Friday, September 10, 2010

What Are The Odds, Part 4

What are the odds someone can commit suicide by shooting themselves twice in the mouth? (What are the odds that the Texas Rangers will conduct a serious investigation of this death?)

Update, 9/25/10:

This case and the Phillip Shue case are absolutely appalling. Where is the community outrage?--YOUR loved ones could be the next victims! And WHERE, for heaven sakes, is the Department of Justice?!?


Anonymous said...

what are the odds---that mary lou would get a phd in geology work one year then squander her whole education , and life. essentialy doing nothing but cutting out newspaper articles and accusing everyone she knows of murder and drug dealing for the last 10 years?

ML said...

The above comment by my ex-husband contains false and misleading information, and I need to set the record straight.

I worked for three full years (not one) for a major oil company's research lab. During this time, I was still married and was in fact providing my husband with much of his financial support, since he was still in school. I left my job when my first child was born.

My ex-husband is well aware that he has actually made very serious threats against anyone who tries to hire me (or my oldest child) now. He and his associates continue to actively stalk and harass us, hack our computers and computer connections, and keep us under extensive and sophisticated illegal surveillance (which the DOJ is aware of yet refuses to do anything about). He and his buddies are in fact so unafraid of being prosecuted by law enforcement (members of which actually participate in this stuff as shown in previous posts here and at kamaudocs) that they actually brag about what they do to us in some of the other comments they've posted all over this blog.

Anonymous said...

poor mary lou this is a completely lame explaination that no one believes. this is your excuse for not working because you are too afraid to leave to the house and wont get treatment for your impairment

Anonymous said...

what are the odds mary lou will be a homeless bag lady when she inevitably wastes every asset she has.

mary lou worked about a year, could barely muster the effort to go to work every day.

and this was when she was relatively in control of her delusional/paranoia

it looks like she is now using her mental disorder as an excuse for not working. you may have a point. you could apply for ssi when you blow thru your money and get a rent controlled apartment

ML said...

Of course my ex-husband's comments here are simply not true. Not only did I work for three full years while helping support my then-husband, but when he finished his education, we sold the entire contents of my company stock account and used the proceeds to fund the initial setting-up of his business. (I still have the financial documents that prove this.)

ML said...

Please confine comments to the subject matter in the post above.

Anonymous said...

still can't get a job,huh?

Thomas Bean said...

ML: For a lawyer in a small town....I've never seen such a preposterous disregard from your ex husband for the canons of legal ethics that include "decorum" and "professionalism":

..."He should strive at all times to uphold the honor and to maintain the dignity of the profession and to improve not only the law but the administration of justice."...

Your ex is not only gonna get himself disbarred, but vilified as a first class lowlife who deserves a quick look from FBI agents from other jurisdictions (especially with all the unusual deaths).

Wouldn't it be interesting to see if outside FBI agents (not from Texas) could try to review the social networks of those who are find some unexpected nexus?

Wouldn't that blow holes in the shit eating smugness, of your ex husband's kraut-spook-mafia crime family???