Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Birds

I'm posting this copy of a letter to the editor that appeared recently in the Kerrville Daily Times for the benefit of my American readers.

It is imperative that you immediately contact the United States Department of Justice, The White House, and your elected officials. Make it very clear to them that you're aware organized crime is running the country, that this is absolutely unacceptable to you as an American, and that you want it stopped as quickly as possible. Also insist that victims of organized crime and particularly victims of organized stalking receive substantial help immediately. (If you need to, go back and re-read the two previous posts here first.)

Then take a long, hard look at your own behaviour and what's going on in your own community. Start putting a stop to anything that's contributing to the problem, and start doing whatever you can to help victims.

We simply must take our country back, and fast!


Anonymous said...

be SURE to tell em about the PORTAPOTTIES loaded with DRUGS

Anonymous said...

What better way to try to discredit the truth than by making fun of those trying to tell it or making them appear "nuts".

Unfortunately those who behave this way like the Anonymous commenter above do more to discredit themselves than they do to discredit those to whom the truth matters.

I would like to ask this Anonymous commenter if he/she thinks malicious persecution is amusing too?

It really goes to show the depths that some people will sink.

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous: "drug -filled portapotties " is a quote from ML, you idiot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymouse,

Your response is irrelevant to the point I was making which appears to have sailed gloriously over your pointed little head.