Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We The People

I'm asking everyone who reads this blog to go to the following link and sign this petition to The White House asking them to put an end to organized stalking and related programs. Every signature is extremely important and will help save lives.


If you've always wanted to do something to help make the world a better place, now's your chance!


Anonymous said...

The people I mentioned in a previous comment here?? With ties to each other and texas through a parochial school? One of them worked at Boeing for YEARS but before that a co. "delivering fish". LOL. BUT he got fired or "fired" just in time to return home to Tampa with the rest of those who then returned in that time !! Imagine that. THEN went to work for Home Depot (drugs found there NUMEROUS times) and then for Verizon, where he was HIRED BY and SUPERVISED BY, guess who?? The guy who came back from WORKING IN TEXAS at verizon but "coincidentally" returned, AT THAT SAME TIME. This also goes back to the parochial school and to tampa U, tampa's version of pay your fees get your Bs OR allow the pre-selected employer you work for do so and we'll hand you a highly rated degree ... anyway, he does not do any drugs (so he says)
Look: Doesn't it appear they took GREAT PAINS in order to avoid the appearance of it being "organized?" Puleeze.

Also, this same guy (boeing) has a bit of a history of lurking where he could see me and I could not see him. Very overpowered by the scary women in his family so partly attributed to fear of approaching people maybe.

I just think it's very odd the way they phrase this story and borrow a word nebulous I've used a lot lately. !! LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh alsooooo everyone who is "anyone" gets a completely useless degree from there. I know MANY WORK HARD and earn theirs but others not so much. With a degree frmo my parochial school and/or Tampa U you are guaranteed employment of THE BEST KIND anywhere. More on that another time.
BUT Tampa u handing out diplomas to the right names is how we got stuck with all of our corrupt swine. It's a hallmark. The sheriff, mayor you name it.....

It is not easy to get in, but for some not difficult. I was accepted and even given full scholarship due to grades, however .... the VERY sweet girl in charge of my program suddenly took "sick" and actually left her long-term job. Replaced by a total (((((. Out of nowhere was whipped this list of requirements, a snippy nasty attitude and etc.... I still could have gone but something else happened and I got lucky. Instead I headed down a path imminently more suitable for me. So I have college loans but a great deal to be proud of and far more useful skills for this job we are stuck with. AND, further proof that ... here's THE KEY: whatever they try to do you must examine closely for the silver lining, for the other cut... (how a sword cuts both ways) ... and then you take your slice and silver lining from that. It has never once ever failed me. God will not allow (and please don't think I'm a Jesus freak or Christian of the wrong kind, I am simply one who knows and has faith) his beloved children to suffer undue punishment. This is where I believe we find the root of, "God helps those who help themselves."
Examine their deeds, ferret out their motives, find what's in it that works for you. There IS always something and your hands stay pure and clean.
I've never ever hurt anyone and have always told the truth and while going through what they want you to perceive as a nightmare I have acquired a vast indispensablle knowledge and strength.
So much better than a cheap degree from a bought has-been college. And the few who hold that degree and can do so with pride, due apologies extended. While I was there in the hall before the poor girl "took ill" and was forced to leave or lose her baby .... (lies from her ob/gyn??) I stood in the vaunted hallway and happened on a list of some sort ... all the scumbags in Tampa past and present were on it. Including the sheriff's father. The same sheriff who sponsors the local thuggery and whose deputy watched as a dumptruck tried to run my family and I off the interstate and who supports the Local branch of the Irish Republican Army. And a myriad of dishonest swine with badges. And a few VERY VERY GOOD and DECENT men and women. Totally outnumbered. I do nto blame the few decent leo for not doing more in some ways, they'd get sent on a "domestic" and sacrificed. Or run under a semi as was Mark Longway and other mysterious deputy deaths. Another of whom was another guy from my school. Saw something he shouldn't have ..."died" at his gym. I know how. They've done the same thing to the equipment at my gym. You can't breathe. If you don't walk away you'll pass out. By the time you get to the hospital, you've had a "heart attack". He was early forties. Surrounded by deputies in another state. hmmmm on both counts. Along with "found on the floor" alone in a strange hotel room, newly elected and very hard won supervisor of elections Phyllis Busansky. Tampa is a very dark place. And so crowded with thugs it's hard to breathe anyway.