Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stop It!!

The following editorial appeared in the Nov. 25, 2014 edition of the San Antonio Express-News in support of the International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women.  It is self-explanatory.

The numbers of victims besides intimate partners are particularly shocking.

Let's not stop with protecting battered women, though; let's also put an end to the many other types of abuse intimate partners (and I'm including battered men here, although they are in the minority) are subjected to.  By these, I mean such things as financial abuse, legal system abuse, harassment, stalking, illegal surveillance, computer and phone hacking, and more.

In the community in Central Texas where I live, thousands of citizens are knowingly and openly participating in abusive acts like those I've mentioned above.  This can readily be observed and documented by simply following me to and from work every day and filming what goes on.  (All of the people you observe and film openly committing these harassing acts have illegal access to my whereabouts at all times.  They could not possibly do the things you observe without this information.)  Thousands more are participating in "Sins of Silence" by knowing what is going on and doing nothing whatsoever to stop it.  This is due in part to the extremely clannish and in-bred nature of this community, but the same kinds of things happened in Nazi Germany and elsewhere.

The people engaging in these abusive and illegal acts think victimizing fellow citizens in these ways is amusing and food for sport.  They do not fear any kind of punishment at all; they know their local, state, and federal government and law enforcement agencies will cover up what is going on because if the truth comes out, so will a lot of other ugly secrets about former U.S. presidents and persons with various ties to them, missing government weapons and surveillance equipment, corrupt agencies and officials, and so much more that I've detailed and documented throughout this blog.

Stop it!!  If you don't, the illegal abuse will only continue to get worse and spread, and more and more innocent people will be victimized (and this will include those who participate, despite what they believe). 

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