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Stalking and Murder

Note: This post benefited so much from discussions between myself, Medawar, and several other long-term stalking victims who wish to remain anonymous that it really should be considered a joint piece.

Earlier in this blog (on April 10, 2011), I posted and discussed two basic axioms of stalking:
  1. It's the stalkers who are mentally ill, NOT their victims.
  1. A stalker's greatest fear is that the people they are stalking separately will band together and take concerted action to expose them.
I knew there was a third axiom of stalking at the time, but I also knew it was the most important one and therefore deserved to have its own post. I've been thinking about it ever since, and the time has come to discuss it.

This most important axiom of stalking is:

The purpose of stalking is to cause the death of victims.

Most people, including medical and law enforcement personnel considered experts on the subject, fail to understand the connection between stalking and murder in the way that those of us who have been victims of stalking for many years and who have known the persons behind our stalking closely and personally do. It's very difficult for those without personal ties to perpetrators to understand what really drives the stalkers and what is actually going on in their heads, because it is so very much more organized, calculating, and well-planned than most people can conceive of.

And yet, in the end, it's all actually so very simple: the sole purpose of stalking is to cause the death of the victim (or victims) for the pleasure of the stalker (or stalkers), which, if you think about it, is the definition of murder.

My friend Medawar, who grew up with a well-known stalker-turned-serial killer and was a stalking victim of this criminal from childhood, considers stalking to be “unrequited murder”, and the rest of us who are victims with true understanding fully agree with this. People who stalk others have incredibly intricate and complex scripts in their heads for slowly and carefully hunting down victims and making them suffer. This is because stalkers are people who are addicted to and derive extreme pleasure from the hunting, torture, and deaths of others.

This is, of course, extremely pathological behavior, aside from also being criminal. Stalkers are inevitably psychopaths who consider their victims inanimate objects rather than human beings. That is why, although it is the victims of stalking who tend to be accused of being paranoid when they complain about being stalked, it is in fact the stalkers themselves who are seriously mentally ill.

Because they often don't fully understand the connection between stalking and murder, authorities (and in fact most of the population at large) have a hard time wrapping their heads around the complexity of the lengths stalkers will go to before they kill their victims. Medawar actually helped solve a homicide by patiently explaining to law enforcement officials how a murder suspect went to considerable trouble over a six-month time period to locate old architectural drawings of the house his victim lived in until he located a previous and now-covered entrance to the house that he then used in the commission of the crime. Authorities originally did not know this entrance to the victim's house existed and could not at first figure out how the crime had been committed because of this.

The combination of the inherent connection between stalking and murder and the fact that stalkers are addicted to the pleasure they get from stalking and killing victims means that an unchecked stalker is actually a serial killer on the loose, which is why it is so important to identify and prosecute stalkers. For this reason, it is imperative that law enforcement professionals stop treating stalking victims as if they are paranoid and start considering all reports of stalking as potential homicides.

Taking this a step further, I hope you can see that when a stalker is not stopped because they have extremely powerful political, military, criminal, and law enforcement connections and protection in combination with basically unlimited financial resources, said stalker could potentially travel all over their country and the world to stalk and kill, racking up hundreds or even thousands of victims singlehandedly. (Give such a killer access to untracked military or medical flights, secret and powerful military weapons and surveillance equipment like those detailed in the previous post here, a number of loyal and psychopathic henchmen/henchwomen, and a very long period of time over which to act, and the death count from a single killer could go very high indeed. This is not at all outside the realm of possibility as you might suppose!)

And the axiom that the purpose of stalking is to cause the death of victims becomes of significantly greater concern when one leaves the realm of single stalkers and begins to consider organized stalking (a.k.a. gang stalking or stalking-by-proxy), where large numbers of stalkers and victims are involved. I have discussed the basics of organized stalking in numerous other posts on this blog, so I will not go into detail about it here.

There are two critically important corollaries to the axiom about the connection between stalking and murder when you consider organized stalking. The first of these is that the primary purpose of organized stalking is to get victims to commit suicide. This is accomplished in a number of ways: systematic financial ruin of victims, deliberate severing of all ties of family and friendship of victims', ruining victims' reputations, and more. Most of these are brought about by a combination of deliberate slander of and outright lies about victims and carefully orchestrated group situations and attacks specifically designed to make victims appear to be mentally ill (even though they aren't). As Medawar notes, it's the pathological liars who drive organized stalking, because they make people believe things that aren't really true. [Moral: NEVER believe gossip. Check things out for yourself.]

Stalking organizations use the combination of lies and making victims appear crazy to cause victims to lose their jobs repeatedly so they cannot support themselves and eventually become homeless. Stalkers also use street theater, gaslighting, constant harassment of various kinds (noise, road, etc.), break-ins, vandalism, killing of pets, and more in order to stress targeted individuals (TIs) to the point where they will make repeated complaints to law enforcement and make public statements that can be used to make victims seem mentally ill to people who don't know or understand what's really going on.

Because medical and law enforcement professionals are often involved in organized stalking (and it usually only takes one or two involved professionals in the right place), victims are unable to receive proper protection under the law or proper medical care, and these situations cause further life stresses and hardships for victims. One victim I know has been completely unable to obtain treatment for a very serious (but readily treatable) medical condition that was deliberately caused by her stalkers, and as a result is not only suffering physically but is also unable to work to support herself. (Her situation is now dire.) Another victim had an organ surgically removed without her knowledge that was almost certainly healthy and normal and is now permanently disabled and in poor health as a result.

Many victims of organized stalking are being driven to commit suicide by the misuse of powerful psychotropic drugs. TIs are enticed in various ways (often recreational) to use, and then become addicted to, illegal substances and/or prescription drugs. Victims' doctors convince them they need drugs to deal with the stresses they're under from the stalking and get them hooked on various powerful medications that actually cause or aggravate feelings of stress, depression, or anxiety.

When these methods of enticement or persuasion don't work, victims often find themselves involuntarily committed to mental institutions where psychotropic drugs that completely alter their mental states are forced upon them. Many of these drugs cause extreme withdrawal symptoms when patients attempt to stop taking them that effectively make it impossible to get off of them. Other drugs cause permanent changes in brain chemistry that affect victims for life. Stalkers want victims to ultimately have pharmacologically altered states of mind that cause them to kill themselves or commit other acts that get them locked up for life. (Many, if not most, of the recent spate of “going postal” episodes are believed to have been committed by victims of organized stalking.)

Victims of organized stalking have long complained of being repeatedly sickened by wasp-killing foams that can be sprayed into their bedroom windows from considerable distances away. Recently, there have been reports of victims being drugged without their knowledge by brain-altering drugs that have been vaporized and are then sprayed in their vicinity (generally in their homes) without their being aware of it. One drug in particular, Risperidone, appears to be popular with stalkers for attacking unsuspecting victims in this way. Risperidone is an anti-psychotic drug that has been the subject of a number of serious lawsuits in the U.S. It inhibits dopamine in the brain. Victims who have been exposed to it report feeling suicidal, along with suffering various unpleasant side effects from the drug. Attacks on stalking victims with Risperodone seem to be especially prevalent in Europe, and they also seem to be on the increase.

My ex-husband, who is well-known for pretending to be a victim of organized stalking in various online forums as a way of bragging about the things he and his associates do to others, had this to say about these kinds of attacks in comments he left elsewhere on this blog: [Boldface type is my addition. And notice the threats!]

By the word "expertly" one believes Medawar imparts centuries-old tried and true, absolutely despicable and maybe in many cases masonically or other secret-club and church-past-time included activities and role-playing. It deos sicken me to imagine them doing this but THEY MUST. Training like soldiers. I know some of them upon close (and video'd observance) look blank-eyed and rote. It's ... weird. Okay, on to my subject .. I won't say which of these ladies in this pictuer is the old broad who is in on this. I will say that I can now now prove it.. but read down this lady's wall ... not a post in and she's got something equestrian posted. Not long back there was a huge string of horse deaths in pasco. Until I read about "rielle" "hunter" the hunter I had no conception people would do this for insurance... MY GOD. It would be like killing a family member to me. I am dead serious I identified my perp. I got sick from some stuff applied in my home and took that down time to work my butt off on some stuff and lo and behold. NO SURPRISES. In fact, my entire life story spills out on her facebook page. Wow. She is a crazy crazy person. NOT the one linked above who may think she's perfectly normal. BUT she has gone around behind SO MANY PLACES I have been, frequented or had friends and with her little network of old crazy people has tried to ruin my life. It's ON. Because I am ASHAMED OF NOTHING IN MY LIFE. If I have things to be ashamed of that is between I and the person whom I experienced it with... Just as some people should be perhaps ashamed at some interactions with me or others. I have never ONCE taken a public action or any other action I am ashamed of. So she can no longer have any control as I am going to expose her. I said I would a long time ago and one of the perps (I knew this) said ... NOOOO that will only make it worse. No. It won't. IT WILL hrut a lot of people, including children. Having not been the one who DID all of this for years and years, I think I'm giong to have to pin that ON HER, as well. SHD DID IT ALL. I've just lived my life and sondered why people were yknow changing ... NOW I KNOW. Her facebook page is like a timestamp of my entire life. So .. it's ON. Her life and the lives of the children are no more important or less so than my own or any of my deceased and also hurt (murdered in three cases) family members. This vampire is GOING DOWN. Not with the cops. They will just call you crazy. So, I'm going to have to just tell the world about her. I like that she is so old she will go to her grave ruied. It's ok. You know what? Maybe her insane grand-daughter will think twice before she bothers someone else. We're just not afraid of them. A lot of people are NOT going to like that she is pulling the wool over her eyes and they are ESPECIALLY not going to like WHY. Again, I did nothing wrong. BUT it is the basis and beginning of all of this. What a dumb cluck she is. And able to lead people. I could NEVER have done much of this stuff to anyone but yknow what? I think they test you with that early in life as they are setting you up. Will you stand back? Will you help us? Will we come after you? 
By Anonymous on Organized Stalking In The Workplace on 1/16/12

COMMENT #2 (Note: "ME" in this comment refers to my friend Medawar.)

Dear ME. Yes. But you just continue to push me and push me. I walk outside and my air is thick and wet and clogged with toxins I come back inside and have to use petroleum jelly to relieve my eyes and nasal passage so ... while this insanity continues in any form and your dirty tampa cops jump out in front of me with all four feet eleven of them and radar guns improbably pointed at a person SHADES OF officer FLEITA or FLEITAS however he is spelling it when hiding his property.. I'll keep expanding the subject matter. Where are YOUR children ME? Really? WHO SUPPORTED YOU THEN? WHO ALWAYS DEFENDED YOU? You actually believe you can torment and try to hold my family over my head and I will remain silent. You FAIL TO UNDERSTAND. YOU WILL BACK DOWN and OFF ME because I never will. You WILL have to kill me. I will NEVER STOP until you m'fers leave ALL OF US ALONE. LEAVE US ALONE. Meantime, as I've said hundreds of times, I'd rather walk throgh shit and live in a blighted gutter with biker pigs and stalkers, which by the way I DO THANKS TO YOU SCUMBAGS .. than BE YOU. What you do takes NOTHING. NOTHING. I am much much less than impressed. Imagine the good you cuold have done in this lifetime you were granted. Your ex used to tell me you thought that neighbor guy of yours in the crack hotel was satan.... was she trying to tell me something??? 
I promise you I will NOT be backing down. I've seen the future and YOU are not going to correct MY family's TRAGIC PAST which YOU CREATED with your sickness. Don't worry I know the real story, I do not pin all of that on you. It's all in where you get your spaghetti sauce when you're growing up in scumbag tampa bay florida.

Sorry for the venting ML. I just went outside for the mail and just about lost my eyesight. Now they can't walk up to the gate and spray it they're on video so they have to hose it in and walk and drive by to release it from their little death mobiles of disgusting putrid air. 
ME: FIX IT. Otherwise tell OLD HAG EVIL it's going on her. Too easy. Low-hanging fruit. Like me. Right? I'm just a pest, right? Low-hanging fruit, right? And you are the smart smart people who know how to deal drugs. WOW. A triple beam and an ability to count and swindle. IMPRESSIVE. And look at the life you have bought. NOTHING. And who do you share it with? ANIMALS.
Just thought you'd like to know I see it very clearly.

Much love,
One of the pretty ones
February 11, 2012 10:12 AM

This brings me to the second corollary to the axiom that organized stalking is done to purposely cause the death of victims. This second corollary is that for every known victim of organized stalking, there are dozens (or more?) of unknown victims. This is because the vast majority of victims of this crime have no idea or understanding of what is happening to them. They end up killing themselves in despair, dying from lack of proper medical care and/or improper medical care, becoming homeless and dropping off the radar, etc. (See my 8/1/2011 post titled “Gangstalking Australia” for an example of this.) I hope you find this as chilling and disturbing as I do, and I hope that, like me, you become committed to fighting and ending stalking in general and organized stalking in particular. If individual stalking can produce hidden serial killers, unchecked organized stalking can produce secret holocausts.

Now consider going back and reading (or re-reading) the earlier post here titled “Empire Builders”, which can be found at

See also


Anonymous said...

One thing I've noticed about the predatory gang stalkers is their desire to solve crime. One example of recent events:

Missing teens prompt another hysteria to dig up old crime photos and make anyone convicted of any crime responsible for the one they are focused on. We have a person stalking and burglarizing in the area in a white Ford king cab truck with a long horn emblem on the front bumper. Many of the predatory gang stalkers are from Texas so this makes sense. They want to make a movie so they have duplicate vehicles. One, just the other day, set up at the Starbucks. Guess it wants to hack into computers and confuse people. It's double truly believes in Gunns.

While ready the forums of the missing cases, I noticed one woman posted a dog park instead of the real park. A way to target others and teach them how their information can be gained through veterinarian offices.And, of course, while they are investigating their security, they grab whatever they can to use on other unsuspecting victims they target at the grocery store. They pretty much know a persons' habits by digging through trash and hope to seek other personal information to add to the confusion of their crimes.

We have many tin-foil people in the state that wish to make people mentally ill so they can spew their limited knowledge of psychobabble and help gain federal funds they can flush down the crapper and pretend they have made a remarkable difference in the scheme of things.

One such group from my state set up in Az-the state where one of your online friends wrote a book about his drug dealing incarceration. They don't want to inbred morons out there because they know why they are there. They are better off chasing tornadoes and victimizing those people already under stress for their psycho charades.Mail fraud, big box store store thefts and trying to force others to report back to them is their favorite crime when they aren't stalking easy targets...the ones they wish to force into suicide.

Typically they follow the same pattern: Do gooders for Jesus. They are so great at this when they aren't stealing people's meds they will even steal the cross off a hospital and sell it for junk metal. They may go through an area and rip down the phone lines and pawn that, too.

I wouldn't be concerned with government weapons. The stress of constant stalking is enough for murder. My state knows this but fails to do anything that doesn't put the retards that are selected off the stalking bases in government positions. It is for this reason we are about the worse in every category known to exist.

Some how they think a book or a movie will instantly make it all better. This is how they funded 9/ is the conspiracy.

Anonymous said...


THAT COMMENT DOES NOT refer to you. It refers to my home in FL from whence a small boy was stalked to death and then murdered. But I do not have time to read this entire post yet.

That murder was aided by a DOD Colonel named Walter Brewer Harris. He lives in Boone NC.

As I've said, I don't have time to read this entire post yet at all and as usual, am stunned by it.

It either means that you and I have a great deal more in common or that you and this blogger are DOD and or Cuban right wingers or some type of latino gang.

THE ME refers to the FIRST and MIDDLE name of an old "friend" of mine. He harassed the mother of this young boy. When I have time to thoroughly dissect this post I will know what is what.

This blogger gave so much personal information about herself I have always believed her to be genuine.

I think you will remember when I came to your blog asking you about what could be causing the pain on my skin and eyes and we briefly discussed the lady's post who was blogging at the time. A.M. Looney.

How could I have KNOWN that about you? I have no idea who you really are. At all. This feels like the recent DOD daughter who came to my house bearing a similar story to our baby's murder but tying it to MY OWN childhood experience, albeit erroneously because I am a very private person.

Another person involved in his murder was Carroll Hooper and anothr was Midlam. So unless those names are all associated with you than as I said you and I either have more in common than we should or this blogger is karen lynn garcia's gal pal or you now know for a FACT that ME does not refer to you AT ALL but to an old 'friend' of mine whose identity I protect for reasons of my own. I'm not afraid to leave this comment because I speak the truth. This blogger seems to center on my comments when I state in advance that I am leaving a message for someone INITIALS "ME" and make something of it. So I hope that the case is not now as it may be 50 50 chance that you are who you are. Now you know more about me. Every name in this post exists. ME is a person. With a lot to hide. You hide nothing but your identity and if you are genuine share NOTHING in common with ME who is a hood rat and a gangster who for a short time was a DOCTOR. I hope this is finally enough information to convince you. First she accused me of being her X. I am days from taking all of this from federal court. Is that why this post was done now; to upset me? It won't. I timed it then. You could only kill him once walter you piece of trash. He's dead and gone but not for me. And now you will be gone from society you piece of garbage. Cough up your address like a man walter or I willl have the USAF find you for me. MURDERER !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you think I wouldn't go to the USAF walter?

Because your son looks like the same kind of mamiac as Y OU

Anonymous said...

Did you GO to the facebook page? YOu talk of the continual connection to equine. I have found mounds more since 2011 !! I have everything I need now to take down the entire program and you are still pretending I am threatening you instead of HELPING ME. So I now have federal evidence ON MY OWN of intrastate stalking and carrying. So much of it that they
took down the ENTIRE RECORDS OF the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Hillsborough County FL and changed raarranged and lost much of the data. DO YOU THINK THEY DID SO BECAUSE I AM WRONG?????


And it is also preserved safely. But not anywhere around me.

So Richard Rothfuss' efforts to steal my child's home will not help that evidence go away.

Illegal foreclosure. Something else we allegedly share in common yet I am threatening you. You are actually raking through 3 year old comments while I am fighting for my life.

If you are genuine NOW IS THE TIME AND YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. I will be citing your blog anyway and calling you as proof. Hostile or not I need your help.

A stalker's greatest fear is that the people they are stalking separately will band together and take concerted action to expose them.

TES !!!

Anonymous said...

Did you check out my information or did I make all of this up, too?

Go ahead. Carroll Hooper is now an Assistant State Attorney with the 13th Judicial Hillsborough County Tampa FL Court House. At the time in question she worked for Harry Lee Coe as a Public Defender. The case I refer to was heard in front of Judge Edward Ward. Ward was later shot down off his bench by a group of ladies who claimed he sent them sexually suggestive emails. I'd say NO. He did ask one for drinks. It was not suggestive in a sexual way but it WAS flirtatious. I would not have sent it but if it had been sent to me I would not have reported it, either. It was obviously a takedown of judge ed ward who may have been an innocent dupe in the entire matter. Go ahead. Google one name.

I refuse until the day I die to tell you whom ME refers to but I swear on the grave of my beloved family member that it certainly does NOT refer to your friend Medawar whom I have every respect for.

If you are even genuine. Please. Please. Please. Help me to help us. You can look up all those names. You can google what happened to ed ward.

You can google all about mark ober.

Do it.

And if you still come back that I am threatening you then you will be called as a hostile witness. I need your help and I am going to get it one way or another, by you telling your tale straight up to and with me or by them making you tell it straight up to and with me.

People are threatening me because My son is defending the home he has 60.0000.00 invested in. We never NEVER missed a payment. I have people stalking me so thick sometimes that almost no one normal can get in the parking lot. Some nasty little dod pretender has been carrying on a relationship with my innocent son as though she is in love with him. This has gone on through person after person after person. ALL DOD. ALL BLACKWATER RELATED. The last one before this was named Morgan Bradshaw. Google HER !!!! She was arrested for jumping through a plate glass window with a knife after what I surmise was a JOHN. THAT is how innocent my son is, he still doesn't believe she is just a piece of white trash "HORE". I raised my children well and to love people. They notice the stalking here more because it is quite rural. In my case instead of running back and forth in front of my house they pull snakes from the small creek and shoot them at the end of our drive way (with BBs most of the time) .. they have done this many times. The problem with it always being MY driveway is that there are at least 85 other driveways this could be done in front of. Please help me to help us all. I have the information we need. I DO KNOW what is happening to all of us. I can help stop it and you can help me to do so. Please believe me.

I have posted information here you can verify MANY MANY TIMES. If they hadn't taken down the records of the 13th in an effort to hide what I knowyou could go RIGHT THERE and see my name in living color one line from col walter harris of north carolina. I can win this and you can help me.

Please get on my side. It is the side of truth and justice. I don't even know your x's whole name I meant to get it but I could really care less. One less scumbag to know about. I promise I know what they are doing and how and I can help. My x is also involved in the stalking but I can get it out of him if we need to. He owes me. They will have to kill him to stop him. No one on earth knows him as I know him. He will always choose me.

Anonymous said...

These are the king of people who... if your phone is being tapped, they could tell you the code to dial to find out. It and he go to the near top. Walter IS the top.

Walter is of the Harris family as in THAT Harris family as in Katherine Harris as in the BUSH PRESIDENCY.

THAT HARRIS. There is no way in the world you cannot or should not verify this.

If you don't, it will speak volumes.

Please do so. Do you want this to be the life your children have?

I will tell you they have no intention to stop. The DOD girl (fifth in a row counting morgan bradshaw) is coming back again. Tangential to me mentioning walter here.

They get rewards for it such as fake boobs and tattoos and cars. they get rewards for sleeping with my son and pretending to love him.

They are piles of human trash. Can you imagine someone doing that to your child over and over again? I do believe it is also what Walter did to our baby. I can't prove all of that though (it has been too long) but I can prove everything else.

Please help. I am all but begging you. If you are real. Help me.

Anonymous said...

go to florida bar and search for andrew stuart forman.disbarred and on 30 year felony probation go to hcso arrest inquiry look him up.

THOSE PEOPLE and they tried to steal our house in tampa he and a few other guys some other attorneys and one not an attorney who goes by frank cruz and frank da cruz.

These are huge pieces of the puzzle that I should not be giving out but it will tell me something important.

If you are who you say you are you will jump to my side like I am the lifesaver and you are drowning.

You're threatened by me? A mum with kids I am about to lose my mind over? Get a look at andy.

Are you afraid of him? You should be. He terrorized and TERRORIZES ME even from Tampa FL even on felony probation with his next step into a florida state prison. He doesn't care. He stole millions of dollars before they even considered sanctioning him.

You can't possibly say now that you feel threatened by me. I risked my life gathering some of this info while big burly men hid in their police cars and stalked women and children.

Please verify what I am telling you and help me as fast as you think you are able.

Anonymous said...

That was said to me. Don't hurt her. She's one of the pretty ones.

By a bot like EMT in a restaurant in rural South Carolina. During an emergency where they evacuated a man who had suffered a medical emergency.

I wrote that to ME because I know that for the past years since 1981 or so when he opened his spy business (also online at hillsco pat frank clerk of court official records if you had his entire name which he also uses variations of) knows every word I say and every word said to me unless I take great precautions. I assume him to be a member of gambino or similar crime family I know he dates back to santo trafficante. Unless Santo Trafficante was a household name in Medawar's home growing up, ME is not medawar.

BUT ME does have many friends in TX ... as well, his ex wife's business which I have posted here about is also based there, private plane and all.

Please please help and please pay attention and stop slamming on people who have already shouldered so much.

Anonymous said...

I am also the one who saw the HEKTOR 7 plate here in rural KY. I have nto seen it again but I am now positive where it came from. The thing is that it's very difficult to go up in there without being very obvious, in order to scope it out. If you go there you have to 'need' something. Plus there are multiple places to hide the truck. Also my research told me that hektor7 may be more common than I realized. I had never heard of it before I read it here.

If you are eleanor white I hope you get what you deserve. If you believe in her you are a FOOL. There's no mincing words there. She threatened my son. DIRECTLY USING HIS NAME.

Anonymous said...

Just as I had begun to think when you played obtuse yet write well.

You are a fraud.

Enjoy your meager life.

Anonymous said...

My case is safely lodged in the 6th circuit. So which of us is lying?

Is it me? With the paperwork, pleadings, filings, documents and skin in the game?

Or you with your imagined airs that I am your ex husband.

Unless he is suing almost everyone on that old bitch's facebook page up to and including the CIA and others ... I'm not him.

I can't know your threats or what makes you feel threatened but I do know this .... you stretched my words to fit them unless someone took my simple comments and then placed those same toxic elements on your property.
Since I reported to you that I saw many texas tags around me after comenting here and since I attempted to make the parallel between us so that we could bridge the gap between two victims as you state: THEIR WORST FEAR and since now obviously I am REAL and PLEADING TO THE FEDERAL SYSTEM for all of us on behalf of all of us and eventually YOU will be called....
at what point will you go ahead and get off your high horse to HELP or to admit you've been wrong and to help ME to help us all OR just admit you are a fraud. I had great faith in you but this one post right here pushed it hard away. In fact, it is far too similar, as I said to a conversation I had with someone on video in a govt offic (purposefully I might add to see if it would crop up anywhere imagine my surprise) on April 14, 2014. I did ask the video to be preseved. Legally she must have done so OR provide me with treble damages for failing to do so.

The damages will be high. I have a recording of it as well so I don't need hers but if she failed to preserve in light of litigation that's a problem. So, there you go.

Keep an eye on the 6th circuit

ML said...

Two points:

1) The above comments are all by my ex-husband.

2) Well-known organized stalking victim Eleanor White posted the following on an online forum recently:

"Many targets report torture and killing and sometimes butchering of pets. This shows the caliber of perp personalities.

Often while the target is away from the pet, and at other times, by way of the electronic harassment targets themselves are subject to. Not uncommon for a target to come home from work and find a pet completely "freaked out" and terrified of everything, fur or feathers highly disturbed, unable to return to peaceful enjoyment of their lives after an apparent visit from perpetrators.

Because of this, I haven't had a pet during my time as a target. However, as a wildlife watcher, I've seen wildlife killed and butchered and left in places I'm known to pass through regularly. The perps will destroy every last pleasure a target has. And they never stop.

So yes, when you are dealing with people who have the same moral code as the average demon, nothing is beyond them."

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I noticed a black male come into my drive and start shooting hoops. Soon afterwards two more joined. The 'no tresspassing' and 'beware of dog' clearly visible from the street. I let it go and decided it was just a spur of the moment implulse move on their part being they were teens. Then, just prior to their departure, one took off his shoes and kicked the ball towards my camera (clearly visible, too). The ball did not hit the camera but instead hit the roof and bounced into a neighbor's back yard. I felt they intended for it to either destroy my camera or go into my back yard so they could gain access. It was disturbing. It was planned.

Why walk ten minutes to play in a neighborhood in which one does not live?

Not only am I being gangstalked, but also a neighbor reports nails being driven into her home and even a relative in another state claims screws or removed from light fixtures. I had a knife disappear. They had one appear.

It is intended to induce paranoia and pychosis. It is criminal activity.

Medawar said...


For more insight into a stalker's mentality.

ML said...

Medawar has left a new comment on your post "Traits Of Stalkers":

Two points, really.
The first is that cruelty can be addictive, personalities vulnerable to one addiction are vulnerable to most others, and that when manipulated into stalking behaviour by a sociopath, drug (or extreme porn) addicts can become swiftly addicted to cruelty. If they lose their first stalking organizer (the sociopath) they are probably going to find and attach themselves to another one. They may end up serving several at once, which can complicate detection and remedy.

The second is that sociopaths can detect each other a lot more readily than we can, and they are not necessarily complete loners. They may be very poor at forming emotional relationships with normal people, but they are very good at forming offending partnerships with other sociopaths and also very good at building gangs out of people with other types of flaws or weakness.

If you see a sociopath who has a really good relationship with his wife, you really do need to watch her as well as him.