Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Weapons and Central Texas

Consider the following article that was published in the San Antonio Express-News on May 7, 2014 and was originally from the New York Times:

Then please also see:

Update, 5/14/14:

Here is the San Antonio Express-News' own version of the story, which includes a great deal of additional information.

The really frightening part is that organized crime in Central Texas appears to have very high level government and military ties; for ex., see

I find it very interesting that the reputed head of the major organized stalking ring in San Antonio has a son with high-level Army connections and lives in Fair Oaks Ranch, just outside of Camp Stanley.

The possibility of lost, missing, or stolen CIA weapons and equipment in the hands of organized crime ought to upset and disturb everyone!


Medawar said...

It would be interesting to know if the weapons at Camp Stanley ever included anything capable of firing a .380" Auto cartridge without leaving rifling marks on the bullet.

I believe that a Makarov barrel, slightly larger diameter than a normal .380 auto barrel, might do this as the bullet would be snug in the lands but not the grooves of the rifling, so it'd be like a smoothbore.

But so would a simple .380" smoothbore, if minimum tracability was the requirement.

Medawar said...

With regard to criminals, organised and otherwise, the risks of such an establishment include the leaking of knowledge to the wrong minds, as well as hardware into the wrong hands.

The latter can be audited, but the former is problematic. The armourers at the armoury might never realise how much they had told someone, especially if that someone happened to be a doctor or other trusted professional.

Anonymous said...

You may be right on land grabbing. I've noticed the stalkers in my area wish to run people out of their homes because of its location...close to the interstate, college, and mostly, close to the human trafficking that keeps the state safe from harm. If they go northward, and they have but little is heard of their reign of terror, they fall into a region that would suffer greatly from the publicity. So, if they stay within my area they are safest as no one seems to care and those who have lived in the state have learned to keep their mouths shut because it is always worse somewhere else.

It's very cultic....not religious cults but the mentality. Someone who shunned me for not taking the abuse the week prior rushed into the street to tell me of a mysterious disappearance of a family in the neighborhood. A family whose beleifs doesn't match his or his friends.

He doesn't beleive I could be being stalked because I am not an important government employee and those are the only ones stalked in our state. Though his wife tells of pornographic photos thrown in their yard, property damage and leaving objects like they've done to me, he still doesn't beleive it. He'd much rather listen to the govt idiots that rant about conspriacies -the ones they are creating-than ever beleive it could happen to his own family. That's pretty bad when others try to convince the victims to accept the mental beat down and constant intrusion of privacy, threats, extortion, and property damage.

Even when the drug dealing neighbors next to them stalked them, invited people over at all hours of the night to knock on their door, damaged their property...he/they did nothing. This is accepted behavior. Let them stalk and terrorize whomever because "kids do that." Unfortunately, these same "kids" are also in charge of peoples monies and their behavior will continue.

ML said...

The "Anonymous" comment posted just above was written by my ex-husband, as are the vast majority of comments on this blog. Medawar's statements, however, are his own and are legitimate.