Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hicks Case Reopened

According to this article in today's San Antonio Express-News, the murder case of probation officer Beth Hicks is being reopened.  If the case is being looked into seriously, this is good news indeed!

I have blogged about this case previously at and elsewhere.

Despite what it says in the article, I know of at least two other major unsolved homicides in Kendall County from recent years:  (Suicide victims don't shoot themselves in the head multiple times.)

and and (Suicide victims don't tie themselves up with duct tape, cut off their fingers or nipples, or wear their seat belts.)

I hope and pray that this new look at the Hicks case will also lead to serious reopenings of these other two (possibly related?) cases.  In particular, both Hicks and Col. Shue were waylaid on their way to work in the morning by a person or persons who clearly knew their routines, indicating they were probably stalked.

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