Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hiding In Plain Sight

Did you think, from the previous title, that I was ending my series of posts documenting the presence of various types of illegal surveillance equipment installed on our property? I'm not even close to being done!

I'm learning, among other things, that modern fiber optics are so thin/fine that they can be installed right out in the open, where you walk by them every day without noticing them.

Take, for example, these "cracks" in the posts holding up the roof of the short covered walkway that leads from our kitchen to our separate garage. Close examination of them reveals they are actually small channels carved into the wood of the posts filled with putty that is much softer than the surrounding wood but matches it perfectly in color. Judging by the radio frequency (RF) signals the "cracks" give off, they appear to contain very thin fiber optics held in place by the putty in a manner similar to other examples previously shown here. The illegal surveillance cameras from which these fiber optic lines run are probably sealed within the roof of the walkway, since they are larger and therefore harder to hide. Notice that there is wiring for the electric outdoor lights close by for the illegal cameras to be wired to.

Now notice that these fiber optics surround the outside of this door. Am I shocked to find this?--yes, given how obvious it all is once you know what to look for, especially in light of the number of times we've walked past it. Am I surprised to find it?--sadly, no. Given that this particular entrance is both the main door we use in entering and exiting our house, plus the fact that someone often broadcasts loud and bizarre/obnoxious noises when we open this door (especially late at night when we let our pets in and out), I was positive some sort of illegal surveillance equipment was installed in the vicinity.

Of course, these devices are completely illegal. Shocking as they are, they are only another very small example of the tremendous number and scope of illegal devices that have been installed in our house and on our property over the years--devices I will continue documenting here. Frankly, I'm beginning to wonder what the final number of illegal devices per square foot in and and on our house will turn out to be and whether it will set some kind of record. (I suspect it will!)

And if you think all the locals who are given access to all this illegal surveillance of us are starting to be ashamed of or worried about what they're doing because I'm now documenting it, think again. They're still openly stalking us, harassing us, and bragging and laughing about what's been and continues to be done to us as often as possible and in the usual large numbers. Clearly, there's no shame or fear of punishment for committing blatantly illegal acts around here!

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