Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stop It!!

The following editorial appeared in the Nov. 25, 2014 edition of the San Antonio Express-News in support of the International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women.  It is self-explanatory.

The numbers of victims besides intimate partners are particularly shocking.

Let's not stop with protecting battered women, though; let's also put an end to the many other types of abuse intimate partners (and I'm including battered men here, although they are in the minority) are subjected to.  By these, I mean such things as financial abuse, legal system abuse, harassment, stalking, illegal surveillance, computer and phone hacking, and more.

In the community in Central Texas where I live, thousands of citizens are knowingly and openly participating in abusive acts like those I've mentioned above.  This can readily be observed and documented by simply following me to and from work every day and filming what goes on.  (All of the people you observe and film openly committing these harassing acts have illegal access to my whereabouts at all times.  They could not possibly do the things you observe without this information.)  Thousands more are participating in "Sins of Silence" by knowing what is going on and doing nothing whatsoever to stop it.  This is due in part to the extremely clannish and in-bred nature of this community, but the same kinds of things happened in Nazi Germany and elsewhere.

The people engaging in these abusive and illegal acts think victimizing fellow citizens in these ways is amusing and food for sport.  They do not fear any kind of punishment at all; they know their local, state, and federal government and law enforcement agencies will cover up what is going on because if the truth comes out, so will a lot of other ugly secrets about former U.S. presidents and persons with various ties to them, missing government weapons and surveillance equipment, corrupt agencies and officials, and so much more that I've detailed and documented throughout this blog.

Stop it!!  If you don't, the illegal abuse will only continue to get worse and spread, and more and more innocent people will be victimized (and this will include those who participate, despite what they believe). 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nonconforming Uses

First, if you have not already done so, please read


Then look at the recent official documents below.

It appears that the latest attempt to illegally obtain my property for commercial development will likely involve someone trying to burn my house down!!  And greater than 75% destruction of my house would have the added bonus of getting rid of a tremendous amount of documentation about the whereabouts of certain people at certain critical times!

Also notice that the one particular area specifically mentioned in the documents happens to be the other area besides mine in town where an unsolved murder took place and zoning changes to commercial use followed soon after; see

(and be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post).

Update:  Also be sure to read the comments below.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Glossary Of Organized Stalking/Gang Stalking

The following is a glossary of terms associated with organized stalking, a.k.a. gang stalking that I have put together from various sources, including very well-connected stalkers themselves.  I will be updating and adding to this regularly, so please check back from time to time.  My goal here is to make this a fairly definitive guide to the major terms associated with organized stalking that can be used as a reference.  The terms are in alphabetical order and include both colloquial and official terminology.  

If you see inaccuracies, items that need further clarification, or know of additional items that need to be included here, please contact me through my profile on this blog.

Authority bureau (n):  a high-level and well-organized criminal group that decides individuals to be targeted and runs organized stalking campaigns 

Boner (n):  an enemy target

BoA (n):  organized crime bureau pretending to be a contract agency, traveler's club, or accounting firm

BoT(C) (n):  conspiratorially minded organized crime bureau pretending to be searching for the "secrets of the illuminati" or the illuminati themselves

BoT(F) (n):  organized crime bureau falsely claiming to be a "humane research agency"; attracts deviant scientists and researchers

Break-a-leg job (n):  a particularly hostile attack against a contract; also, a plan that involves approaching a target and talking to them

Brighting (v):  harassing and/or temporarily blinding a targeted individual by flashing high headlight beams at them in order to frighten TIs or cause them to crash their vehicles at night (see also dazzling) 

Cancelling (v):  causing a miscarriage

Cherrying (v):  getting out of a legal tangle through the syndicate's intervention

Clitweed (n):  synonym for nyunkia

Concerned citizens (n):  synonym for pawns; used by stalking crews

Contract (n):  the victim of contracting (see below); a targeted individual

Contract (v):  target an individual for organized stalking and harassment, as in to "contract" a specific person. There are two types, enemy contract (hostile) and planning contract (basic and progressive)

Cousin Nancy (n):  a police unit sent to tail a crew and arrest them before an unchained police unit can

Covered (n):  a member of the public that is under the control of the syndicate 

Crash Test Dummy (n):  a practice target

Crew (n):  a unit of recruits and pawns under a single MO; an organized group or gang of stalkers

Dazzling (v):  using a high-tech lazer device developed by the CIA to blind targeted individuals while they are driving in order to cause victims to crash their vehicles (more serious than brighting) [Former FBI Director Louis Freeh's recent crash in New England is rumored to have been caused by dazzling.] 

Defacing (v):  making faces at a contract, or otherwise intimidating them

Deja Voodoo (n):  doing the same skit or street theater over and over again

Effect (n):  the fact that greedy and sadistic recruits (stalkers) are selected for managing stalking jobs more readily than anyone with integrity; a.k.a. "The Effect"

FBG (n):  abbreviation for fertile breeding ground

Fertile Breeding Ground (n):  a crew of nipple-kissers, based on the idea that they are a fertile breeding ground for future stalking managers

Gang stalking (n):  a synonym for organized stalking (see below)

General Leeing (v):  chasing after a target and threatening to rape them before immediately running away

Gigolo-Bop (v):  to make sexual advances to an unattractive target (term used mainly by nipple-kisser deviants)

Hang-Job (n):  the experience of having a target that one has enjoyed tormenting suddenly commit suicide (the term is mainly used by nipple-kissers and  nyunkias)

Herbert (n):  a child or young teen who participates in organized stalking 

Holy Poly (n):  a religious puritan recruit (stalker)

Incapacitator (n):  a device that affects the sleeping patterns/stress/fatigue/headaches of a contract

Lab rats (n):  BoT(F) synonym for pawns

Lomo (n):  short form of lomosexual (see below)

Lomosexual (n):  syndicate member with a knack for photography ("There's a lomo in every crew!")

Manager (n):  the head of a stalking crew

Mincing (v):  luring a targeted individual into the legal system

Nipple-kisser (n):  a deviant recruit (stalker), recruited because of a desire for sadism

NYUNKIA (n):  abbreviation for Not Your Usual Nipple-Kissing Incapacitator Asshole" (the "yu" is pronounced "oo" as in "moon"); a particularly deviant or sadistic BoT (F) member

Office boys (n):  Authority bureau synonym for pawns

Organized stalking (n):  “Gang stalking” – also known as organized stalking” – is a slang term for a set of tactics used in counterintelligence operations involving the covert surveillance and harassment of a targeted individual. The goal of such operations – in the parlance of counterintelligence personnel – is to “subvert” or “neutralize” an individual deemed by a government agency (or corporation) to be an enemy.
“Organized stalking” is probably a better term than “gang stalking” since it more accurately conveys the systematic nature of the crime, and it avoids creating the erroneous impression that the activity is connected with street gangs. [Taken from]
Pawns (n):  the lowest ranking persons in a syndicate (not technically members because they have no permanent service contract and don't know they are working for a syndicate; take orders from the syndicate but don't attend its meetings); a.k.a. concerned citizens, office boys, secretaries, lab rats, spelunkers, or travel agents

Perp (n):  short for perpetrator; a stalker  

Private life (n):  a syndicate member's life within the syndicate

Public face (n):  a recruit or manager's official life outside the syndicate

Punk actors (n):  stalking crew recruits who participate in organized stalking because they enjoy causing chaos and anarchy

Rainbow shock (n):  the act of a stalker's being nice to the general public after defacing a targeted individual

Rank (n):  a level in a syndicate

Recruits (n):  mid-level members of organized stalking crews (next level above pawns); are aware of a large conspiracy, but at a misinformed level; divided into religious actors and punk actors; only greedy and un-idealistic people are allowed to progress beyond the recruit level in organized stalking

Religious actors (n):  stalking crew recruits who often participate in organized stalking because they are led to believe they are helping to clean up their community

Sakurakai (n):  a crew that is particularly overt in its stalking and gets caught too often as a result; a crew that has to be cherried all the time

Secretaries (n):  Authority bureau synonym for pawns

Shallow Throat (n):  synonym for Nyunkia

Spelunkers (n):  Bot(C) synonym for pawns 

Street Theater (n):  skits performed in public that let targets know they are under constant illegal surveillance (often performed by persons who are unaware they are participating in organized stalking--they believe they are part of a grassroots movement and are not aware that they are harassing targets)

Syndicate (n):  an organization participating in organized crime and organized stalking

Targeted individual (n):  a person targeted by the syndicate for stalking and harassment; a victim of organized stalking; a.k.a. target


The Good Old Gang At The Office (n):  the crime syndicate 

TI (n):  commonly used abbreviation for a targeted individual

Trap (n):  initial phase of an organized stalking campaign against a targeted individual during which victims are prodded, manipulated, enticed, or subliminally influenced into taking actions that will allow them to be more easily controlled later; phase during which players who will help with the stalking campaign are moved into place and victims are "set up" (victims will almost never notice this phase) 

Travel agents (n):  BoA synonym for pawns

Trigger (n):  second phase of an organized stalking campaign in which the targeted individual appears to set off the overt part of the campaign by something they accidentally say or do; victims are made to believe the trigger is what set off the stalking of them, when it actually sets in motion what the people behind the stalking campaign intended to do all along

Unchained (n):  an authority that is not a pawn or a recruit

Uncovered (n):  synonym for unchained 

Voodoo (n):  the act of being hostile to a target (pointing, staring, etc.)

XXXXXXX (v):  to run over a target or chase them with a car 

XXXXXX XXXXXX (n):  rhyming slang for "big mistake" or "we shouldn't have used this method"

XXXXXX Necktie (n):  a death threat made with no intention of carrying it out

XXXX's Law (n):  a police department that is thoroughly under the syndicate's control

XXXXXXXXX Syndrome (n):  the state where a targeted individual becomes so socially unpredictable and badly off that stalkers can't think of many additional ways to make the victim's life worse

Yellow Meat (n):  criminals recruited into the syndicate

Zapperating (v):  using electronic devices to adversely affect the health of a targeted individual

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Forgotten Law Used

First, see:

which explains how organized stalkers (aka gang stalkers) can and should be prosecuted in the U. S.

Now, see this update:

that shows how effective the law can be when it's actually applied to cases.

Clearly this needs to happen more often!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Drugs and Snuff Films

What follows here is the third installment in my series of posts on things that go together.  All three posts together form a coherent series and are meant to be taken as parts of a whole.  And every word in each of them is critically important!

I think everyone nowadays is aware that the scourge of illegal drugs—the societal woes it causes and the organized crime networks it spawns—is international in scope. Banking issues and transfers of cash related to the illegal drug trade are both world-wide and potentially traceable, and cash transfers between countries have the added issues of conversions and conversion rates.

One way organized crime gets around these monetary problems is to trade or barter for illegal drugs instead of paying for them in cash. The practice of trading or bartering for desired goods predates paying for goods with cash by a considerable margin of time in history and is actually still quite commonplace in certain areas overseas. Indeed, original Northern European settlers of the town in which I live famously signed what is said to be the only peace treaty with Native Americans that has never been broken as part of a deal where both money and goods were paid by the settlers in exchange for protection from attacks.

In order for a barter system for illegal drugs to work, potential purchasers must have something to trade that is of value to the sellers. In the Middle East (a region of major opiate production), this is often Mexican vanilla, which is a popular addition to coffee in the many cafes there. Once my friend Medawar explained this to me, I remembered hearing my former mother-in-law and some of her lady-friends talking about bringing back whole suitcases of Mexican vanilla from their trips down there, supposedly to bake with, although in retrospect, the amounts seem to have been rather excessive.

Medawar has also explained to me that in the Far East, gambling on sporting events is extremely popular, so anyone having inside information on which players in a particular match might be playing injured, for example, could potentially trade this information for drugs there.

I'm told that the other item of great value in the Far East when it comes to purchasing power for illegal drugs is hardcore pornography. There is a huge market for this particular evil over there, with such sales largely unchecked and the desire for new and fresh photos, movies, and victims remaining constant. In this regard, “snuff films” in which victims are brutalized, tortured, and murdered in front of a camera, are especially valuable as trade items for drugs.

The making of snuff films is particularly attractive to psychopathic killers, because their poor behavioral control, in combination with their need to self-medicate in order to control behaviors they need to conceal from others, makes them extremely vulnerable to addictions of all sorts. [See the Merck Manual for more information on psychopaths and addiction.] Besides commonly having multiple substance addictions (like illegal drugs) and addictions to gambling, psychopathic killers are addicted to the feelings they get when they are killing, so the making of snuff films offers a way to fuel their initial thrill from the killings themselves, their insatiable need to relive the killing over and over again by repeatedly watching the films, and their need to purchase substances they are hooked on.

In the Far East markets for hardcore pornography in general and snuff films in particular, attractive Western victims command the highest prices. However, victims of all sexes, sexual orientations, ages, and races can be of interest to the market, particularly if there is a related “story line” involved.

When I first discovered Medawar's blog online and began corresponding with him about the organized stalking and other serious crimes I am the victim of, I also told him about two cold homicide cases I had previously contacted law enforcement officials who were investigating them about, because I had recognized certain aspects of these cases. One of these homicides had occurred in Texas (but not in Central Texas), while the other took place outside of Texas. In the Texas case, which I learned about online, I recognized the names of persons the victim was said to have been involved with as being the same as persons who had committed fraud and other criminal acts against me and whom I knew to be from the same area as the victim. In the case from outside Texas, which I learned about on a national television show, I recognized suspects from their descriptions and an item of clothing one of the suspects was said to have been wearing. In the first case, I provided investigators with information on my case and the perpetrators and was told only that police “already had a suspect in the case who was a known associate of the victim's”. In the second case, I provided additional details about the item of clothing witnesses had described, additional information about unusual physical characteristics of the suspects that witnesses were likely to have noticed, and information on the whereabouts of the suspects at the time of the murder. I never heard back from investigators in this case.

Medawar was particularly interested in the second of these cases (the one from outside Texas), because he recognized certain elements of it that were very theatrical: the way the suspects had dressed and acted, the type of weapon used, and more. Having grown up with and having been stalked by a future serial killer, Medawar originally noticed the way the killer/s in this case appeared to have committed the crime around a detailed story that had been worked out well in advance. [For more information on this, please see my two previous posts here.]

After doing some research, Medawar discovered a substantial number of similar crimes, some in Texas, some in other parts of the U.S., and many in the same area as the one I'd originally told him about. He pointed out to me the common aspects of all or most of these crimes. Besides having strong elements of the theatrical, there were multiple suspects involved, but the primary killer always appeared to be the same person. [Note: Psychopaths are well-known to have no trouble finding each other; any psychopath in a long-term relationship will usually be found to be partnered with another psychopath.] The killer arranged to be with the victim in ways where he and any accomplices would not be disturbed while the murder was being committed, sometimes for quite lengthy periods of time. Victims were tortured and killed in particularly violent and brutal ways that required considerable medical knowledge and familiarity with killing. Victims and crime scenes were left in ways that indicated extensive knowledge of crime scene investigative techniques: victims were left in running water to remove traces of DNA, crime scenes were quickly and expertly cleaned up (meaning there had been extensive planning and preparation ahead of time), and more. After the murders, suspects other than the primary killer made sure they were seen and/or photographed driving victims' vehicles to deliberately confuse the investigations and divert suspicion away from the primary killer.

Medawar and I then began to focus our attention on certain ones of these cases that most closely conformed to his model and had the most detail as far as descriptions of suspects. We were particularly interested in cases occurring at times where I could provide information about the whereabouts of persons we suspected of having been involved in the crimes.

As soon as Medawar and I began doing this, a number of interesting things began to happen. (Remember that as victims of organized stalking, all of our computer, phone, written, and spoken communications are being illegally monitored and shared 24/7.) One suspect began deliberately parading around in front of me at local stores, wearing the item of clothing I had originally described to authorities. Other people walked up to me in parking lots and other public places while wearing various life-like rubber masks and wigs of various kinds, especially ones of elderly men and women. That same week, a local pilot whose photograph very closely resembled a suspect in one of the killings far from Texas turned up listed as having just died in the local newspaper. Most of the people I strongly suspected of being involved in these homicides began stalking me in person in various ways. And there is more, but for now I choose not to disclose everything.

Because I knew the persons I suspected of being involved in these killings were heavily involved in the drug trade here, Medawar believed the strongly theatrical aspects of the cases we were looking at meant the murders had been filmed so the snuff films could be traded overseas for drugs. This fits very well with the fact that you can often drive through my neighborhood at night and smell the noxious odor of burning “China sticks” (pressed sticks of potent cannabis soaked in opiates) coming from the houses of my ex-husband's stalker-friends on the hill above my house.

Medawar and I continue to look for homicide cases that meet the criteria I have described here. If you know of any of these, please contact me through my profile on this blog.

You should also be aware that Medawar and I strongly suspect the same persons involved in the types of cases discussed here of being involved in numerous other very different types of homicides. As I discussed in my post titled “Stalking and Murder” recently, psychopaths who stalk kill to many different well-developed stories in their heads. Criminal profilers seem to have no trouble understanding that a particular murderer can kill repeatedly to one of these stories, but they seem to have trouble understanding the way a single psychopath can kill to unlimited different stories and patterns—or just how detailed and unique each of these can be.

Finally, I need to sound some warnings. Anyone having any knowledge of any kind about a homicide can be charged with the crime, and there are no statutes of limitations in homicide cases. Also be aware that a great many people close to the persons I suspect of involvement in these homicide cases are now suddenly turning up dead themselves; all of these deaths in such a relatively short period of time cannot possibly be coincidental. And finally, please be aware that there are now far too many leaks in the dam of lies and cover-ups here to be able to be plugged up (even by the Department of Justice). This is huge, and the whole thing is about to give way.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Forums and DNA

In an earlier post on this blog titled “Personas”, I showed numerous examples of bizarre and harassing emails I've been sent by my ex-husband over the years in which he writes pretending to be quite an assortment of different people and personality types; see 

In this same post, I talked a little about how my ex- has also started certain forums on Topix in which various personas of his carry on conversations with each other; see


Now, in light of the information I've provided in the post just prior to this one on connections between stalking and murder, I feel a need to go back and revisit the subject of my ex-husband's personas on various internet forums in more detail.

Notice that many of the examples of harassing emails I included in my “Personas” post show signs of being part of rather intricate/detailed story lines my ex- has worked out. As you read through these, keep in mind my mention in the previous post about how a major trait of stalkers is the way they tend to think and act based on very well-plotted stories that they carry around in their heads.

The two Topix gang stalking (i.e., organized stalking) forums linked above appear to have been started by my ex- as a way to both brag about some of his stalking exploits and spread disinformation about organized stalking and electronic harassment. As I've pointed out before, nearly all the characters who post on these forums are actually my ex- pretending to be various imaginary persons, many of whom claim to be victims of organized stalking, as my ex-'s way of bragging about things he and his associates do to victims in real life. I conservatively estimate that my ex- spends at least 3 to 4 hours each day posting on various internet forums in this manner. This compulsive need to brag about the evil things they do is actually a well-known trait of serial killers, and it is a major way that they are eventually caught.

I am now discovering more of these forums started by my ex- as vehicles for bragging about his past and current exploits and acts he's thinking about committing in the future. He clearly started the blog at

as his way of dealing with the fact that my friend Medawar and I had started sharing information and figuring out certain things about him, since there are many items in the posts that Medawar and I were meant to recognize.

Also, many of the forums my ex- regularly posts on are R- or X-rated. He often includes links to my blog in his postings on these sites that he then uses to enter my blog himself. And as regular readers of this blog know all too well, my ex- clearly enjoys leaving long, rambling comments here frequently!

At least one forum on Topix started by my ex-husband concerns a major unsolved crime; see 

I'm very sure this is one of the forums started by my ex- because of the marked similarities to the other two Topix forums linked above. Notice how the various personas “talk” to each other about the crime and sometimes reveal what appears to be inside knowledge related to it. (As an aside, also notice my ex-'s propensity for leaving latex gloves laying around; see

Of course, there are various methods of computer tracking that could potentially be used to prove definitively whether it is my ex-husband writing these particular posts or not, but in this particular case, there happens to have been DNA evidence left at the crime scene. One of my adult children has willingly given DNA samples for filial analysis to two different law enforcement agencies (both outside of Texas, and one outside of the U.S.) that could be compared with this crime scene evidence.

The problem is that my former father-in-law uses his powerful connections with former U.S. presidents and various billionaires to prevent my offspring's DNA from being formally entered into the various official U.S. and international law enforcement data bases. Unofficially, we have been led to believe there is at least one filial match, but until my offspring's DNA is officially acknowledged and entered into these data bases, law enforcement cannot get the courts to order my ex- to submit a sample of his own DNA for analysis.

I suspect that my former father-in-law's desperation to keep his grandchild's DNA out of official law enforcement databases is an indication that he does suspect possible filial matches. It would certainly be easy enough for him to disprove this: simply allow the samples to be formally submitted. Even more definitive, of course, would be to have my ex-husband willingly submit samples of his own DNA to be entered into national and international law enforcement databases. And while we're at it, let's also formally enter a sample of my own DNA, since I've been told there might be a filial match between my DNA and that left at a certain crime scene in another country back in the 1970s!--see (Maybe we should start a new forum advocating for all of this??)

My former father-in-law is now in very poor health. Very soon, whether he believes it or not, he will find himself standing in judgment before his maker and having to explain, among other things, why he was so desperate to cover up the truth about the violent death of his only daughter in 1973 that he just might have knowingly allowed the pain, suffering, and deaths of many others. And he will find that this time, all of his powerful contacts and all of his skills as a lawyer will do him no good at all.  [Update:  He has now passed away.]  

Besides his fondness for online forums and porn sites, my ex-husband also has a certain fascination for Craig's List, which I suppose could loosely be described as a type of forum, but I won't go into that subject here just yet...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stalking and Murder

Note: This post benefited so much from discussions between myself, Medawar, and several other long-term stalking victims who wish to remain anonymous that it really should be considered a joint piece.

Earlier in this blog (on April 10, 2011), I posted and discussed two basic axioms of stalking:
  1. It's the stalkers who are mentally ill, NOT their victims.
  1. A stalker's greatest fear is that the people they are stalking separately will band together and take concerted action to expose them.
I knew there was a third axiom of stalking at the time, but I also knew it was the most important one and therefore deserved to have its own post. I've been thinking about it ever since, and the time has come to discuss it.

This most important axiom of stalking is:

The purpose of stalking is to cause the death of victims.

Most people, including medical and law enforcement personnel considered experts on the subject, fail to understand the connection between stalking and murder in the way that those of us who have been victims of stalking for many years and who have known the persons behind our stalking closely and personally do. It's very difficult for those without personal ties to perpetrators to understand what really drives the stalkers and what is actually going on in their heads, because it is so very much more organized, calculating, and well-planned than most people can conceive of.

And yet, in the end, it's all actually so very simple: the sole purpose of stalking is to cause the death of the victim (or victims) for the pleasure of the stalker (or stalkers), which, if you think about it, is the definition of murder.

My friend Medawar, who grew up with a well-known stalker-turned-serial killer and was a stalking victim of this criminal from childhood, considers stalking to be “unrequited murder”, and the rest of us who are victims with true understanding fully agree with this. People who stalk others have incredibly intricate and complex scripts in their heads for slowly and carefully hunting down victims and making them suffer. This is because stalkers are people who are addicted to and derive extreme pleasure from the hunting, torture, and deaths of others.

This is, of course, extremely pathological behavior, aside from also being criminal. Stalkers are inevitably psychopaths who consider their victims inanimate objects rather than human beings. That is why, although it is the victims of stalking who tend to be accused of being paranoid when they complain about being stalked, it is in fact the stalkers themselves who are seriously mentally ill.

Because they often don't fully understand the connection between stalking and murder, authorities (and in fact most of the population at large) have a hard time wrapping their heads around the complexity of the lengths stalkers will go to before they kill their victims. Medawar actually helped solve a homicide by patiently explaining to law enforcement officials how a murder suspect went to considerable trouble over a six-month time period to locate old architectural drawings of the house his victim lived in until he located a previous and now-covered entrance to the house that he then used in the commission of the crime. Authorities originally did not know this entrance to the victim's house existed and could not at first figure out how the crime had been committed because of this.

The combination of the inherent connection between stalking and murder and the fact that stalkers are addicted to the pleasure they get from stalking and killing victims means that an unchecked stalker is actually a serial killer on the loose, which is why it is so important to identify and prosecute stalkers. For this reason, it is imperative that law enforcement professionals stop treating stalking victims as if they are paranoid and start considering all reports of stalking as potential homicides.

Taking this a step further, I hope you can see that when a stalker is not stopped because they have extremely powerful political, military, criminal, and law enforcement connections and protection in combination with basically unlimited financial resources, said stalker could potentially travel all over their country and the world to stalk and kill, racking up hundreds or even thousands of victims singlehandedly. (Give such a killer access to untracked military or medical flights, secret and powerful military weapons and surveillance equipment like those detailed in the previous post here, a number of loyal and psychopathic henchmen/henchwomen, and a very long period of time over which to act, and the death count from a single killer could go very high indeed. This is not at all outside the realm of possibility as you might suppose!)

And the axiom that the purpose of stalking is to cause the death of victims becomes of significantly greater concern when one leaves the realm of single stalkers and begins to consider organized stalking (a.k.a. gang stalking or stalking-by-proxy), where large numbers of stalkers and victims are involved. I have discussed the basics of organized stalking in numerous other posts on this blog, so I will not go into detail about it here.

There are two critically important corollaries to the axiom about the connection between stalking and murder when you consider organized stalking. The first of these is that the primary purpose of organized stalking is to get victims to commit suicide. This is accomplished in a number of ways: systematic financial ruin of victims, deliberate severing of all ties of family and friendship of victims', ruining victims' reputations, and more. Most of these are brought about by a combination of deliberate slander of and outright lies about victims and carefully orchestrated group situations and attacks specifically designed to make victims appear to be mentally ill (even though they aren't). As Medawar notes, it's the pathological liars who drive organized stalking, because they make people believe things that aren't really true. [Moral: NEVER believe gossip. Check things out for yourself.]

Stalking organizations use the combination of lies and making victims appear crazy to cause victims to lose their jobs repeatedly so they cannot support themselves and eventually become homeless. Stalkers also use street theater, gaslighting, constant harassment of various kinds (noise, road, etc.), break-ins, vandalism, killing of pets, and more in order to stress targeted individuals (TIs) to the point where they will make repeated complaints to law enforcement and make public statements that can be used to make victims seem mentally ill to people who don't know or understand what's really going on.

Because medical and law enforcement professionals are often involved in organized stalking (and it usually only takes one or two involved professionals in the right place), victims are unable to receive proper protection under the law or proper medical care, and these situations cause further life stresses and hardships for victims. One victim I know has been completely unable to obtain treatment for a very serious (but readily treatable) medical condition that was deliberately caused by her stalkers, and as a result is not only suffering physically but is also unable to work to support herself. (Her situation is now dire.) Another victim had an organ surgically removed without her knowledge that was almost certainly healthy and normal and is now permanently disabled and in poor health as a result.

Many victims of organized stalking are being driven to commit suicide by the misuse of powerful psychotropic drugs. TIs are enticed in various ways (often recreational) to use, and then become addicted to, illegal substances and/or prescription drugs. Victims' doctors convince them they need drugs to deal with the stresses they're under from the stalking and get them hooked on various powerful medications that actually cause or aggravate feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety.

When these methods of enticement or persuasion don't work, victims often find themselves involuntarily committed to mental institutions where psychotropic drugs that completely alter their mental states are forced upon them. Many of these drugs cause extreme withdrawal symptoms when patients attempt to stop taking them that effectively make it impossible to get off of them. Other drugs cause permanent changes in brain chemistry that affect victims for life. Stalkers want victims to ultimately have pharmacologically altered states of mind that cause them to kill themselves or commit other acts that get them locked up for life. (Many, if not most, of the recent spate of “going postal” episodes are believed to have been committed by victims of organized stalking.)

Victims of organized stalking have long complained of being repeatedly sickened by wasp-killing foams that can be sprayed into their bedroom windows from considerable distances away. Recently, there have been reports of victims being drugged without their knowledge by brain-altering drugs that have been vaporized and are then sprayed in their vicinity (generally in their homes) without their being aware of it. One drug in particular, Risperidone, appears to be popular with stalkers for attacking unsuspecting victims in this way. Risperidone is an anti-psychotic drug that has been the subject of a number of serious lawsuits in the U.S. It inhibits dopamine in the brain. Victims who have been exposed to it report feeling suicidal, along with suffering various unpleasant side effects from the drug. Attacks on stalking victims with Risperodone seem to be especially prevalent in Europe, and they also seem to be on the increase.

My ex-husband, who is well-known for pretending to be a victim of organized stalking in various online forums as a way of bragging about the things he and his associates do to others, had this to say about these kinds of attacks in comments he left elsewhere on this blog: [Boldface type is my addition. And notice the threats!]

By the word "expertly" one believes Medawar imparts centuries-old tried and true, absolutely despicable and maybe in many cases masonically or other secret-club and church-past-time included activities and role-playing. It deos sicken me to imagine them doing this but THEY MUST. Training like soldiers. I know some of them upon close (and video'd observance) look blank-eyed and rote. It's ... weird. Okay, on to my subject .. I won't say which of these ladies in this pictuer is the old broad who is in on this. I will say that I can now now prove it.. but read down this lady's wall ... not a post in and she's got something equestrian posted. Not long back there was a huge string of horse deaths in pasco. Until I read about "rielle" "hunter" the hunter I had no conception people would do this for insurance... MY GOD. It would be like killing a family member to me. I am dead serious I identified my perp. I got sick from some stuff applied in my home and took that down time to work my butt off on some stuff and lo and behold. NO SURPRISES. In fact, my entire life story spills out on her facebook page. Wow. She is a crazy crazy person. NOT the one linked above who may think she's perfectly normal. BUT she has gone around behind SO MANY PLACES I have been, frequented or had friends and with her little network of old crazy people has tried to ruin my life. It's ON. Because I am ASHAMED OF NOTHING IN MY LIFE. If I have things to be ashamed of that is between I and the person whom I experienced it with... Just as some people should be perhaps ashamed at some interactions with me or others. I have never ONCE taken a public action or any other action I am ashamed of. So she can no longer have any control as I am going to expose her. I said I would a long time ago and one of the perps (I knew this) said ... NOOOO that will only make it worse. No. It won't. IT WILL hrut a lot of people, including children. Having not been the one who DID all of this for years and years, I think I'm giong to have to pin that ON HER, as well. SHD DID IT ALL. I've just lived my life and sondered why people were yknow changing ... NOW I KNOW. Her facebook page is like a timestamp of my entire life. So .. it's ON. Her life and the lives of the children are no more important or less so than my own or any of my deceased and also hurt (murdered in three cases) family members. This vampire is GOING DOWN. Not with the cops. They will just call you crazy. So, I'm going to have to just tell the world about her. I like that she is so old she will go to her grave ruied. It's ok. You know what? Maybe her insane grand-daughter will think twice before she bothers someone else. We're just not afraid of them. A lot of people are NOT going to like that she is pulling the wool over her eyes and they are ESPECIALLY not going to like WHY. Again, I did nothing wrong. BUT it is the basis and beginning of all of this. What a dumb cluck she is. And able to lead people. I could NEVER have done much of this stuff to anyone but yknow what? I think they test you with that early in life as they are setting you up. Will you stand back? Will you help us? Will we come after you? 
By Anonymous on Organized Stalking In The Workplace on 1/16/12

COMMENT #2 (Note: "ME" in this comment refers to my friend Medawar.)

Dear ME. Yes. But you just continue to push me and push me. I walk outside and my air is thick and wet and clogged with toxins I come back inside and have to use petroleum jelly to relieve my eyes and nasal passage so ... while this insanity continues in any form and your dirty tampa cops jump out in front of me with all four feet eleven of them and radar guns improbably pointed at a person SHADES OF officer FLEITA or FLEITAS however he is spelling it when hiding his property.. I'll keep expanding the subject matter. Where are YOUR children ME? Really? WHO SUPPORTED YOU THEN? WHO ALWAYS DEFENDED YOU? You actually believe you can torment and try to hold my family over my head and I will remain silent. You FAIL TO UNDERSTAND. YOU WILL BACK DOWN and OFF ME because I never will. You WILL have to kill me. I will NEVER STOP until you m'fers leave ALL OF US ALONE. LEAVE US ALONE. Meantime, as I've said hundreds of times, I'd rather walk throgh shit and live in a blighted gutter with biker pigs and stalkers, which by the way I DO THANKS TO YOU SCUMBAGS .. than BE YOU. What you do takes NOTHING. NOTHING. I am much much less than impressed. Imagine the good you cuold have done in this lifetime you were granted. Your ex used to tell me you thought that neighbor guy of yours in the crack hotel was satan.... was she trying to tell me something??? 
I promise you I will NOT be backing down. I've seen the future and YOU are not going to correct MY family's TRAGIC PAST which YOU CREATED with your sickness. Don't worry I know the real story, I do not pin all of that on you. It's all in where you get your spaghetti sauce when you're growing up in scumbag tampa bay florida.

Sorry for the venting ML. I just went outside for the mail and just about lost my eyesight. Now they can't walk up to the gate and spray it they're on video so they have to hose it in and walk and drive by to release it from their little death mobiles of disgusting putrid air. 
ME: FIX IT. Otherwise tell OLD HAG EVIL it's going on her. Too easy. Low-hanging fruit. Like me. Right? I'm just a pest, right? Low-hanging fruit, right? And you are the smart smart people who know how to deal drugs. WOW. A triple beam and an ability to count and swindle. IMPRESSIVE. And look at the life you have bought. NOTHING. And who do you share it with? ANIMALS.
Just thought you'd like to know I see it very clearly.

Much love,
One of the pretty ones
February 11, 2012 10:12 AM

This brings me to the second corollary to the axiom that organized stalking is done to purposely cause the death of victims. This second corollary is that for every known victim of organized stalking, there are dozens (or more?) of unknown victims. This is because the vast majority of victims of this crime have no idea or understanding of what is happening to them. They end up killing themselves in despair, dying from lack of proper medical care and/or improper medical care, becoming homeless and dropping off the radar, etc. (See my 8/1/2011 post titled “Gangstalking Australia” for an example of this.) I hope you find this as chilling and disturbing as I do, and I hope that, like me, you become committed to fighting and ending stalking in general and organized stalking in particular. If individual stalking can produce hidden serial killers, unchecked organized stalking can produce secret holocausts.

Now consider going back and reading (or re-reading) the earlier post here titled “Empire Builders”, which can be found at

See also

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weapons and Central Texas

Consider the following article that was published in the San Antonio Express-News on May 7, 2014 and was originally from the New York Times:

Then please also see:

Update, 5/14/14:

Here is the San Antonio Express-News' own version of the story, which includes a great deal of additional information.

The really frightening part is that organized crime in Central Texas appears to have very high level government and military ties; for ex., see

I find it very interesting that the reputed head of the major organized stalking ring in San Antonio has a son with high-level Army connections and lives in Fair Oaks Ranch, just outside of Camp Stanley.

The possibility of lost, missing, or stolen CIA weapons and equipment in the hands of organized crime ought to upset and disturb everyone!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Suspicious Vehicle

When I returned home from a recent errand related to a serious accident one of my adult children had, I found the above vehicle parked directly in front of my home.
Our house is off by itself, and it was late in the day.  There was simply no legitimate reason for this vehicle to be parked there.
This is a good example of the kinds of things organized stalkers do.  They have access to extensive illegal surveillance of victims and are very aware of where victims are and what they are doing at all times.  They do things like this to let their victims know this.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unsuitable For Building

The property immediately to the west of mine sits along the side of a rather large gully and has a major and unsightly power line almost directly overhead, making it rather unsuitable for building on. Despite this, shortly after the zoning on both this property and my own land were illegally changed from residential to commercial in 2007 as detailed elsewhere in this blog (see, for example,, a medical office building and complex were proposed for this property and were approved by the city.

In the last few weeks, construction has suddenly begun on this property. Due to the slope of the land, this has necessitated the bringing in of enormous quantities of fill material and heavy equipment to move it around, obviously at very great expense.

Why would someone do all this, when there is a great deal of other undeveloped land nearby that is clearly much more suitable for building on? The answer is that the other land is not located right next to my homestead. There is a medical building owned by the local hospital immediately to the east of my house that was built shortly after the zoning change and as part of a number of proposed buildings close by that were approved by the city around the same time as the complex being started along my western fence line. (Make that right up against my western fence line!--the fill material being brought in is being dumped right next to my fence.) Construction must now take place on the opposite side of my house so that my property is surrounded on both sides by commercial property. This is necessary so that the county appraisal district can raise their appraisals on my land to commercial levels, which they know I can't pay.

The obvious solutions to my dilemma are to either sell my property and move elsewhere or develop my property myself. However, these are not viable options for me, and the people and entities involved in the construction and planning going on around me know this. My former father-in-law is a very powerful lawyer, banker, and real estate developer who controls the local hospital board and the entire real estate market in our area and has close business and personal ties to three former U.S. presidents (Johnson, Bush, and Bush), Texas billionaires, and more; he also has high-level state and federal agents at his beck and call (see When he puts out the word that my property is not to be sold, purchased, or developed by me or anyone else, no one dares to defy him. This means that even if I could persuade a real estate agent to list the property for sale, no one would dare to buy it, and even if I could get someone to help me develop my land, the city would never approve another development plan.

My former father-in-law and his associates have made lifelong careers out of obtaining property for development on the cheap by getting people into financial trouble in various ways and then buying their homes and land at property tax auctions on various county courthouse steps in our region or as emergency buy-outs. Classic examples of this are the Boot Ranch development, Tapatio Springs resort near Boerne, and shopping centers at The Rim in San Antonio. In my case, I'm sure locals think the idea of the city and county receiving money for the purchase of my property instead of me (however piddling the sum) is a wonderful way of keeping their own taxes down.  They don't seem to be able to realize (at least not until it's too late!) that for the greedy, there is never enough and that their turn to have their property grabbed, or that of loved ones, will eventually come.  [This may be quite soon for some, given the current push for a bypass around my city.  Land located along any proposed routes will suddenly become very valuable commercial property that is ripe for development and therefore highly desirable!]

In the process of these land grabs, people standing in the way often suddenly turn up dead. My neighborhood is no exception to this; at least four people owning property close to mine have died suddenly and violently. Two were found shot to death, one was brought to the hospital dead of unknown causes, and one was found dead underneath a tractor. One of the gunshot victims was my next-door neighbor who, with her husband, owned the property to the west of mine that is now being developed. All of these deaths took place shortly after my husband suddenly left me in 1999,

At the time of the zoning change to commercial and the approval of the medical complex, the property in the gully that is now being built on was listed as being owned by a local physician and her husband, a civil engineer who works for a major local construction company. (The husband also currently sits on the local school board.) Recently, however, an attorney and former city judge who now heads the local hospital foundation went to great pains to seek me out at my workplace so she could tell me herself that she and her father from Colorado had purchased the property to the west of mine and would be building on it. This former judge and her father are also listed as having purchased a large, multi-story medical office building next to the local hospital and supposedly built by them, which is just to the southeast of my property.

I believe that the local physician, her engineer husband, the former judge, and the judge's father are all fronting for my ex-husband and his father. As a fellow physician who was Chief of Staff at the time, my ex- had to have known about the hospital and medical expansion that was being planned for our neighborhood. His sudden departure in 1999 coincides with the murder outside the U.S. of a person who appears to have found out what was going on here and planned to reveal it very publicly. This victim, like the gunshot victims here, was also shot in the head. And I know for a fact that my ex-husband went to great lengths to try and conceal his whereabouts at the time the foreign victim was killed.

Because of the way law enforcement at all levels in the U.S. (including the Department of Justice) has repeatedly refused to help me over the years (undoubtedly due to my former father-in-law's high-level connections), I have little hope of getting any of the assistance or relief I'm entitled to under the law here or of getting the homicides of my neighbors investigated and prosecuted properly. The victim from outside the U.S. is another matter, however, since other countries tend to become upset when foreigners come over and assassinate their prominent citizens. I have every confidence that the foreign victim's death is currently being investigated thoroughly and that charges, if warranted, will be brought. I'm also very glad there are no statutes of limitations on murder cases.

Meanwhile, the illegal stalking and harassment directed at me and my adult children continues unabated. Much of the construction noise from next door is deliberately amplified at times when we are at home. One day last week, I awoke to find that the top portion of our trash had been removed from the bin and scattered all over our front lawn so I'd have to be outside for longer than usual while a large number of heavy construction vehicles that had been waiting just around the corner could slowly parade by. (Most of these vehicles belonged to the same construction company that the afore-mentioned civil engineer works for.) And my ex-husband was careful to leave his latest calling card (a bright pink Christmas bow; he know it's my favorite color) in the center of all the mess. Just this morning, on the way to work, I was headlight-harassed (see by a young female physician with a short blonde bob driving a gray car. In fact, the community-wide stalking and harassment are currently so severe that I sense a documentary film coming on.

By the way, property immediately across the street from the gully currently being built in was the scene of another bizarre and violent death; see

Finally, I am far from the only one currently having problems with our local hospital, which recently was awarded one of only two very prestigious national awards (the other recipient being Duke Medical Center).  Coincidentally (??), the major hospital in a neighboring county that is our hospital's main rival was informed around the same time that they'd just been listed as not being up to Medicare standards in the field that my ex-husband specializes in here.  Both of these smack highly of a combination of my former father-in-law's national connections and the expensive public relations firms he employs.  (The rival hospital and its doctors are furious, of course.)

As my friend Medawar likes to say, there's no crime a property developer won't commit!

[*Be sure to read the comments below.]  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dead On The Roadside 2013

Organized Stalking in the News

Open discussions of organized stalking are becoming more mainstream:

This needs to continue!

Update:  See also

Hicks Case Reopened

According to this article in today's San Antonio Express-News, the murder case of probation officer Beth Hicks is being reopened.  If the case is being looked into seriously, this is good news indeed!

I have blogged about this case previously at and elsewhere.

Despite what it says in the article, I know of at least two other major unsolved homicides in Kendall County from recent years:  (Suicide victims don't shoot themselves in the head multiple times.)

and and (Suicide victims don't tie themselves up with duct tape, cut off their fingers or nipples, or wear their seat belts.)

I hope and pray that this new look at the Hicks case will also lead to serious reopenings of these other two (possibly related?) cases.  In particular, both Hicks and Col. Shue were waylaid on their way to work in the morning by a person or persons who clearly knew their routines, indicating they were probably stalked.

More On Drugs

As the following letter to the editor of the Kerrville Daily Times indicates, it's not so much a War on Drugs here in Central Texas as it is More and More on Drugs:
I have personally known of situations similar to what this writer describes.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Wild West

The Valero station near our house was the scene of a recent shoot-out, allegedly between a robbery suspect and local police.  Notice that almost all of the front windows were shot out.  Although our local newspaper covered this event, I never saw anything about it in the San Antonio paper.

         One hopes proper police procedures were followed.