Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Forums and DNA

In an earlier post on this blog titled “Personas”, I showed numerous examples of bizarre and harassing emails I've been sent by my ex-husband over the years in which he writes pretending to be quite an assortment of different people and personality types; see 

In this same post, I talked a little about how my ex- has also started certain forums on Topix in which various personas of his carry on conversations with each other; see


Now, in light of the information I've provided in the post just prior to this one on connections between stalking and murder, I feel a need to go back and revisit the subject of my ex-husband's personas on various internet forums in more detail.

Notice that many of the examples of harassing emails I included in my “Personas” post show signs of being part of rather intricate/detailed story lines my ex- has worked out. As you read through these, keep in mind my mention in the previous post about how a major trait of stalkers is the way they tend to think and act based on very well-plotted stories that they carry around in their heads.

The two Topix gang stalking (i.e., organized stalking) forums linked above appear to have been started by my ex- as a way to both brag about some of his stalking exploits and spread disinformation about organized stalking and electronic harassment. As I've pointed out before, nearly all the characters who post on these forums are actually my ex- pretending to be various imaginary persons, many of whom claim to be victims of organized stalking, as my ex-'s way of bragging about things he and his associates do to victims in real life. I conservatively estimate that my ex- spends at least 3 to 4 hours each day posting on various internet forums in this manner. This compulsive need to brag about the evil things they do is actually a well-known trait of serial killers, and it is a major way that they are eventually caught.

I am now discovering more of these forums started by my ex- as vehicles for bragging about his past and current exploits and acts he's thinking about committing in the future. He clearly started the blog at

as his way of dealing with the fact that my friend Medawar and I had started sharing information and figuring out certain things about him, since there are many items in the posts that Medawar and I were meant to recognize.

Also, many of the forums my ex- regularly posts on are R- or X-rated. He often includes links to my blog in his postings on these sites that he then uses to enter my blog himself. And as regular readers of this blog know all too well, my ex- clearly enjoys leaving long, rambling comments here frequently!

At least one forum on Topix started by my ex-husband concerns a major unsolved crime; see 

I'm very sure this is one of the forums started by my ex- because of the marked similarities to the other two Topix forums linked above. Notice how the various personas “talk” to each other about the crime and sometimes reveal what appears to be inside knowledge related to it. (As an aside, also notice my ex-'s propensity for leaving latex gloves laying around; see

Of course, there are various methods of computer tracking that could potentially be used to prove definitively whether it is my ex-husband writing these particular posts or not, but in this particular case, there happens to have been DNA evidence left at the crime scene. One of my adult children has willingly given DNA samples for filial analysis to two different law enforcement agencies (both outside of Texas, and one outside of the U.S.) that could be compared with this crime scene evidence.

The problem is that my former father-in-law uses his powerful connections with former U.S. presidents and various billionaires to prevent my offspring's DNA from being formally entered into the various official U.S. and international law enforcement data bases. Unofficially, we have been led to believe there is at least one filial match, but until my offspring's DNA is officially acknowledged and entered into these data bases, law enforcement cannot get the courts to order my ex- to submit a sample of his own DNA for analysis.

I suspect that my former father-in-law's desperation to keep his grandchild's DNA out of official law enforcement databases is an indication that he does suspect possible filial matches. It would certainly be easy enough for him to disprove this: simply allow the samples to be formally submitted. Even more definitive, of course, would be to have my ex-husband willingly submit samples of his own DNA to be entered into national and international law enforcement databases. And while we're at it, let's also formally enter a sample of my own DNA, since I've been told there might be a filial match between my DNA and that left at a certain crime scene in another country back in the 1970s!--see (Maybe we should start a new forum advocating for all of this??)

My former father-in-law is now in very poor health. Very soon, whether he believes it or not, he will find himself standing in judgment before his maker and having to explain, among other things, why he was so desperate to cover up the truth about the violent death of his only daughter in 1973 that he just might have knowingly allowed the pain, suffering, and deaths of many others. And he will find that this time, all of his powerful contacts and all of his skills as a lawyer will do him no good at all.  [Update:  He has now passed away.]  

Besides his fondness for online forums and porn sites, my ex-husband also has a certain fascination for Craig's List, which I suppose could loosely be described as a type of forum, but I won't go into that subject here just yet...


Anonymous said...

Hacker Taking Control of Cable Box, Sending Threats

It hardly gets more Orwellian than this. Technology allows cable companies to peer directly into television watchers’ homes and monitor viewing habits and reactions to product advertisements.

Medawar said...

There's a spurious full stop at the end of one of the urls given for a topix post, it opens if you don't select the last dot, but won't find the page if you do.

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With regard to the above comment, this was my fault; I accidentally placed periods at the end of some of the sentences that interfered with copying the links. I have just removed these.