Sunday, January 10, 2010

Big Brother Reprise

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott recently released an opinion that no medical treatment, testing, or evaluation is required before someone is transported to a mental health facility. He issued this ruling at the request of Kerr County law enforcement officials, who claim it takes up too much of their time to have patients properly evaluated before they are committed to the new mental health facility that I previously discussed in some detail in "Issues of Commitment".

Previous news reports had mentioned conflicts between local law enforcement officers wanting to just drop patients off at this facility and Hill Country MHMR officials who were insisting patients needed to be thoroughly evaluated first. This new ruling by the AG means people can be involuntarily committed without even undergoing basic medical examinations and blood tests--how Orwellian is that? If you live in the area served by this facility and are not concerned, you should be.


Anonymous said...

this isa recurring concern for you,, at somelevel you obviously realize you have serious problems related to paraniod personality disorder

however you havent warranted being institutionalized, except one could argue your incredible thowing-away of money should be stopped

what you need is outpatient treatement . there is effective treatement for paranoid personality disorder by psychotherapy with or without pharma support

you are throwing away your legacy to your own kids, you should seek treatment soon

ML said...

You've been told not to libel me before. This needs to stop immediately. You don't seem to be very worried about being prosecuted, but you should.

Anonymous said...

you need treatment before you blow every cent you have outpatient treatment is effective for paraniod personality disorder which you have