Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Governor's Tast Force [sic]

After I finally received the documents I'd asked for in an open records request for copies of everything the Texas DPS had concerning my case as discussed in my previous post, I began looking the pages over carefully. I immediately noticed many problems with them: they were incomplete (from the page numbers, pages were missing); the pages concerning the former DEA and FBI agents I'd filed complaints about were not signed by the investigator as the other pages were; many of the investigator's statements were inaccurate or misleading (and some were totally false); and in one place, my name was listed along with my ex-husband's address!

I also noticed the statement excerpted here about a "Governor's Tast Force" [sic] that I could potentially go to for help. Although the investigator states that he told me about this when he and a colleague came to my house and interviewed me after I'd filed my complaints, I have no memory of either of them mentioning this. I assumed he meant there was some sort of task force that investigated corrupt law enforcement, so I emailed Gov. Perry's office to see if I could talk to them.

A female staffer of the governor's soon called me, and she said she wasn't sure what I'd asked about, so I explained about this statement in the document and offered to fax her a copy. She gave me the fax number for Gov. Perry's office, and I immediately sent the page to her. After about an hour, she called me back and said no one in the governor's office knew what this task force was and that they couldn't help me.

Recently I have learned the governor does indeed have multiple task forces, some with known purposes and others said to be secretive. I still don't know exactly what task force the DPS investigator was referring to here (and he never returned my phone calls asking about it), but it seems clear at this point that, for whatever reason, my children and I won't be getting any help from it.


Anonymous said...

mary lou's dad

ml has written several times about her dad, she has stopped contact with him and declared him her enemy. she has commented several times that her dad threatened to have her killed.

to her readers and future readers, ml's dad is very fine, very normal man, he treated ml as any father would who loves his kids, we had many good trips to his home over holidays and summertime. unfortunately. her mother passed away in 1986 from cancer, has married twice since then, his second wife had cancer and died after a short marraige maybe1 or 2 years, for the last fifteen years or so he has been happily married to a very fine woman.

ml never seemed to resent her dad getting married again but she was upset with him for favoring her sister in his will, her sister is nice enough person in her own right, but never had any jobs other than waitressing and intermittant music jobs, she therefore had never accumulated mch wealth (she was never married either )

although mary lou resented the will, she still had cordial enough relations with her dad. her break with him was his desire to get m.l help after the separation and divorce.

when her dad and her best friend confronted mary lou about her severe deterioration in her ability to cope, her thinking about and writing about being persecuted, they wanted(as we all do) see ml get back to her baseline personality. unfortunately their effort backfired. this is when ml accused him of tring to have her killed and broke off contact.

to any future interested parties, her dad would never, ever threaten his daughter under any circumstances it is terrible how she turned on him

she has accused him of colluding with and meeting with me in her grand conspiricy.

unfortunately also i have has little contact with him and and his wife he as not been to this town since maybe 2002 or so

her dad was the best thing mary lou had and her only hope of her getting better

ML said...

My ex-husband continues to libel me, despite having been repeatedly told not to. As with his numerous other comments, little to none of this is true. For example, he himself has told our children he and his family have met secretly with my folks on various occasions, and we have all seen them doing drivebys of us and our house at various times. I have discovered emails between my folks and my ex- from shortly before my husband suddenly left that suggest they knew what my husband planned.

If this sort of libel continues, I will be forced to post excerpts from some of the threatening letters I've received from my father that are handwritten by him and take other steps that I don't think my ex- or my relatives would be very happy about in order to protect myself and my good name.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately mary lou is again incorrect neithr i nor my parents have met with her dad secretly or othwise since 2000

which part of the narrative do you consider libel every bit of what i said is absolutely true.. you dont have agood name anymore

we all want to see the handwritten threats you speak of..try looking in the drawer with the grainy photos of city employees transfering drugs.

mary lou we all want to see you get help

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely lying if you are saying your dad knew in advance of the separation...again put up or shut up

lets see your email

no one would ever drive by your house knowg how crazy you are we would be in fear of our lives form you

ML said...

I have no idea why my blog posting on a DPS document would suddenly lead to comments about my father.

Regarding the handwritten letters from my father that contain various threats, I have not wanted to post or publish these previously because some of the threats involve my children and I felt I needed to protect them from seeing them. Lately, however, two important things have changed: 1) my youngest child has turned 18, and 2) in talking with each of my kids separately, I've learned that they all say they are not interested in any future relationship with my father for other reasons. Because they are now adults able to make up their own minds and also because they already apparently have, I am now considering posting at least some of these letters.

Anonymous said...

sorry mary lou this is completely nonbeleivable

as aggressive as you are to try to prove your "case" youwould have posted any evidence years ago.

the kids are simply superficially agreeing with you to avoid your anger

i propose that you are lying..after all you threatend to post such notes, and also the emails about the separation too

put up or shut up

Anonymous said...

still waiting on the hand-written note from your dad and the emails from your ex as well

you dont want people to think you are a petty awful lying bitter paranoid ex spouse do you ?

get the notes out or admit you made it up


Anonymous said...

still waitin' on the letters from hal!!!!

dont be a lyin' sac o' sh#t