Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Most Corrupt Town In America

The town in which I live in Texas is the second most popular tourist destination in the state, after the Alamo/Riverwalk. It’s a charming and quaint little town settled by German immigrants in the mid-1800s and nestled within the scenic hill country of Central Texas. It’s also arguably the most corrupt town in the country.

My former husband was born and raised here and is from one of the original German families that settled here. We met in Houston in 1977, married there in 1981, and moved here in 1986 so my husband could realize his dream of opening a business here alongside his father and brother. We had three children, and after moving here, I became a stay-at-home mom. In 1988, we purchased property just down the street from my husband’s business and built what I considered our dream home.

Everything suddenly changed in 1999, when with no prior warning, my husband suddenly left me for a co-worker to whom he is now married. Shortly after this, I discovered to my shock that the entire town had not only known about my husband’s affair for 12 years but had also conspired to keep me from finding out about it and considered what was being done to me hilarious. Locals I’d considered my friends for years began openly laughing at me, belittling me, and harassing me. They did repeated drive-bys of our house, openly trespassed on my property to leave trash and party paraphernalia and commit acts of vandalism, disturbed us with prank calls, let our livestock out, killed some of our animals, harassed my kids at school, and more. When I tried to get help from local law enforcement, they wouldn’t do anything; in fact, it quickly became apparent that they were active participants in the harassment. (The local police chief is one of my ex-‘s closest friends.) The mayor’s family’s car dealership suddenly couldn’t seem to repair the brakes on my van, and they failed suddenly and completely for over six months. I discovered numerous life insurance policies had been taken out on me that I knew nothing about.

I began finding evidence of people using my property for drug trafficking and discovered our town was openly advertising which tourist events would be drug-free. I became frightened and notified the FBI, but they wouldn’t do anything.

When both my ex-husband and the city began contacting me about developing the property around our house that I’d been awarded in my divorce at the same time the local tax appraisal office suddenly revoked my ag. exemption, I told them I wasn’t interested. The harassment directed at us then began to worsen, so I hired a Dallas-area p. i. to get evidence for a court case. Instead, this investigator lied to me about his licensing status, concealed ties he had to our area and my ex-, and forged my name on a fraudulent trust document that was filed by the county clerk’s office even though it wasn’t properly notarized and gave total control of my house and property to the p.i. and a lawyer-friend.

I discovered the p.i. had defrauded me, fired him, and caught him meeting with my ex-husband. On advice from the FBI, I hired two new p.i.s who were both former federal agents. These two persuaded me to hire a lawyer they worked with, and all three of them charged me large fees to work on what they said was a statement for law enforcement. They insisted on meeting with me in various unusual public places where strange people filed by repeatedly, laughing and acting strangely; one of these places was a business owned by the mayor of another nearby town. When they continued to stall, I confronted them, spotted my former father-in-law driving away from this meeting, and fired them.

In the meantime, I discovered the local tax appraisal office had changed the owner’s address on my house and property to that of my ex-husband’s office. I also learned the tax office was using the fraudulent trust to conceal huge increases in my appraisals and zoning changes on my property from residential to commercial. Two appraisal district employees illegally forced their way onto my property and took photos they later openly gave me copies of at a protest hearing. I was unable to find a single attorney to take my case despite a year of extensively trying. The county judge, also a close friend of my ex-‘s, began applying for zoning changes on property of his located close to mine. My ex-husband and his father began trying to force my over-18 children to sign trust documents giving my ex- complete control of all their assets (which they have few of unless they inherit from me).

In desperation, I took the fraudulent trust document to a document examiner with FBI ties and received a report confirming the fraud. I hired the “trust attorney” the expert recommended, but as soon as I did so, the p.i. whose name was on the fraudulent document filed a lawsuit against me claiming large sums for “trust work” he’d never done and “back taxes” I’d already paid and had receipts for. The p.i. also got a former Secret Service agent to falsely testify that the trust document was genuine. A supposed mediation session headed by a retired judge turned out to be hours of people trying to force me to sign off on a trust I knew had never existed and pay them money to “make this all go away”.

I also hired a supposed national expert on police corruption to help me deal with continuing severe harassment and break-ins by local police officers. Instead, this expert conspired with local law enforcement to defraud me. When I discovered what was going on and confronted him, the expert began libeling and defaming me on his website, and he allowed the local police chief to use his site for this as well. I began filing serious federal complaints, at which time a law enforcement officer sent me a copy of my own supposedly private fax to an attorney and also a death threat. The expert emailed me threats of an illegal invasion of our home by local police and tried to frighten me into paying more money to go away. The Texas Rangers, FBI, and DOJ all refused to do anything.

Since then, locals continue to openly gang-stalk, harass, and defame me, even bragging about it on the Internet. Local businesses think it’s funny to blatantly cheat me. A local bank refuses to give my children complete copies of their own bank statements, and the Federal Reserve refuses to do anything about it. Local postal employees tamper with and steal our mail and the USPS won’t stop it. My ex-, who apparently uses the code name “Trammel” for what he’s doing to me, brags about stealing everything I have, preventing me from working (anyone who tries to hire me for a job that pays a living wage will be threatened), bankrupting me with legal fees, and preventing me from leaving town (because I don’t have clear title to my property and therefore can’t sell it, the main asset I received in our divorce settlement). He and the city have begun serious commercial development of all the property surrounding mine. Law enforcement at all levels refuses to do anything. The federal government even refuses to deal with the fact that I’ve documented the use of federal surveillance and other equipment (some of which is manufactured here, and over $30 million worth of which is missing) in the stalking and harassment of my children and me. Now I’m told by an outside expert that there’s a good chance my passport and those of my children have been used to open bank accounts, obtain loans, and commit financial fraud overseas without our knowledge.

Recently I’ve learned the Germans who originally settled here were from two shiploads of convicts who were not welcomed at other German settlements in Texas. They are so clannish that they have intermarried extensively and have their own language (a combination of Low German and English that is being studied at U. of Texas) that they use as a secretive code, both for communication among themselves and to belittle and defame people nearby them.

I’ve been unable to find an attorney anywhere in the U.S. who is willing to properly represent me, despite years of constantly searching, meaning my civil right to proper legal representation is being violated. My alimony ends in February 2011, and I’m not sure what to do at this point; I’m exhausted from trying to deal with what is clearly an overwhelming situation. Also, my oldest daughter and I are to some extent prisoners in our own home, since if we leave it unattended, police and other locals immediately break in, commit acts of vandalism, and remove incriminating documents. (No security companies are allowed to set up shop here unless they are corrupt.) We are not the only victims here by any means, either, despite the fact (or perhaps because of it?) that numerous current and former high-level state and federal officials (including former CIA agents) live here or have ties here.

ALL of this is extensively documented in various places throughout this blog. Now go back and re-read the previous post entitled “Empire Builders”. Then either move here at your own risk or sit back and wait for this to come to a city or town near you. You may not need to wait long, either, because the fact that this could happen here at all means organized crime must already be running the United States.


Anonymous said...

The most corrupt in the country? WE'RE NUMBER ONE!

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse, Do you find malicious persecution and harassment amusing?

Anonymous said...

i find you pathetic, none of the bizarre stuff is true.Either prove it or shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymouse,

What's the "bizarre stuff" to which you refer?

The malicious persecution you're subjecting your ex-wife to for no apparent, sane reason that I can see?

Or your comments?


Anonymous said...

If we are the most corrupt town in the nation its is because of our sorry joke of of a Chief Of Police. Report police misconduct or try to talk to him about crime in town and he forgets to call you back or ignores you.
Yes Topix is a mess but with allegations of police stealing crime scene photos and giving them to their kids to show to schoolmates .like Sonny Grobe did (and yes it did happen),cops selling scrips,detectives handing out police reports to friends and family and so on it seems there is some corruption in this inbred hick town. The problem in Fbg are the higher ups like Oestrich and lets not even start with our Deputies ,most of which have not better than special ed educations. pays to be an German hick who marries a cousin in Fritz Town.

Anonymous said...

Oestrich is a creep who would never be in law enforcement in a bigger town. And the incident with Sonny Grobe happened in 1992 ( when local lard ass Milton Jung was our sorry sheriff )when his little piggy son, Chris, took pictures to school ,his father stole or was given, of 2 local men who committed suicide. The images were the most violent and disturbing things anybody could ever with to see and sadly when we reported what Chris had to sorry excuse of an educator Mary Alice Deike all was ignored and forgiven.
Welcome to Fredericksburg a bunch of inbred pieces of crap who will rot in hell someday.

ML said...

For Christmas, this same city has removed the nativity scene from the main square in the center of town and hidden it away in a dark spot off Main Street, between the jail and a funeral home.

The nativity scene has been replaced in the town square by a $200,000 wooden pyramid from Germany.

Anonymous said...

If I were there, there would be lots of dead germans. Worse than WWII. I think Hollywood would love to make a movie about your hell in this town.

ML said...

I have repeatedly begged the media for help to no avail. CBS News did produce a segment of their show "48 Hours Mystery" on the Phillip Shue murder case that was very well-done, but so far, they are the only members of the media to tackle any of the very serious problems here.

Readers who are interested in doing something to help victims here should be aware that I've included email links at the bottoms of my posts. If you see a post you find particularly upsetting or disturbing, you can easily send a copy of it to your friends, your political representatives, the U.S. Justice Department, media outlets, etc. simply by clicking on these links and filling in the email addresses you want to send it to.

If enough people care enough to share these posts and the documentation they contain with as many others as possible, lives, money, and property of victims can and will be saved! Here's your chance to be a hero and make a real difference in people's lives. Numbers count!--so start helping me get the word out that what's going on here is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

What you need to do is go to a FBI or other law enforcment outside your state. They love to investigate stuff like this. Thats how ROME Ohio got disolved from the map.

ML said...

I've been trying for many years to get the U.S. Department of Justice to do something, to no avail--their lack of response is seriously shocking. I've posted sample documentation of this throughout this blog; see for ex. the posts from 12/4/10, 11/27/10, 9/2/10, 11/17/09, 9/20/09 (both posts from that date),and 9/19/09. Please also realize that I have much more documentation than what's posted here.

I've posted documentation of the involvement of a former Secret Service agent here; see my 9/17/09 post. If you do a search on "FBI" or "DEA", you'll find sample documentation I've posted that shows the involvement of other former federal agents in our case.

Finally, for an overview on why I believe the DOJ won't help us, please see the post from 6/23/10. Then look at the posts entitled "Namedropping" and "Questions And Answers".

I realize this is a lot of stuff to ask you to look at, but I promise that the shock value alone will make it well worth your time. Hopefully, it will also cause you to become concerned enough to do whatever you can to help us!

ML said...

I just realized that I've forgotten to mention the three separate trips I made in person at various times over the years to talk to agents at the San Antonio FBI office about getting us some help and relief. They were not exactly positive experiences.

I called the FBI when I received emails threatening an illegal invasion of our home by local police officers and was told, "Just don't let them in." I then emailed the national FBI office and asked them what I should do; in reply, I received an email back that said, "The FBI is aware of your situation," but I never heard anything more.

Anonymous said...

YOu need to start posting pics and videos and names on this site.

Jessica Horton said...

I completely believe everything in your story because I am currently the subject of some major police corruption in Kerrville, your neighbor town. I have been contacted by a reporter with the BBC in London who is very interested in doing a story on my case and the horrible police corruption that they seem to get away with. You might want to try to contact them. I am also writing a book on my story and starting a blog so I can get the info out to as many people as possible. This happens all the time but most victims are scared to speak out. I am NOT one of those victims. I will do whatever it takes until the day I die to make the SCU and the DA's office pay for their disgusting and unconstitutional behavior. One more recOmmendation,you might want to contact an attorney put of Kerrville by the name of Richard Ellison, he might be able to help you.

Becky Lynn said...

I have reported drug smuggling that I am a witness to and robberies in Anahuac tx 77514. The cops were doing business with them. I reported many times even to The FBI and instead of getting help I have been being stalked all the way to Austin TX. Cops and FBI are still bulling me at my job. From one job to the next

Anonymous said...

Jeff purvis and the whole 216th is crooked. Nothing we can do other than what we do to all other pigs, slaughter them.

Unknown said...

Unbelievable. I'm currently being extorted by a judge for that I hired to represent me during my divorce to the tune of 6 figures. The Chief of Police is about the only helpful person thus far. The County judge and DA were just blowing smoke up my ass. I recorded every phonecall and meeting with my divorce attorney (he's also Mayor Pro Tem as well as a judge) so I have enough audio to probably have him put UNDER the jail but I've yet to find someone who is interested in helping me. I can't believe the disgusting corruption that goes on in Texas. I'm from Louisiana where we honor our corrupt folks by making them governers, we prefer to keep that shit out in the

Unknown said...

Unbelievable. I'm currently being extorted by a judge for that I hired to represent me during my divorce to the tune of 6 figures. The Chief of Police is about the only helpful person thus far. The County judge and DA were just blowing smoke up my ass. I recorded every phonecall and meeting with my divorce attorney (he's also Mayor Pro Tem as well as a judge) so I have enough audio to probably have him put UNDER the jail but I've yet to find someone who is interested in helping me. I can't believe the disgusting corruption that goes on in Texas. I'm from Louisiana where we honor our corrupt folks by making them governers, we prefer to keep that shit out in the