Monday, September 20, 2010

People Named Burrer

In 2003, two male members of the extended Burrer family of Fredericksburg died suddenly and prematurely. Few people around town would say anything to me about these deaths, and the ones who would discuss them seemed frightened. Since I never saw anything anywhere in the news media about the deaths other than these obituarties, all I know about them is what I was told at the time. I'm goi9ng ahead and posting this information here despite having no way to confirm it, both because it's disturbing and because it may connect with other deaths I've previously posted information on. (If anyone has additional information, I'd appreciate your leaving it here as comments or emailing it to me.)

Regardint the 13-year-old Burrer boy, I was told he was in Fredericksburg visiting relatives named Burrer who were next-door neighbors of my ex-husband's at the time. I was also told this boy was shot to death while walking down a street on the other side of town from where he was supposedly staying (in an area where other suspicious deaths of teens have occurred over the years.

Regarding the 45-year-old man whose wife was a Burrer, I have not been able to learn anything about how he died, which is very strange for an employee of the city in a small town. He does resemble one of the two city employees my children and I had filmed blatantly transferring tan shrink-wrapped packages that appeared to contain illegal durgs in a marked city vehicle directly in front of our house. (Another city employee who resembled the other man we filmed in this incident died suddenly and of unknown causes on 1/17/03.)

The possible connections between these deaths and others I've posted is this: I've been told the Burrer family is closely related to the Klein family that is the subject of the sibling deaths discussed here under my 9/11/10 post entitled "What Are The Odds, Part 5". In addition to possible family connections and the fact that my ex-husband used to be the Burrers' neighbor, I've also heard a woman named Burrer works (or worked) at my former father-in-law's and brother-in-law's law office.

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