Sunday, January 17, 2010

Right On Schedule

One of the first things private investigator Ed Hodges did after I hired him in 2003 was to ask me for extensive details of our daily schedules and routines as documented here. When I discovered in 2005 that Hodges had forged my initials on a clearly manipulated trust document that was filed without even being properly notarized, I realized Hodges and others had used the information I'd innocently provided them with to set up numerous harassing and frightening incidents, one of which is documented here in an excerpt from a 10/3/03 letter I wrote to a friend.

More recently, I have realized there are strong connections between local victims' well-known daily routines and their deaths. In Boerne, Col. Phillip Shue and 216th District Probation Officer Beth Hicks were both waylaid while on their way to work and brutally murdered. Fredericksburg resident Linda Muegge was killed in her home on the one day of the week when she was known to work there alone. Norman Roark of Kerrville was sent to an appointment to lay carpet at a location in Harper when he was murdered. [Note: All of these victims had head trauma.] Tom McRae of Granbury was found dead on the side of the highway next to a motorcycle at a time when he was known to be on his way to Fredericksburg for important meetings regarding a controversial proposed "Main Street Live" entertainment project he was trying to develop. (A similar project, "Rockbox", later opened in a different building that is connected with another victim who suddenly turned up dead on the side of the road under suspicious circumstances, a man found shot to death who is also connected to my own case, and a former county judge.) There are many other examples like these from our area.

I have also remembered that around the same time I received this email from Hodges wanting details of my schedule, he and his associates were all insisting I drive up to Dallas by myself--not to meet with them, but because they insisted I "needed a vacation" and should come up to shop, go to concerts, etc. Besides insisting that I come alone, they also insisted I drive up Hwy. 281 instead of the interstate, which I remember thinking was add. (I repeatedly refused to do this because I didn't want to leave my children and didn't want to spend the time or money.)

Now go back and read my 10/27/09, 10/28/09, and 10/30/09 blog posts below.


Anonymous said...

to people who are unfamiliar with ml

she has made outrageous claims against hodges, who is unfortunately dead,

al her claims about hodges turning on her and conspiring against her are absolutely false. she got mad at hodges because he spent her money at ml's request

to track down this vast imagined conspiracy that ml believes revoloves around her

hodges was agood man unfortunately, he got involved with ml, unfortunately many of have have also dealt with her with universal regret

Anonymous said...

further enlightenment
mary lou is exploiting an unexplained death in f'burg

i feel sorry for the families of the above people but there is no relation at all to mary lou (she wants you to think that everything is connected and involves her personally)

mary low has untreated paranoid personality disorder which has cost her all her friends and maybe 200 000 in wasted money on pis etc

Anonymous said...

ML is known to have serious mental problems. There is no relationship between Philip Shue and Beth Hicks. Philip Shue's death was ruled a suicide. He had no association with Beth Hicks or ML. This woman is attempting to call attention to herself by appearing to have information on incidents that she has no knowledge of.

ML said...

Kendall County Court at Law Judge Bill Palmer ruled Shue's death a homicide as reported by Zeke MacCormack in his 6/19/08 article in the San Antonio Express-News entitled "Judge Says Shue Death A Homicide". An outside investigator hired by CBS's 48 Hours Mystery came to the same conclusion. Anyone who examines the basic facts in the case will agree with this and will also see numerous similarities between the other deaths mentioned--it doesn't take any special outside knowledge.

I have responded to the above comments about Hodges in my blogpost above entitled "Revoked" and elsewhere in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Philip Shue's death was ruled a murder in the Kendall County Court of Law after the court thoroughly reviewed the evidence in its entirety. Experts in the field of criminology pathology, and psychology, after reviewing recent evidence and acknowledging multiple errors in the original case documents also support the conclusion of homicide. It is disturbing that Kendall County Officials have not corrected the wrong committed in this case.

Anonymous said...

we likely won't know the real story of dr. shue. what is absolutely certain is that his demise was unrelated to mary lou in any way.

she has exploited his life and death to make some outrageous connection to her own situation.

if anyone doesnt already know, simply ask any citizen of f'burg. we all agree she is coopting truly tragic events for her own benefit