Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hiding In Plain Sight, Continued

Remember the small half-bath I discussed in my "Guard Your House Plans!" post of 5/16/11? We've found another area in the same room that gives off strong radio frequency (RF) signals, and look where it's located! How many times over the last twelve years have we unknowingly sat or stood next to it, I wonder? If you look closely, you can also see the newer nail showing where the paneling was pulled up and then nailed and glued closed again.

Because of the location, we believe this is a concealed microphone, but it could also be another camera. Of course, the presence of either of these in our house is very illegal, but as documented previously, law enforcement at all levels won't do anything about it. (Coincidentally, WOAI's Brian Collister has reported over $30 million worth of DHS surveillance and other equipment missing in the past; see my earlier post titled "Illegal Surveillance Summary".)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great advice on bug searches. I've checked out the opposite side of my electrical outlets, ( some of which have no purpose in their location other than nefarious, and that I don't recall existing before a recent remodel) I've found some interesting cracks, marks and holes. Could you please let me know what bug detector and/or equipment you used in your article? I'd like to follow through on this as well.

I've been able to sleep much better and no longer experience cracking, popping and banging in my bedroom walls by unplugging all electrical items and covering up all electrical outlets and vents. Smoke alarms and overhead lighting are also locations of concerns, in addition to light switches, ( the screws in the plate are of concern) I wonder it painting over would solve the problem.) I'm really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work.
TI in CA.