Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strange Microphones

The small (approximately 0.2 cm in diameter) spot shown below was found stuck to the leg of my bed, at the head, and right next to our land-line telephone. Close examination showed it to be perfectly round, metallic-looking, paper-thin, and with a slightly raised gold-colored rim around the outside edge. When I tried to carefully scrape it off onto a piece of paper, it was so thin that it broke into several tiny metallic pieces (see last photo below).

I'm left wondering if this was some sort of sophisticated illegal microphone. We know from other things we are finding that our house contains many generations of illegally installed surveillance equipment--not all that surprising, since we've been stalking victims for twelve years now (with no end in sight!). We also know that the head of the organized stalking gang targeting us has close ties to the San Antonio FBI office and that other persons who have victimized us in the past have known ties to the Secret Service and the CIA. (Note that the LBJ ranch and the Bush Museum of the Pacific War are located close to us.) Certainly the location where I found it is indicative of its having been a microphone; indeed, the reason I spotted it is because I realized it was the ideal location for a microphone and was checking the area carefully.

I will need to defer to others with expertise in such things as to exactly what it is or was. (I still have the pieces.) Now, at least, I know something else to be on the lookout for, although these will be hard to find. As far as giving off radio frequency (RF) signals, there are so many in the general area of my bed that I can't say whether this item was giving them off or not.

Thanks to a fellow victim of organized stalking in another state, I also have information on another kind of strange microphone that's apparently being used by perpetrators. This victim stated their intention to go up into the attic of their house to look for something. They then went up and rummaged through a box but could not find what they were looking for, so they began going through a second box that was nearby. Inside this second box, they found what they described to me as a tiny (about 1 in. long) metal microphone that looked "just like the ones on t.v. only in miniature; it even had a tiny metal mesh head". They said that as far as they could tell, this little microphone had just been dropped into the top of the box by someone.

The victim took the mini-mike out of the box and put it in a place they believed was secure so they could photograph it and describe it for an incident report, but when they went back later to do this, the mini-mike was gone. It should be noted that this particular stalking victim has severe problems with stalkers illegally entering their home and attic, even when they are there. (I feel their pain!)

Other information I've received from this same victim matches very well with things I'm hearing from both persons connected with law enforcement and fellow victims from many different locations, so I believe their account to be accurate. Again, it's something else for stalking victims to be on the lookout for. It's also a great example of why stalkers are so afraid of victims who compare and share information. I'm grateful for this victim's having let me know about this.

If anyone has any additional information about these items, I'd appreciate your leaving it as a comment at the end of this post or emailing it to me privately at kamaudocs at gmail dot com.

Update, 6/5/11: I have received a professional opinion that, although this could indeed be an illegal microphone on the basis of size, shape, and location, a microphone having been installed illegally would be far more likely to match the item it was stuck to in color so it couldn't be spotted easily. I'm told this is more likely to be a spot of glue that dripped down from something it was being used to hold above. I have searched the bed above this, but the only unusual thing I've noticed so far is an area where the finish on the wood of the bed is blistered as if it's been burned by something.

I also noticed that the nearby phone jack under the bed is missing one of its screws for some reason, as shown below.


These small openings that give off strong radio frequency (RF) signals might be for illegal surveillance cameras, but their positions fairly low on the walls plus their locations suggest they are instead for illegal microphones.

One is next to the front door of our house,...

...and the other is next to our back door. (Notice that someone placed a pencil mark next to the back door one. We've noticed the locations of illegal equipment having been marked this way in other areas as well.)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out Of The Closet

With this post, I'm documenting more illegal surveillance equipment installed in our house. This time, it's inside the wall of a small closet in a paneled room we use as a study and home office.

The first photo shows a gap where the lower portion of the wall paneling was opened to illegally instal equipment and then crudely closed up afterwards.

This photo shows a sample piece of hard putty with embedded thin cable that was removed by us from inside the closet wall.

Here are more samples of hard putty with embedded thin cables that were removed by us from inside the closet wall.

The next three photos show the hard putty with embedded cables on the inside of the closet wall before we removed them.

The next two photos show the pinhole we found in the room's paneling directly outside of the putty with embedded thin cables inside the closet.

Finally, here is a photograph of the study closet in question from the outside. The sticky note shows the location of both the pinhole in the previous photos and the location of strong, localized radio frequency (RF) signals as picked up by a detector designed to locate surveillance cameras. As in previous cases documented here, the illegal camera itself is sealed where we can't reach it without doing substantial damage, in this case, behind the paneling on the outside and the strong wooden studs on the inside of the closet. The hard putty goes up inside the wall as far up as we can see, indicating it's wired to something above. (It's close to the pinhole previously documented in "Hiding Up High".)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jury Duty

This letter was printed recently in the Kerrville Daily Times. I am familiar with this case, and it was as the writer says. The jury considered the evidence very carefully and went to great pains to insure a proper verdict, only to have the judge throw their verdict out because it wasn't to his or the powerful losing attorney's liking. Like this juror, I too was shocked and disgusted when this was done.

At this point, you might want to go back and read my earlier post titled "Texas As A Third-World Country".

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Accountability (Or Lack Thereof)

The top article was just published in the San Antonio Express-News. It explains how San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso were recently passed over completely for receiving federal Homeland Security funding.

The bottom item, also published in the San Antonio Express-News, documents previous problems with missing DHS equipment purchased with these funds (over 30 million dollars worth, some of it sophisticated surveillance equipment). Although WOAI reporter Brian Collister said he had turned over a list of the missing equipment to Rep. Lamar Smith at the time, and Smith stated in the telecast segment that he would look into this, as far as I know, nothing was ever done.

It's encouraging to see that the federal government is refusing to hand out money to entities who refuse to be accountable for what they do with it!

Now I suggest you go back and look at my previous series of posts showing and describing some of the illegal surveillance we've found installed in our house so far. Then go back to my 11/17/09 post titled "Illegal Surveillance Summary" and wonder, as I do, whether any of the items I'm finding is missing federal equipment. (Take into account the fact that I'm dealing with former federal agents as detailed in "Who's Lying?", "He Said", "Bringing the Dirty Tricks Home", and elsewhere on this blog.)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Kids, Too?

We just found this pinhole in the wall that gives off radio frequency (RF) signals, meaning it's probably an embedded illegal surveillance camera. It's located the the bedroom of one of my children and is close to electrical wiring.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bedside Matters

There are two large built-in wooden storage cabinets in the small dressing area that's just off my bedroom in our house. These are shown below.

When I realized there had to be a significant amount of empty space behind the wall above them, I pulled everything out of these cabinets and checked them. Sure enough, the backs of both sides give off radio frequency (RF) signals indicative of the presence of illegal surveillance cameras and microphones installed behind them. And now that I know what to look for, it's easy to spot the telltale large, new, crude screws and scratches and pry marks that show where the wooden backs of the cabinets were pulled open to insert the illegal equipment and then quickly screwed and glued closed. There's electrical wiring for a light switch located nearby that's convenient for tying into, too.

The head of my bed sits up against the other side of this wall and is located directly behind these cabinets.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hiding Up High

This spot, which emits radio frequencies (RFs), is located within the moulding around our front door. The hole is concealed in the shadow of the trim. There's no corresponding hole on the other side as you would expect if it were a nail hole. It also happens to be directly in front of the wiring for the doorbell and the outdoor lighting.

I assume this is an illegal surveillance camera. Its position gives it a bird's eye view down the entire length of the central hallway in our house and a great view of our back door.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hiding In Plain Sight, Continued

Remember the small half-bath I discussed in my "Guard Your House Plans!" post of 5/16/11? We've found another area in the same room that gives off strong radio frequency (RF) signals, and look where it's located! How many times over the last twelve years have we unknowingly sat or stood next to it, I wonder? If you look closely, you can also see the newer nail showing where the paneling was pulled up and then nailed and glued closed again.

Because of the location, we believe this is a concealed microphone, but it could also be another camera. Of course, the presence of either of these in our house is very illegal, but as documented previously, law enforcement at all levels won't do anything about it. (Coincidentally, WOAI's Brian Collister has reported over $30 million worth of DHS surveillance and other equipment missing in the past; see my earlier post titled "Illegal Surveillance Summary".)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hiding In Plain Sight

Did you think, from the previous title, that I was ending my series of posts documenting the presence of various types of illegal surveillance equipment installed on our property? I'm not even close to being done!

I'm learning, among other things, that modern fiber optics are so thin/fine that they can be installed right out in the open, where you walk by them every day without noticing them.

Take, for example, these "cracks" in the posts holding up the roof of the short covered walkway that leads from our kitchen to our separate garage. Close examination of them reveals they are actually small channels carved into the wood of the posts filled with putty that is much softer than the surrounding wood but matches it perfectly in color. Judging by the radio frequency (RF) signals the "cracks" give off, they appear to contain very thin fiber optics held in place by the putty in a manner similar to other examples previously shown here. The illegal surveillance cameras from which these fiber optic lines run are probably sealed within the roof of the walkway, since they are larger and therefore harder to hide. Notice that there is wiring for the electric outdoor lights close by for the illegal cameras to be wired to.

Now notice that these fiber optics surround the outside of this door. Am I shocked to find this?--yes, given how obvious it all is once you know what to look for, especially in light of the number of times we've walked past it. Am I surprised to find it?--sadly, no. Given that this particular entrance is both the main door we use in entering and exiting our house, plus the fact that someone often broadcasts loud and bizarre/obnoxious noises when we open this door (especially late at night when we let our pets in and out), I was positive some sort of illegal surveillance equipment was installed in the vicinity.

Of course, these devices are completely illegal. Shocking as they are, they are only another very small example of the tremendous number and scope of illegal devices that have been installed in our house and on our property over the years--devices I will continue documenting here. Frankly, I'm beginning to wonder what the final number of illegal devices per square foot in and and on our house will turn out to be and whether it will set some kind of record. (I suspect it will!)

And if you think all the locals who are given access to all this illegal surveillance of us are starting to be ashamed of or worried about what they're doing because I'm now documenting it, think again. They're still openly stalking us, harassing us, and bragging and laughing about what's been and continues to be done to us as often as possible and in the usual large numbers. Clearly, there's no shame or fear of punishment for committing blatantly illegal acts around here!

Monday, May 9, 2011

That's A Wrap

I had assumed this was a seam in the wallboard underneath the wallpaper in my bathroom. However, a closer examination revealed radio frequency (RF) signals near the end of it [Photo 3] and an offset in the middle [Photo 1] that doesn't seem very "seam-ly".

A careful look under the wallpaper revealed something wrapped in a nonconducting material. I assume this is a thin fiber optic line that protrudes through a very tiny hole in the wallpaper on one end for a perfect view of the combined toilet, tub, and shower area that is connected back to an illegal camera hidden inside the wall near the window on the other end.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Watch Out For Your Contractors!

If you are a victim of organized/gang stalking, I'm learning that you need to be especially wary when you hire contractors of any kind. The following are a few examples of some of the kinds of things to beware of.

Heating/Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Technicians: separate air duct installed at some point that bypasses rest of ducts and instead runs straight from the blower to directly over victim's (i.e., my) bed [Photo 1]; insides of air ducts lined with black felt (to muffle sounds made by moving remote-control fiber optic cameras; also to absorb toxic chemicals used as bioweapons) [Photo 2, showing inside the outlet of duct shown in Photo 1]; for another example, see "Heating Up In Texas" post of 6/25/09

Plumbers: opening cut under kitchen sink at base of kitchen island to install illegal camera/s; fiber optic lines running up from this area and through tiny openings through cabinet [Photos 3 and 4]; also see 4/4/11 post

Carpenters: large, crude screws in back of cabinet showing where it's been opened to insert illegal surveillance equipment and then both screwed back together and glued closed [Photos 5 and 6]

Electricians: see description of bathroom example in previous post

Builders: see sliding door example in my 3/30/11 post; Dr. John Hall of San Antonio tells me the particular stalking gang targeting us also likes to hide cameras inside hollow doors that can be prepared ahead of time and then quickly switched, but most of our doors are solid (Dr. Hall says if you shake these doors hard, you can often hear the camera batteries rattling around inside)

Stereo Repairpersons: old speaker that gives off radio frequency (RF) signals even though it isn't hooked up to anything [Photo 7]

Taxidermists?: something nearby gives off strong RF signals; probably behind the wall nearby, but could be something in the mount as well, since a hole has been drilled into it [Photos 8 and 9]

Pest Control Technicians?!?!: large amounts of PVC pipe in our attic with no apparent legitimate function that were dubbed "The Gerbil Run" by one observer [Photo 10]; left open in at least one location [Photo 11]; one segment runs down into children's bathroom on one end [Photo 12] and down into the corner of my bedroom on the other [Photo 13]