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How To Spot Gangstalking: A Primer

Important Note: Although I used the term "gangstalking" in the title of this post, the crime is more accurately called "organized stalking".

Many people, upon hearing about organized stalking, struggle with the idea that something involving so many different people willing to victimize a single innocent individual can possibly exist. As a long-time victim of this evil, I can tell you with great authority that organized/gang stalking not only exists, but actually occurs openly and with shocking frequency. You too will be able to recognize it and spot it being done to people as you go about your everyday life, once you know a few of the basic things to watch for.

The quickest and most surefire way I know of to spot gang stalkers in action is to keep your eye on vehicles that drive with their lights on during the daytime (regular headlights, parking lights, or other--see below). I'm not saying all vehicles that do this are being used to stalk someone (although where I live, so many people participate in organized stalking that the percentages are far higher here than normal), only that the lights are a red-flag warning that they might be.

Once you spot a vehicle that's lit up at an inappropriate time, start watching it carefully. Is its driver following someone way too closely from behind and ignoring obvious opportunities to pass? Does the tailgating vehicle with its lights on eventually speed up, go around the car in front, and then turn its lights off immediately after the pass is completed? Ah, but I can hear skeptics in the crowd saying that drivers often tailgate and flash their headlights as a way of letting slow drivers know they want to be let by. In those cases, however, the vehicle in back can be expected to pass at the first safe opportunity, whereas stalkers won't pass no matter what (at least not for a while).

However, organized stalkers work in teams, so if you're witnessing road stalking, the vehicle behind will eventually pass the victim, turn its lights off, and speed away. Almost immediately, another vehicle will pull in behind the victim, turn their lights on, and take their turn, sometimes tailgating in order to insure that the victim notices them, and other times following at a safer distance so as to cause less alarm to non-involved drivers around them.

A common variant of the above can be identified when you spot one or more (it often involves several) vehicles pulling onto a highway or freeway entrance around the same time a victim's vehicle reaches the same spot. When you see the lights of all the vehicles that pull onto the same road behind the victim turn their lights on, while none of the vehicles in front of the victim's light up, you will know you are witnessing someone being stalked by a group. Then, as each vehicle behind passes the victim's in turn, you will see the stalkers turn their lights off. Only the stalkers behind the victim's vehicle will have their lights on.

Another commonly seen variation of this involves a stalker's vehicle being deliberately positioned out ahead of a victim's vehicle (keeping in mind that victims of organized stalking are usually under constant illegal surveillance). As the victim approaches, the stalker's vehicle begins driving extremely slowly and refuses to let the victim's vehicle pass. (Sometimes other stalkers' vehicles assist by blocking the passing lanes as well.) Eventually, the victim either finds a way to pass or is finally allowed to pass, but as soon as they do so, you will see the lights on the slow-moving vehicle turn on, and it will then often either turn away or speed off.

An additional technique you'll see used by stalkers is to park a vehicle along the side of the road ahead of where a victim will be passing. As the victim's vehicle approaches, you will see the lights on the parked vehicle turn on and remain on until the victim has driven completely past, at which time the parked vehicle's lights will suddenly be extinguished. This seems to be especially used by corrupt law enforcement officers, in which case the parked vehicles are often official patrol cars whose colored lights are also turned on and off as the victim's vehicle passes.

Stalkers in their vehicles also approach victims' vehicles from the opposite side of the road.  In this case, you will see the stalkers turn off their lights just as they pass the victim's vehicle, so if you see multiple vehicles coming toward you with their lights on and these are all switched off as they pass a certain vehicle going the opposite direction, you are witnessing organized stalking in action.

You should watch for vehicles bearing bizarre custom license plates as well, because the drivers of these vehicles are usually actively stalking someone. Some Texas examples of these plates that I've seen in the past are: SET UP. STRYKE, and GLOCK U.

There are of course many ways to spot organized stalking in action that do not involve vehicles, but I wanted to discuss the signs of gang stalking involving vehicles first and foremost, because I believe these are the easiest and most obviously abnormal things for uninvolved people to watch for. However, there are obvious and important non-vehicular signs of organized stalking to look for as well. For example, if you see numerous people hanging around a particular residence at odd hours, especially if they have dogs and are standing in front of the residence or walking back and forth in front of it repeatedly, you can bet the people inside are stalking victims.

Other signs of organized stalking are people in neighboring houses or businesses who come out and make loud noises strictly for the sake of making noise (walking out of the house and banging two metal pipes together, for example, or turning off and on a mower, chain saw, blower, heavy equipment, backup beeping warning noises, or even first responder sirens or fake bird noises!) repeatedly for short periods of time, particularly when victims step outside.

A particularly important sign of organized stalking is seeing unauthorized persons coming and going from a house or business when you know the inhabitants are away. These stalkers will often be (or claim to be) legitimate repair persons of various kinds and will even have marked vehicles, but they will be installing illegal surveillance equipment, moving items around inside (to make victims think they're going crazy or just to let them know their property is not secure), or placing various toxins in places where victims will be likely to come in contact with them (food, water bottles, hair care products, cosmetics, and air ducts are favorite locations for this).

Especially ominous signs of organized stalking are seeing construction crews at a house when the inhabitants aren't there (so they can seal illegal equipment inside walls, ceilings, built-ins, etc.) and seeing people trespassing on the property of others repeatedly. Often the trespassers will be entering victims' homes even when they are occupied, since the stalkers usually know exactly where their victims are and what they are doing all the time because of the extensive illegal surveillance. Organized stalkers have a particular fondness for the roofs, basements, and garages of their victims, because these afford easy access through attics, sky lights, or less-used doorways.

If you had been following me around recently and knew what to look for, you would have had little trouble discerning that I am a victim of organized stalking. As I left for work (at an unusual time) yesterday, a woman dressed in a strange way (so I'd notice her) was standing in front of our house; after I took her picture with my camera phone, she ran onto my property and hid in some bushes. As I drove along the freeway, numerous vehicles entered and turned their lights on as I passed them. As I left for home that evening, a man in a small red car with Texas plate CXP7-X231 turned turned his headlights on and began tailgating me without passing. Eventually, he left, but his place behind me was taken by a succession of other vehicles with their lights on that were immediately switched off when they suddenly passed me after several miles. Farther along, I became stuck for several miles behind large truck with "ENGLAND" on the sides that was driven by a thin Caucasian man with long dark hair and glasses at a speed that was over 20 mph slower than the rest of the traffic was going. When I was finally able to get around this truck, its lights came on, and it left at the next exit. I got home in time to see strange people running up my driveway and on up to houses on the hill above us.

Very early this morning as I left for work, a vehicle identical to one owned by my ex-husband was waiting around the corner; as I passed by, it suddenly accelerated, went speeding by me, and blatantly ran a red light before tearing off. Tonight, it was a dark gray car with Texas plate BW3-X099 that began tailgating me with its lights on as soon as I left work and refused to pass me for quite some time despite having many opportunities to do so. Later, I was passed by a vehicle bearing a Texas custom license plate the read "CM 4 U".

Call the police, you say? Law enforcement won't do anything (and is usually actively involved in the stalking). Of course all this is illegal, but even the U.S. DOJ turns a blind eye. If that doesn't bother you, it should, because unchecked organized stalking is spreading like the plague.

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Update: Another way to recognize organized stalking is to watch along limited access freeways for vehicles that enter the highway from an entrance ramp and then immediately leave via the same exit ramp. The victim in these cases will be in a vehicle already on the freeway that the entering and exiting vehicle will either pull up behind in the short time it's on the highway or will sometimes even go speeding around before immediately exiting. Sometimes the entering and exiting vehicle or vehicles (because there can be more than one!) will turn its headlights on briefly while it's behind the targeted vehicle as well; this is a dead give-away that organized stalking is going on.

Also watch for vehicles with asymmetric lights:  e.g., a lit headlight on one side and a lit fog light on the other, or various other unusual arrangements of lit lights on vehicles (especially during the daytime, but also at night).  [In the area where I live, a shockingly large percentage of vehicles have been modified so that one or both turn signal lights can be switched completely on and off deliberately by the driver, rather than blinking; that is,  the vehicles are made into "stalker mobiles".] These patterns are very common on stalkers' vehicles.  (The victim's vehicle will be somewhere in front of these vehicles if it's traveling in the same direction.  Watch for the stalker vehicles to pass the victim and turn off their lights as they do so as explained above.)  Any vehicle with a single small light lit on one side of the front of the vehicle during the daytime should be considered a stalker vehicle until proven otherwise.

At night, watch for "brighting":  stalkers vehicles suddenly turning their bright headlights on and off at a victim while approaching from the opposite direction, or pulling up close behind and/or beside a victim and suddenly blinding them by turning on their high beams so they reflect off the mirror/s and into the victim's face. (Brighting is very dangerous and very illegal, having caused the deaths of numerous stalking victims, but of course stalkers care nothing about this.)

How do so many stalkers know the location of victims in advance so they can lay in wait for them?  In Central Texas, this is often accomplished by a few stalkers with either access to illegal surveillance of victims or direct visual information on victims' whereabouts (co-workers seeing victims leaving for home in the evening, for example) sending out large group text messages to a great many people participating in organized stalking.  Both the sending and receiving of these text messages is a crime under federal anti-stalking statutes, but Central Texas stalkers don't seem to care about this. (Perhaps they should, though, since Edward Snowdon has so helpfully pointed out that the NSA has records of everyone's cell phone records!)

This recent Topix post by my ex-husband discusses some of the things I've talked about in this post:
in the know
Kunming, China

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Yes,'Gang Stalking','Community Mobbing','Workplace Mobbing' etc There are a few names jumping around. Basically, this is the harassment program created by the Elite families (I use Elite as that's what they call themselves, but they are the filth of humanity). Basically, using Freemasonry, including Jehovah witness, scientology, Mormons etc (the weak needy people)They are trying to harass people they know that will stand up to them. They Use car headlights on in the daytime as their main method. All it is is a few cars are tracking you on GPS or by foot/visual and they will drive with the lights on and most of the other cars have no idea they are targeting someone specifically, but simply turn on their lights when they get a text to do so. Thus giving an illusion that they are all watching/following you. Also, when you are driving they actually follow you without headlights on. These cars will have cameras on the back of the rear view mirror. Some will carry targeting weapons that heat you up while you drive. They will not have their lights on. They will try to get you in the traffic, and fire when safe to do so.If you keep moving they will not use it, so change lanes. The EU is actually trying to take over via the same Nazi and old USSR tactics. They are trying to remove opposition. The EU is basically the Nazi EEC.The same plan to unite europe under 1 nazi controlled Europe and head towards the NWO (New world order. The EU has tried to remove this by making only recent laws that new cars should have daylight lights. This however is pathetic as they can't account for all bikes and older cars 2010 models having their lights on. Nice try but you have fallen flat on you dumb ass! Also, these lights are only on and all turn off once the target is indoors.


Anonymous said...

just a suggestion: You need a better cam or set your cellphone to higher resolution. Also videotape. You're so organized and express yourself so well YOU WOULD BE a perfect person to expose and not back down. I tend to curse too much and ramble. BUT I have been very effective at getting terms out into the lexicon. Is your ex-husband a mason? You do not have to answer that. It just smacks that he is some type group of haters who will just add you to a list and do this to you. Don't think of yourself as a victim. Also I would NEVER allow those pigs in my house. I don't care how it looks, get combination locks and use them on the front door. I do NOT like people in my things. I make them WORK FOR IT. I like to think of them falling down as they try to make their way through my yard with little unexpected things maybe making that difficult. LOL. Make em work for it.

Anonymous said...

The United States DOJ attorneys are doing no more than selective charging people for things it might take five years of videotape and recording to get them saying something not even remotely criminal and then they seize their assets. Check out the tomato king in california. The DOJ has this BUSINESS MAN on 23 hour lockdown ... The us attorneys in tampa fl are stalkers themselves. I say attorneys as for a long time we did not have one, as you may know. We had interim A. Brian Albritton. For more on the other one robert e oneill merely google his name. Newly appointed in business with a criminal. I'm not even sure he's capable of legitimately practicing law. I auspect he may be Howard Jenkins dark horse in some type of official authority race later on. His criminal business partner lives in howard's backyard in a mcmansion. His wife came out of her way to get to know me. When she did the first words she said to me were the password to my laptop. Irish Republican Army representatives. Irish Mafia this bunch likes to call themselves. They're in thick with the neoconfeds and Italian Mafia and Black Mafia in Tampa. There seem to be very few in Tampa who are not involved in some sick way. I always knew that but they never really bothered anyone. NOW they are bothering EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

Why and who is doing this? I get this every single day running errands and to and from work. it is nerve wracking. I also have surveillance cameras in my bedroom and bathroom and the plates relate exactly to what I do during the day. they match the name of my jobs, people names, and pieces of my conversation, insults like liar, pig, ex lax, pee, OJ, murder and things like that. they show up withen 30 mins, of what I say! I was writing a journal one day about my boyfriends jealousy and I said he is envious, the plate was 2envious4u. then something like fatso things like that

Tore Blad said...

Hi, its far more deeper than using 'oh some group of god like people that cant be identified so we cant speak of them as serial murder predator stalkers and kidnappers. Which is what they are, quit using the world 'gang or organized' because all of them, each one is breaking every law and they are murders. Most are employed by the USA RFID chip company, smaller divisions are Raytheon, reatheon corp. and the companies they setup to money launder getting paid by actually having it live on the nyse. Thats right, they get paid in stock money - stalkers getting paid with stock market company fun. The company Edward Snowden, is one of those companys that gets paid to kill people for test results on the torture given. - mkultra - bio poisoning germ infections ect. Police chiefs and School Superintendants provide the test subjects from age 3 to age 18. they are implanted with rfid chips and stalked for life until death. those police chiefs and school superintendants collect money for life free so to speak. much larger than the tiny things setup to make people think about other things. I am the Strain all urine kid in the mkultra videos on that bed, they asre trying to kill me right now melting plastic and vinal and gray tape as well in areas hit today at my house.

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Anonymous said...
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Clair McCleary said...

Good blog. Incidentally gang stalking is identical to Fair Game, so it is odd the authorities deny gang stalking exists when there is a mountain of evidence for Fair Game.

Inna K said...

Did you go to the Attorney General Office?

ML said...

Yes. And the FBI and the DOJ.

Inna K said...

What the Attorney General Office said to you?

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