Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Case Of The Dropped Driver's License

How many killers do you know of that conveniently leave their driver's license AND a current photo of themselves by their victims?

This case rocked the Comfort area in 2003. As you read these accounts, notice how the officials' positions change. Keep in mind that property along I-10 in this area is extremely valuable and greatly desired by developers, particularly if it's scenic (because it makes for great subdivisions). Property close to all of I-10 is also often used by drug smugglers (see for example my post "Letter To The Editor" from 6/14/10).

My former father-in-law's stepmother was from Comfort. During the years I was married, my husband's family owned a ranch in this same area; I don't know if they still own it or not. Certainly they and their associates are some of the people most interested in real estate for development in this area.

Finally, there have been a large number of suspicious deaths in this same area over the last ten years or more. Many of these are discussed in my 9/3/09 post here entitled "I-10 At Comfort". One of those who died here was a state trooper said to be on some sort of "special task force".

Update, 4/11: I believe this property is now being developed for commercial use.


Anonymous said...

this is what happens when a totally worthless subhuman piece of garbage like mary lou hoerster gets a hold of a computer and doesn't have to make a living. she sits around cutting out newpaper clippings and figuring out how her ex husband's family could be in volved.

she will not have money to waste much longer. she will have to get a job or live under a bridge

Thomas Bean said...

ML...your news clips support a lot of unusual deaths, and it wouldn't surprise me if an army of spooks-cops-lawyers aren't whacking people so they can "steal-buy cheap" land for development.

That ex family of spooks written all over it.

Wonder if they are part of any secret societies like the Masons.

You can read the comments from your ex as they get more rude, as your posts hint at the possible conspiracy (murder for profit-real estate development).