Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Suspicious Vehicle

When I returned home from a recent errand related to a serious accident one of my adult children had, I found the above vehicle parked directly in front of my home.
Our house is off by itself, and it was late in the day.  There was simply no legitimate reason for this vehicle to be parked there.
This is a good example of the kinds of things organized stalkers do.  They have access to extensive illegal surveillance of victims and are very aware of where victims are and what they are doing at all times.  They do things like this to let their victims know this.


Rachel Macy said...

ML - I am helping to cast a docuseries on targeted individuals and would like to discuss with you (and hopefully your members/fellow bloggers). I will send you an email shortly. Rachel

Anonymous said...

I have read parts of your blog, the first posts were intriguing. Since San Antonio is a military outlet, it's safe to assume you are being stalked because:
You state you know of 9/11 connections to Middle Eastern men.
You talk about diamonds.
You talk of doctors and lawyers being responsible for your stalking.
You talk about drug cartels.

Many of these stalkers stalk because they are trying to force people to solve crime for them.

Could this be the case for you?

ML said...

Today as I ran an errand, I came around a corner to find a woman with a blond pony tale driving a large white GMC SUV with TX plate BFZ-5473 waiting for me. As I drove past where she was parked, she turned on her headlights and pulled out from the curb and into position behind my vehicle. She proceeded to follow me around for some time, all while holding a cell phone up to her ear.

This woman clearly knew I was coming, almost certainly through illegal surveillance. Most of the town where I live seems to have access to this.