Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am posting these documents in response to a series of comments my ex-husband made on 1/18/2010 underneath my "Right On Schedule" blogposting below regarding the late Ed Hodges, one of the private investigators who defrauded me and committed other criminal acts against me. These are official documents from the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) that prove Ed Hodges lost his p.i. license as a result of formal complaints I filed with them against him. (I am the client referred to in the documents.)

There are some important things to note here. The TX DPS never notified me that Ed Hodges' licenses had been revoked; I discovered this fact accidentally when I did some internet checking on 12/27/06 and came across the page from the DPS website shown here. When I still had not received any notification from the DPS a few months later, I filed an open records request asking for copies of all documents related to my complaints. An official with the DPS told me I had to send my request for these documents plus a postal money order for the copying costs by certified mail, but when I did this, the USPS and the DPS both tried to tell me my letter had been lost. Then when I received the green receipt card back in the mail, I noticed certain irregularities on it. When I started looking into these, I suddenly got a call from the DPS saying they'd fax me the documents. This "Order of Revocation" was one of the documents I received in the fax from the DPS. I was shocked that I'd never been notified about how my complaint had been resolved, and I was even more shocked by serious problems I found in many of the other documents I was sent in the same fax concerning other private investigators I'd also filed serious and well-documented complaints against.

As far as I know, Ed Hodges was the only p.i. ever disciplined in any way by the DPS in my case, and he was never investigated or charged with any criminal wrongdoing, even though he and others clearly committed multiple serious criminal acts. [See many of my earlier postings here.] I'm fairly sure that even Hodges was only disciplined after I'd contacted numerous major consumer rights organizations, crime victim advocates, and media representatives about what had been done to us.

My ex-'s 1/18/2010 comments about Hodges not only make no sense in light of what I have extensive documented proof of; they don't even agree with some of my ex-'s other comments in which he makes fun of me for having been victimized by Hodges and others. I have been told by several locals that Ed Hodges was actually related to my former father-in-law's law partner and that Hodges was also related to a local woman who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and serves as officer-in-charge of the CENTROM Intelligence Support Center--New Orleans in support of Counter-Terrorism Targeting and Analysis.


Anonymous said...

this simply underscores the fact that anyone who deals with mary lou has come to regret it.

Anonymous said...

mary lou , you may get jokes about spending money on hodges,diop the lawyers etc but i am extremely upset that you wasted so much money that was meant for you and the kids well-being.

you have to admit the approx$200000you spent was completely wasted

all because you imaigined that everyone was out to get you

now ten years later the only ones who "got you" were the very people that you personally hired

i know on some level that you know the conspiricy thing was a product of your imagination

you realize you are very unconvincing about most of your allegations. for example. how do you know if a portapotti or a particular purse ect contain illegal drugs. you dont know because you cant know unless you have exray vision

im asking that you try do do sometning to get your old personality back

Anonymous said...

grainy pix of the drug-running city employees.
where they at beyotch?