Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Muegge Murder

How many coincidences are too many? You be the judge!

Linda Muegge (55) was found murdered inside her burning home in Fredericksburg on May 14, 2007.

The following is a list of interesting facts connected with this case that I've referenced to various newspaper accounts by number for documentation purposes.

1) Locals first tried to pass off Ms. Muegge's death as having been due to a house fire.

2) First responders just happened to be training nearby at the time of Ms. Muegge's death, resulting in their being at the crime scene unusually quickly.

3) Ms. Muegge happened to be attacked on the one day everyone who knew her knew she was always at home.

4) The newspapers published conflicting information about previous local homicides.

5) The friend who admitted to being at the murder scene very quickly happened to also have lost her mother to a suspicious death. (See "Boot Ranch" on this blog.)

6) This same friend happens to have her office in the same building as a doctor who is currently developing property close to mine.

7) Ms. Muegge's boyfriend died shortly after she did. He had worked for the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

8) Ms. Muegge had worked at a local title company.

9) An animal of Ms. Muegge's was shot a year before her death.

10) Both Ms. Muegge and her friend's late mother were born in Buffalo, New York.

Update, 2/14:  According to KXAN Investigates, the Muegge case is active again, and they are asking for any tips anyone might have.  In their recent coverage, KXAN stated that Ms. Muegge was stabbed in the head, which is different from the accounts of her death above.  KXAN reports that Ms. Muegge's ex-husband is considered a suspect in the case but that there are also a number of other suspects being looked at.

Update, 5/14, from legal notice published in the Fredericksburg Standard:

Bryla is a lifelong close personal friend of my ex-husband's and the partner of my ex-'s divorce lawyer.  The area described in the notice is Ms. Meugge's general neighborhood.

Now see


Updated material from the Muegge case can be found at

Update 9/15:

Note that Bruce Curry has also repeatedly impeded the investigation into the murder of Phillip Shue in Boerne.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pickups And Port-A-Potties

This graphic was published recently in the San Antonio Express-News as part of an article entitled "Cartels Targeting Pickups". It illustrates quite nicely many of the things I discussed here a year ago in my post entitled "Hill Country Holidays" (12/29/09).

It also serves as a very effective response by me to a large number of ugly comments left all over this blog by my ex-husband.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways. (Feel free to add the names of other Central Texas youths who have died suddenly and far too young to this list, which is only partial.)

1) Zobek Zapeda
2) Nicole Bryla
3) Preston Nelson
4) Scott Bain
5) Tori Eckert
6) Sherry Oestreich
7) Glenda Hoerster
8) Leighton Burrer
9) Cassie Ann Hough
10) Krista Vollmar
11) Luke Whiting
12) Cody Brown
13) Brown teen
14) Andrew Quasnitschka
15) Austin Wright
16) David Allen Walker
17) Jorge Montalvo
18) Rodolfo Alvarez
19) Tom Webb IV
20) Demetrios Nicholas
21) Courtney Foreman
22) John Dilday
23) Dylan Ross
24)  Sammy Herrera
25)  Doug DeVos
26)  Quinn Kott


Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Tribute To Carlos Guerra

Last Monday, noted South Texas journalist and civil rights activist Carlos Guerra was found dead at a condo at the coast as reported by the San Antonio Express-News.

I'm also including a copy of fellow columnist Cary Clack's moving tribute. Guerra was widely known to be principled, outspoken, and aggressive about seeking the truth--just the sort of writer to be hated by the corrupt.

Carlos Guerra will be sorely missed.

Update, 12/17/10:
Today I'm adding tributes by others that have also been published in the San Antonio Express-News.

Secret Sippers

As you make your rounds of various holiday functions, be sure to keep an eye out for these bargain beauties.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today the DOJ Said

I received this letter in today's mail, and frankly, I'm not sure why. It's been quite a while since I last asked the DOJ for help. Also, this response is ridiculous, given the level of police and public corruption here, the fact that my children and I are under illegal surveillance with federal equipment, the fact that high-level political and law enforcement personnel are involved in committing crimes against us, the fact that I've received a death threat from a law enforcement officer, and MUCH more, all of which is well-documented on this blog.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Legal Woes

As if victims didn't have enough problems obtaining proper legal representation,...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Reporting Police Corruption In The United States

By now, I believe the vast majority of Americans have come to realize that our nation is currently awash with crime. Whether it's organized, petty, gang-related, serial, white-collar, drug-related, etc., the fact remains that it's all rampant and largely unchecked. This simply doesn't happen when law enforcement is doing its job properly.

The problem of law enforcement corruption is not one of lack of knowledge; there are plenty of us citizens willing to come forward and report what we know in an effort to get needed relief from being victimized and make our homes, communities, and country safer. Instead, the problem is one of finding safe and reliable ways to give our information to law enforcement with the understanding that it will be treated seriously, used properly and effectively, and not be turned against us or others.

If you have information on corrupt American law enforcement officers, whether it's at the local, state, of federal level, there is an important new post you must see:

This post explains the current situation and problems with reporting corruption very well. It also gives step-by-step instructions complete with links to the proper ways to report your information that give victims the best chances for obtaining relief, given the current sorry state of U.S. law enforcement.

The article referenced above does an excellent job of evaluating the options for victims of law enforcement corruption who are desperately seeking help and relief. I have only a few minor additions to make that are based on my own personal experiences.

First and foremost, I need to underscore the conclusions reached in the afore-referenced piece. Do not under any circumstances turn to Diop Kamau and/or the Police Complaint Center for help! If you'd like confirmation of the fact that this is a scam, go to, where you will find my entire criminal fraud and conspiracy case posted for your examination. My documents are posted in chronologic order starting at the beginning of the blog, and I recommend looking at them in this order for maximum shock value and understanding of how Kamau operates. At the end of the blog, I've included a number of sample comments and complaints from other victims as well.

If you're able to make it through all or most of my documents, you'll get a very clear sense of how my complaints and information were actively used against me and my children as I was being defrauded and stalked. You will also be able to see firsthand how I was increasingly victimized by law enforcement at all levels. Also notice that even after I posted proof of illegal surveillance by law enforcement (see "Illegal Surveillance, Part 4", posted here on 11/14/09) and a death threat received from an officer (see "Other Police Threats", posted here on 10/3/09), the U.S. DOJ still refused to do anything.

As I've noted previously in this blog, I have information on dozens of other people who've been victimized by Diop Kamau and the Police Complaint Center. These people turned to him in desperation for help in dealing with police corruption because they were unable to receive assistance elsewhere. Instead, they wound up being victimized twice: first by crooked law enforcement and then by Kamau and his associates. Many found Kamau through links from law enforcement websites, as I did, or through referrals from well-known agencies. For example, one woman was sent to the Police Complaint Center by the NAACP after her son was shot to death by a police officer; she was then defrauded out of several thousand dollars by Diop Kamau, who promised her legal assistance she never received.

I correspond regularly with many of Kamau's other victims, particularly the ones who are ongoing victims of serious cyber harassment, defamation, identity theft, and stalking as I am. In an effort to try and find out how many other victims there might be, one victim filed a freedom of information request with the FTC asking for copies of all complaints they had on file against the Police Complaint Center. He received over 30 pages of these, yet they did not contain complaints from many of the other victims we know about. One victim received an email from the Better Business Bureau of Washington, D.C. stating that Kamau had informed them he was shutting down the Police Complaint Center for good after he lost his investigator's license and received an "F" rating. However, his websites remain up and continue advertising for clients, and my fellow victims and I continue being contacted by new victims looking for help. Now one victim has learned that the DOJ may actually be providing Kamau with funding and is in the process of filing complaints and freedom of information requests in an effort to find out if this is in fact the case.

While I completely agree with the author of the above-referenced post in theory that it's important to complain to the DOJ in writing as the proper first step to take regarding reporting law enforcement corruption, I'm also painfully aware that as a practical matter, doing this first may not be wise for everyone. At the very least, it may be a waste of time and money, as I noted in my comment left at the end of the piece and as is shown by the response I received from the DOJ that's posted here on this blog under "DOJ Civil Rights Division" (6/28/10). In the worst cases, the information you provide to the DOJ may potentially used against you, as has happened to my children and me, because law enforcement corruption now goes so high. Each person will have to weigh their own situation carefully before deciding how to proceed.

In any case, I can recommend the British reporting link without hesitation. While it's a sad state of affairs indeed that we Americans are being forced to turn to other countries for the help our civil rights and tax dollars supposedly entitle us to at home, it's also encouraging to know there are places to turn where our information is treated with the care and consideration it deserves. It's a real blessing to realize there are others out there who are still serious about stopping crime and making our world a better and safer place.

The following important updated information has been published by the author of the link I referred to above:
"The official, but very long unmaintained, DOJ page on reporting police corruption, on the link above, has recently had all its content removed, although the link isn't totally dead.
This is probably a good thing, because it looks as if it were hacked several years ago, to include links to the bogus confidence trickster's site. A serious criminal offence was committed by whoever did that, although the DOJ was negligent in that it doesn't appear to have checked its own page between the last month of the Clinton Administration and the publication of this post, a decade later. It is unknown how many people have been conned in the meantime, or precisely when the DoJ page was hacked to include official-looking links to an entirely bogus site. Probably, some time after it became obvious to the conmen that nobody in the DoJ was maintaining the page.

However, the number "three hundred" tends to crop up in other cases involving pathological liars who are keeping a number of victims on a string, and it may be that this is the maximum number they can keep track of and string along at any one time. Scams with larger numbers of victims are done on a "fire and forget" basis."

Friday, November 26, 2010

Looking Back With A Book Review

November seems to be a good time to remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This article was published in the San Antonio Express-News on 8/21/03.

The author of the book in question claims to have evidence that LBJ was behind the murder. Certainly LBJ was known to covet power above all else, and to covet the presidency in particular, so this theory seems quite plausible. (In my experience, simplest explanations are usually the best ones.)

For readers living elsewhere, the LBJ ranch is located at Stonewall, Texas and is close to where I live. Does this mean JFK might have been a victim of organized crime in Central Texas? Coincidentally, the most recent Conspiracy Theory show with Jesse Ventura on TRU-TV also seemed to come to the same conclusion, although by different means.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking Back

Here I'm sharing an article by Scott Stroud that was published in this morning's San Antonio Express-News. It provides a fascinating glimpse back into one aspect of the history of organized crime in San Antonio.

The new book by Ron Franscell sounds like a good read. The ties between San Antonio and Chicago are particularly interesting.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Defribrillators

Who needs death panels when you can sell expensive medical equipment instead?

Whatever the cause/s, this is deeply disturbing.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Birds

I'm posting this copy of a letter to the editor that appeared recently in the Kerrville Daily Times for the benefit of my American readers.

It is imperative that you immediately contact the United States Department of Justice, The White House, and your elected officials. Make it very clear to them that you're aware organized crime is running the country, that this is absolutely unacceptable to you as an American, and that you want it stopped as quickly as possible. Also insist that victims of organized crime and particularly victims of organized stalking receive substantial help immediately. (If you need to, go back and re-read the two previous posts here first.)

Then take a long, hard look at your own behaviour and what's going on in your own community. Start putting a stop to anything that's contributing to the problem, and start doing whatever you can to help victims.

We simply must take our country back, and fast!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Most Corrupt Town In America

The town in which I live in Texas is the second most popular tourist destination in the state, after the Alamo/Riverwalk. It’s a charming and quaint little town settled by German immigrants in the mid-1800s and nestled within the scenic hill country of Central Texas. It’s also arguably the most corrupt town in the country.

My former husband was born and raised here and is from one of the original German families that settled here. We met in Houston in 1977, married there in 1981, and moved here in 1986 so my husband could realize his dream of opening a business here alongside his father and brother. We had three children, and after moving here, I became a stay-at-home mom. In 1988, we purchased property just down the street from my husband’s business and built what I considered our dream home.

Everything suddenly changed in 1999, when with no prior warning, my husband suddenly left me for a co-worker to whom he is now married. Shortly after this, I discovered to my shock that the entire town had not only known about my husband’s affair for 12 years but had also conspired to keep me from finding out about it and considered what was being done to me hilarious. Locals I’d considered my friends for years began openly laughing at me, belittling me, and harassing me. They did repeated drive-bys of our house, openly trespassed on my property to leave trash and party paraphernalia and commit acts of vandalism, disturbed us with prank calls, let our livestock out, killed some of our animals, harassed my kids at school, and more. When I tried to get help from local law enforcement, they wouldn’t do anything; in fact, it quickly became apparent that they were active participants in the harassment. (The local police chief is one of my ex-‘s closest friends.) The mayor’s family’s car dealership suddenly couldn’t seem to repair the brakes on my van, and they failed suddenly and completely for over six months. I discovered numerous life insurance policies had been taken out on me that I knew nothing about.

I began finding evidence of people using my property for drug trafficking and discovered our town was openly advertising which tourist events would be drug-free. I became frightened and notified the FBI, but they wouldn’t do anything.

When both my ex-husband and the city began contacting me about developing the property around our house that I’d been awarded in my divorce at the same time the local tax appraisal office suddenly revoked my ag. exemption, I told them I wasn’t interested. The harassment directed at us then began to worsen, so I hired a Dallas-area p. i. to get evidence for a court case. Instead, this investigator lied to me about his licensing status, concealed ties he had to our area and my ex-, and forged my name on a fraudulent trust document that was filed by the county clerk’s office even though it wasn’t properly notarized and gave total control of my house and property to the p.i. and a lawyer-friend.

I discovered the p.i. had defrauded me, fired him, and caught him meeting with my ex-husband. On advice from the FBI, I hired two new p.i.s who were both former federal agents. These two persuaded me to hire a lawyer they worked with, and all three of them charged me large fees to work on what they said was a statement for law enforcement. They insisted on meeting with me in various unusual public places where strange people filed by repeatedly, laughing and acting strangely; one of these places was a business owned by the mayor of another nearby town. When they continued to stall, I confronted them, spotted my former father-in-law driving away from this meeting, and fired them.

In the meantime, I discovered the local tax appraisal office had changed the owner’s address on my house and property to that of my ex-husband’s office. I also learned the tax office was using the fraudulent trust to conceal huge increases in my appraisals and zoning changes on my property from residential to commercial. Two appraisal district employees illegally forced their way onto my property and took photos they later openly gave me copies of at a protest hearing. I was unable to find a single attorney to take my case despite a year of extensively trying. The county judge, also a close friend of my ex-‘s, began applying for zoning changes on property of his located close to mine. My ex-husband and his father began trying to force my over-18 children to sign trust documents giving my ex- complete control of all their assets (which they have few of unless they inherit from me).

In desperation, I took the fraudulent trust document to a document examiner with FBI ties and received a report confirming the fraud. I hired the “trust attorney” the expert recommended, but as soon as I did so, the p.i. whose name was on the fraudulent document filed a lawsuit against me claiming large sums for “trust work” he’d never done and “back taxes” I’d already paid and had receipts for. The p.i. also got a former Secret Service agent to falsely testify that the trust document was genuine. A supposed mediation session headed by a retired judge turned out to be hours of people trying to force me to sign off on a trust I knew had never existed and pay them money to “make this all go away”.

I also hired a supposed national expert on police corruption to help me deal with continuing severe harassment and break-ins by local police officers. Instead, this expert conspired with local law enforcement to defraud me. When I discovered what was going on and confronted him, the expert began libeling and defaming me on his website, and he allowed the local police chief to use his site for this as well. I began filing serious federal complaints, at which time a law enforcement officer sent me a copy of my own supposedly private fax to an attorney and also a death threat. The expert emailed me threats of an illegal invasion of our home by local police and tried to frighten me into paying more money to go away. The Texas Rangers, FBI, and DOJ all refused to do anything.

Since then, locals continue to openly gang-stalk, harass, and defame me, even bragging about it on the Internet. Local businesses think it’s funny to blatantly cheat me. A local bank refuses to give my children complete copies of their own bank statements, and the Federal Reserve refuses to do anything about it. Local postal employees tamper with and steal our mail and the USPS won’t stop it. My ex-, who apparently uses the code name “Trammel” for what he’s doing to me, brags about stealing everything I have, preventing me from working (anyone who tries to hire me for a job that pays a living wage will be threatened), bankrupting me with legal fees, and preventing me from leaving town (because I don’t have clear title to my property and therefore can’t sell it, the main asset I received in our divorce settlement). He and the city have begun serious commercial development of all the property surrounding mine. Law enforcement at all levels refuses to do anything. The federal government even refuses to deal with the fact that I’ve documented the use of federal surveillance and other equipment (some of which is manufactured here, and over $30 million worth of which is missing) in the stalking and harassment of my children and me. Now I’m told by an outside expert that there’s a good chance my passport and those of my children have been used to open bank accounts, obtain loans, and commit financial fraud overseas without our knowledge.

Recently I’ve learned the Germans who originally settled here were from two shiploads of convicts who were not welcomed at other German settlements in Texas. They are so clannish that they have intermarried extensively and have their own language (a combination of Low German and English that is being studied at U. of Texas) that they use as a secretive code, both for communication among themselves and to belittle and defame people nearby them.

I’ve been unable to find an attorney anywhere in the U.S. who is willing to properly represent me, despite years of constantly searching, meaning my civil right to proper legal representation is being violated. My alimony ends in February 2011, and I’m not sure what to do at this point; I’m exhausted from trying to deal with what is clearly an overwhelming situation. Also, my oldest daughter and I are to some extent prisoners in our own home, since if we leave it unattended, police and other locals immediately break in, commit acts of vandalism, and remove incriminating documents. (No security companies are allowed to set up shop here unless they are corrupt.) We are not the only victims here by any means, either, despite the fact (or perhaps because of it?) that numerous current and former high-level state and federal officials (including former CIA agents) live here or have ties here.

ALL of this is extensively documented in various places throughout this blog. Now go back and re-read the previous post entitled “Empire Builders”. Then either move here at your own risk or sit back and wait for this to come to a city or town near you. You may not need to wait long, either, because the fact that this could happen here at all means organized crime must already be running the United States.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Empire Builders: The Stasi's Influence on American Organized Crime and Politics

Today I have the honor of posting a very important piece written by Medawar at my request. It is my fervent hope readers will give it the close attention and consideration it deserves.

I'd also like to express my gratitude to Medawar both for taking the time and trouble to address this subject so thoroughly and thoughtfully and for saving me from having to do it. I suspect Medawar agreed to do this for me mainly out of fear of what I might post when I threatened to write it myself if Medawar wouldn't. My knowledge of the subject is woefully inferior, but there are things here that need to be said and, even more importantly, understood.

Finally, I'd like to thank Medawar for having the courage to speak out about this, which is no small thing in this world.


The original of this article can be accessed at the following location:

Note: The location referenced above includes working links, highlighting of terms, etc. that cannot be easily reproduced here.

Saturday, 30 October 2010
Empire Builders: The Stasi's Influence on American Organized Crime and Politics

Medawar has been kindly (and probably quite bravely) invited by ML to contribute an article on this subject.

The Stasi was the secret police and intelligence service, all rolled into one, of the East German Communist regime. Many officers and agents of its Nazi predecessors, the Abwehr, Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo, joined, and the secret police methodology was a refinement of inherited Gestapo techniques, with a few learned from the Russian NKVD and later, KGB, thrown in for good measure.

It is highly relevant to the story of the Stasi, that the Gestapo was originally created to reassure the German people that the various political armed militias, and every political party had its own during the twenties, would all be curbed. It only became an explicitly Nazi tool when it was infiltrated by the Sicherhetisdienst (SA), effectively the intelligence arm of a party-political militia. But there was a reason why German people at one stage would have regarded the Gestapo as a source of protection: they did get the militias off the streets in the early days of Nazi rule. Again, when the Stasi first started, there were many gangsters and black marketeers in both East and West Germany and many Germans desperately wanted something to exist that would make the criminals as frightened as they were. Since the Stasi would come to have half a million full and part time agents on its strength, or getting on for one in thirty of the East German population, a measure of public acceptance was needed and indeed existed, throughout what the outside world saw only as the vilest oppression.

To this day, therefore, there are hundreds of thousands who see the Stasi as a good thing, protecting society from deviants -and potential deviants. Those hundreds of thousands were heavily outnumbered by those who hated the political regime the Stasi supported, and in the aftermath of the Berlin Wall falling, they largely kept a low profile or emigrated from Germany altogether. Leading to a diaspora of the Stasi, throughout the world, but mainly in communities formed by earlier waves of German emigration, in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Namibia, South Africa and even Australia. There were even a handful, including the Stasi-sponsored and trained Baader-Meinhoff terrorist, Astrid Proll, who settled in London. Her brother, Thorwald, having been trained by the Stasi in financial crime, lives in Switzerland.

In recent years, there has been a steady return of the Stasi diaspora to Germany, with many of them using skills gained in other countries to gain influential posts in vital industries, particularly German railways, manufacturers of railway equipment (in Austria as well as Germany) and in German telecoms companies as well as Deutsche Post. This powerful community has been christened the Deutschland Clan by the journalist Jurgen Roth. One of its functions, seems to be to continue the persecution of those who were dissidents before the wall fell, and who had hoped that a united and democratic Germany would be a place of freedom and opportunity for them. It is a bitter thing indeed that it has not.
This link is to a blog with ample material on the continuity of Stasi activity from the communist regime to the criminal enterprise of the Deutschland Clan.

Alongside its secret police functions, though, the Stasi gathered foreign intelligence, and ran agents of influence in Western countries (and quite possibly other communist countries, too.) Again, the established ethnic German communities in the United States, Argentina and Brazil would have been natural starting points for Stasi agents infiltrating Western society, as they had been for agents of Nazi Germany, and Imperial Germany before that. The most open attempt to employ the German-American community against their American fellow citizens was in the first world war rather than the second, this largely stopped when President Wilson pointed out that there were enough lampposts in the United States to hang them all, if they insisted on making it necessary.

During the Second World War, the Abwehr's attempt to land sabotage agents, with the help of German-American gangsters on Long Island and in Florida, came pretty swiftly to naught. But there was a very successful spy ring at the start of the war (when America was still neutral) reporting shipping movements to German Naval Intelligence (separate from the Abwehr and somewhat better led.) This cost many lives, American as well as Canadian and British.

Most important of all, were the more political agents of influence (possibly run by the political SA rather than the military Abwehr or Naval Intelligence) , for whom Henry Ford and Joseph Kennedy were witting or unwitting mouthpieces, who kept America out of the war for as along as possible, and threw every possible obstacle in the path of American companies seeking to supply the British war effort in the meantime. The agents of influence were able to manipulate Congress to place various bizarre restrictions on exports to Britain, which led, for example, to aircraft being hauled from an American airfield near the Canadian border, to one on the Canadian side, by two cart horses, so they could be exported as "aircraft parts" rather than airworthy machines. All of the obstacles could be got around by this kind of dodge, but it all took time and effort, and every one of them was ultimately inimical to America's vital interests, not withstanding the fact that Congress willingly passed them all.

Even in the nineteen thirties, German manipulation of American politics was often being worked through organized crime, notably the very powerful German-American gangs on Long Island.

Between 1945 and 1947, American intelligence services ran something called Operation Paperclip, which sought to apprehend as many recently ex-Nazi scientists, economic and intelligence experts as possible and get them to work in the United States. The Russian NKVD had an identical programme, while Sweden and Switzerland managed to snaffle most of the Nazi's nuclear weapon designers between them. British Intelligence has been criticized for not really competing for Nazi experts, however, they had a different perception of the usefulness of these men, and particularly the risks of employing them in what would, inevitably, be key strategic areas. Perhaps we have Peter Wright and Airey Neave to thank for the UK's fortuitous indifference to this particular gift-horse!

The net effect of Operation Paperclip was to insert potential German agents into key jobs throughout American government and big business -and then endow many of them with bounteous and often secret budgets as a result of the cold war. A golden hello to the Stasi, which had a head start over other Communist intelligence services as far as America was concerned almost from the day it was founded. There were inherent opportunities here for German-American mafia groups as well, who suddenly discovered lost and lonely Germans in important jobs all over the country. They needed only to help them feel at home...

As well as using German-American criminals as ready-made agents in place to assist incoming penetration agents, the Stasi, like its predecessors, also cultivated criminals and terrorists in the West for their own sake. The purpose of this was destabilization, and it is a tactic which intelligence services only use in a country where they want the whole political system to change. Anytime that it appears that America's intelligence or law enforcement agencies are supporting a destabilization campaign on their own soil, it must be presumed that someone in a controlling position wants the system, and not just the party, of government to change.

As well as obvious points of interest for the Stasi, such as Los Alamos and NASA, Operation Paperclip's experts were in the universities and banks, formulating economic policies and, in time political ideologies. Nearly all of the thinkers behind the Neo-Conservative movement have ethnic German roots, although there are some Anglo-Saxon and Irish-American figureheads, some of whom are not noted for thinking particular deeply at all.

The twin trends, of the Deutschland Clan running Germany and the Neo Cons gaining control of American economic and especially foreign and defence policy, caused some French Intelligence officers and high ranking civil servants to coin the phrase "The Holy German-American Empire." However, President Francois Mitterand, who as a junior minister of the Vichy Government had obliged Reinhard Heydrich by signing an order to the French police to deport French Jews to the death camps, appears to have seen The Holy German-American Empire as something that it was his duty to appease and collaborate with, and French Intelligence wasn't allowed to interfere or even continue to monitor, what appeared to be en-train. As in 1942, Mitterand's order seems to have been obeyed, with heavy hearts, no doubt.

Despite the popular impression, that the Nazis were a complete aberration in the peace-loving history of Germany, there's more than just the continuity between the Nazi intelligence services and the Stasi to consider. When the Nazis came to power, many of the policies for which Hitler is credited/blamed, such as covert re-armament, war-planning, and "Lebensraum" had already been put in place by previous governments. "Lebensraum" having been in place since the foundation of "The North German Federation" as a Union of 25 previous independent states and principalities in 1871.

Two important asides:

1/ that foundation was an act of pure subterfuge: the Prussian leader, Bismark, had planted misleading intelligence material on the French, who undertook a pre-emptive war in 1870, which led both to the destruction of French military and economic power in what amounted to a huge ambush, and to all the smaller German states feeling very threatened by the modern world, and suddenly willing to shelter under Prussia's mighty wings.

2/ the very name heavily suggests that the whole of Modern Germany was just the Northern part of something bigger and mightier, which is supposed to include Switzerland and Slovenia, as well as Austria and large parts of the Czech Republic. Hitler and Albert Speer may have worked on this concept, but they didn't actually conceive it.

Lebensraum as a policy was inherent to the hasty formation of a German Empire in Africa from 1870 onwards: earlier ethnic German colonizations in the Americas had no such backing from then-independent German states, and many of them were effectively expulsions by governments, especially Bavaria, which feared the social engineering ideology of certain secret societies and political movements. Bismark's North German Federation was an expression of many of those, and the outcasts were outcasts no longer. However, they were not a party to the sort of thing that happened in the new German colonies, and many of their founders would have been appalled by the way in which their social engineering idealism had evolved in the space of just two generations. What happened, in Namibia, was Genocide. In camps, and by death march and expulsion into uninhabitable areas.

There is continuity, both between successive German intelligence services, as the political system has gone through several huge upheavals, and in the long-term strategic policy which has been followed.

Although German Intelligence, and German-American organized crime, have been present in America since the late 19th century, it has only been since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the resulting Stasi Diaspora, that stalking as flourished as a tool of organized crime and political change-seekers in the United States. Because not even the Gestapo or the SA had evolved and perfected the techniques, not deployed them on such a scale, using such a high proportion of the nation's resources, as the Stasi did. One in the thirty of the population was a full or part time Stasi agent.

This meant that anyone even suspected of being a dissident could be watched, pretty well round the clock, and systematically bullied and harassed, without the need for incarceration, or, indeed, the slightest evidence of any wrong-doing or evil intent. This represented a level of social control beyond anything which the Gestapo and NKVD had ever attempted, or ever thought necessary merely to keep the population as a whole obedient. It served a whole new level of social engineering, another evolution in the theory, which would take East Germany, and via the Deutschland Clan, the new re-Unified Germany, to a point where the mass reactions of the population at large were no longer an issue, and the behaviour of individuals could be effectively controlled.

Although many tyrannies and totalitarian regimes might appreciate and seek this level of control, others would see it as a waste of time and resort to cruder methods. (Ie: China in June 1989.) But the type of regime that needs this level of individual control, is not so much a tyranny, as a kleptocracy.

In a "government of thieves" nothing is so strictly prohibited as stealing, except by those at the top, who see themselves as owning everything and everyone, already anyway. A kleptocracy sees every last thing, and every last person, even officers of the regime itself, as property. It can be tremendously cruel and kill at will, and yet will attempt to control those an ordinary tyrant would be tempted to kill, simply because it sees them as property of the state rather than as enemies of the state. The ultimate despot is not a Communist, nor is he a Nazi. He is a gangster before whom all the judges and all the policemen have bowed. Only a Kleptocrat needs to make one in thirty of the population into secret agents.

In East Germany, every citizen was watched, and any who even appeared to diverge from the accepted norm (and accepting everything was the norm that was accepted!) was followed everywhere. He would be jostled in every queue in every shop, he would rarely be able to buy what he wanted, or earn his living doing his normal trade. People whom Lenin would have shot and buried in a night, would effectively be subjected to living torture for years on end, to make them conform. Some victims of the Stasi might have thought Lenin merciful.

In East Germany, this took enormous manpower, and it didn't happen from the beginning of the communist regime, both for this reason and because the techniques had not been developed. But the system did evolve, and with it great manpower and great expertise. Then the wall fell, and both manpower and expertise were exported, the world over, but especially to America and Canada. Where the temporarily exiled Stasi agents soon discovered that a combination of the drugs trade, some of it already in the hands of ethnic Germans, vigilantism and other forms of meddling do-goodism, could all be harnessed to make the services of the requisite one in thirty of the population available to their cause. Many of whom don't know that they are working with people on the "opposite" side of whatever the relevant social divide happens to be. And America has a lot of social divides. Tying all these threads together to make an unwitting Stasi machine in America and Canada would have taken tens of thousands of expert agents, but they had tens of thousands of expert agents who'd better stay out of Germany for a few years, so it simply wasn't a problem.

The Holy German-American Empire has America all but completely in its clutches and is looking for other victims. The Stasi, having outlived the political system it once served, is now above and beyond the control of any state. It has become the gangster to which all American and German Judges and Policemen will bow. And whilst it might spray the rhetoric of freedom around like machine-gun fire as it consolidates its hold on power, it is a kleptocracy and these cannot co-exist with any measure of personal freedom at all.

Unless America wakes up very smartly indeed, it will find that the Gestapo and the NKVD would have been easy-going compared to their new masters in the rest of the 21st century.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dumb City Or Dumb Officials?

This article came out in today's San Antonio paper. It's shocking but not at all surprising. However, it's not the City of San Antonio that's dumb; it's the officials that run it that are.

How can cities expect to turn out well-educated students when so little money is actually provided for this? School and college board members routinely take the precious tax dollars that are supposed to be used to educate our young people and find creative (and some not-so-creative, i.e. blatant) ways to funnel the funds to their friends instead. Texas Governor Rick Perry first used federal funds provided to Texas for education to instead pay down part of the state's debt. Then when the feds. demanded proof of this money's actually being used for education, Gov. Perry turned it down. Now Texas is facing a serious budget shortfall, which doesn't bode well for education here in the future.

The rampant organized crime in our area has many other adverse effects on the education of our young people. Bullying, gang stalking, and gang violence in our schools are so widespread and unchecked that students are afraid to come to school. Just yesterday, another article in the same newspaper told of rumors of impending violence related to Halloween so serious that scared parents are keeping their children home in droves, even in the Hill Country (Kerrville). Students are instructed to tell teachers, counselors, principals, or law enforcement when they are being subjected to these social ills, but when they do so, either nothing is done because officials fear being subjected to the same kinds of things, or the students discover that the people who are supposed to be helping them are actually active participants!

Teachers here face the same problems as students (if they are not participating, as many are) and fear becoming victims of the same kinds of acts students are being subjected to. How can we possibly expect them to teach properly under these conditions? And how can we expect to retain the best ones?--they quickly move on when they realize they have no support. Shockingly high percentages of the teachers that remain have criminal records and substance abuse problems, nothing is done about it (see my earlier post entitled "The Coach", for example), and our students suffer as a result.

In fact, one-third to one-half of our high school students drop out before graduating. Texas already has a shortage of trained workers. With the problem steadily getting worse, not better, it doesn't matter if we attract all the new jobs Gov. Perry is promising; we won't have the workers to fill them.

Our cities and communities here simply MUST start to realize the toll unchecked organized crime is taking on them and insist on its being prosecuted aggressively from the top down. If people don't start seeing the big picture and understanding how much this stuff is hurting them, our rapid downslide into "Third-Worldness" will continue. It's no accident that San Antonio and Las Vegas sit at the bottom of the education list--this can easily be predicted by their crime situations and statistics.

There's one more thing to consider here, and it may actually turn out to be the most important consideration of all: what if the government is deliberately trying to keep our young people as uneducated as possible in order to keep them from seeing, understanding, questioning, and protesting what their government is doing? If you think that sounds far-fetched, I suggest you carefully read the next post after this one, entitled "Empire Builders".

Update, 1/23/11: