Friday, January 8, 2010

The G-Man Next Door

My father and stepmother, who live in another state, used to live next door to an FBI agent and his wife. As I've discussed previously in this blog, after my husband suddenly left in 1999, I began having problems with my folks, and in the summer of 2004, I discovered to my shock that they were actually close associates of my ex-husband and his family after I told my father and stepmother that I'd talked to the FBI in San Antonio and they threatened to have me killed.

I mention the FBI agent who used to live next door to them because back when I was still married and (I thought) on good terms with them, my folks came here for one of their visits (they take a lot of long car trips) and were staying with us for a few days. One afternoon, my father and stepmother suddenly announced they'd had a call from the agent who lived next to them and his wife saying they just happened to be traveling nearby in their RV and wanted to see if they could spend the night parked in our driveway. Of course we told them yes, and when I mentioned I'd need to run to the store for more groceries for dinner that night, my husband said he'd take us all out for dinner at a local restaurant instead.

The FBI agent and his wife arrived later that afternoon, and he, my husband, and my father all decided to go somewhere (I was not told where) for a drink before dinner; I don't believe the agent's wife and my stepmother went along, but I don't know for sure because I was busy getting my children fed and a sitter lined up on short notice. I do remember that the men were gone for about an hour or so and then came back and took us all to the restaurant, where we had a very nice meal together and got to know the couple a little. It was very obvious during dinner that the agent's wife and my stepmother were very good friends, and we heard a little about their trip in the RV. I asked them to stay longer, but the agent and his wife insisted they needed to leave early the next morning. They also refused to stay inside our house when I tried to invite them, saying they had a sick dog and needed to stay in the RV.

The dinner with the agent and his wife had been very pleasant with nothing out of the ordinary that I ever noticed, so I was extremely surprised when my father and stepmother told me a few months later that this FBI agent had suddenly left his wife very shortly after they'd returned home from this trip and that the couple was getting a divorce. The wife ended up keeping the house next door to my folks and continued to be extremely close to my stepmother. I was told that the FBI agent had been transferred to a neighboring state and had remarried. His ex-wife also married again, this time to a retired minister who also liked to take lots of long driving trips. The two neighboring wives always watched each other's homes carefully whenever the other was out of town.

In retrospect, I wonder why this agent and his wife just happened to turn up so suddenly on our doorstep at a time when my folks also just happened to be visiting, where everyone went without me before dinner, and if there might be any possible connection to their marriage ending so soon after they were here. Before I was forced to break off all contact with my dad and stepmother after they threatened me, I tried asking them about this. Instead of answering my questions, they wanted to know why I was asking about the couple.


Anonymous said...

you are a pathetic asshole jerk the way you treat your dad may you go to hell

Anonymous said...

this is a great example of how people who get divorced can still maintain their freindships

mary lou ended every freindship she ever had, and there weren't many, because she assumed every freind she ever had was to blame for the divorce

mary lou is friendless, and becoming broke because she has not confronted her mental illness(paranoid personality disorder)

Anonymous said...

It's not paranoia if someone IS out to get you. Why is one person so intent on always writing on Mary Lou's blog??? Always the same nasty little remarks from a puerile and callow coward with nothing to do with his time and money, than to harass someone instead of moving on with his/her so called pathetic excuse of a life. Guess this is all you are good at is bothering someone constantly. Seems to me YOU are the one with the mental problem.

Move on ya toad! Or is that big blue world out there just too scary for you to face. Clearly, you are not a real man. A real man moves on with his life...and lets everyone else do the same. Real men don't need to pick on women at all. Grow a pair...if you can.

~See...You aren't the only one who can be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, psychopaths can't move one. They keep on until law enforcement finally stops them.

When law enforcement refuses to do this,...