Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The G-Man Down The Road

The former FBI agent working as a private investigator and certified fraud investigator who defrauded me in 2005 (see my 9/16/09 post entitled "They Said") once insisted that I meet with him in his home in a nice subdivision just off I-10 near Boerne. (Much later, a DPS senior investigator told me p.i.s are not supposed to do this.) At his house, I met his wife, whom he said worked for him, as did their adult children.

While I was there, the former FBI agent showed me his gun and badge, which were in a glass case. Nearly, I noticed a distinctive framed art print that appeared to be either very similar or identical to one I'd remembered seeing on the wall of the FBI agent who lived next door to my father and stepmother (see "The G-Man Next Door" below). I was surprised to see a copy of this print in Texas, because I associated the artist (who has a very distinctive style and was a friend of my late mother's) more with the state my father lives in.

Several times during this and subsequent meetings with this man, he mentioned that his wife had been a high school classmate of a very prominent San Antonio attorney. (I later learned this attorney is a major criminal defense lawyer.) The former agent also told me (but always verbally, never in writing) on several different occasions that another former classmate of his wife's had been an FBI agent and colleague of his but, like him, had retired and become a private investigator. However, he described this former colleague as a "rogue agent" [his exact words] who'd gotten mixed up with a criminal known as "Murph The Surf" who had murdered a woman in Florida. He and the former DEA agent-turned-p.i. who'd recommended I hire him told me on several occasions they had reason to believe my ex-husband was somehow involved with these criminals, but they would not give me any proof or additional information on this, and I didn't know whether to believe them or not.

Also during this and subsequent meetings with the retired agent, he mentioned that he and his wife were involved in some sort of prison ministry that involved regularly visiting inmates on behalf of their church. I'm not familiar with the particular church they belonged to, but over the years, I've noticed that many of the churches here whose finances are handled only by very close associates of my former father-in-law also have these prison ministries. (They have extensive ongoing missionary projects in Mexico and Central America as well that involve frequent member trips to these countries.)

The final thing I need to mention for now about my meetings with this former FBI agent is that twice when I met with him, he was wearing a t-shirt identical to two owned by one of my children. These shirts were very distinctive, and both times I mentioned to the agent that one of my kids owned the same shirt. He just laughed it off as coincidence at the time, but a few weeks after I fired him (see "My Story" at the beginning of this blog), both of these shirts suddenly turned up together in my offspring's overnight bag upon returning from visitation with their dad, and they said they did not know how the shirts got in there. I have been forced to conclude that the ex-agent deliberately wore my child's shirts while meeting with me as a sick joke.

After I accidentally discovered this man was not really working for me and fired him, I began to have serious and repeated problems with him stalking and harassing me (that I have kept records of). One of these incidents occurred while I was driving to San Antonio on I-10 to meet with a lawyer who'd been recommended to me by the State Bar of Texas' referral service. As I passed the entrance ramp located closest to the former agent's house, he suddenly pulled up behind me and began tailgating me extremely aggressively. After doing this for several minutes, he changed lanes, drove right up beside me until he was sure I recognized him, grinned and waved, and then sped off; I saw him exit the freeway at the next off-ramp. (My meeting with the lawyer that day did not go well, especially after I accidentally discovered he was a close friend of the son of my ex-husband's divorce lawyer while I was there.) [I have discovered serious conflict of interest problems with every single lawyer I've been referred to by the state bar.]

All this happened in 2005, but I still sometimes see this man, his wife, or people in his vehicles who appear to be his family members, following and harassing me occasionally, and I have documented incidences of seeing him or his vehicle/s parked outside office buildings owned by my ex- and his family. Although I filed an extremely serious and well-documented complaint against him with the p.i. licensing bureau, the DPS refused to discipline him in any way; in fact, a DPS investigator lied to me over the phone by telling me he could find no record of this man's ever having worked for the FBI. (The tape I made of this phone call has been tampered with.) Even after I complained in person to a San Antonio FBI agent that on one occasion the guy had been following me so closely that I believe his car bumper touched mine when I stopped at a stop sign near my home, nothing was ever done about him.


Anonymous said...

so much pure fantasy, why do you make up things that are wacko and downright idiotic

are you saying this agent stole shirts from xxx to wear them in front of you? what a fool!

you have written about murph the surf several times, have you not even looked him up?

you have made up outright fabrications if you believe what you write you need psych help and soon

ML said...

To clarify, I'm saying I believe my ex-husband provided this man with my child's shirts. I fired this man and his two associates (the former DEA agent who recommended him and the lawyer they both insisted I hire) after I noticed my former father-in-law's vehicle parked nearby as I was leaving a meeting with all 3 of them and realized they were actually working for my ex- and his family, not me. As noted above, I have since observed these people and/or their vehicles located at various offices and other locations associated with my ex- and his family, and I can now tie them to my ex- in other ways as well.

Also, there is a small amount of important additional information I forgot to include above. The former FBI agent who was described to me as a "rogue agent" as mentioned above once owned and ran a private investigative agency that employed the late Ed Hodges as an investigator, although I did not find out about this until much later. Ed Hodges was the p.i. discussed extensively below in "My Story" and elsewhere who forged my initials on a clearly manipulated trust document and got the courthouse staff to file it without its being properly notarized in an effort to steal my house and property that is still going on unabated despite my having filed very well-documented complaints all the way up to the top of the DOJ.

Anonymous said...

you are truly delusional

for anyone reading this ml has completely lost touch with reality

we still want to see the grainy pictures and to hear your explaination of the dps breaking in your house changing your recording etc

ML said...

Why am I not surprised to hear this?

Anonymous said...

ml made very serious allegations of city workers transporting sausage-shaped packages to the bumper of a truck which you imply was a drug transfer

you say you have photo evidence of this with grainy pictures.

for once you have real evidence of a serisous crime, yet you havent posted these images for all to see or brought the pix to the cops

i submit that you have no pictures you claim and that you never had video you claim you had as well

either put up or shut up!

i submit you are a liar

Anonymous said...

lets see the grainy pix

you dont have any pix do you


Anonymous said...

waitin on grainy pix and letters from hal.

if you produce we may quit thinking how evil and crazy you are why dont you get some psych counseling?