Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comments On Comments

All but about 3 of the comments posted on this blog to date were written by my ex-husband--I'm very sure about this. Today, for some reason, my ex- posted 15 comments on my blog: 2 on one recent post that were added this afternoon and 13 others that were added, 1 per post, in less than an hour's time this evening. Of course they were the usual false statements, libel, and abuse he's been warned repeatedly to stop posting. I'm left wondering why the sudden attack--did he have a bad day and feel the need to take it out on me, or what?

There are some other important things to notice about my ex-'s comments here. For example, when someone (and it wasn't me!) pointed out that his comments sounded abusive, he immediately stopped writing them under his own name and began posting them anonymously. [See the end of "How To Steal Property..." posted 8/29/09, comment posted 9/3/09.]

In comments my ex- posted at the end of my "Death Connections" blogpost from 8/30/09 and my "Joe and Connie" blogpost from 10/25/09, he makes some bizarre statements concerning JFK's assassination. While these appear to be strange ramblings at first glance, the possibility exists that they might have important implications. I know that my ex-husband's father and grandfather were close business associates of LBJ's who helped Johnson expand his ranch at Stonewall using a combination of eminent domain and the LBJ Park (the park seized people's land using eminent domain and then sold it to LBJ). A prominent Texas historian has written extensively about his belief that LBJ masterminded the Kennedy assassination because he coveted the presidency; if this is true, it's possible that my ex-'s family might have a good deal of inside knowledge. [Looking into this might turn out to be extremely lucrative for the right investigator/s?? Note that my ex- often finds various thinly-veiled ways to brag about things he's done to me and our children in his comments.]

Also, in his comments at the end of my blogposts from 12/9/09, 12/14/09, 12/17/09, and 1/18/10, my ex-husband falsely accuses me of having some sort of contacts in Yemen. At the time he first began posting these statements, I didn't know what to make of them, but after the Christmas "Underwear Bomber" attack and in light of things I've discussed previously within the blogs that just happen to be the ones with the Yemen-related comments, I have to wonder if my ex- could possibly have had some sort of inside knowledge about the attempted attack. It was not very reassuring to discover that when I confronted him about the fact that I know his brother makes numerous trips to somewhere in the Detroit area [see my 1/20/10 comment about this], the mention of Yemen by my ex- suddenly stopped. Once again, this seems to be an example of my ex- obliquely bragging about inside knowledge he had.

Besides finding someone to investigate all this, I wish a professional profiler would look at these comments and give me an opinion on them. Even I can tell abuse when I see it, but the sudden posting of so many comments in such a short period of time today makes me wonder if I should be immediately concerned. (Any kind of protective order is not an option. The local D.A. is a close associate of my ex-'s family, and the officer that sent me the emailed death threat is actually rumored to work for him. We would definitely need some sort of high-level protection.) Without any proper legal protection either, it's hard to know what to do.


Anonymous said...

i decided to set the record straight re your blogs

i hope you dont mind. since you chose to have written a blog that is more or less about your ex, he should have a say

mary lou has paranoid personality disorder and is incapable of recognizing events objectivley she imagines much of what whe writes about.

i hope to let future readers know the truth

Anonymous said...

the lbj part is pure fantasy, after his death the county attorney was given the job of condeming land for the park neither ever even met lbj

mary lou had a roomate at rice from the arabian peninsula , ie yemen etc there upwards of half a dozen middle eastern men there many times

to the irony-impaired the jfk reference to mary lou was using her brand of logic to make a ridiculous connection

the detroit thing is meaningless as well as false

ML said...

I have had roommates from South Korea and India, but I have never roomed with anyone from anywhere in the Middle East, and I certainly never had Middle Eastern men coming and going from our apartments--we were quiet, studious types. It is true that I have known a number of very nice Middle Easterners of both sexes casually over the years through work, socially, etc. I have nothing against people from that part of the world unless they are trying to murder people, which the vast majority of them are not.

Anonymous said...

it's easy to know what to do:

get help for your paranoid personality disorder

Anonymous said...

mary lou hears rumors

in a dozen or more posting mary lou hears rumors, this is her device for putting out one of her theories so absurd even she knows to attach it to someone else. the rumor above that her ex hired a former mary lou private eye who once issued her a death threat. to those who read her blog , the "death threat" was a plain blue square that mary lou assumed was a picture of heaven and thus a death threat. it was actually a note on blue backgraound that she printed before the text downloaded( her excuse now is that someone "hacked into her email" to add the text.

mary lou has little contact with other people thus making it unlikely she would hear any rumor

mary lou's rumors are essentially 100% a product of her imagination

Anonymous said...

lol @ all this

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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