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Guard Your House Plans!

Both sets of private investigators (p.i.s) that I hired and later had to fire for defrauding me (1. Ed Hodges and his associates, and 2. the Boerne ex-DEA and ex-FBI agents) were extremely interested in the plans the builder used to build our house back in 1988.

Ed Hodges insisted I give my house plans to his associates, George Petrie and another man I knew only as “Bill”, both of whom Hodges said worked for him. (I later found out Petrie had impersonated both a licensed security guard and a licensed p.i. during the course of my case. Despite my filing complaints about this with the TX DPS, Petrie was never disciplined and was actually granted a p.i. license by the DPS! I know almost nothing about “Bill” except that he claimed to be an ex-Navy SEAL and a gun dealer.) Hodges insisted he needed my house plans in order to design a security system for our home, as documented here. (The security system was one of the things I paid Hodges for but never received.) I did give these men my house plans in the fall of 2003. They kept them for several months but eventually returned them to me.

Almost as soon as I’d fired Hodges and company and hired the two p.i.s from Boerne, they and the Boerne lawyer they’d insisted I hire as well all began insisting they needed my house plans so they could have an appraisal done. I made it clear I did not want the expensive appraisal they were insisting on and refused to give them the plans for our house, but all three of them continued over the course of several months to insist repeatedly that the appraisal was necessary. Eventually, they persuaded me to agree to the appraisal and give them the house plans by telling me they’d managed to make special arrangements with the appraiser for a greatly reduced fee. After I discovered they’d defrauded and misrepresented me, I immediately demanded that they return my house plans. As documented here, they balked at this.

When I persisted in my demands that they return my property, a package from the appraiser’s office arrived containing a partial copy of my house plans, not the originals. Much later (2007), someone returned most (but not all) of the originals of our house plans during one of the frequent break-ins of our house. It’s important in retrospect to note that this occurred right after I’d begun making formal requests to the Texas DPS and the FBI for a thorough sweep of our house and property for the illegal surveillance devices Diop Kamau and our local police were threatening an illegal invasion of our house to retrieve (see “Illegal Surveillance, Part III“, posted here on 11/12/09), although I didn’t make the connection at the time. (I’ve also come to realize the significance of the fact that the missing portions of the plans contain the drawings for all but one of the many sets of custom built-in cabinets we have installed throughout our home; see for example my post of 4/4/11.)

Now fast-forward to a few months ago, when I began receiving instructions from fellow stalking victims and experts about how to locate the illegal surveillance devices used by organized stalking gangs. I’m not very “mechanically-inclined”, so the search for these illegally installed devices has been a real learning process for me, but with the patient help and encouragement from others, I’m slowly getting better at understanding the hows and whys of this equipment and how the stalkers’ minds work with regard to it. This, I’m discovering, is where my house plans have played a critical role, and it explains very well why these criminals wanted to get hold of them so badly.

The easiest way for me to explain all this is to use an example. A little background information is necessary: our house has two main floors (an upstairs and a downstairs), plus an attic and a partial basement. Near the center of the downstairs level, we have a small half-bathroom with the simple layout diagrammed here.

My children and I were positive illegal surveillance equipment was installed in this particular room, because of the many times we’ve received prank or harassing phone calls or knocks at the front door while we were “indisposed” in this bathroom. We also know that in our case, the perpetrators have a particularly sick need to degrade and humiliate us—the code name for what’s being done to us is “Trammel”, as documented in “Code Names”, posted here on 9/28/09. We know we are being illegally filmed during our private moments and that this footage is being widely distributed.

With these facts in mind, it becomes apparent that there’s only one ideal area in this particular room in which to locate a camera capable of obtaining the desired shots. Sure enough, a check of that area with a small, hand-held radio frequency (RF) detector quickly identified an area of strong signals coming from behind the wall in that location. An examination of the opposite side of the same wall revealed another area of strong RF signals coming from inside the same wall (but slightly offset) that has a direct view of the inside of our front door, i.e., another perfect monitoring position.

Close examination of the area close to the RF signals in the bathroom turned up a pinhole opening for an illegal camera that had been cut into the top of the paneling that lines the lower portion of the room. Near this opening is a very fine vertical cut that’s well-concealed within one of the seams of the paneling, showing where it was opened up to install the illegal camera. On either side and also below the pinhole opening are relatively large, crude nails that show where the opening in the paneling was nailed shut after the equipment was installed. Much of this is shown in the photograph included here.

Knowing how the illegal equipment was installed is important for extracting it, but so is knowing what it’s wired to (unless it’s battery-powered). After checking our house plans, I noticed an electrical outlet at the base of the hall wall on the other side of the pinhole location. A tape measure confirmed that the pinhole is directly above the outlet on the other side of the wall, and running the RF detector over the outlet confirmed that something emitting RFs is wired to it. The stalkers had obviously used the house plans to know ahead of time exactly where to open the bathroom paneling so they could quickly tie into the wiring for the outlet, install the illegal equipment, and then close everything back up tightly (with lots of added glue, of course, to make removing the equipment extra-difficult!).

The camera installed inside the same wall but on the hall side is a bit more problematic. The opening for it is much smaller than the one in the paneling—too small for me to show here, given the limits of my camera. In fact, it’s little more than the width of a human hair and is in the middle of a long expanse of plain white wallboard. I believe this camera with its much finer attached fiber optics will probably turn out to be from a newer generation of illegal equipment installed in our house. (There are many other signs that multiple generations of equipment are present here—not so surprising considering we’ve been stalked like this for twelve years, I suppose.) I examined the bathroom paneling behind this area but could see no signs of its having been opened there. Of course it’s possible the same opening farther down was also utilized for that installation, but someone with a great deal of knowledge of such things informed me that as a general rule, stalkers prefer to do their illegal installation from above rather than below. Here again, the house plans may hold the answer: I overlaid the plans for the upstairs and the downstairs of our house, perfectly aligned over a bright light source, and discovered that the downstairs wall in question lies directly underneath a section of a narrow hall walkway above. A careful examination of the floorboards of the walkway turned up subtle irregularities suggesting some of these may have been removed and replaced. I would never have noticed these had I not known exactly where to look! And directly above the disturbed area of flooring is a light switch that emits RF signals, indicating a source of some sort is wired to it.

We know that real estate developers are desperate to obtain our property (for far less than what it’s worth, of course) and are involved with the stalking gang that’s targeting us. These developers have construction crews working for them that can easily open up walls, floors, siding, roofs, or whatever is necessary to install illegal equipment and then seal the openings and conceal them so skillfully that, unless you know exactly where to look and exactly what to look for, you’re not likely to ever notice anything’s been done. And these crews can do this while you’re at work, at the movies, out shopping for the day, gone for the weekend, etc.—because they make a point to keep you under close surveillance at all times. An added problem for victims, once they find the illegally installed surveillance equipment, is how to remove it without doing major/expensive damage in the process.

Although this is only an example, I’m hoping you can see that having had access to our house plans was critical, because it enabled our stalkers to know not only the best possible locations for all the installations of their equipment in order to get the views they wanted, but also allowed them to plan out and prepare for the quickest and easiest access points and hookup points for those locations so they could be in and out as fast as possible.

Finally, it’s important to point out that the surveillance equipment installed in our house and on our property is not part of a legitimate criminal investigation by law enforcement. It is part of a systematic and deliberate twelve-year-long organized criminal conspiracy to victimize, stalk, harass, demean, degrade, and embarrass an innocent woman and her children that involves law enforcement officers, former federal agents, and numerous others.

The next step, of course, will be to bring in professional construction and video documentary crews so the illegal equipment can be properly extracted and the serial numbers on it can be traced.

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