Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Are The Odds, Part 5

What are the odds that three siblings (and one of their sons) would all die young and that two of them would die two months apart?

(What are the odds this family is related to my ex-husband's?)


Anonymous said...

if you got the balls to make some claim of murder against you ex , let's hear it s##ithead

ML said...

I'm simply saying that when bad things I know to be statistically improbable occur to people, we owe it to them and their loved ones to investigate what happened to them thoroughly and obtain justice for them if it's warranted.

Anonymous said...

c'mon you lying s****head put your money where your ugly mouth is , you troll. you look like like a an ugly old witch

Thomas Bean said...

ML...I think you've hit a nerve in this little mafia-kraut town.

I've dealt with Republicans-lawyers-and money sucking profiteering jerkoffs, and....they are always tied to the corrupt courts-prosecutors-cops-feds.

They love to engage in conspiracies, murder, surveillance, voyeurism, and power tripping: the enjoy the privilege of their self created rank while protecting the pretense of their social mask.

Their all swindling scumbags, and they always infiltrate law enforcement-military-bureaucracies.

Wouldn't surprise me if they were tied to the occult-Luciferian-satanic rituals.

I had a cat stolen and ritually murdered by the vigilante network: "whose gonna hurt a defenseless little cat"????