Monday, February 21, 2011


A good discussion of organized stalking and mental illness has just been posted at:

that is well worth reading.

Fellow stalking victims, I highly recommend following the above blog on a regular basis. It's written by a victim of severe, long-term organized stalking and harassment whose case is, like ours, well-documented and tied to high-level organized crime.

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Medawar said...

The most urgent (and neglected) mental health issues connected with stalking are on the part of the stalkers, not their targets.

Much stalking is unconsummated murder and many murder victims have been stalked for rather longer than investigators might assume.

In one case in Bristol, the initial assumption was that a murder victim had been followed on her evening out, which the newspapers rendered as "being stalked." (Which is the wrong description for something lasting a couple of hours.) It has since transpired that the principal suspect moved into the flat next door to the victim some months earlier and used sophisticated architectural CAD software to analyse how to get into the victim's flat without using any of the know doors or windows and get her body away without being seen.

In other words, what looked like a spontaneous crime of opportunity had involved at least six months of painstaking preparation, all carried out at a level of sophistication that no psychiatrist would have believed possible had it been described to him before the killing.

The psychiatric profession (like the police) always concentrates on the victims of stalking, because the stalkers themselves are too weird, and often too clever, for the shrinks to get their heads around their antics.