Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bringing The Dirty Tricks Back Home

I am the subject of a brand new piece posted by my friend Medawar on his blog "Medawar's Cornflakes".  I'm posting a copy of the article here in its entirety as well, with his permission.

My now-adult children and I are deeply grateful to Medawar and others who are actively publicizing our situation and attempting to help us.


Medawar has written this article on behalf of the blog owner at "Victims of Organized Crime in Central Texas", who is currently being harassed very intensely, in part to stop her telling her story in public, but mainly to prevent her making effective preparations for what may be a crucial court hearing in the middle of October. The court hearing is part of a long-running attempt by a property developer and attorney in Fredericksburg, Texas, to deprive the blog owner of her home. Some of those assisting and advising on the harassment, are former Secret Service agents who live in houses provided for them, on very generous terms, by the same property developer. They are breaking not only State and Federal laws, but also their oaths, and they are doing so in order to deny an innocent and law-abiding citizen precisely the thing they have been rewarded with for their connivance: a home. Throughout their careers, they were paid a reasonable salary and they now enjoy pensions secured by the taxpayer (those who made their living in the private sector seldom have a completely secure pension fund...) A heavily subsidized house is a thick layer of icing on the cake for those who were already set for a much more comfortable retirement than most Americans can expect.

Some of the harassment which "VOCCT" suffers from will be familiar to almost anyone who's found themselves in the way of a crooked property developer: tailgating, "brighting" and other forms of aggressive driving directed at them every time they drive to work, try and run essential errands, or simply visit family and friends. Constant intrusion onto the property and daily vandalism, too, will be family to those whose property is coveted by a developer, or whose homes happen to overlook the preferred pitch of the local drugs pusher. It's that there's big money at stake for the developer (less so for VOCCT, who merely aspires to live a blameless life in her own home) and he has, over his whole adult life, accumulated contacts, henchmen and favours, which he and his sons are cashing in to make this everyday harassment as intense as it possibly could be. And then there is the extra special thing, the enhanced harassment only available to a crook who has ex Secret Servicemen, FBI Agents and even Texas Rangers, in his pocket.

When Medawar first made contact with VOCCT, she and her adult daughter were most worried by the fact that people they met in Fredericksburg, would pointedly refer to things they had done in conditions of strict privacy, such as the bathroom, or quiet, private conversations they had had in their kitchen. They believed that not only were the people harassing them extensively bugging the house, but that illegal video surveillance had been embedded in the structure of the house -and that choice images and footage from this was being made available to their neighbours and staff at businesses they frequented. Some of the individuals who appeared to have seen bathroom footage were clearly inclined towards sexual predation as well as voyeurism, and this added real fear of sexual violence to humiliation and embarrassment. (Anyone who has studied methods by which the KGB and Stasi used to harass dissidents, will recognize this trick. And they will recognize one or two more before this article is done.)

Medawar provided VOCCT with a straightforward RF detector (which cost about £89 at the time) intended mainly for locating bugs and hidden cameras. It is essentially a low gain receiver, and the gain can be turned even lower, so that it only normally responds when it is within a couple of feet of a radio frequency transmitter, such as a bug, wireless webcam, or a more professional video bug. By then turning the gain down, the source can be located to within inches. This device allowed VOCCT to provide Medawar with a set of architect's plans of her house, with little coloured dots to show RF sources all over the house. Not only were these very numerous, with several in each bath or shower room, but there was an absolute Babel of transmission modes, transmission bands and other characteristics, suggesting that several technological generations of illegal surveillance devices were present, and still active, all over the house and its outbuildings. There also turned out to be covertly-performed structural modifications in the loft and elsewhere, apparently intended to allow intruders access to the loft from the porch roof, and from the loft to other spaces between rooms and behind fixtures, all over the upper floor.

At the same time, it became apparent that a crawl space into the basement had been engineered to allow intruders free rein there, before the ground floor and its fixtures, blank spaces and piping runs, too. But the most pertinent point in this instance is this: in late 2010 and early 2011, it was possible to pick all of these point RF sources out from the background: they did not trigger the detector unless it was fairly close and the gain turned up.

In the past couple of months, VOCCT has complained of failing health as well as intensified harassment, at home and everywhere she goes to earn her living or run errands. She also discovered a discarded instruction leaflet for some high-power Radio-related equipment on her land.

Medawar advised her to see if she could use her detector to trace any new radio signal to a possible point of origin. At which point, VOCCT discovered that the radio frequency environment inside her house and indeed throughout the surrounding property, had changed from lots of discrete, locatable low to medium power point sources, to an all-pervasive, very high amplitude field of radio frequency signals, which didn't seem to decline in strength on any side of the house, or, indeed, on any side of the pasture associated with it. This is very unusual indeed.

There is a cellphone tower not far away, but this was already there and fully operational when VOCCT mapped out all of the point sources, now completely blanketed by the new signal field, and in any case, the signal strength from the tower would be strongest on the near side and much weaker immediately in the lee of what is a large stonebuilt house. (When it was possible to map individual signals, the cellphone tower signals were detectable mainly in the loft and roofspace.) Such an all-pervasive and strong RF field has been seen before, in the United States Embassy in Moscow, between 1965, when various American intelligence services and the Secret Service first discovered it, and 1976, when they finally allowed a fuss to be made about it, at which point it disappeared as mysteriously as it had started.

Because they had no idea what the signals in the Embassy were meant to accomplish, the CIA and the Secret Service (who had to be consulted about the Ambassador's safety) actually shared their findings with pretty well all US Intelligence agencies and several allied ones, because they wanted to know if the same thing was happening in other Embassies, and whether anyone knew what it was.

As far as Medawar knows, the Canadians, West Germans, French, Australian and British intelligence agencies were told about the basic problem. Medawar doesn't think that such strong signals were found at tbe British Embassy. At the time, this was housed in a rather majestic town house overlooking the Kremlin, so if the signals were caused by the Russians, as seemed probable, and were considered harmful, one would expect a building overlooking the Kremlin to be exempt. If, however, as the US Intelligence community told their own Embassy staff, the signals were merely there to activate physically harmless listening devices, there was no special reason for them to be absent from the British Embassy.

As well as Britain's overseas intelligence agency the SIS aka "MI6", the CIA's James Anderton consulted Peter Wright, an acknowledged radio expert working for the domestic security agency, MI5. This seems to have been a matter of expertise rather than jurisdiction. There appeared to be several radio beams, from shortwave to microwave, entering the US Embassy from a number of neighbouring properties in all directions, and all converging on a then-unie-in-Moscow IBM golfball typewriter in the Ambassador's outer office.

Supposedly, this allowed the Russians to read any document that was typed on the IBM machine, but Wright could have accomplished this without transmitting any signal at the typewriter. (Indeed, he had already read text typed at equivalent machines at the French Embassy in London during negotiations over Britain's entry to the Common Market). When operating, this typewriter had quite a distinctive electromagnetic signature of its own, and it was known to be in the US Ambassador's outer office. (The golfball spins and thumps: the ratio of spin to thump tells you the possible characters, and once you've got one word right, the whole message will fall into place.)

This made it an easy aiming point: KGB or GRU technicians setting up transmitters for the various shortwave and microwave beams in neighbouring buildings, could line their equipment up on the EM signature of the only Golfball typewriter in Moscow and know they were aimed at the Ambassador's office. And, indeed, the Ambassador's office, where all the beams converged, had by far the strongest field strength in the Embassy.

There were intelligence rumours that this was a sort of "mind control" project, and despite the obvious "tin foil hat" lunacy of this theory, it couldn't be discounted because there were several senior GRU and KGB officers known to sponsor research into tin foil hat projects. So much so, that any KGB scientist or technician wanting to do serious work, had to think of a supposed mind control application to get funds, and make his real project a spin-off from that. It didn't take many years for the CIA's own research-funding pattern to take the same form.

It was decided to tell the Embassy staff a cover story: that it was just attempted surveillance (which for all they knew in 1965, it might have been) and then observe everyone closely over a few years to see what happened, whilst the radio fields were constantly measured and monitored.

The Ambassador, Walter J. Stoessel Jr and his staff showed no signs of being mind-controlled, even after several years, but he and several of his secretarial staff and senior colleagues (the people who were in his office the most) became very ill: initially with blood disorders and then with lymphoma in the Ambassador's case and other cancers in the case of his senior members of staff.

Whether it was ever intended to "control minds" or not, the strong multi-frequency radio field in the Ambassador's office caused general malaise and nausea quite quickly, and more life-threatening conditions over time.

The radio frequency environment at VOCCT's house in Fredericksburg seems, at the time of writing, to closely resemble that in the US Ambassador's office in the Moscow Embassy between 1965 and 1976. There are radio beams converging on the house from adjacent properties on all sides (some of which are unoccupied) and this results in there being no part of the property which offers any refuge or even much alleviation from the very strong field that results where these beams all meet. However, the field seems to be strongest in VOCCT's bedroom and bathroom.

Without going into detail, (some of the information must wait for legal proceedings) the developer wants to obtain the house and its associated pasture, for development. He does not want to pay VOCCT any money for this, despite it being her lawful property from the settlement when the developer's son divorced her. The developer's contractors had a hand in building the house, in the eighties, which may explain why its structure is riddled with features helpful to intruders and voyeurs. The developer's son, a doctor, had advance knowledge of (and some influence over) the nearby hospital's long term expansion plans, and this may be why the house was built on a site which the hospital would eventually need. The divorce, and the inevitable award of the house to VOCCT as part of the settlement, must have thrown a spanner in the works of any long-term plan to profit from advance knowledge of the hospital's future.

The developer has gone to great lengths to cultivate, and indeed, house, mainly at his own expense, former Secret Servicemen, FBI Agents and Texas Rangers. The former are likely to have had secondhand knowledge of the radio beams in the Moscow Embassy just by being in the Secret Service at the time, and some of them may well even have been part of the investigation. Every agent concerned with the safety of serving and former presidents, would have been fully briefed on the radio beams and their dangers, even if the Embassy Staff weren't told.

The developer has provided subsidized housing to a group of people who would have known all the details of the radio beam harassment which Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel Jr. was subjected to, and, as if by magic, his ex daughter-in-law and grand-daughter, who have legal title to a property he'd like to develop, are being subjected to what looks like almost identical radio harassment.

As a parting thought: The breakdown of the relationship between the developer's son, and VOCCT, appears to date from the weekend of the 23rd to the 26th of April, 1999, when the developer's son appeared to travel a long way from home at very short notice and lied about where he'd been, and attempted to create a false record of precisely when he'd come back to Fredericksburg. That weekend will mean nothing to American law enforcement, but it should mean a great deal to Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell and other senior officers of the Metropolitan Police Service at Scotland Yard.

Update from ML, July 2017: I was diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this year and am currently undergoing treatment.

Paper found on property as mentioned above:

Update:  Notice how, in the first comment below, my ex-husband admits having gone to school with the children of some of LBJ's Secret Service agents.  For more information on LBJ and JFK's murder, please see Robert Caro's newest biographical volume on LBJ, in which Caro states that LBJ was about to be indicted by the feds. on major charges of insurance fraud and that a group of Texas businessmen were behind JFK's assassination.


Anonymous said...

That NEARLY TO A T is THE EXACT THING that is going on here in Tampa FLORIDA. Exactly. Precisely. I'm sorry I'm not the blogger you folks are but neither am I some idiot that would harass anyone or trouble anyone. I have all the cars on our property which have been vandalized. I take that back, I left two at the mechanics. At least one car per year destroyed by this gang. The listening they are a little more discreet about, they never really mention anything (but probably will NOW) but they do use this information to jump onboard and out their front doors to check their mail with us, stalk us, smoke on their porch but only as we come and go, etc. We have traced this activity back to churches (but only the drug and property theft churches in most cases) developers, people who live in avila (please google it here in tampa) and Howard Jenkins one of the family owners of GOP publix supermarkets. It is bad. Very bad. I'm sorry I got angry that she continues to point me up as her ex husband. It's simply not true. I came here and claimed my comments. I wanted her to have an ally because I would ilke to have an ally. I also have one of those detectors. It cost 139.-- I have always been suspicious of it because it came from the USF (another stalker program as I posted here MEDICAL COLLEGE) Prof who was the one who initially made all of this noticeable. Now I believe him to have at least some complicity. If only the amt where you pass on a message, get a promotion and then turn your back on the victim you 'enlightened'.
I didn't read this whole post but most of it. I have tried to read most of this blog. I have tried to show her where our experiencs are so similar and all the texas/tampa ties. The most important one being this is the original spot they planned to kill JFK ... because notiec, it's all the same people involved today as she has pointed out over and over again. I went to school with some of the children of the players of those events. Please please please believe me and let us help each other rather than this constnt kicking. I could provide video evidence of the similar situation and what has been done to us and that shuts down their ability to call her a conspiracy freak. Because it's NOT JUST the crazy lady but two people telling the EXACT SAME STORy. The same little jerk (one of them) is lying in wait around the corner from me when I arrived home today. I took a little walk and he was stopped dead in the middle of the road staring at me and probably had his passenger videotaping. Hard to tell as the tint was illegal. Please don't give up and fight fight fight. Demand the dollars if nothing else. Demand compensaqtion. I intend to get millions. They can laugh all they want but then I'm going to take their money and they won't find that so funny. Google Avila. PLEASE. tampa to texas

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's my understanding of the rules of evidence which causes me to want to bolster her testimony and story. Any attorney will probably give her bad advice in this area. Read the usf professor's stalkign story. The attorneys work or are pressured to shut the stalking connection down and just end the problem. This does not help ANYONE. I have no intention of letting this go without fixing it as best I can for every victim. It is untenable. It has killed innocent people. It has TERRORIZED families and most importantly it has stolen time: precious precious time of our lives and our peace with our families and loved ones. It took them some time but finally even my X is more one of them than one of us. He always did take the easy way out, though. Typical for him. HE ALSO knows one of the stalkers of the USF professors ... as did my inlaws.

Oh btw, due to the dishonesty and the crimes perpetrated here the value of our home plummeted from over one hundred thousand (very low because we have lots of caps in place as long term owners our family are) to less than 15000 fucking dollars. Now they are going to try to claim they need it for ann interstate ramp over four blocks away. LOL !!!! So they devalued it all this time by criminal acts and acts of terrorism. Our us attorney is in on it Robert O'Neill. He and Howard Jenkins and Robert's business partner live in the same yard. Literally. A little enclave of wannabe's. Howard IS a millionaire and has many many texas connections It's why I begged you to look closely at him

Anonymous said...

just warning you. If you haven't boned up on eminent domain, do it. There is a lot of case law on your side but they try to do it here by blighting the neighborhood etc. Oh my god... if only we could talk in person, the things I could tell and show you. I definitely will not reveal what I have on them on the wwww.

I do hope that's not what you're referring to by the court case or if this is a COA you are bringing. If they are taking you to court for eminent domain there are a short list of remedies for that. you've already learned not to trust attorneys, just study the eminent domain and study the remedies and you'll know what to to do.

Anonymous said...





Partnership for Civil Justice. I am against them destroying the filies but this is big news. Please try to get people you know to send letters of support. https://secure2.convio.net/pepcj/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=125

I TOLD YOU I was getting ready to blow the lid off the whole thing here locally. They KNOW what I know because they follow me so carefully online and every freaking wehre else too so they're going to try to slither away like it was a government mandate. NOT AT ALL. I kno why these people were doing this to me just as you do. In my case it's not JUST the property but that sure did make it easy for the crazy old woman whose family by the way were big players in the JFK murder to turn an entire community against me with a few lies told over and over again and spread like wildfire. So, I said to myself... how is she getting away with this? And the answer to that question is this: SHE was getting away with it due to my silence. I was being complicit by not defending myself. When what I say makes the only sense as she is a lying old control freak hag. If you look at her facebook it shadows my entire life. If I made a friend, she was right behind me offering them favors etc..... she is latina so knows everyone I know from school, etc. I have all the reverence in the world for older people. This woman is a HAG. She would do this to my children. No doubt some of these same people have been involved threatening your children. I want you to understand that locally I have been putting information out and gradually adding bits and pieces and getting interest built up and I'm stopping just short of naming names. Because I can prove it. They don't want that. Now they're trying to slither away until they can figure out how to shut me up. Not just me... but locally they know the gig is up. I'm done keeping their secret. F THEM. They are nothing to me and add no value tot his community. My being silenced detracts from this community because I am a loving caring person with a lot of talent and giving nature. Anyway ... read the articles. Very exciting news. I'm going to continue beating the drums locally to scare these stalkers back under their rock. Not so powerful when they're running scared huh? Listen, it was getting so bad here that EVERYWHERE I went there was an armed person behind me within minutes. Armed with a gun. I started taking their pictures very openly. Asking questions. Is he allowed to bring that gun in here? Etc... funny how they always ended up BEHIND ME.
I have no doubt they like me to feel endangered. Instead I am enraged and outraged.

Anonymous said...

Many of the people who were armed were also sporting DOD stickers on their vehicles. It's very odd to turn around in Tampa FL and see a guy with a gun behind or beside you. Just doesn't happen. This was constant. grocery store, walgreen's, perking lots, grocery, post office, pumping gas. No matter how many lines or how many open windows they would choose the one beside or behind me, standing as close to me as possible. One looked ashamed. One looked extremely angry. He was also a regular security guard at Sweet Bay supermarkets probably rotated in there as I had stopped there two weeks in a row. The first armed man occurred my third stop there, he passed me on the sidewalk and singled me out with his smile which held a hint of shame. I narrowed down the direction he came from and the cars that were there when I parked. His was right next to mine of course. DOD Navy. Florida is NOT an open carry state. I do not live in a rural area. Anyway, I take it these are meant to be dire warnings (I'm guessing, I really have NO idea but it IS bizarre to suddenly be in the company of armed men everywhere you go) and so I knew something big was about to crack and I was playing a big part in it. I'm (believe me) NOT patting myself on the back. I throw a lot of slings and arrows of truth and don't much care where the truth hits. I never mislead and I have never once made an untrue or false or even out-of-propertion stmt about this situation. In fact I try to downplay it.
They're so clever. Who would think to terrorize an innocent citizen with armed men?

Medawar said...

Although it's a bit hard to say what equipment is being used to create the very strong radio fields used in this sort of harassment: almost certainly, there's more than one band and transmission mode involved, let alone frequency,it is worth noting that the band between 380Mhz and 400Mhz is reserved for military use "Land Military Radio" and that abnd is noted for its ability to penetrate inside buildings. Low power signals of 390Mhz are used (it doesn't bother the military) for garage door openers, and this is one of the many appliances on the property in quesiton which is currently prone to almost continuous malfunction.

There's probably something around 4Ghz as well: in harassment cases there usually is, as that band is very efficient at transferring energy to human (and animal) flesh.

Medawar said...

There has been a lot of communications equipment, funded by the Department of Homeland Security and intended to allow police and emergency services to communicate with the army via LMR, which has been stolen in Texas. This would be consistent with the power connector cable in the leaflet on this post.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you're not giving me much choice but to believe there is something fraudulent here but since you leave the comments and this one is definitely important information, I'll post it.
Because the JFK comment could only be meant to annoy. When JFK was murdered, I was teeny tiny. So, where your husband would be referring to "children" of those responsible, I would be referring to their childrens' children. There's a lot of difference in our ages.
I know this from reading our own local history and when younger being let in on the local lore of why our Kennedy Blvd was renamed, etc.

Blackwater is involved.

Not sure if this location is anywhere near you. Two of them have been in my house. Teen girls posing as friends. There's an office in tn where one of these kids came from, one here in FL and one in TX.

The last time I saw a blackwater person was on a motorcycle which kept driving by a very picturesque place we had found in NC to stop and take pictures. He had on a jacket which had some what looked to be skull and bones (I have the picture but not available) and so I steadied my hands on a wall and took a very long-distance shot of him as high zoom as I could get it. You can clearly read blackwater on his motorcycle jacket. Just driving back and forth along this quiet stretch of highway. From my car to the edge of the property and back again. It was an abandoned public property, not blocked off in any fashion, readily accessible. He waved or got our attention in some other way too I think.

I find it very contrived that you continue to refer to me as your X. And once again I'll post useful information that no one associated with you will pay any attention to. I do so in the spirit it helps someone.
I'm considering suing blackwater. This is an ongoing pattern of intimidation and they have the reputation. I've got em now. I won't elaborate but they're mine for the taking. I also tied them to the tampa firemen. This means the tampa firemen are in the fusion business with blackwater energy which would certainly explain the extremely odd electrical stuff around here and our electric bill being two hundred more than it should be

Anonymous said...

The girl is not the only blackwater player. I suspect the friendly TECO man (men/women) are blackwater in part and I suspect many at TECO (tampa electric) do not know this. So to keep you refreshed this is almost from your first statements here. You said, keep a special eye on equine. Howard Jenkins and his exhusband bought and sold race and breeding horses, still do even in divorce. His X is a tampa fireman who left his wife and children for howard. Howard is now married to a woman attorney who is from and still lives in by all appearances, ocala fl where she is a federal defense atty and also an at least locally renowned breeder rider and descendant (coker family, I believe) HOWARD as you may recall also owned the house in texas where I showed you earlier. He has a buttload of family there. He is the past CEO of Publix Supermarkets and the backdoor neighbor of a girl who still harasses my family. I now know he sent her in to do so. He has loyalties to the IRA inherent. People can laugh but the role of the IRA in the death of Kennedy should not be undersung. Okay .. what else?
So, we've got Howard who has Sherrod as a fellow board member with TECO. TECO does what they want but not all employees go along with it, they fix it immediately after he has my power shut off three times in 45 days for no apparent reason. BUT now that we know Blackwater has infiltrated TECO (for a fact but maybe only I can prove this without a private detective) now Howard is hiding behind a couple of other guys and trying to buy the LAKELAND elec. coop, a very proud very independent electric co for years which is a boon to the residents of lakeland where howard keeps one corporate office. He just branched out to Tennessee where this blackwater fellow runs a branch, there are now publix stores in TN. About six heavily concentrated by mr. blackwater.

Why does blackwater want control of all the energy outlets??

Again my bill has doubled. DOUBLED. we have a small home here. No way I should be paying this high a bill so I suspect they have wired in somewhere and are draining from my souroe and causing my bill to skyrocket with some buried device they can sort of easily turn off and on. This is another way to force a person from their home. Paying 100 dollars a week for electric when you are accustomed to 100 a month is not easy. Anyway ... please investigate this possibility. If it's blackwater they are idiots as proven repeatedly but they are dangerous idiots.

Anonymous said...

Howard Jenkins had the connections that enabled the blackwater thing. The first I saw of it was in NC. To tell the truth, I am kind of successful at overlooking these people. At times. These two times they made themselves very obvious. Actually I think this blackwater daddy of this young hooker from Tennessee MIGHT have tried to hide himself pretty good. He has allegedly "out of the blue" left his entire huge mountain home empty and has taken off for Chicago Illinois. When the gangs came here we got one called the ChicGOboys. They wrote it all over stop signs. AND everyone that I trace their background after a really really astonishingly bad act towards me goes back to or has passed through Chicago. Some type of training. Also home to Pearson and ... can't think of the other one right now: the big education booksellers where now they force you to get their very expensive online texts for college instead of finding one in the library. As well they force a program on you that causes your computer screen to near blind you. Pearson is the only one I can think of. The Mom in this may be a pearson employee. She and the sister of a state rep who is doing some very dirty stuff towards my family.

Anonymous said...

Oh what I found was interesting was how it referred to her as employed at the book depository. Seems the protectors of the JFK secret are out in full force. The truth of JFK will never be known and your telling is as close to the truth as one other which is probably related.
Those Texas men wanted him killed HERE. They picked a spot, it did not work ... the rest is mumbled lower I never get a chance to hear it. A big disappointment for the Tampa MOB but the inside joke was renaming the street. That's where they intended to do it, the exact location was named.
BUT, if you read another book (so much revisionist history) I think that JFK was killed in part due to the refusal to appeaser Hitler. He did not make friends. He argued with his own father. The name of the book is beyond me right now, it's red in color and a female author. I read ALOT and many of my books are in another home. BUT, the illustrations tell me something. In it you see the young Kennedys, their young Brit friends (all against the war) and others walking abreast down a street in London. Kathleen, Joe, Rosemary, etc... They apparently were making waves at that time in London and beyond making it known in society circles that they objected to Hitler and what all was going on. Each of the people in the photo (there are 7 of them I think) met a very young very untimely death. The Irish Mob is very very up on the Stormfront stuff very biased people. There aer two Irish Mobs. The Kennedy mob and the anti-kennedy mob. That is the IRA. IRA has long had a pact with with Nazis and neonazis that they agree enough in substance to be on the same side. Medawar probably knows something about this.

So ... since my family kept (and keep) framed photos of JFK in our homes as though he's a sainted uncle, I have done my best to rake the coals. And today a lot of lot of secrets went to an untimely grave. Arlen Spector. In on all of it. Time to go. I hope they learned their lesson from the Kennedy assassination. So big and so hostile that so many murders have been committed to keep it covered up. Just a terrible mindless exercise in violence and mayhem. And they were so beautiful. We have watched the zapruder film, we have studied what we were shown was the inside job of one of the agents... it's in the digging that we never let go. If only the absolute truth could be told perhaps we could (as a nation) find the peace we need. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I must apologize. I also wonder if you would fetch the copy of the commment that probably went to your email and post it here. I'm too tired to retype it. I made an error above. It's not sherrod it's SHERRILL HUDSON the board member shared by publix teco. At this link.http://www.publixstockholder.com/files/2012ProxyStatement.pdf

The white trash tales of the fortunes passed through the lykes etc (thayer, ferguson, jenkins, barnett, sykes) filled the newspaper sometimes as people in tampa angled to marry this one or that one. Sickening. But anyway .. nwo we know how some of them (barnett jenkins seem to be more adept at keeping their sticky fingers on the loot. It buoght them a lot of stuff. They also DO have a private security firm at their little coven behind the IRA who came after my family member. Hope this one posts. The other one probably made more sense ..

Anonymous said...

All of the recent players have the Navy and/or the DOD connection from the Blackwater moments. Did not realize that Eric Prince's background was fireman, sheriff,, emt, navy seal etc. He's right in the entire fraternity. He OWNS a fusion center. He's behind at least some of this. He also did finally leave to live in saudi arabia I think. Chickenshit stalker.

Anonymous said...

A major thing that jumps out pretty quickly is that Erik Prince and Howard Jenkins gave the same (admitted) dollar value to the GOP in past years. Hovering around and over 60 grand. BUT tht guy who sent his daughter from Howie thru Blackstone Energy to MY DOOR is a raging liberterian.

They also support the nullification act. Looks like it has all taken a step weirder. http://www.ncc-1776.org/

Prince is off hiding in Saudi Arabia and shwoing up in pakistan to do some business that people are concerned about. This guy and others like him float about the country (CA. TX. TN. IL. FL) seems like about 7 years in each locale probably doing what they can to recruit. In my case he's just weakening my structure. He thinks.

At any rate, I'm still investigating Prince. I'm still working on suing him in my mind. He and his idiots did not plead guilty but did admit to all material facts in August 2012. 42 million @@ (in fines) How much did he get to keep?

Anonymous said...

Now, check this out from the same area as Howard Jenkins PRESENT marital partner, an attorney and equestrian, Patricia Coker a very sad story. You have to read all the different pieces it's coming out slow. But here is Florida's first journalist encased in concrete. Oh .. they'll try to put it off to something else but it's something that happened in his journalism career. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/10/10/police-grapple-with-mystery-of-florida-mans-body-found-in-concrete-slab-in-georgia/

So that's just one thing after another popping up from Pensacola. (JAY FL) where you'll remember is the NAVY training facility etc. plus blackwater energy, allegedly the site of the federal prosecutor who killed himself in a michigan jail cell on suicide watch after allegedly going there to meet a child. No one ever believed that. Roy Atchison. There are many active blog entries still on the lie of that. He was working on big wheel, aztec (bush bros) as was Ray Lemme who was suicide in GA. I know I have mentioned before that GA does not require an autopsy nor is one normally done. So you can just read the ray lemme stuff. It's pretty freaking disgusting as is this one. In one article I read where the guy had already been beaten up once and then these two guys came and he disapppeared. I smell blackwater on everything in FL now that I am aware of it. I wonder what their ties to gambling are. They get money from bush so obviously there's that.

Anonymous said...

Tampa to the emirates where Prince now lives.
His new company name is already being sued.

Blackwater probably halped this guy get naturalized. One of the worst stalking players here is an oddball attorney named sean, who like many of them, went to Jesuit High School. He is also an immigration attorney so that is favors for days. Like that texas law firm I posted before?? All those folks are from the same circle

Anonymous said...

The complaint against Blackwater would posit that Erik Prince has garnered some private contracts for developers and other wealthy corporations and entrepeneurs and then used to his advantage the equipment he garnered through his BILLIONS in govt money to incessantly harass, demonize, endanger and torture people domestically. So while all eyes are on his bad and criminal doings out of country, people are paying very little mind to what is going on here.
It all fits. The gambling industry would want his skills, he's a thug himself, he has govt loot, ergo can influence a lot of govt people. There are WHOLE WARRENS of govt folks i.e. naval pilots (blackwater recruits mainly military, leo, fire and former of each of these groups) you can read that on his academi website. Blackwater to Xe to Academi. The electric stuff all fits and the drilling and high tech computer stuff. What is mentioned in this post about your porch roof loft sounds very similar to the house across the way. When they listed it for sale you could see that it mainly had electronic equipment in it. This is aimed directly at my house. We're THE ONLY people left on this street. THAT GUY got his dump through HUD where he had already gotten and fouled two other homes and he is brand new to America from Cuba. How's a brand new citizen picking up three (all total) HUD houses that I and my ex husband could not get any information on? This particular house was listed by noble brokerage, out of the same town as the blackwater guy in JAY/pensacola/staugustine/different monikers Florida. He, the broker Noble got in A LOT LOT of trouble. That is also where Howard Jenkins' wife comes from. I've got a major inclination to believe the birds are coming home to roost and I also found a lot of other stuff today. The other girl that was harassing my family but just trying to look like a cute teenage girl while doing so (with the fake boobs of a 30 year old maybe size BIG C I swear it was awful) DISAPPEARED. This new blackwater one took over and she, the first one deleted her facebook page and I'm pretty sure she was not even using her real name. Maybe she's not even really their kid. His name is Sean Riggs wife is Bridget. SHE is a "cancer researcher" at H LEE MOFFIT cancer center. Make no mistake. That's USF same as the stalking of schroeder-frechette. Interesting that she's a cancer researcher very highly placed and some of the biker scum and others associated with that house including another gal friend's mother who was related to the BIKER who lived there had cancer and are fund-raising. HMMMM. And then another guy we know just was 'suddenly cured' of liver cancer. I do not believe in cancer and until that registered with them they threatened it constantly. Now we know how that happens. The biker moved from there separated from his haggy wife and now SHE is collecting for cancer. Either way, whether it was their real kid or not, she was running her house. No parental involvement there at all. Mom busy giving people cancer dad busy with his espionage as a blackwater loser. In fact, I now realize that one of my friends has tried to break it to me that he is blackwater contracting at times. It's good money. Former leo training others to shoot. Ten thousand a month. Straight from him to me he said. Well, there you go. I guess you did not get my original comment from the other time and if you do please post it.

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I can't vouch for all of this as I haven't time to read it but it appears very solid and provocative. Good luck when you deal with these people. Don't forget to be sure the judge knows of the hardships. The defenses are varied. Not sure about texas and haven't had time to research.


There is also an attorney named Wendi who is helping a Crawford family try to keep their land. You might want to look around for that.

Anonymous said...

Okay, a series of odd things ended here. I'll have to explain later as it's too time-consuming. I already know the sheriffs are into something called regionalism which from where I sit sounds very much like 'for the greater good' and not about individual rights. Which is bad. The sheriff is the absolute highest authority in a county. No matter what. We have a terrible one. He stalks, he's crooked he tried to wreck my car and run me off the interstate, each time one of his deputies was involved he looks to have left his wife for a gang chick. No kidding. David Gee look him up. His wife lately got t-boned by a local hoodlum and so my theory seems to be rolling along. REGISTER BY JAN 11th TO ENSURE YOUR SEAT

Your travel expenses, hotel for two nights, (Sunday the 29th and Monday the 30th) and meals during the convention are all paid for. You will be provided a conference handbook with support materials on the topics we will be covering, along with a digital version suitable for sharing with your staff.

In order to secure your complimentary seat at this important and historic event you must RSVP by registering at www.CountySheriffProject.org/Register on or before January 11, 2012. Space is limited and sheriffs who RSVP first will be the first to have their expenses paid. Your identity and personal information are held absolutely secure.

We have a website dedicated to the promotion and fundraising for this important event and I encourage you to explore the FAQs, videos, sheriff survey and news links at www.CountySheriffProject.org.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Michael Badnarik at 512-461-0995 or email CountySheriffProject@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for your attention to this important matter, we hope to see you in Las Vegas.

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET)

Chairman, CSPOA
112 Ridgewood Dr.

Fredericksburg, TX 78624

CSPOA Board of Directors

Sheriffs Dean Wilson CA, John D’Agostini CA, Jon Lopey CA, Ron Bruce CO, Brad Rogers IN, Chuck Korzenborn KY, Donnie Smith ME, Billy McGee MS, Christopher Conley NH, Tony Demeo NV, Glenn Palmer OR, Gil Gilbertson OR, Bunny Welsh PA, David Medlin TX, Mark Gower UT, County Commissioner Cornel Rasor ID, Chief of Police Robert Douglas FL

I'll try to search your blog but it looks like ex-sheriff mack is part of this 'get your rights right
cspoa group. Again, some very odd things have been happening laptop wise would take me awhile to explain. I just wondered if he was anyone you know, trust or whatever. He lists fredericksburg as an address. And now as I type this I am wondering if this was one you wrote of being killed. I apologize if so as I can barely keep up with my own life of being stalked and terrorized. There is also a lady in irving texas forced out but that might be scammish as you never see her in the video.... but when I contacted them they mentioned an expensive item that wuold help her. Just sayin. I'm not judging yet I don't know enough. But her experience is also like yours and the documenter does some other sitings which makes her appear genuine so I doubt it's a scam. Anyway .. back to this mack, fellow. Is he someone you have tried for help? I'd like to know if his group can be trusted. It seems like an effort of GOP proportion is why I ask.

Anonymous said...

Never mind. I should have known better. He talks a spare (ergo good) game

How iS IT they are able to finance all these sheriffs' seats at this though???? WHO is behind THAT??

Anonymous said...

Look here's the lunatic, Eleanor White conversing with the obvious fraud ctlady: NOW tell me Eleanor White is real again. That's ME, Tampa telling her to F OFF because she is a scumbag who threatened my family, not just once but twice now.http://www.topix.com/forum/state/co/TQUG7AF89JUHII4I0/p475#lastPost

Anonymous said...


This probably fits in all of it somewhere. Read how they are bred. (from top racehorses)

Anonymous said...

Do you care to retract you claims about Dana's murder and tell the truth ,that it was never conected to you but an act of domestic violence. She never had any dealings with you or harmed you. Tell the truth for once .

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bongstar420 said...

This information is elucidating. I have been wondering as to reasons such events may actually occur. I have no way to conclude if these activities are legitimate or due to various neurological conditions because most claimants are not able to or unwilling to establish reasonable motives. In this case, the author has made no claim to a motive and appears to be oblivious to what it would be.

It was mentioned only briefly that the property in question was awarded in a divorce case. Bingo! Did the author do anything to actually deserve the property like do actual work? Having sex with someone is not a good reason to levy ownership over their items. I would imagine that if this is a real case of gangstalking, the perpetrators probably feel perfectly justified as they are simply acting against a standard bitch move. Women seem to have a problem with ownership standards as they feel they rightfully possess the items of their sex partners. They feel that legal support validates these behaviors. They do not.

The author did not establish why she is the rightful owner of the property outside of a marriage license. Being some dudes bitch does not give rightful ownership of anything no matter what any law says. Id be sympethetic if the author actually did work valued similarly to that of the house. I do not see hanging out and having sex as anywhere near the value of a house on property.

Why would you hold so tightly to the ownership title if you were not playing the game too?

I am not condoning the hypothetical perpetrators actions, only establishing an actual reason for its existence and providing an actual solution to the problem- In this case, women should not lay claim to things they did not earn through direct work. Marrying someone does not qualify as direct work unless it is specified in a prenuptial (you have to have notarized contact specifying the property is an exchange for marriage) agreement.

Anonymous said...

The marriage laws are laws, and divorce settlements made by a court are binding.

If someone thinks that he's above those laws, then it's hardly a surprise that he might feel justified in resorting to all kinds of illegality, and even assault, to reacquire control of assets which the courts have awarded to his ex-spouse.

The award of a property asset to a spouse might be justified even in the logic of the poster above, if it had been her job and wages which had paid for him to finish his medical studies and qualify as a surgeon, opening the door to life, not only of high income, but also a great deal of liberty to get away with conduct which would land most non-doctors in jail pretty swiftly.

Anonymous said...

I live in Oklahoma and the same thing occurs here. What that paper is about is an extortion scam, more or less.

If your house was bugged, they could make noises only you could hear and they could hear you. It is indeed a "tin-foil hat" conspiracy because these "tin-foil hatters" are typically the ones doing it. They are into gang stalking, burglary, poisonings, vandalism, etc.

It sounds like what you are going through isn't as bad as many. They have thrown bones against my fence to get my dog out (once even poisoning one I believe. Left dead animals, ripped my tires, threatened my family, entered my home and left objects and caused my vehicle to need "repairs" in an isolated area hoping I'd stop there.

These people typically chase storms in my area and keep stalking and extorting hoping their victims will be diagnosed with something other than being stalked and extorted. It's a way to gain monies for studies they never really conduct and a way for the media to feed themselves off the conspiracy theories.

They will often steal mail, harass neighbors and try to get neighbors accusing each other, and they will stalk at church.

Often the police allow this to continue because they hope to ensnare people in something large that will promote them.

The young men you found in your yard...typical. If there is a college nearby they typically recruit gang stalkers from there.

More money is made off murders than live people. It may not necessarily be your ex doing this as often they access public records prior to stalking people. Just filing for divorce could have sicced these people on you. They thrive on conflict and stress.

In your area the JFK and other conspiracies is where the bread and butter is. These people would rather see 1000 people dead or miserable than 50 happy.

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