Friday, July 11, 2014

Drugs and Snuff Films

What follows here is the third installment in my series of posts on things that go together.  All three posts together form a coherent series and are meant to be taken as parts of a whole.  And every word in each of them is critically important!

I think everyone nowadays is aware that the scourge of illegal drugs—the societal woes it causes and the organized crime networks it spawns—is international in scope. Banking issues and transfers of cash related to the illegal drug trade are both world-wide and potentially traceable, and cash transfers between countries have the added issues of conversions and conversion rates.

One way organized crime gets around these monetary problems is to trade or barter for illegal drugs instead of paying for them in cash. The practice of trading or bartering for desired goods predates paying for goods with cash by a considerable margin of time in history and is actually still quite commonplace in certain areas overseas. Indeed, original Northern European settlers of the town in which I live famously signed what is said to be the only peace treaty with Native Americans that has never been broken as part of a deal where both money and goods were paid by the settlers in exchange for protection from attacks.

In order for a barter system for illegal drugs to work, potential purchasers must have something to trade that is of value to the sellers. In the Middle East (a region of major opiate production), this is often Mexican vanilla, which is a popular addition to coffee in the many cafes there. Once my friend Medawar explained this to me, I remembered hearing my former mother-in-law and some of her lady-friends talking about bringing back whole suitcases of Mexican vanilla from their trips down there, supposedly to bake with, although in retrospect, the amounts seem to have been rather excessive.

Medawar has also explained to me that in the Far East, gambling on sporting events is extremely popular, so anyone having inside information on which players in a particular match might be playing injured, for example, could potentially trade this information for drugs there.

I'm told that the other item of great value in the Far East when it comes to purchasing power for illegal drugs is hardcore pornography. There is a huge market for this particular evil over there, with such sales largely unchecked and the desire for new and fresh photos, movies, and victims remaining constant. In this regard, “snuff films” in which victims are brutalized, tortured, and murdered in front of a camera, are especially valuable as trade items for drugs.

The making of snuff films is particularly attractive to psychopathic killers, because their poor behavioral control, in combination with their need to self-medicate in order to control behaviors they need to conceal from others, makes them extremely vulnerable to addictions of all sorts. [See the Merck Manual for more information on psychopaths and addiction.] Besides commonly having multiple substance addictions (like illegal drugs) and addictions to gambling, psychopathic killers are addicted to the feelings they get when they are killing, so the making of snuff films offers a way to fuel their initial thrill from the killings themselves, their insatiable need to relive the killing over and over again by repeatedly watching the films, and their need to purchase substances they are hooked on.

In the Far East markets for hardcore pornography in general and snuff films in particular, attractive Western victims command the highest prices. However, victims of all sexes, sexual orientations, ages, and races can be of interest to the market, particularly if there is a related “story line” involved.

When I first discovered Medawar's blog online and began corresponding with him about the organized stalking and other serious crimes I am the victim of, I also told him about two cold homicide cases I had previously contacted law enforcement officials who were investigating them about, because I had recognized certain aspects of these cases. One of these homicides had occurred in Texas (but not in Central Texas), while the other took place outside of Texas. In the Texas case, which I learned about online, I recognized the names of persons the victim was said to have been involved with as being the same as persons who had committed fraud and other criminal acts against me and whom I knew to be from the same area as the victim. In the case from outside Texas, which I learned about on a national television show, I recognized suspects from their descriptions and an item of clothing one of the suspects was said to have been wearing. In the first case, I provided investigators with information on my case and the perpetrators and was told only that police “already had a suspect in the case who was a known associate of the victim's”. In the second case, I provided additional details about the item of clothing witnesses had described, additional information about unusual physical characteristics of the suspects that witnesses were likely to have noticed, and information on the whereabouts of the suspects at the time of the murder. I never heard back from investigators in this case.

Medawar was particularly interested in the second of these cases (the one from outside Texas), because he recognized certain elements of it that were very theatrical: the way the suspects had dressed and acted, the type of weapon used, and more. Having grown up with and having been stalked by a future serial killer, Medawar originally noticed the way the killer/s in this case appeared to have committed the crime around a detailed story that had been worked out well in advance. [For more information on this, please see my two previous posts here.]

After doing some research, Medawar discovered a substantial number of similar crimes, some in Texas, some in other parts of the U.S., and many in the same area as the one I'd originally told him about. He pointed out to me the common aspects of all or most of these crimes. Besides having strong elements of the theatrical, there were multiple suspects involved, but the primary killer always appeared to be the same person. [Note: Psychopaths are well-known to have no trouble finding each other; any psychopath in a long-term relationship will usually be found to be partnered with another psychopath.] The killer arranged to be with the victim in ways where he and any accomplices would not be disturbed while the murder was being committed, sometimes for quite lengthy periods of time. Victims were tortured and killed in particularly violent and brutal ways that required considerable medical knowledge and familiarity with killing. Victims and crime scenes were left in ways that indicated extensive knowledge of crime scene investigative techniques: victims were left in running water to remove traces of DNA, crime scenes were quickly and expertly cleaned up (meaning there had been extensive planning and preparation ahead of time), and more. After the murders, suspects other than the primary killer made sure they were seen and/or photographed driving victims' vehicles to deliberately confuse the investigations and divert suspicion away from the primary killer.

Medawar and I then began to focus our attention on certain ones of these cases that most closely conformed to his model and had the most detail as far as descriptions of suspects. We were particularly interested in cases occurring at times where I could provide information about the whereabouts of persons we suspected of having been involved in the crimes.

As soon as Medawar and I began doing this, a number of interesting things began to happen. (Remember that as victims of organized stalking, all of our computer, phone, written, and spoken communications are being illegally monitored and shared 24/7.) One suspect began deliberately parading around in front of me at local stores, wearing the item of clothing I had originally described to authorities. Other people walked up to me in parking lots and other public places while wearing various life-like rubber masks and wigs of various kinds, especially ones of elderly men and women. That same week, a local pilot whose photograph very closely resembled a suspect in one of the killings far from Texas turned up listed as having just died in the local newspaper. Most of the people I strongly suspected of being involved in these homicides began stalking me in person in various ways. And there is more, but for now I choose not to disclose everything.

Because I knew the persons I suspected of being involved in these killings were heavily involved in the drug trade here, Medawar believed the strongly theatrical aspects of the cases we were looking at meant the murders had been filmed so the snuff films could be traded overseas for drugs. This fits very well with the fact that you can often drive through my neighborhood at night and smell the noxious odor of burning “China sticks” (pressed sticks of potent cannabis soaked in opiates) coming from the houses of my ex-husband's stalker-friends on the hill above my house.

Medawar and I continue to look for homicide cases that meet the criteria I have described here. If you know of any of these, please contact me through my profile on this blog.

You should also be aware that Medawar and I strongly suspect the same persons involved in the types of cases discussed here of being involved in numerous other very different types of homicides. As I discussed in my post titled “Stalking and Murder” recently, psychopaths who stalk kill to many different well-developed stories in their heads. Criminal profilers seem to have no trouble understanding that a particular murderer can kill repeatedly to one of these stories, but they seem to have trouble understanding the way a single psychopath can kill to unlimited different stories and patterns—or just how detailed and unique each of these can be.

Finally, I need to sound some warnings. Anyone having any knowledge of any kind about a homicide can be charged with the crime, and there are no statutes of limitations in homicide cases. Also be aware that a great many people close to the persons I suspect of involvement in these homicide cases are now suddenly turning up dead themselves; all of these deaths in such a relatively short period of time cannot possibly be coincidental. And finally, please be aware that there are now far too many leaks in the dam of lies and cover-ups here to be able to be plugged up (even by the Department of Justice). This is huge, and the whole thing is about to give way.