Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Brother

On August 8, 2005, my children and I photographed this man who'd been sitting in this vehicle watching our house and pretending to read a newspaper for at least 30 minutes in the afternoon heat (and probably much longer). We did not recognize him, and he had no legitimate reason to be there. As soon as he saw he was being photographed, he left, but then we discovered that a blond woman in a white sedan (for which we also have the plate number) was parked just on the other side of our property and was also watching our house. She also drove off immediately when she realized we'd spotted her.

On Sept. 2, 2005, this same man followed one of my kids and me into the parking lot of our bank when I went to cash a check. This time he was driving a red Ford pickup (which we can also provide the plate number for). He parked while we went through the drive-through lane but did not get out; he sat in the truck pretending to read a newspaper as before, and he also used it to try and hide his face from us as he'd done before.

On Sept. 5, 2005, this same man turned up on the same flight as us when we flew home from another state after taking one of the kids to college there. (He was in first class; we were in coach. I can provide the airline information and flight number from this flight.) This time, the man pretended to read a book instead, but at least in the waiting area, he did not seem to be turning any pages.

Despite my repeatedly asking the former FBI agent and former DEA agent who were supposedly working for me as private investigators when this man first turned up at our house for information on who the man was and where he was from, they both absolutely refused to tell me anything about him. (It was shortly after we took these photographs that I had to fire these investigators for other reasons.)

Then at one of the local high school football games this fall (2009), this man and a buddy suddenly walked up into the bleachers, sat down behind me, and began harassing me in various ways. They stayed there for a short time (until they were certain I'd both seen and heard them) and then left.

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Anonymous said...

this guy doesnt know you , you nev er saw him again.
ml needs anyone to tell her the reality. in that she imagines the stuff she tells .

it is easy to say you are crazy but it is simplistic, you maybe really believe some of the sthings you write but no one ever reading this would agree with your comments

you are a true out of control nut-case but refuse to seek treatment