Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Mystery From History

This column was published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post. I'm posting it here in memory of the victim, in honor of late author Art Kowert, and as a challenge to fans of historic mysteries everywhere.

In communities as small and tight-knit as ours, I believe more is known about this murder. Hopefully someone will now be willing to reveal additional information. Let's at least give this little red-haired girl a name, if possible. Her fate is heartbreaking.


Anonymous said...

dont worry mary"lying looney" the magic for sale sign reference pretty much anyone can figure out.. your blanket denial sounds pretty lame when you were absolutely positive it was on your ex's land

we forgive you

Anonymous said...

gee why do you write a blog like this when you are so obviously a chronic liar

Anonymous said...

to quote mary "lying loonie" the for sale sign WAS NOT on ....windcrest land

oops lying loonie, your face must be really red

Anonymous said...

Wow Mary Lou is grasping for straws by posting this mystery. Since she is always trying to blame her ex for all murders in Texas ,is she trying to say he did this too. How will she tie this into her ex ? Magic time machine I guess.

Anonymous said...

of course art kowert like virtually all well-known people here knew mary lou was bats@@t looney