing unauthorized persons coming and going from a house or business when you know the inhabitants are away. These stalkers will often be (or claim to be) legitimate repair persons of various kinds and will even have marked vehicles, but they will be installing illegal surveillance equipment, moving items around inside (to make victims think they're going crazy or just to let them know their property is not secure), or placing various toxins in places where victims will be likely to come in contact with them (food, water bottles, hair care products, cosmetics, and air ducts are favorite locations for this).

Especially ominous signs of organized stalking are seeing construction crews at a house when the inhabitants aren't there (so they can seal illegal equipment inside walls, ceilings, built-ins, etc.) and seeing people trespassing on the property of others repeatedly. Often the trespassers will be entering victims' homes even when they are occupied, since the stalkers usually know exactly where their victims are and what they are doing all the time because of the extensive illegal surveillance. Organized stalkers have a particular fondness for the roofs, basements, and garages of their victims, because these afford easy access through attics, sky lights, or less-used doorways.

If you had been following me around recently and knew what to look for, you would have had little trouble discerning that I am a victim of organized stalking. As I left for work (at an unusual time) yesterday, a woman dressed in a strange way (so I'd notice her) was standing in front of our house; after I took her picture with my camera phone, she ran onto my property and hid in some bushes. As I drove along the freeway, numerous vehicles entered and turned their lights on as I passed them. As I left for home that evening, a man in a small red car with Texas plate CXP7-X231 turned turned his headlights on and began tailgating me without passing. Eventually, he left, but his place behind me was taken by a succession of other vehicles with their lights on that were immediately switched off when they suddenly passed me after several miles. Farther along, I became stuck for several miles behind large truck with "ENGLAND" on the sides that was driven by a thin Caucasian man with long dark hair and glasses at a speed that was over 20 mph slower than the rest of the traffic was going. When I was finally able to get around this truck, its lights came on, and it left at the next exit. I got home in time to see strange people running up my driveway and on up to houses on the hill above us.

Very early this morning as I left for work, a vehicle identical to one owned by my ex-husband was waiting around the corner; as I passed by, it suddenly accelerated, went speeding by me, and blatantly ran a red light before tearing off. Tonight, it was a dark gray car with Texas plate BW3-X099 that began tailgating me with its lights on as soon as I left work and refused to pass me for quite some time despite having many opportunities to do so. Later, I was passed by a vehicle bearing a Texas custom license plate the read "CM 4 U".

Call the police, you say? Law enforcement won't do anything (and is usually actively involved in the stalking). Of course all this is illegal, but even the U.S. DOJ turns a blind eye. If that doesn't bother you, it should, because unchecked organized stalking is spreading like the plague.

See also

Update: Another way to recognize organized stalking is to watch along limited access freeways for vehicles that enter the highway from an entrance ramp and then immediately leave via the same exit ramp. The victim in these cases will be in a vehicle already on the freeway that the entering and exiting vehicle will either pull up behind in the short time it's on the highway or will sometimes even go speeding around before immediately exiting. Sometimes the entering and exiting vehicle or vehicles (because there can be more than one!) will turn its headlights on briefly while it's behind the targeted vehicle as well; this is a dead give-away that organized stalking is going on.

Also watch for vehicles with asymmetric lights:  e.g., a lit headlight on one side and a lit fog light on the other, or various other unusual arrangements of lit lights on vehicles (especially during the daytime, but also at night).  [In the area where I live, a shockingly large percentage of vehicles have been modified so that one or both turn signal lights can be switched completely on and off deliberately by the driver, rather than blinking; that is,  the vehicles are made into "stalker mobiles".] These patterns are very common on stalkers' vehicles.  (The victim's vehicle will be somewhere in front of these vehicles if it's traveling in the same direction.  Watch for the stalker vehicles to pass the victim and turn off their lights as they do so as explained above.)  Any vehicle with a single small light lit on one side of the front of the vehicle during the daytime should be considered a stalker vehicle until proven otherwise.

At night, watch for "brighting":  stalkers vehicles suddenly turning their bright headlights on and off at a victim while approaching from the opposite direction, or pulling up close behind and/or beside a victim and suddenly blinding them by turning on their high beams so they reflect off the mirror/s and into the victim's face. (Brighting is very dangerous and very illegal, having caused the deaths of numerous stalking victims, but of course stalkers care nothing about this.)

How do so many stalkers know the location of victims in advance so they can lay in wait for them?  In Central Texas, this is often accomplished by a few stalkers with either access to illegal surveillance of victims or direct visual information on victims' whereabouts (co-workers seeing victims leaving for home in the evening, for example) sending out large group text messages to a great many people participating in organized stalking.  Both the sending and receiving of these text messages is a crime under federal anti-stalking statutes, but Central Texas stalkers don't seem to care about this. (Perhaps they should, though, since Edward Snowdon has so helpfully pointed out that the NSA has records of everyone's cell phone records!)

This recent Topix post by my ex-husband discusses some of the things I've talked about in this post:
in the know
Kunming, China

Thursday Jul 4



Yes,'Gang Stalking','Community Mobbing','Workplace Mobbing' etc There are a few names jumping around. Basically, this is the harassment program created by the Elite families (I use Elite as that's what they call themselves, but they are the filth of humanity). Basically, using Freemasonry, including Jehovah witness, scientology, Mormons etc (the weak needy people)They are trying to harass people they know that will stand up to them. They Use car headlights on in the daytime as their main method. All it is is a few cars are tracking you on GPS or by foot/visual and they will drive with the lights on and most of the other cars have no idea they are targeting someone specifically, but simply turn on their lights when they get a text to do so. Thus giving an illusion that they are all watching/following you. Also, when you are driving they actually follow you without headlights on. These cars will have cameras on the back of the rear view mirror. Some will carry targeting weapons that heat you up while you drive. They will not have their lights on. They will try to get you in the traffic, and fire when safe to do so.If you keep moving they will not use it, so change lanes. The EU is actually trying to take over via the same Nazi and old USSR tactics. They are trying to remove opposition. The EU is basically the Nazi EEC.The same plan to unite europe under 1 nazi controlled Europe and head towards the NWO (New world order. The EU has tried to remove this by making only recent laws that new cars should have daylight lights. This however is pathetic as they can't account for all bikes and older cars 2010 models having their lights on. Nice try but you have fallen flat on you dumb ass! Also, these lights are only on and all turn off once the target is indoors.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why They Do It

For a long time, I've wanted to do a post about why people participate in organized/gang stalking. I'm still researching and thinking about this subject and will probably end up tackling it numerous times as more information about organized stalking comes out and more research into it is done.

I've discussed elsewhere in this blog the general estimates that approximately one-third of the people who participate in the organized stalking of others are mentally ill perpetrators who enjoy persecuting innocent people, roughly another third are people who participate in stalking because they've been lied to or tricked into doing so, and a final third who participate out of fear of becoming victims of stalking themselves. However, in the small community of primarily German immigrants who are intensely clannish and close-knit and always know each others' business very well that I live in, the idea that a third of the people participating in anything at all that requires them to be clueless about what they're involved in is difficult to believe.

In our community, where the majority of citizens do appear to participate in organized stalking, a larger than normal number of the stalkers seem to enjoy the victimizing of others and do most definitely participate with full knowledge of what's actually going on. Most, if not all, of these perpetrators exhibit recognizable signs of psychopathic behavior to various degrees. (For more information on psychopathic traits and how to recognize them, I refer readers to excellent works on the subject by Dr. Hare up in Canada.) Because numerous researchers have noticed strong genetic connections with regard to psychopathic disorders, I believe the intermarriage that has been and continues to be so common in my community may well be breeding larger numbers of psychopaths than in normal populations (and probably more severe ones as well). These people are characterized by their lack of empathy for others, the way they enjoy conning and manipulating others, and many additional traits that are necessary for stalkers, so I suspect that stalking holds a special attraction for these people.

In addition, it's becoming increasingly apparent to those who study persons who enjoy stalking others that there is an extremely strong connection between stalking and homicide, with stalking being considered unrequited murder so that a gradual progression occurs between the two. Obviously, the people who do this are very mentally ill/psychopathic indeed.

While it's difficult to believe that a large portion of our local stalkers are participating due to having been lied to or tricked rather than knowing what's really going on, certainly some of those here who stalk do so because of having been fed false information. Organized stalking cannot exist on any major scale without many of the perpetrators having been lied to and/or manipulated by the psychopaths discussed above. My good friend Medawar, who has spent a lifetime studying organized stalking, has posted an in-depth discussion of how pathological liars actually drive organized stalking by committing what he terms "psychological violence", the forcible hijacking of what normal people think and believe by the use of deception. In an inbred community like ours, with higher than average numbers of psychopaths, the lying and manipulating of others is epidemic, even among lifelong close associates (many of whom are too close to see it?).

Finally, because there is so much serious and completely unchecked crime here due to the numerous and extremely high-level connections locals have (remember that the LBJ ranch and the Bush Museum of the Pacific War are located here, for example), it's clear that significant numbers of local people are participating in organized stalking out of fear of becoming targeted individuals themselves. In such a small community where everyone knows (or believes they know) everyone else's business, people are exposed on a daily basis to the suffering endured by local organized stalking victims and have intimate and detailed knowledge about what's being done to these victims, particularly with regard to illegal surveillance, serious financial crimes, and murder. A strong "keep your head down" mentality exists, and when this fails, reluctant participation is the logical next step for what is perceived (often rightly) as survival.

Notice that I'm staying completely secular in my discussion of why people stalk for now. However, as a committed Christian, I've also been curious about the spiritual aspects of stalking and am deeply concerned about the spiritual conditions of those who practice it. More on that later...

Finally, here is a link to a recent post by another good friend of mine in which someone who is involved in organized stalking at a very high level confesses a good deal of what they and their co-conspirators do. I'm asking readers to take the time to go to this article and read it carefully, because the revelations it contains are detailed and shocking to the unaware. Sadly, in my experience, they are also extremely accurate.

Update:  For another take on the subject of why people participate in organized stalking, please see:


Also see

Monday, September 5, 2011

FBI Scam??

Like many people, I receive a lot of spam emails. However, when this email from the FBI recently turned up in my Spam Folder, it caught my attention.

Upon opening it, I was shocked to find that it's actually a scam email supposedly sent to me by the FBI! I say supposedly because I don't believe the FBI actually tries to scam people (at least, I hope not!). And as far as I know, the FBI doesn't have any Hotmail accounts (at least, not official ones).

Clearly, this was sent to me as harassment, since I don't see how anyone could take it seriously, and I receive lots of harassing emails anyway.

The worrisome part is that whomever sent this to me was so brazen as to use the FBI as a cover. It's seriously disturbing to realize that someone deliberately used the FBI name and information to harass me with no apparent fear whatsoever of being prosecuted by them!

An official complaint has been filed over this email, but as yet, no one in law enforcement has contacted me about it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Death In Comfort

Note: This post benefited greatly from discussions I had with Medawar on the subject. He should be considered a co-author of the material that follows.

I've posted information on suspicious deaths in the area around Comfort, Texas before: see "I-10 At Comfort" (9/3/09) and "The Case Of The Dropped Driver's License" (9/11/10).

Now it's time for a different kind of discussion about deaths and Comfort, Texas. These articles, which were published recently in the San Antonio Express-News, describe an apparent "industry of death" being established near Comfort that is disturbing on several different levels.

At the very least, it sounds suspiciously like a scam designed to get people to sign over all their assets to trusts controlled by others. Maybe my viewpoint is colored more than a tad by my own victimization involving a fraudulent trust (for more on this, see the very beginning of this blog), but I can't see why it takes everything you have in the world to insure your after-life care, especially since you won't actually be around to oversee its distribution. I would certainly like to have more information on who would actually be controlling these trusts after their signers are safely installed within this facility!

Then there's the issue of the disposal of the remainder of the bodies when only the heads are retained. The fact that liquid nitrogen is already present in the facility in large amounts allows one to conjure up the image of the remainder of these bodies being flash-frozen until solid/brittle and then being dropped from a height onto a hard surface or being pounded by a machine into a million tiny pieces that could be sold as animal feed or fertilizer. Yes, I'm aware that Myth Busters supposedly busted the myth about bodies being disposed of in this way, but remember that this company has to be disposing of large numbers of bodies somehow.

Whatever is or is not actually going on at the facility, I find the idea of disposing of bodies on an industrial scale deeply disturbing and rife with the potential for serious misuse. Think how easy it would be for organized crime to dispose of sex trafficking victims, drug cartel informants, inconvenient spouses, and the like in a way that not only instantly obliterates the deceased, but also co- mingles their DNA so it can no longer be identified.

Then there's the even more disturbing possibility that people might still be alive when flash-frozen. If that were the case, what you would have here would be an industrial-scale death camp exponentially more efficient than those of the Nazis.

Hopefully, all my concerns about this facility are strictly hypothetical, but my confidence in this is not exactly boosted when I see published statements about how much time and effort was put into searching for the right location for this operation, since I'm well aware of the amount and extent of organized crime and high-level connections of various kinds already well-established in this area. Even more chilling [pun intended!] is the name of the owning company, Stasis, which happens to be the plural of Stasi; for more on the importance of this, please refer back to "Empire Builders", posted here on 10/30/10. And various people I correspond with tell me there are more of these facilities elsewhere in the U.S. (California, for example).

Update, 2/10/12:

Sunday, August 7, 2011







USA=(I think you know this one)

PIIGSUSA is my friend Medawar's abbreviation for the group of countries currently mired in financial woes as a direct result of the rampant and unchecked corruption and organized crime within their borders. Both he and I believe these countries will not see any kind of meaningful financial recovery until the underlying issues are dealt with properly.

Medawar has an excellent and thought-provoking discussion directly related to this posted at . Although "Rotten Apples" was written in 2008, it's amazingly current.

And while we're on the subject of everything old suddenly being new again, I also suggest you take a look at . Then please see my earlier post here on the subject of JFK and my post titled "Comment On Comments". You should also know that my former mother-in-law has family ties to Louisiana and that the lawyer representing the local Boot Ranch property development, which has financial connections to Louisiana, used to partner with my former brother-in-law.

When it comes to organized crime, all roads lead to Central Texas, it seems. When it comes to terrorists, visions of good old boys in cowboy hats don't usually come to mind, but it sounds like that might be about to change.

To sum it all up, countries in serious financial trouble will remain that way until they do something about their organized crime and corruption problems. The most effective way to approach this is to vigorously prosecute organized stalking networks. And the quickest way to take these down is to go after the corrupt law enforcement officers they employ.

If you care about the future of your country at all, start shouting the above from the rooftops!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mapping Stalking Networks

A fellow victim of organized stalking from Canada with whom I keep in touch is doing some interesting and important work with regard to delineating and understanding major organized stalking networks. She collects names of and basic information about persons known to be actively participating in these illegal networks. She then inputs the data into a computer program and gets a printout called a Social Network Engineering Diagram (SNED) that maps out the relationships between the various individuals in visual form. You can see an example of this and read about what she’s doing by going to her recent blog post titled “Who’s Who In Organized Stalking in Canada” that can be found at

By comparing notes and sharing information with Dr. John Hall and numerous other victims of the Central Texas organized stalking ring that’s targeting us (some in other states), we are gradually amassing large amounts of data on this gang that we’d like to map out using my friend’s program. She has kindly offered to help us do this, so we are currently collecting information on persons known to be connected to this group for inclusion in our analysis.

As far as instructions to victims, I’ll just rephrase slightly what my friend has written on the subject. If you know who any of your stalkers are, even if it’s just partial names or pictures, please send me this information at kamaudocs at gmail dot com. You can also save us valuable time by Cc’ing your information to my friend at antiorganizedstalking at gmail dot com. Any additional information you can provide on your stalkers is also important, especially their locations, occupations, functions within the gang, and important connections to things like law enforcement, legal or medical professions, the equestrian world, celebrities, the media, government, the military, banking, pilots, a particular church or religion, or real estate.

At the same time that I’m asking for this information on known stalkers, I also want to assure you that anything you pass on to me will be kept confidential. We will not be publishing or posting your information as my friend did in the example on her blog.

The purposes of these SNEDs are to show the connections that exist between perpetrators and to collect evidence to explain and document these connections. Any evidence would of course be turned over to any investigation or public inquiry in a way that takes the safety of the victims who provided the information into account.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for victims of organized stalking to share their information. You may know a critical fact that links important organizations or people and not realize it! As my friend notes, any information is helpful, but we do understand that many of you simply don’t know your stalkers or know why you’re being targeted. To those of you in that situation, I ask you to consider contacting us anyway with whatever you do know. I can tell you for a fact that in every case I’ve had so far where a true victim of organized stalking contacted me about their plight, I’ve been able to tell them at least one thing about their situation that they hadn’t know about or realized before, and they’ve been able to provide me with information they didn’t realize they had!

I’ve been explaining to fellow victims for some time that we each have a piece of a very large puzzle and that instead of fitting neatly together, our pieces overlap. I believe SNEDs provide a way for us to be able to analyze and understand that overlap. The more victims who are willing to share their information, the more meaningful our analyses will be, and the quicker (hopefully) we will all be able to get relief when law enforcement is able to start identifying and prosecuting first the stalking gang ringleaders and then the participants.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Announcement Especially For Teens

I received the following announcement from Abuse Freedom United today and am passing the information on. AFU is doing incredibly important work in trying to safeguard U.S. children and families under extremely difficult circumstances.

Please consider supporting both AFU and these brave young people in whatever ways you can. They deal with our corrupt courts, Child Protective Services, and legal system on a daily basis and against incredible odds.


August 3, 2011

A.F.U Ambassadors 4 Teens

-Sponsored by Abuse Freedom United

Hey everyone, my name is Pawan Walia and I am a teenager who wants to make a difference. I found myself in the middle of situations where I saw my friends, classmates, and strangers being terrorized by abuse, rape, and other malicious acts. When I finally had enough I became proactive and decided to protest against Weldon Mark Gilbert, for his belittling ways of raping poor children, then re-victimizing them by viewing his own "kiddie porn" in jail, by choosing to represent himself in court. I used my Facebook page to get a group of friends together to protest against this infront of the Pierce County Courthouse in Tacoma, Washington on July 18th, 2011. This rally was broadcasted on Komo 4 news, and is increasingly gaining attention. This peaceful protest was important because it showed these kids who have been victimized by rape that there are other kids out there who feel their pain and are willing to speak up for them. It also showed the nation that teens/kids do have a voice and an opinion, and they should be considered just as equally as an adults opinion. My main goal as a senior ambassador is to get a group of more teen ambassadors like myself around the country to hold rallies, and join me in the race to gain child rights. I'm setting up this radio show for teens, kids, and even adults who seek help, or need someone to talk to; someone that is of their age who knows what they are feeling. Myself, and my co-host Phylicia Hall are opening our arms up for you, or anyone else who seeks advice, and the best part about it is that you can call in, and you will be completely anonymous. So if you are in need of any help, and don't want to be identified, call in to the radio show A.F.U Ambassadors for Teens, and we will help you to the best of our ability for your issue, or problem. You could also call in to give advice, state your opinions, or even deliver your compliments. We would also appreciate your donations which will be used to start as well as increase this new section of Abuse Freedom United.

All Donations will be used to sponser The Teens with T-shirts and material they will need to go national, Please Help us to help other teens to get the news out by having Rallies and marches against what is happening to our children of Today.


A.F.U Ambassadors 4 Teens Nationally.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Gangstalking Australia

You might wonder what a discussion of organized stalking in Australia has to do with Central Texas. The reality is that organized stalking, like the organized crime that utilizes it, is an interconnected, global problem.

Like me, the woman on the other side of the world who writes the Gangstalking Australia blog, which can be found at, was also targeted by property developers who were desperate to obtain her property. Her blog came to my attention through a discussion of her situation by my friend Medawar; see his Medawar's Cornflakes blog that's linked here under "Followers". Both of our cases are prime examples of Medawar's axiom that there's nothing property developers won't do in order to obtain land for development!

The author of Gangstalking Australia is a talented artist who lived with her dog in a house in Adelaide that property developers wanted very badly to replace with a modern housing development. As a result, she and her dog became the victims of very aggressive organized stalking and serious physical attacks designed to drive her out.

Eventually, the woman fled her house in an effort to find relief from the round-the-clock stalking, harassment, and attacks. And like so many other organized stalking victims I've been in touch with, once she gave her attackers what they wanted, she discovered to her horror that the stalking and attacks on her became worse, not better, and became much more physical. There's no need for me to describe what was done to her here, because you can go to her blog and read her harrowing descriptions for yourself. (Medawar also has an excellent summary and discussion of her case posted.) Suffice it to say, she was forced to drive from campground to campground like a nomad, while being constantly sprayed with toxic chemicals, attacked with a stolen military laser, and stalked and harassed continuously. Her last post to her blog has her lying in the doorway of her van, vomiting continuously on the ground, and too weak to move.

That was over a year ago; no one seems to have heard from her since. How she found the strength to write her last few posts, I'll never know. (You can clearly see the deterioration in her writing toward the end of the blog.) Her courage in sharing such detailed descriptions of what was being done to her leaves an important and lasting record that can be accessed by anyone. Although I never met her or corresponded with her, I pray for her often and hope to someday find out what's happened to her.

Victims of the same organized stalking gang that is targeting my children and me are telling me about similar things being done to them, although here there seems to be more emphasis on attacking stalking victims with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) instead of lasers. I know very little about DEWs myself and therefore must direct readers with questions about them to Dr. John Hall, a San Antonio physician and fellow victim of the same stalking gang, who has testified before Congress about these types of weapons. Dr. Hall's website at has more information about DEWs and an email address for contacting him about them.

Like the Australian victim, organized stalking victims like myself and others targeted by the San Antonio-based gang are also being poisoned by toxic chemicals in various ways. One of the most common methods for doing this is to spray the long-range and long-acting wasp and hornet killers that are readily available over the counter around the edges of victims' windows and doorways, particularly the ones opening into their bedrooms, or into the air ducts of their homes. More sophisticated toxic chemicals are sprayed or applied onto surfaces victims commonly touch. These include nerve toxins and substances that induce the sudden severe vomiting described in Gangstalking Australia. Many organized stalking victims (including Dr. Hall) describe toxins being added to food or drink during home break-ins while victims are out; plastic water bottles are especially used for this. Victims also describe being made ill by toxins put into their hair care products (shampoo and conditioner) and makeup.

It's important to note that although all the U.S. victims I'm discussing here are believed to be targeted by the San Antonio-based stalking gang, many of these victims live in states other than Texas. By sharing information on people, places, vehicle information, and more, we've been able to connect our cases in various ways. It's now clear that the group targeting us has a very long reach indeed!--which is why trying to flee from them doesn't work. We are now beginning to unravel many of the far-reaching connections this gang has. Victims of organized stalking must understand that their best chance of going after their stalkers and obtaining relief is to reach out to fellow victims and start sharing and comparing information. When you understand the importance of this, you will soon realize how much of organized stalking is deliberately designed to keep victims too isolated and too frightened to share what they know!

In the spirit of this kind of sharing of information, I must point out that there are some additional interesting coincidences between our situation here in Central Texas and that of the writer of Gangstalking Australia. A man who lives in our town, is an associate of my ex-husband's, and has been involved in numerous serious stalking incidents directed at my children and me over the years, happens to have the same last name as one of the close associates of Rupert Murdock going back to the 1960s in Adelaide, Australia, where they first began working together. The Texas man with the same last name has ties to a property development company with an office address that's the same as an old house with no sign out front (that may be abandoned?), located a few blocks from our house.

Please keep in mind that our home is 30 minutes or less from the LBJ Ranch, the Bush Museum of the Pacific War, and Karl Rove's house for voting purposes. Also remember that the man who heads the stalking gang targeting my children and me is (or is said to be) a former FBI agent with close ties to the San Antonio FBI office.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Harassment By Public Entity

Yesterday, we discovered that this sign has suddenly been erected next to our fence and right next to the entrance to the driveway down to our house.

Our driveway entrance is located just to the left of the sign in these photos. To the right of the sign and set back a bit from the street (because of the parking lot in front of it) is a building that was formerly a Gambro dialysis clinic but is now a rehabilitation facility owned by our local hospital. According to the last tax records and official public notices I've seen, this entire piece of property bordering ours is owned by the local hospital, which is a public entity.

The sign has been placed in front of the narrow gap between the rehab. facility and our fence. If something else is to be built there, it will need to be either very small or very narrow in order to fit!

We believe this sign serves no useful purpose and was placed there solely as harassment directed at us. The fact that it is installed on what I assume is still publicly-owned property (because I haven't seen any of the official notices that are required when public property is bought or sold) means we are, in effect, being harassed by the entire community. Further, we believe this sign was probably erected as "punishment" for my previous post here.

If you find all this a bit difficult to believe or understand, I suggest you go back to "The Most Corrupt Town In America" (posted here on 11/10/10) and reread it carefully. Then start looking through the documents posted throughout this blog.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Upon Returning

Another common act committed by organized/gang stalkers is to have someone waiting in front of a victim's residence when they return after having gone somewhere. This is done to let the victim know they are under constant surveillance by the stalkers and also to let them know what a great number of people are actively involved in stalking them, since the person or persons waiting for them are rarely the same. Often the stalkers who are lying in wait are in a vehicle as in this example, but sometimes they are on bicycles, on foot, or even on skateboards (in our case, often openly trespassing down in our driveway!).

This particular man was waiting directly in front of our house when one of my young adult children returned home after running a short errand. My offspring wrote down the vehicle and plate information and pulled up next to the man and took his picture. We then logged the incident in our logbook and sent the plate number off to a friend who runs them for us. (Yes, we've been checking plates for some time now and have amassed quite a data base of information.)

It's interesting to note that the former FBI agent who runs the major organized stalking gang out of the San Antonio area that's been targeting us for years as discussed in previous posts is now generally having his own employees stalk and harass us on bicycles, mopeds, or on foot, probably because he is aware we are collecting information on license plates and vehicles. He has started leaving the identifiable vehicle stuff to people who live in our area who don't realize they risk getting caught stalking.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Undeniable Evidence of Gang Stalking

Important Note: Although I use the term "Gang Stalking" in the title, this crime is more correctly referred to as "Organized Stalking".

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today I'm sharing a group of miscellaneous links that you might find of interest.

The first is an old U.S. Department of Justice site that allowed people to voice their opinions about the lack of enforcement of laws against organized stalking. Sadly, the site is now closed to voting, but it's still well worth your time to go there and look over the comments that were posted.

The next link is to a blog post by my friend Medawar that discusses organized crime in a global context (and manages to mention Texas in the process).

This last link is to a petition I have posted at I'd appreciate it if you'd take the time to read it carefully and consider supporting it with your signature, because it's an important issue for crime victims.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fire And Water

Fire and water happen to be the best ways to destroy DNA evidence at crime scenes. They also happen to make great excuses for labeling homicides as accidents, which is how the FBI gets away with saying our violent crime rates are down.

It's shaping up to be a long, hot summer here in Central Texas.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can You Help?

These two are apparently missing. If you've seen them, please call one of the phone numbers listed right away.

The man in this photograph is reported to be stalking people out in California. If you know who he is or have any information on him, I'd appreciate your emailing me at kamaudocs at gmail dot com as soon as possible. I'm told the license plate might be a custom one.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Local Deaths

These are all very recent. Even one of them is too many!

At least two of these deaths had connections to Fair Oaks Ranch, which happens to be where P.I. #2 [see previous post] lives.

I'm told the skull in the bag may possibly be some sort of sick medical prank.

Finally, Mr. Scripps was a member of the well-known media family.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Notes On Illegal Surveillance And Organized Stalking

Since my children and I continue to find clear indications of the presence of large amounts of illegal surveillance equipment in our house and on our property on an almost daily basis (and are positive this equipment is still fully operational and functioning because of various acts and actions committed regularly by persons stalking us), I could go on documenting this here indefinitely as I’ve been doing in preceding posts. (I almost certainly will be returning to this at some point.) However, I believe, for various reasons, that now is a good time for me to pause and summarize what I’ve both found and documented so far, discuss what it means, and compare it with things I’m currently learning and hearing from other victims of organized stalking.

My children and I have been victims of organized stalking for twelve years (with no end in sight). The children are now young adults (all over the age of 18), but they were all underage victims for many years. We believe we are being targeted as part of a “Trammel” conspiracy (see my "Code Names" post from 9/28/09) in order to illegally obtain our house and land for development by physicians and other persons connected with our local hospital.

Most of the various kinds of stalking-related incidents committed against us could not possibly have been committed without the persons committing them having had access to extensive minute-to-minute knowledge of our whereabouts at all times plus knowledge of what goes on inside our house, on our property, and inside our vehicles. A few of these incidents might be considered coincidental, but thousands of them, committed day after day for twelve years, are not. Because of this, we are positive that illegal surveillance equipment is installed in our home and vehicles and on our property.

Over the years, I have hired a number of private investigators (p.i.s) licensed with the Private Security Board (PSB) of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to find and remove this equipment and gather evidence to be used to prosecute individuals installing it and accessing information from it. These p.i.s charged me large sums of money for this but never actually did anything and also defrauded me in other serious ways. (I filed complaints with the DPS about this, but they refused to do anything.) Some of these investigators were (or claimed to be) former federal law enforcement agents and/or persons with close ties to federal agencies.

Because there were also clear signs that local law enforcement officers were involved in the stalking of us, I then hired Diop Kamau of the Police Complaint Center, a nationally know organization that’s linked to many respected law enforcement websites, to help me deal with the stalking and the illegal surveillance. Instead, Kamau also defrauded and victimized me. When I discovered this and confronted him, he began insisting that I allow persons in his employ to enter our home and remove some sort of equipment they’d installed, but he repeatedly refused to describe, list, or give me the locations of any of this equipment, so I refused them entry. Kamau then threatened us with an illegal invasion of our home by local police officers to remove the equipment (see “Illegal Surveillance, Part III”, posted here on 11/12/09).

I filed repeated complaints with the DPS, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) begging them for protection, asking them to properly sweep our property for illegal devices and remove and prosecute for them, requesting that they prosecute the various other serious crimes committed against us (which I repeatedly submitted extensive documentation of), and more; I even personally visited the San Antonio FBI office three times. None of these agencies would do anything to help us. Sample responses I’ve received from them are posted here under "Today The DOJ Said" (12/4/10), "DOJ Civil Rights Division" (6/28/10), and "The DOJ Said" (9/19/09).

At the same time, local first responders had serious problems with missing, unaccounted for, or improperly used surveillance and other equipment, much of it purchased with federal grant money. (See, for example, my "Defibrillators" (10/7/09) and "Missing Equipment" (1/14/11) posts here.) Not long after the threatened invasion of our home, Brian Collister of WOAI reported on over $30 million worth of missing federal equipment, much of it sophisticated surveillance equipment (see “Illegal Surveillance Summary”, posted here on 11/17/09). Collister said he had turned a list of this equipment over to Rep. Lamar Smith, who promised to look into it, but as far as I know, nothing was ever done. It’s also important to note that there are companies located here that have federal contracts to manufacture some of this equipment.

Because I was not able to obtain any of the help we needed despite years of constantly trying, I was advised to start documenting what was being done to us and to others here on a blog, which was why this one was started. Eventually, the blog attracted international attention. It has been assistance from outside the U.S. that has enabled us to start locating and documenting the illegal surveillance equipment being used to facilitate the stalking of us, rather than U.S. help of any kind. That fact alone ought to cause every American citizen considerable concern and dismay!

The vast majority of the population knows stalking only as a one-on-one kind of criminal victimization and has trouble dealing with the concept of organized stalking, the idea that people can be (and are!) being deliberately stalked by large groups of people who are being given access to illegal surveillance of victims wholesale. It is my fervent hope that the things I’m describing, explaining, photographing, and posting here will go a long way toward educating the general public about what’s really going on. For example, the ways I’ve illustrated and explained that illegal equipment has been installed in and on our house alone require the involvement of skilled professional electricians, carpenters, construction experts, wallpaper and flooring installation experts, heating and air conditioning technicians, painters, electronics and telecommunication experts, computer experts, and more. There’s simply no way a single person could have this much expertise!

There’s no question about the fact that large numbers of people are currently participating in the illegal stalking, harassment, and victimization of others, both here and around the world. The question then becomes why. For an excellent discussion of this at the interpersonal level, please see "Science Is A Freedom" at the Medawar's Cornflakes blog (posted 12/14/08) and "The Culture Of Impunity" (posted here on 1/4/11). For views on how this fits into an historical perspective, please see “Empire Builders”, posted here on 10/30/10. As to why large numbers of people would knowingly and willingly access illegal surveillance of others (including young children), often in their most private moments, I direct your attention to the excellent book People Of The Lie, by the late F. Scott Peck.

This blog has brought me into contact with other victims of organized stalking from across the U.S. and all over the globe. One major trend that’s emerging as we compare notes is that victims commonly report being followed and/or stalked by either persons flashing law enforcement badges or persons who say they were asked to follow or commit harassing or illegal acts against someone by a person or persons flashing law enforcement badges and claiming to be law enforcement officers (often federal). U.S. citizens (and those of most other countries as well) should be aware that no legitimate law enforcement officer will ever do this, and that is someone ever asks them to do anything like this, they should refuse and threaten to call legitimate law enforcement—and then do it!. People also need to be aware that a high percentage of the time, the badges the people making these requests flash at them are fake (even though some of these are extremely realistic-looking). I have personally seen some of the people following me flash very official-looking badges at people, so I know for a fact that this is occurring. Several times, this happened to me at various post offices, after which the item I was mailing disappeared or was seriously tampered with.

Many victims of organized stalking also report the involvement of local law enforcement officers. A new trend that is developing, however, is the extensive involvement of “community policing” groups or organizations, some of which appear to actually be operating solely as a cover for organized stalking. (Comparisons with Nazi Germany here are encouraged!)

There’s one extremely important trend in particular that’s emerging as a result of my sharing information with other organized stalking victims that fellow victims must be made aware of. Many victims are reporting that their stalking began because someone powerful, wealthy, or well-connected badly wanted something they had. Usually, this is real estate, but sometimes it’s a spouse or significant other, assets, or something else that’s coveted. Often, the specific targeting day after day, plus the lack of help from authorities, combine to make victims believe that if they simply give up what is wanted and leave the area, the stalking will stop. When they do this, however, victims discover to their horror that their stalking not only continues, but actually worsens. This is because whoever is behind the stalking now both knows what “gets to” that particular victim and is anxious to silence and/or discredit the victim about what they know. (The “discredit” part is done by deliberately making others believe the victim is mentally ill. Please remember that it’s the stalkers who actually have the mental problems, not their victims!)

Here in Central Texas, by comparing notes with fellow organized stalking victim Dr. John Hall, I’ve been able to identify some of the individuals who’ve committed acts of stalking and harassment against us as members of what appears to be a major stalking gang out of the extended San Antonio area that’s run by one of the licensed p.i.s who defrauded me. This man is discussed as “P.I. #2” in my 3/25/11 post, “Who Lied?”. Although one San Antonio FBI agent personally told me P.I. #2 had once worked as an FBI agent and a second San Antonio FBI agent told Dr. Hall the same thing, so far no one that I’m aware of has been able to obtain confirmation of this in writing directly from Quantico. Regardless of whether P.I. #2 ever actually worked as a federal agent or not, he certainly has known close ties to the San Antonio FBI office, where I have every reason to suspect he might have been given improper access to classified information. According to Dr. Hall, P.I. #2 employs mainly extended family members of his and his wife’s to do the stalking, and I know that on one of my visits to the San Antonio FBI office to request help, these relatives of his were allowed to party loudly both in the lobby of the building and out in front of the building the entire time I was there. (When I was persuaded to hire him as a p.i. without realizing who he really was, he twice wore shirts belonging to one of my children to meetings with me and lied about where he got them!)

I’m told it’s very expensive to hire these gangs to stalk someone, so if you are a victim of organized stalking, it’s important to try to identify both the particular gang that’s stalking you and the person, entity, or organization that hired them. In our particular case, based on the many serious incidents we’ve documented in our logbooks over many years, we believe the expensive formal stalking gang out of San Antonio appears to have been hired in more of an “advisory capacity” and for specific incidents only. The more routine, day-to-day stalking of us seems to be done by locals whose services are likely either free or far cheaper. I do believe, based on comparisons with Dr. Hall and other victims (some of whom have also filed serious criminal complaints against this same gang that have also been ignored) that the San Antonio gang, with its known connections to federal law enforcement, is likely to have been involved with the installation of illegal surveillance equipment in our house and on our property. Interestingly, some of the known or suspected victims of this San Antonio gang are located in other states, meaning this particular gang has a reach that is well beyond Texas.

Now there are apparently new problems with the use of federal grant money in Texas; see the San Antonio Express-News article below). The statement about the DPS’s refusal to respond to requests for information about this is especially interesting. And this article further begs the question of whether any of the equipment sealed within the walls, cabinets, tile, porches, and elsewhere or installed or mounted in our vehicles and on our property was purchased with federal funds.