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U.S. Anti-Stalking Law

The woman with the very short, straight brown hair and glasses who suddenly U-turned her silver Toyota sedan bearing Texas plates HXZ-637, pulled in behind me, turned on her bright lights, and began aggressively tailgating me as I ran a quick errand at noon today should read the following new (2/25/11) post regarding U.S. federal organized stalking laws as soon as possible:

And ANYONE ELSE who's ever participated in anything whatsoever to do with organized/gang stalking (for example, the man with the backpack who was standing just around the corner reporting to the above woman that I was coming) should also read this post and make certain that they fully understand it. Trying to claim you participated because someone else told you to isn't going to work. Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for your actions, not someone else, the town where you live, your employer/s, etc.!

Finally, I sincerely hope readers of the article linked above will pay particular attention to the discussion in it about eligibility for the death penalty. (Claiming you didn't read it or didn't know is no legal excuse.)

Update:  See

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Greater Moral Compass

Today I'm sharing an article from another website that is also published on

Thursday, February 24, 2011Tortured FBI Whistleblower Warns Wikileaks Fans by Deborah Dupre
Deborah Dupre is a Human Rights Columnist.

The following article was copied in full from:

An FBI whistleblower has alerted that supporting WikiLeaks founder, Julius Assange and subsequently calling for revolution due to government cover-ups are intended results of a counterintelligence reverse tactic not in best interest of the public.

Bob Levin, FBI targeted whistleblower since 2000, knows sophisticated counterintelligence tactics designed to manipulate the unwitting.

Levin has lectured Special Agents in Training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He has been requested to brief Counterterrorism Taskforce Agents relating to his skill sets and investigative techniques.

“My background was in codes and local, specialized state and federal law enforcement that ended in the FBI,”

Levin wrote to this writer in an email.

Levin is now one of thousands of Targeted Individuals in the United States, battling to survive both a hidden form of CIA torture he knows to be part of the CIA Torture Paradigm inflicting citizens in U.S. neighborhoods plus ongoing Cointelpro tactics used in conjunction with the torure. The combined effect is to ruin lives and even assassinate.

The torture Levin experiences is hidden by nature of military grade Directed Energy technology used on targets and their property. This form of torture is also hidden by mainstream media, another indication that corporate owned media no longer serves best interest of the public.

“I became a validated FBI whistleblower in 2000 and have remained sanctioned in political retribution while targeted under the CIA Torture Paradigm and ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations."

On December 8, Levin distributed an emailed alert using the following example posted by a WikiLeaks supporter:

“People NEED to be supporting Julian Assange through this ridiculous time. What a brave man for sharing the truth with the world. The governments of the world are just digging themselves a hole. IT'S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!!!”

Levin’s email warned about “FBI, CIA and NSA counterintelligence reverse tactics used to bait passionate persons into an actionable trap.”

The recent operation on Somali and Nicaraguan youths that psychologically herded them into acts of terrorism need be a warning to Americans about PSYOPS master-minded so that innocent people are roped into actions against their best interest according to Levin.

“I’ve trained agents to do this against criminal targets, but as we know, these agencies have increasingly been politicized like the Gestapo,” he stated.

Legal Restorative Justice Revolution

Answering the call to support WikiLeaks and revolt, Levin advocates a restorative revolution under lawful terms of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

This type of revolution “begins with a series of nation strikes and boycotts, followed by insistence that the USDOJ prosecute culpable congressional actors under FBI investigations as named by whistleblower patriots.”

Beyond that, Levin says, “It is imperative that no person allow their passions to exceed lawful conduct or solicit any manner of harm to another human being.”

“We the people must stand with a greater moral compass than the continuing criminal enterprise operating beneath the mask of the U.S. government.”

“What is important for activists not coming from my background to remember is that there are regular good people in the FBI, CIA and other agencies. There are exceptions in most things and we notice the outlaws more than those following their oaths."

How many FBI are good guys?

“At least 85% of one FBI field office shares my views,” says Levin.
“Hollywood's depiction of the FBI has a lot of BS.”

According to Levin, agents curse like sailors behind closed doors, some hold their own drinking bourbon, and others are incredible bakers and dinner party hosts.

“The point is that we are only as strong as the weakest of our parts and cannot allow the corrupt ruling class to turn us against ourselves.”

Countering sophisticated psychological operations calls for knowledge and restraint, else targets in the WikiLeaks scenario, including the American public, can be easily be led to act against its best interest.

“I hope you will share my thoughts with others and please do not support any violent or unlawful activities possibly solicited by others who do not possess your good character”

Levin’s opinions can be viewed online within All Voices and Scribd.

According to Levin, when his Blackfile summary report is published, its pages of truth will dwarf present embarrassment of the government from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks' released diplomatic communications.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"A Very Curious Story"

Both of these were published recently in the San Antonio Express-News. The whole thing is very curious indeed.

Monday, February 21, 2011


A good discussion of organized stalking and mental illness has just been posted at:

that is well worth reading.

Fellow stalking victims, I highly recommend following the above blog on a regular basis. It's written by a victim of severe, long-term organized stalking and harassment whose case is, like ours, well-documented and tied to high-level organized crime.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Death Of A Pastor

One has to wonder what exactly was being hunted and why the suspicious death of the senior pastor of a church didn't merit a bigger newspaper write-up.

Repressive regimes have a known tendency to take out journalists (see Carlos Guerra post) and religious leaders, among others. (Also artists, writers, and intellectuals.) Just a basic observation for your consideration.

Monday, February 14, 2011

U.S. Help Is Also Requested

To my American readers: Please, please make sure your elected officials know you want them to support these bills. If the U.S. is ever to make meaningful headway in the fight against organized/gang stalking, we simply must put some teeth in our stalking laws! The people orchestrating the stalking, like all abusers, simply aren't going to stop until they begin experiencing negative consequences as a result of their actions.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Your Help Is Needed

This woman desperately needs to be identified, as explained in the accompanying article taken from today's San Antonio Express-News. If you have any information about her at all, please contact law enforcement right away.

Given the fact that this case involves the same law enforcement personnel as the Phillip Shue and John Dilday cases (see previous posts here), it's understandable that persons having information in this case might be afraid to come forward with what they know. If this is the case, please know that you can post your information anonymously as a comment at the end of this post or email it to me privately at and it will get to the right places. If you're not comfortable with those options, please go to my earlier post here on reporting police corruption and follow the instructions there for giving information on crime to international investigators. The method explained there is secure and private and includes a section on risk assessment, meaning you can confidentially report any potential threats along with your information that will be taken very seriously.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Organized Stalking And The White House

After hearing President Obama's "It Gets Better" speech about bullying last fall, I emailed the following letter to The White House from their website:

The other day, I received the following form letter in reply:

While bullying can most definitely be a part of organized/gang stalking, it is also most definitely a minor one. Let's be very clear about what organized stalking really is: it is the carefully and deliberately planned and executed complete financial, psychological, and, ultimately, physical destruction of human beings by criminal groups that exist expressly for this purpose. President Obama, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and anyone who has done any kind of search of the terms "organized stalking" or "gang stalking" knows this very well indeed.

This absolute refusal of the U.S. Government (not to mention the media!) to acknowledge the problem, seriousness, and extent of organized stalking in America, plus their absolute refusal to do anything whatsoever to get victims any sort of meaningful help or relief, is the reason why I and other victims and victims' advocates are now starting to advise victims of organized stalking and other organized criminal activity to seek help at the international level. (For more information on this, please look at some of the other fairly recent posts on this blog. I will also post additional information on this as I receive it.)

Let's call it what it is: organized stalking is attempted (and sometimes actual) murder that is being covered-up and/or condoned by the U.S. Government at the highest levels. It is now critically important for victims with serious cases to file international complaints and start appealing to international relief agencies as quickly as possible. If the U.S. insists on acting like a Third-World country, it had better prepare to be treated like one.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Organized Stalking Of My Children

Like me, my children are also the innocent victims of organized/gang stalkers. They are followed everywhere they go by people who tailgate them aggressively, flash their headlights at them, wait for them down the street or around the corner (and know exactly when they're coming and where they're going), and more. Their mail is illegally opened, tampered with, and stolen. Their computers and computer connections are hacked and tampered with constantly. Money disappears from their bank accounts, the bank refuses to give them complete copies of their statements (they receive a sheet with starting and ending balances only), and the Federal Reserve refuses to do anything. They drive down the street with someone setting off various obnoxious noises inside their vehicles--or stay home because someone has flattened their tires. They are disturbed at all hours by prank calls or faxes, loud broadcast noises, people with dogs dancing around in front of our house to make our dog bark, being illegally buzzed by aircraft, having loud vehicles driving past them repeatedly, and so much more. And these things don't just happen here in Central Texas, either; they also occur when my kids are away at school or visiting elsewhere.

Last Monday, one of my adult children was awakened at 7 AM by a text message to their cell phone saying their checking account was overdrawn by $9,999,999. (An hour later, our dog started barking at someone acting like an idiot in front of our house.) My child did not recognize the number on the overdrawn account and knew something was wrong, so they went to the bank and showed the text message to an employee. After a little checking, my child was informed that a male bank customer whose overdrawn account had been shut down had listed my child's private cell phone number as his contact number.

Last Wednesday, one of my adult children found they needed to go to San Antonio to purchase materials for a job they'd been hired to do. As they were leaving, we discussed the fact that they'd need to buy gas and also that because the trip was job-related, they needed to remember to log the mileage and the gas price.

My child went straight over to the gas station and began filling their car's tank. As they did this, a man in a white pickup truck pulled up next to them, got out, and immediately began making remarks to my child about logging the mileage and gas price information. The man who did this was heavy-set, Caucasian, in his 50s or 60s, and had very short gray hair sticking out from beneath an odd-looking yellow hat that was clearly worn to attract attention.

My child realized that the man had to have had access to illegal surveillance from inside our home and was confronting them deliberately in this way to let them know this. Because of a great many similar incidents over the years, my child knew exactly what to do. They took a long, careful look at the man so they could recognize him again, taking note of his general description. Then they walked over without saying anything and looked at the front and back license plates on his truck, both so they could remember them and also to check and make sure they were the same (because around here, they're often not). In this case, both plates were the same: TX 31C-HL7. They made some notes on all of this, and they entered it into our log book when they got home later.

My child said that as soon as it became clear they were obtaining the plate information, the man suddenly got a "deer-in-the-headlights" look in his eyes. He quickly jumped back into the truck and sped away.

Several years ago, someone in law enforcement told me that each time someone accesses illegal surveillance can result in a mandatory two-year federal prison sentence; I assume this is still the case. I've also been informed that persons accessing illegal surveillance can be traced by computer. I'm told there's no parole in the federal prison system, either.

For some of the people we've had lots of problems with over the years, that would equal a potential life sentence in Club Fed.

Update, 2/7/11:
The day after I posted the above, a former classmate of one of my children was waiting for me just down the street on his distinctive line-green motorbike when I went to walk my dog. He then drove by me enough times to make sure I'd noticed him in his odd-looking long white sport coat. A younger kid (his brother?) also circled me repeatedly on a small bike while wearing a striped shirt that was also clearly meant to attract attention.

This afternoon as soon as I stepped outside with my dog, someone began hammering something loudly on the hill above our house. At the same time, someone started banging the back of a large dump truck repeatedly nearby, on property my ex-husband is currently developing. When I got to the corner, several men in the vicinity of the dump truck began putting a street theater performance that involved surveying equipment, loud noises, and exaggerated, ridiculous movements. (The person who appeared to be directing this performance was parked just off to the side and partially behind a building in a white pickup that looked a lot like one my ex-husband owns.)

ALL of the people involved in these incidents definitely knew I was coming and were there waiting for me. The time that I walk my dog changes every day. These people HAD to have access to illegal surveillance of us inside our house in order to have had time to get into position in their costumes and with their equipment. There is simply no other possible explanation for what occurred.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dilday Lawsuit

This article updating the situation regarding the Dilday case (see my 9/10/10 post entitled "What Are The Odds, Part 4") was published in this morning's San Antonio Express-News.

As noted in the last paragraph, hopefully more of the truth will finally be revealed through the discovery process in this lawsuit. My heart goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Dilday through all they're having to endure.