Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out Of The Closet

With this post, I'm documenting more illegal surveillance equipment installed in our house. This time, it's inside the wall of a small closet in a paneled room we use as a study and home office.

The first photo shows a gap where the lower portion of the wall paneling was opened to illegally instal equipment and then crudely closed up afterwards.

This photo shows a sample piece of hard putty with embedded thin cable that was removed by us from inside the closet wall.

Here are more samples of hard putty with embedded thin cables that were removed by us from inside the closet wall.

The next three photos show the hard putty with embedded cables on the inside of the closet wall before we removed them.

The next two photos show the pinhole we found in the room's paneling directly outside of the putty with embedded thin cables inside the closet.

Finally, here is a photograph of the study closet in question from the outside. The sticky note shows the location of both the pinhole in the previous photos and the location of strong, localized radio frequency (RF) signals as picked up by a detector designed to locate surveillance cameras. As in previous cases documented here, the illegal camera itself is sealed where we can't reach it without doing substantial damage, in this case, behind the paneling on the outside and the strong wooden studs on the inside of the closet. The hard putty goes up inside the wall as far up as we can see, indicating it's wired to something above. (It's close to the pinhole previously documented in "Hiding Up High".)

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