Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's Going On?

A couple of months ago, I emailed Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, to ask her for help and/or advice concerning our situatiion. I did so in the belief that, having been the victim of domestic abuse involving high-level cover-ups, she might be both sympathetic to our plight and able to refer us to people or agencies who would finally assist us in getting some much-needed protection and relief.

A very pleasant man who gave his name as James Irby soon called me. Mr. Irby said he was a Victims' Rights Ombudsman in South Carolina. He said someone from Ms. Sanford's office had consulted him with their concerns about us and had asked him to look into where we should go for help.

Mr. Irby said he'd done some checking around and had been told my children and I should contact the U.S. Department of Justice's Victim Witness Coordinator at their Dallas office. He gave me their address as 1700 Pacific Ave., Suite 3000, Dallas, Texas, and their phone number of 214-661-8600. I immediately called this number and spoke with a woman who gave me a fax number of 214-661-8623 that she said I could fax my formal request for help to. Shortly after that, I did fax a request for help to the number she'd given me that explained our situation. However, I never heard anything back.

Recently I returned from an out-of-town trip to find that a number of comments containing threats had been left in various places on this blog. I immediately printed out copies of these threats and faxed them, along with a written request for protection, to both the DOJ in Washington, D.C. and to the number I'd been given in Dallas.

Today I received the letter posted here in the mail. Notice that, although the address, phone number, and fax number are the same as what I was given, there's no mention of a Victim Witness Coordinator--OR my previous request for help.

By the way, this letter, which was delivered by regular U.S. mail, arrived having been illegally opened by someone and then crudely scotch-taped closed again.


Anonymous said...

i would like to invite mary "lying loony"s readers to drive down down w$$%%%st st now that is is re opened from the illeagal sewer pipe installation. to observe the FOR SALE sign on windcrest nursing home land thqt mary lou has written so positively about (being elsewhere)

and take not of the agent who is an in law of an in law of an inlaw

mary lou has yet to "apologize" for her vehement denial. por lying looney let's all give this lying a-hole some support and agree is was moved to this place by DIOP KAMAU AND ED HODGES(ghost)

Anonymous said...

ed hodges is dead mary lou had a law suit against him she says he dies of "pancreatic cancer"

is it mere coincidence he dies while suing mary lou for some $100,000

she had LOTS Of contact with this guy, she hated him. she BENEFITTED FINANCIALLY BY HIS DEATH!

we should all put pressure on the d.a. to send this to the grand jury

Anonymous said...

i have never heard the sme story twice from maRy lou re ed hodges. and now we learn one of the "technitians" who swept her house for bugs is dead too. no small coincidence that it happened at the same tome her attic was illeaglly refinished without her permission

a cover up? of ? a MURDER? INVOLVING ? MARY LOU "GLACIER GIRL"????????????????????

Anonymous said...

suddenly we have never heard the same story twice. i remembered

Anonymous said...

mary lou and hodges: a covered-up murder?

we were led to believe hodges just suddenly got 'pancreatic cancer' and died just at the very time he was suing mary lou for $100,000. literally within weeks. my theory is this: mary lou had a "spy room" built by a tech who unexpectedly died very soon after his last visit to mary lou's house allegedly to look for 'bugs in the attic'

mary lou has him 'taken care of ' and when hodges discovers her secret room, she has hodges taken care of as well.

she then finds out diop kamau is close to discovering this room through through his agent greg slate. when mary lou cannot stop greg from figuring all this out she first writes diop that she "discovered" this spy room and claims it was built without her permission, she then proceeds to have slate, then diop kicked off the premesis to keep them away from the the room and makes up a ridiculous story about diop ripping her off to keep him from finding out about the murders

speculation? sure. unsubstatiated conclusions? of course. but still all the pieces of the puzzle are finally fitting in place