Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Grisly Find

This article was published in the Kerrville Daily Times on Oct. 11, 2003.

At around 7 AM on the Monday morning immediately after these remains were found, I was driving one of my children to school when we passed my ex-husband's office and saw a marked Kerrville Police K-9 patrol car parked out front (in the first parking space not marked handicapped in front of the main front door). At the time we saw this, we knew nothing about the remains having been found (we get our Kerrville paper in the mail days later), but we noticed the car because we'd never seen one like it there before and also because we knew the office wasn't generally open that early. When I drove by again about 15 or 20 minutes later on my return home, the police car was no longer there.

We never heard anything more about these remains: whether they were ever identified, how the person died or how long ago, etc. I can only hope this person has not become another ignored or forgotten victim. If anyone knows anything more about this, please be kind enough to post your information as a comment below or email me privately if you prefer.


Anonymous said...

it looks like 'lying lou' might be hiding bodies and trying to distract attention with this''WARNING STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOONEY

Anonymous said...

mary lou is distracting from her recent "moving for sale sign" lie, she was busy posing for medical procedure porno so probably lost track of the time and place whil stalkeng heex again maybe you can produce grainy pictures of the car along with the pictrues of the city emplyees transferring massive amounts of drugs.

Anonymous said...

You could not pay me to re-post a story with scuz bag James McMillians name in it. We all know he ignored crucial evidence in the murder of baby Cheriko Ressler and let Steve Veselak walk free for 7 years. Now 9 years after the brutal murder of the 2 year old Veselka, who was facing the death penalty, has plead out and will likely only serve 3-5 years. Why ? Most of the witnesses died or were killed and crucial evidence ignored by McMillian was thrown out as well. This man managed to over look a CPS take of the 2 year olds sister showing a case worker who Veselka beat her brother to death. Bandera and Kerrville continued to let Veselka walk free on various charges because his family would pay witnesses to not testify and would pay into election funds for officials related to their sons cases.

ML said...

The information in the above comment is all new to me, and I thank the author for sharing it.